We received the Bootie FEM, a “female” butt plug from Fun Factory! From the start, I was really intrigued by the fact that it was described as a “female” butt plug. Last time I checked, a plug is unisex, suitable for a female or male ass or any ass for that matter. But why then present it that way? That’s the question of this review! It’s been a while since we last reviewed a new product from Fun Factory. So if, lately, we had the opportunity to review the Stronic Petite, that we had received several months ago.

But before that, we were able to discover the Fun Factory Be One, the Limba Flex M, the Sundaze and the NÕS! Actually, it’s not that bad! Coming back to this Bootie FEM, let’s see how different it is from the Fun Factory Bootie, a small butt plug. Just by seeing the shape of the Bootie FEM butt plug, we already know that this one will be different! Indeed, we can see that a part of the brake is more important than one side compared to the other! Curious idea, but why not? In order to tell you more about this new butt plug of Fun Factory, we invite you to read our review of the Bootie FEM butt plug!

Fun Factory Bootie FEM packaging

To begin, let’s study the box of this new butt plug! It is a small rectangular box, designed to be placed in a store, with its small hole already drilled. On the front, we have a picture of the butt plug, its name and that it is a “butt plug”. The Fun Factory logo is also present and we can see that the main color used here is mauve or rather “Dark taupe” as you will see below. On one of the slices, we can see the plug held in one hand, which allows us to realize its size. The other side shows us some essential points via pictograms, while the back shows us more details on each part of it in terms of its realization.

Once the box is opened, we have inside, the Bootie Fem butt plug, as well as a rather simple user manual, but which also has some little games and ideas to make, if you need inspiration. It doesn’t break the bank, but it’s still better than a more austere manual.

Bootie FEM butt plug physical details

Yes, it is not a common form butt plug! However, it keeps the basic elements to offer something different! Indeed, it is a butt plug that looks like a flower opening! It’s a tulip shape, symbol of the blossoming of pleasure. But I must admit that when I saw it for the first time, I also thought of a kind of spreader butt plug! If you can see what it looks like. Anyway, apart from its surprising general appearance, it is a butt plug, with a flower-shaped head, as previously mentioned, but also rounded tips to facilitate insertion.

Another notable change compared to a more ordinary butt plug, its brake! Indeed, the base, which allows to bring a safety to avoid that the butt plug is sucked by your anus, is asymmetrical! As you can see, we have a side longer than the other, which will allow to adapt well to the persons having a vagina. We’ll see in use if this is the case. However, it should not be bad at all. We’ll see what Kitty says. To finish, we can also find the Fun Factory logo, especially just above the brake, at the beginning of the stem.

Size of the butt plug

It is a butt plug for beginners, so we do not have a big butt plug, but rather a small model, even medium. Indeed, the Bootie FEM butt plug is 8,5 cm (3.34″) long for a diameter of 1 to 2,9 cm (0.39 to 1.14″). It is the stem just above the brake that is the place where the diameter will be the smallest, while at the level of the head, at the most, the diameter will be 2,9 cm (1.14″).

It is clearly a diameter that is suitable for those who want to start discovering the pleasures of wearing a butt plug, whether it is to go about your business or during penetration or simply while masturbating. Of the 8.5 cm (3.34″) of the plug, 7.1 cm (2.79″) are insertable. But as I said before, this plug has an asymmetrical base. Indeed, this base is 6.7 cm (2.63″) long, with a part of the brake that measures 2.2 cm (0.86″) long (the smaller side) and the other, which measures 3.5 cm long (1.37″).

Other details

To finish, this part, know that this Bootie FEM butt plug exists in two colors! You have a pink model and another model “Dark Taupe”. It is the latter that we received, and even if the pink version is more appetizing, we already have a lot of butt plugs of this color, while a “Dark Taupe” is the first. Finally, concerning its weight, it is a light butt plug, since it weighs only 38 grams.

Bootie FEM butt plug materials

Here, it is quite basic. We have a butt plug, admittedly, a bit special, but it’s still a silicone butt plug! It is a 100% medical grade silicone, hypoallergenic and non-porous! However, does this silicone catch dust? It’s still a Fun Factory sextoy and it’s true that usually, the silicone it uses tends to catch dust and to offer a silicone that grips slightly. Moreover, on arrival, this one had small chips of cardboard, it is an understatement to say that it hangs. Just run it through the water and we’re done talking about it.

Bootie FEM butt plug use

Even if this butt plug is presented in a less common form, it is still a butt plug. It’s not really a complicated sextoy to use. Well, for people who are new to anal, it’s not complicated, but it can be scary, especially if you’ve never inserted anything in your buttocks! Don’t worry, it will go well! Putting a butt plug in your ass is not difficult and it is even very pleasant.

How to use it?

