If someone had told me that the Womanizer Wave was a showerhead specially designed for masturbation, I wouldn’t have believed them! And yet, that’s exactly what it is! Don’t think that the Womanizer Wave is some kind of vibrator using Lelo’s Wave technology (as on the Ina Wave 2 or Soraya Wave) or even the Womanizer OG, which features a wave mode, for example. No, it’s a showerhead! Yes, it’s quite incredible, and a big surprise! What does Womanizer have to offer by joining forces with Hansgrohe, a German company and one of the leading names in faucets, sanitaryware, showers and more? That’s the question of this review!

Soon, you’ll be able to read about the Womanizer Duo 2, but before that, you’ll have been able to read about the Marilyn Monroe special edition review and the Womanizer Classic 2 and Premium 2. But this time, we’re going into the watery realm of bathroom, shower and bath, with this Womanizer Wave! I must admit I’m very curious to hear Kitty’s feedback on this product. It’s true that water jets are well-known and frequently used for female masturbation. It’s time to see what this new product from Wow Tech has to offer. Here’s our Womanizer Wave review!

Womanizer Wave packaging

Winner of the RedDot 2023 in the “Personal Care, wellness and beauty design” category, but also having won the “Design award 2023” at IF design as well as the “German Innovation Award 2023”, we can say we’re not being laughed at!To tell you a little about the packaging, it’s a long cardboard box, with the Womanizer Wave shower head highlighted, along with a few details, including its partnership with Hansgrohe.

On the back of the box, we find the product’s main functions and features. Once we remove the two stickers and the Womanizer warranty seal, we can open the box’s drawer to access its contents. Inside, we find what appears to be a recycled cardboard mold, followed by the Womanizer Wave, with a small cardboard box next to it containing a quick-start guide, a small booklet on safety instructions and that’s all! You can tell the packaging has been reduced to the essentials, with no windows or paper trays, apart from the small cardboard “I Love Masturbate” insert.

Womanizer Wave - 1
Womanizer Wave - 2
Womanizer Wave - 3
Womanizer Wave - 4
Womanizer Wave - 5

Womanizer Wave physical details

What can I tell you? It’s a showerhead, nothing more, nothing less.In fact, you can’t really tell the difference from a more conventional shower head, except that it’s pretty stylish! The Hansgrohe brand can be found at the base of the showerhead, while the Womanizer logo can be found on the back of the head. Beneath this head, we have three separate elements that can deliver jets of water. At the very top, we have three holes for the “Pleasure Swirl” mode, another gridded hole for the “PleasureJet” mode and finally, lots of little holes for the “Rain Powder” mode.

Further down, there’s also a button for changing water jet modes, and below that, an intensity slider that can be moved to select a more or less intense water jet. At the base of the showerhead is a standard screw thread for attachment to any type of shower hose. We can also see that the head is curved for ease of use, with an ergonomic shape that’s both stylish and discreet. Last but not least, we’ve also included a filter to reduce water consumption.

Shower head dimensions

For a showerhead, it’s a beautiful one, but also rather long and classy! It’s 27 cm long (10.62″) and 8.8 cm (3.46″) wide! It’s not a small showerhead, and I must admit it’s quite a change from our previous one.

Other details

To conclude this part of the review, there are two things you should know too! The first is that the showerhead weighs just 191 grams, which is pretty light, to be honest. And the second thing is that the Womanizer Wave is available in three colors. Either in chrome, black or white, to match the style of your shower.

Womanizer Wave - 6
Womanizer Wave - 7
Womanizer Wave - 11
Womanizer Wave - 18
Womanizer Wave - 15

Womanizer Wave materials

Despite what you might think, the Womanizer Wave is made entirely of ABS plastic! Admittedly, the hole systems are not made of ABS plastic, but all this to say that it’s not a steel knob, for example. This also explains why it’s so light. ABS plastic is widely used in the manufacture of sex toys. Admittedly, this is a shower head, but it’s not designed to be inserted into your vagina, or anywhere else.

Womanizer Wave - 8
Womanizer Wave - 12

Womanizer Wave use

Yes, I’m going to tell you how to use a shower head! It’s amazing what you can do on a sex toy reviews website! On a more serious note, I’m going to tell you what makes this showerhead so special, and how it can give you pleasure.

