Here is the list of all Adult Product reviews, accessories and other erotic objects from our collection. This is the central point of our website! You will find here, our adult product reviews classified by category in order to more easily find the product that suits you. This list is not exhaustive, but you will have a very good overview of our Adult product reviews. This will allow you to find all the types of sextoys available to facilitate your choice in the purchase of an adult toy.

Bootie FEM Review – Fun Factory Butt Plug

Test and opinion on the Bootie FEM female butt plug from Fun Factory, a tulip-shaped model with an asymmetric base

Womanizer Wave Review – Shower head for masturbation

Test and review of the Womanizer Wave, a showerhead specially designed for masturbation with 3 different water jets

KYO Beat Review – Hand-free masturbator

Test and review of the Kyo Beat masturbator, a hands-free model with suction cup and internal motor for back and forth

Lovehoney Booty Buddy Butt Plug Review – Stainless Steel version

Test and opinion on the Lovehoney Booty Buddy stainless steel butt plug, a small model of 250 grams and a secure base

Succubus Sole Foot Fuck Onahole Review

Test and review of the female foot masturbator, the Succubus Sole Foot Fuck from XTC Japan, with a vaginal tunnel

All adult product reviews by 69desirs

Our adult product reviews are classified by product type. So you will find clitoral stimulators, prostate massagers, masturbators, butt-plugs, in short, a whole lot of things for your pleasure and various erogenous zones.


To find the right dildo for you, nothing is obvious! Especially if it’s your first dildo. You can find here, all the dildos reviewed on the website! You can check out the list to find  the best dildos for you reviewed on 69Desirs! Enjoy your search!

Manuel Ferrara DildoFleshlightSilicone92
Limba Flex MFun FactorySilicone90
Desire Luxury Beaded DildoLovehoneyStainless steel88
Njoy Pure WandNjoyStainless steel97
Njoy ElevenNjoyStainless steel98
Unicorn Horn DildoSplit PeachesSilicone92
Curved CucumberSelfDelveSilicone94
Vixen MaverickVixenCreationsSilicone97
Vixen BanditVixenCreationsSilicone96
LampwickMr Hankey's ToysSilicone92
Cactus CactooSelfDelveSilicone91
Werewolf BeastBad WolfSilicone94
Big JohnnyMeoStainless Steel88
Dragon DildoMr Hankey's ToysSilicone93
TaintacleMr Hankey's ToysSilicone93
Fun with FlagsSelfDelveSilicone95
Fleshjack Brent CorriganFleshlightSilicone92
Lifelike Lover siliconeLovehoneySilicone91
Crackstuffers StromCrackstuffersSilicone85
HoopLe WandStainless Steel96
Heartthrob DildoLovehoneySilicone88
Realistic Glass dildoLovehoneyGlass88
Silicone Bendable dildoStrap-on MeSilicone94
Cum dildoStrap-on MeSilicone88
Arch dildoLe WandStainless steel96
Galaxy DildoLovehoneySilicone92
Avant D14Blush NoveltiesSilicone87
The Realm DrakenBlush NoveltiesSilicone85
Vibrating BendableStrap-On-MeSilicone + ABS Plastic90
Cryptodite DildoYlva & DiteSilicone79
Milan Christopher DildoFleshjackSilicone92
P&G Spot DildoStrap-On-MeSilicone87
Seahorse DildoMr Hankey's ToysSilicone93
Unicorn dildoGeeky Sex ToysSilicone93
Luminous LoverLovehoneySilicone83
Realistic DildoStrap-On-MeSilicone85
AnalForte DeluxeMeoAluminium84
Desire Luxury G-Spot DildoLovehoneyStainless steel90
Sliding Skin DildoStrap-On-MeSilicone88
Cyrus King DildoMr Hankey's ToysSilicone93
Fusion DildoWetforherSilicone82
Multi OrgasmStrap-On-MeSilicone + ABS Plastic91
Curved glass dildoLovehoneyGlass90

All clitoral stimulators

Among the adult product reviews offered on 69Desirs, clitoral stimulators are the most numerous on the website! To help you in your search, here are all the clitoral stimulators reviewed on the site! This will give you some clues to find your own !

