Hello, I’m Mogwai, a French sextoys reviewer since 2013 ! And this is Kitty, my dear girlfriend! After making many sextoys reviews in French, I’ll bring the best of all reviews that I’ve been made in this English version of 69Desirs !

Satisfyer Pro Traveler Review

Want a pressure wave stimulator for your clitoris when you’re traveling? Here is the Satisfyer Pro Traveler that is designed for it!

Womanizer Classic Review

After the Premium, here the Womanizer Classic clitoral stimulator review! Cheaper, but with less functions than the Premium, is it better or not?

Lelo Sona 2 Review

After the first attempt in contact-less clitoral stimulators, a new version has been released, it’s the Lelo Sona 2, the Sonic waves pulsator!

Lovense Osci Review

Want to discover oscillations on your G-Spot? The Lovense Osci is an oscillating vibrator to deliver you enhance orgasms in an easy way!

Hanjuku Half Mature Masturbator Review

One of the Top Onahole on the marker? Maybe! Here the Hanjuku Half Mature masturbator that you’ll enjoy if you like thick pussy tunnel!



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