Why the Womanizer Wave?

The Womanizer Wave exists for a reason. After all, the shower spray was the first masturbation device for many people. 71% of women have masturbated with a shower head. And 62% of women get a lot of pleasure from water. Kitty validates this, maybe you do too.

Womanizer Wave - 14
Womanizer Wave - 19

How do I install this shower head?

Before you can use it, you’ll need to attach it to your shower hose in place of the one you already have! Yes, once it’s in place, you won’t need to replace the old one every time! In fact, it’s a 2-in-1 product that lets you have both a good shower head and one suitable for masturbation. To install, simply remove your existing shower head, place the strainer ring between the head and the shower hose, and screw on the head.

How to use the Womanizer Wave?

To use your Womanizer Wave, once installed, there’s no need to recharge batteries – it simply works with water, just like a conventional showerhead. First of all, before placing the showerhead against your private parts, adjust the type of jet, the intensity and, above all, the water temperature. 38° should be just about perfect!

Then simply position it so that your clitoris is stimulated by the water jet of your choice! The aim is not to direct the water into your vagina, but onto your clitoris. Logically, I can’t teach you anything about this.

Next, you can change the intensity of the water jets by moving the intensity slider up to increase the intensity, or down to decrease it. Next, you have three water jet modes that you can change by pressing the button on the Wave.

The three water jet modes

As I’ve just mentioned, there are three water jet modes on the Womanizer Wave. We have the “Rain Powder” mode, for a relaxing shower, which performs a rain of water, Hansgrohe’s bestseller jet. Then there’s the “Pleasure Swirl” mode, which delivers three swirling jets of water. And finally, the “PleasureJet”, optimized for constant, pulsating water stimulation.

How to clean the shower head?

Even if it’s not a sextoy, you’ll need to maintain your Womanizer Wave. First, unscrew it from time to time to remove scale deposits by rubbing the spray nozzles. You can also clean the sieve ring with cold water. Then, from time to time, immerse the shower head in a cleaning product for up to 10 minutes. Then run the water for 1 minute to thoroughly clean off any remaining product, on all three spray modes, which do not use the same parts of the shower head.

Womanizer Wave efficiency

Now it’s time for the shower! Yes, for once, Kitty tested this product in the shower! At the same time, it’s not in a bed or on the sofa that we’re going to try such an object! Here, it makes sense, and it’s the only place we’ll be able to use it. Although I’m skeptical, I think the Womanizer Wave should work. But does it really make a difference compared to a more ordinary showerhead? That’s what we’re going to find out, because yes, we have an ordinary showerhead, bought at the local supermarket. Is it an essential showerhead? Here’s our opinion and, above all, Kitty’s feedback.

Ergonomics and handling

Before going any further, let’s start with how to handle this showerhead. Clearly, with its elongated shape, as well as being elegant, it’s really easy to handle. Holding this showerhead in your hand is pleasant, more so than the old one, which was cylindrical in shape, at the handle. Here, too, we have a knob that’s not round, but more oval-shaped, which is more visually pleasing.

As for the button for changing water jets, it’s very practical. It’s a kind of push-button that’s easy to use. Likewise, the adjustable intensity knob is simple, glides smoothly and presents no problems. It’s a showerhead that’s as easy to use as a basic one, and all with one hand. The buttons are accessible with your thumb.

The sensations of three water jets

On this Womanizer Wave, we have three different water jets! And in order to give you more details, we’ve tested them on several occasions. It’s been a while since we received the Wave, so you can imagine that we’ve taken several showers on occasion. In fact, it’s much easier to test a shower head than a sextoy, as there are plenty of opportunities to use them.

The “Rain Powder” mode

The first is the “Rain Powder” mode, Hansgrohe’s best-seller. This is the mode you’ll be using for your daily shower! And you’ll love it! Indeed, this mode offers a very fine rain of water, with more than forty jets that provide a soft sensation on contact with the skin! Just by swapping the previous first-price showerhead with the Wave, I can tell you that we’ve moved up a range in terms of quality and pleasure.

As the intensity changes, the rainfall can be more or less heavy, even if the maximum level isn’t all that strong. The water pressure is average, and the temperature remains fairly high, despite the filtering of the water into several jets. It’s also a rather quiet mode, and seems to save water. In short, the “Rain Powder” mode is really top-notch! With Kitty, we can’t imagine taking a shower without this mode and reverting to our old shower head.