RiotRompSilicone + ABS Plastic82
Womanizer DuoWowTechSilicone98
Womanizer PremiumWowTechSilicone98
Womanizer LibertyWowTechSilicone + ABS Plastic96
Doxy Number 3DoxyAluminum + Titanium + Silicone94
Lovense AmbiLovenseSilicone93
Satisfyer Pro 2 VibrationSatisfyerSilicone + ABS Plastic88
Satisfyer Pro TravelerSatisfyerSilicone + ABS Plastic91
Womanizer ClassicWowTechSilicone + ABS Plastic96
Lelo Sona 2LeloSilicone + ABS Plastic93
Womanizer Starlet 2WowTechSilicone + ABS Plastic88
DomiLovenseSilicone + ABS Plastic90
Zumio CaressZumioSilicone + ABS Plastic88
Satisfyer Luxury High FashionSatisfyerAluminum + silicone91
We-Vibe MeltWowTechSilicone92
We-Vibe MoxieWowTechSilicone + ABS Plastic93
Sona 2 CruiseLeloSilicone + ABS Plastic93
Lelo Ora 3LeloSilicone + ABS Plastic94
Womanizer X Lovehoney Pro 40WowTech / LovehoneySilicone + ABS Plastic93
We-Vibe WandWowTechSilicone95
Be OneFun FactorySilicone + ABS Plastic88
Ignite BulletLovehoneySilicone92
O-Wand MassagerO-WandSilicone + ABS Plastic96
Domi 2LovenseSilicone + ABS Plastic97
Smart Wand 2 LargeLeloSilicone + ABS Plastic97
Die Cast 3RDoxyAluminium & Titane96
Liberty by Lily AllenWomanizerABS Plastic & Silicone96
SilaLeloABS Plastic & Silicone85
Le Wand Rechargeable MassagerLe WandABS Plastic & Silicone92
Tango XWe-VibeABS Plastic & Silicone98
Womanizer Premium EcoWowTechBiolene & Silicone97
Cuddly BirdOsugaSilicone & ABS Plastic92
Classic 2WomanizerSilicone & ABS Plastic97
Premium 2WomanizerSilicone & ABS Plastic98
Starlet 3WomanizerSilicone & ABS Plastic89
Magic Wand vibratorLovehoneySilicone & ABS Plastic82
FerriLovenseSilicone & ABS Plastic94
USB Mini WandLovehoneySilicone & ABS Plastic86
HyphyLovenseSilicone & ABS Plastic92
Dream WandLovehoneySilicone82
PearlLovhoneySilicone & ABS Plastic84
RoseLovehoneySilicone & ABS Plastic82
MayaLove Not WarAluminum + silicone94
Enigma CruiseLeloSilicone & ABS Plastic95
Sila CruiseLeloSilicone & ABS Plastic87
Womanizer x Marilyn MonroeWow TechSilicone & ABS Plastic97
Lovehoney Desire Rechargeable wandLovehoneySilicone & ABS Plastic88
NamiiBiirdSilicone & ABS Plastic92
LeloSilicone & ABS Plastic92
Deluxe Magic WandLovehoneySilicone & ABS Plastic89
LiebeLove Not WarSilicone & Aluminum96


In the world of adult product reviews, here are the famous vibrators! Fewer and fewer on the market, due to the presence of clitoral stimulators, vibrators remain very interesting sextoys! Here is the list of vibrators reviewed on the website!

OsciLovenseSilicone + ABS Plastic91
We-Vibe ChorusWowTechSilicone + ABS Plastic98
Soraya 2LeloSilicone + ABS Plastic94
Lush 2.0LovenseSilicone98
MantaFun FactorySilicone + ABS Plastic93
Stronic surfFun FactorySilicone + ABS Plastic92
Stronic GFun FactorySilicone + ABS Plastic92
VoltaFun FactorySilicone + ABS Plastic91
Gyr8torLovehoneySilicone + ABS Plastic86
Nova 2We-VibeSilicone98
SundazeFun FactorySilicone + ABS Plastic94
Lush 3LovenseSilicone99
Gigi 2LeloSilicone + ABS Plastic89
DriftLora DiCarloSilicone + ABS Plastic88
SwayLora DiCarloSilicone + ABS Plastic82
Manwand vibratorMan.wandSilicone88
IDA WaveLeloSilicone + ABS Plastic86
The Cha-Cha-ChaAgent Provocateur x LovehoneySilicone + ABS Plastic85
Ina Wave 2LeloSilicone86
Ina 3LeloSilicone + ABS Plastic87
Stronic PetiteFun FactorySilicone + ABS Plastic90
LiebeLove Not WarSilicone + Aluminum96
Womanizer OGWomanizerSilicone + ABS Plastic92