You understood that it is used as butt plug, it is all the same the base of the product. With its asymmetrical brake, it allows at the same time, an anal stimulation and a vaginal penetration without embarrassment. It will be necessary simply to add lubricant before inserting it, then to make it return in your anus. It is the longest part that will be close to your anus. Basically, if you’re lying on your back, the thinner part will go up, while the longer part will go down. Of course, wearing a butt plug will increase your pleasure, but also the orgasm. It will also facilitate, via the pressure exerted on the anal walls, to guide the penis or a dildo towards your G-spot. With its small size, it can also be worn under tight jeans, without attracting attention!

What lubricant can I use with it?

You can use any water-based lubricant with the Bootie FEM! Indeed, as this butt plug is made of silicone, it is better to avoid a lubricant of the same type. On the other hand, if you want to increase the comfort and longevity of the lubricating effect, you have lubricants that are more oriented towards anal use, which basically means a thicker lubricant that dries more slowly.

How to clean it?

You can imagine that this is a 100% waterproof sextoy, since here we have no engine inside. To clean it, nothing could be easier, you just have to wash it with warm water and a little soft soap. Be careful to clean the area of the tulip-shaped opening. This is where there will be the most residue. Then, once it is thoroughly cleaned, you can simply air dry it.

Bootie FEM butt plug efficiency

Well, that’s not all, but we have a tulip to put in the buttocks! Well, for the time being, it’s mostly Kitty who will have to try it! Although I’m also curious to try it myself, just to see if it’s as good for me. However, since it’s a butt plug for people with a vagina, it’s still Kitty who’s going to have to try it a bit more. After several uses, it’s time to give you our review of the Fun Factory Bootie FEM butt plug!

Inserting and setting up

To begin with, let’s talk about the insertion of the butt plug. There are some good things, but also, some not so good things. Indeed, as you could see, its shape is a bit particular, especially its tulip-shaped end which opens. This brings a good point, the lubrication. Indeed, you can simply put lubricant in this cavity, so that it is a minimum preserved, without it falling out, and then, when it flows, it goes down on the rest of the butt plug, which allows a simple lubrication, even with one hand, having the bottle of lubricant in the other.

However, insertion, while not complicated, is a bit more tricky. Kitty is not used to using a butt plug regularly and it is true that its slightly open shape is a little more difficult and slightly abrasive when you are not used to it, compared to a fine point. However, after the insertion stage, it takes its place very well, without obstructing the vaginal canal.

Anal sensation

As far as anal sensations are concerned, once in place, wearing it is rather comfortable, whether sitting, lying in bed or even walking. Its size is rather well thought out for beginners, but also for those who are a little more experienced. I would like to remind you that it is not only made for people with a vagina, but it brings the possibility of not closing the vaginal canal, once in place.

Its slim, asymmetrical base keeps the Bootie FEM comfortable in any situation. It can easily be kept in place for over two hours. During our use, Kitty didn’t feel like the butt plug was twisting or sliding around. Kitty noticed that wearing the butt plug increased her arousal, whether it was during penetration or during a masturbation session.

Vaginal sensation

But it is especially on the side of the vaginal sensations that it is the most interesting. We do not say that at the anal level, it does not bring anything, but it is the fact that it is in your anus which comes to change the things during a vaginal penetration. Indeed, this plug does not have a particular curvature, like the Njoy Medium butt plug for example, which just by being in your anus, comes clearly to press on your G spot.

Here, it is by adding a dildo or a penis for example, that one comes to feel more easily the pressure on the G-spot, because the vaginal canal becomes narrower, without however obstructing this one as it can arrive with larger butt plugs. Its asymmetrical base allows it to be placed on one side or the other, to offer more or less vaginal opening.

When we used it together, I was able to slide my penis in and out without worrying about it and press on Kitty’s G-spot with each back and forth movement of my penis. We can therefore practice a vaginal penetration while moving at the same time the butt plug present in the buttocks. And for the blow, it was very pleasant for Kitty to use it thus.

Kitty & Mogwai

Fun Factory Bootie FEM final thoughts

Although its name is not really great, because it is not made only for women, it is nevertheless thought to allow to receive an easy vaginal penetration without having your vaginal canal too closed or obstructed. With a dildo or a penis, you can feel the stimulation of the G-spot even better, while offering anal stimulation in the process.

On the other hand, we think it’s a shame that the Fun Factory logo is present on the brake, which is a bit of a pain in the ass when it comes to cleaning, as well as its slightly open end, which not only requires a more meticulous cleaning, but also a more delicate insertion than a butt plug with a pointed end.

In broad strokes, this butt plug is really not bad at all, especially if you’ve ever had a major problem when you wanted to perform vaginal penetration at the same time. Here, you should have no worries about enjoying double stimulation. Effective overall, pretty good for starting, but also for penetration, the Bootie FEM is a good model from Fun Factory!


  • Good silicone
  • Its asymmetrical base
  • Does not obstruct the vagina
  • Holds well in place
  • Comfortable
  • Allows for vaginal penetration at the same time
  • Stimulates the G-spot with a dildo or a penis in addition
  • Exciting for a double sensation


  • The logo on the brake for cleaning
  • Its name, a little reductive
  • Its tulip-shaped end for insertion
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