The “Pleasure Swirl” mode

Then we have the “Pleasure Swirl” mode, which sends water through three swirling jets over a more precise area. “Rain Powder” covers a large area, and is the widest mode, so it’s the one you’ll be showering with. Here, the “Pleasure Swirl” mode is smaller, but not as large as the last mode, which we’ll see a little later.

It’s a mode that’s starting to become more interesting for targeting an area, while not specifically targeting one point, but rather three points of water pressure when the three jets come into contact with our skin or a more intimate area. The water pressure is not bad, but the water temperature is a little lower than with the “Rain Powder” mode, which is also a little noisy.

Mind you, I’m just talking about the fact that three little balls rotate to form the whirlpools, which triggers a little plastic noise if you like, but nothing that’s disturbing, that’s for sure. A nice, relaxing mode, but not necessarily the most useful for having fun, even if Kitty does enjoy it, especially for the three jets that offer a random side to the stimulated and multiple zones.

The “Pleasure Jet” mode

Last but not least, this is clearly the mode you’ll use most when you want to stimulate your clitoris or other parts of your body! In fact, this mode can also be used to play with the brake of your penis, for example! Here, we have a mode that offers a single jet, screened at its base, which offers a jet that is not “full”, but slightly spread out, with good water pressure, but a drop in water temperature. When I say “loss”, I mean just a few degrees. Rest assured, the water doesn’t get cold or lukewarm.

This is also how Kitty washes her hair! Yes, this shower head also has to fulfill its basic function. So this mode is perfect for targeting an area.

Anything else?

Of course! We haven’t even mentioned the “pleasure” aspect of this showerhead. According to Kitty, the Womanizer Wave won’t bring her to orgasm. That’s for sure. However, when she uses it, her pussy gets wet. The stimulation is pleasurable, not only for her clitoris and labia, but also for her body, since some jets can also be used for pleasure without coming into contact with any intimate part of the body. For example, at the nape of the neck, the “Pleasure Jet” or the “Pleasure Swirl” are relaxing and pleasant.

Pleasant, enjoyable, interesting, stimulating, but not orgasmic! Well, at the same time, it’s a showerhead, not a competitive clitoral stimulator, or even an ultra-powerful wand. It’s still a showerhead. Let’s talk about water for a moment. Yes, water is a scarce resource that must be preserved. But you should know that this showerhead saves up to 60% compared with an ordinary showerhead, like the one we used to have, no doubt.

That’s no reason to consume more, but it’s already a good thing. Of course, masturbating with the Wave for thirty minutes is a waste of water, unless you’re running a bath, for example, or using it for two minutes of foreplay. But remember, water is scarce, so you might as well use it wisely.

Kitty & Mogwai

Womanizer Wave final thoughts

Womanizer Wave - 9
Womanizer Wave - 10
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Womanizer Wave - 17

In conclusion, this Womanizer Wave is not really an innovation. It’s actually a partnership between Wow Tech and Hansgrohe. Does it change from a standard showerhead, yes. Does it diverge from the showerheads offered by Hansgrohe? Yes and no. Let’s just say that the “PleasureJet” part is a bit of a specialty of this showerhead compared with what’s available in their catalog. Is the price justified? Yes and no. When I look at the price of a quality Hansgrohe showerhead, the prices are pretty close to the Womanizer Wave. All in all, there must be a difference of around thirty euros, which is acceptable.

So, is the Womanizer Wave essential? Perhaps not. But does it deserve your attention for your masturbation sessions? Certainly, especially if you’re thinking of changing your shower head as well. It kills two birds with one stone. After all, we’re very happy to have it, but if it was only for the sake of having a shower head to masturbate with, it’s not worth it. All in all, it’s a good product, with nothing to say against it. Whether you buy it or not will depend on your reasons.


  • A showerhead for masturbation
  • Product quality
  • The alliance between Hansgrohe and Wow Tech
  • Three water jet modes
  • Intensity slider
  • A 2-in-1 product
  • “Rain powder” mode for everyday use


  • Purchase requires new knob need
  • A little more pressure would have been nice
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