69desirs.com is an amateur website of sex-toys reviews, experiments and sexuality directed by Mogwai since May 2013 for the French website and since 2019 in English. Very active, 69desirs.com represents a lot of work on a daily basis. And because of this, it needs regular funding to continue to offer so much quality content. That’s why it is now possible to become an advertiser on the website!

Become an advertiser with ads on 69desir.com

There are two types of ads on 69desirs.com. All ads must be designed and sent in a resolution of 225 x 125 pixels or 225×225 pixels.

Become an advertiser with Premium ads

Premium ads are displayed on the homepage and sidebar for the entire selected ad period. Premium ads are sold in several formats. They exist for a period of 1, 3 and 6 months as well as a longer period, starting from 1 year. There are only 10 spots available for Premium ads. Premium ads will appear in priority to standard ads. Becoming a Premium advertiser is therefore more advantageous than becoming a standard advertiser.

Standard ads

Premium ads are often booked in advance and may not be available. You can use the standard ads which will be displayed on the sidebar of the website. Everywhere except the home page and below the premium ads. There are only 10 spots available for standard ads.

A standard ad will not expire before the end of the selected duration. We will contact you before the expiration of the ad to inform you of the renewal date. So you don’t need to worry about keeping your spot.

69desirs.com is fully optimized for the web on all devices. This is to reach a maximum audience and to facilitate access to your ads.

How to book your ad ?

Premium ads are popular and these spaces are selling out. If the premium ads are already sold out, we suggest you opt for a standard ad. This is to get a backlink (follow) to your website and get traffic. If you want to know when a premium space will be available, you can contact us through the contact page.

An ad that is always present

The standard and premium ads are all the time displayed on the website and are not subject to rotation. This means that your link will always be present for the duration of the chosen ad. A good way to increase your SEO benefits and visibility on search engines and our readers.

Attractive rates with discounts over time

You can see the rates for standard and premium ads. Discounts apply to long term displays. Payments can be made by bank transfer or by Paypal, details will be present in the invoice we send you. The ad will be placed on the website and the conditions of the ad will be applied only when the payment is made.

Rates and Billing

All the prices mentioned are exclusive of tax and will not change during the year. 69desirs.com is managed by an auto-entrepreneur status for all “Advertising space” and “Affiliation” parts. The invoicing will be done without VAT and with the legal information for the establishment of the invoicing.