After vibrators, it’s time for masturbators! There are many types of masturbators on the adult market! To help you find your way, here is the list of all the masturbators reviewed on the website! There’s bound to be one that you’ll be interested in!

POWArcwaveCleanTech Silicone95
Ana Foxxx SilkFleshlightReal Feal Super Skin91
GhostArcwaveCleanTech Silicone91
Lisa Ann SavageFleshlightReal Feel SuperSkin + ABS Plastic91
Real Body 3D Anna KiljanSSITPE94
Geo CoralTengaElastomer + ABS Plastic78
Hanjaku Half MatureEXETPE92
Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000PxPxPTPE94
Puni Ana DX FuwatoroEXETPE94
Puni Virgin 1000 FuwatoroOutvision / EXETPE90
Kyo Skirt GirlKyoTPE90
Kyo Jeans GirlKyoTPE88
Kyo Bound KukuruKyoTPE77
Kyo Bound KohaiKyoTPE78
La Bocca Della Verita PerorinMagic EyesTPE92
Lelo F1s Developer's Kit RedLeloSilicone + ABS Plastic88
Kyo TorsoKyoTPE93
Real body 3D Maria NordalSSITPE94
Autoblow A.IAutoblowABS Plastic + Artificial Skin 89
Fleshlight Christy Mack AttackFleshlightReal Feel SuperSkin + ABS Plastic91
Fleshlight Jenna Haze ObsessionFleshlightReal Feel SuperSkin + ABS Plastic92
Kyo Crystal MouthKyoTPE80
Fleshlight Stoya DestroyaFleshlightReal Feel SuperSkin + ABS Plastic93
Fleshlight Nicole Aniston FitFleshlightReal Feel SuperSkin + ABS Plastic92
Ondo! NupuOndo!TPE86
Fleshlight Madison Ivy WonderlandFleshlightReal Feel SuperSkin + ABS Plastic89
Fleshlight Riley Steele Nipple AlleyFleshlightReal Feel SuperSkin + ABS Plastic88
The HandySweet TechTPR + ABS Plastic92
R-18Toy's HeartTPE85
Fleshlight Lana Rhoades KarmaFleshlightReal Feel SuperSkin + ABS Plastic90
Fleshlight Mia Malkova Lvl UpFleshlightReal Feel SuperSkin + ABS Plastic95
Gokusai Uterus DuoMagic EyesTPE83
Kyo 7 SinsKyoTPE96
Fleshlight Adriana Chechik EmpressFleshlightReal Feel SuperSkin + ABS Plastic92
Fleshlight LaunchFleshlightABS Plastic + Polyurethane + Silicone88
Quickshot Reiley ReidFleshlightSuperSkin + ABS Plastic89
Chubby Narumi's Outrageous AssSeiraku ToysTPE94
Onyx +KiirooSoft TPE + POM80
IonArcwaveCleanTech Silicone + ABS Plastic90
Blowmotion Blowjob masturbatorLovehoneyABS Plastic + TPE83
Dillion Harper CrushFleshlightABS Plastic + Real Feel Super Skin91
Emily Willis SquirtFleshlightABS Plastic + Real Feel Super Skin92
Kissa Sins InsatiableFleshlightABS Plastic + Real Feel Super Skin92
Maitland Ward Tight ChicksFleshlightABS Plastic + Real Feel Super Skin91
Panzer Girls KayXTC JapanTPE Premium83
Demon Slayer NezukoSeiraku ToysTPE94
Slut FighterSeiraku ToysTPE93
Seiraku ToysTPE94
Panzer Girls YukariXTC JapanTPE Premium83
Yandere OnaholeXTC JapanTPE78
Kiwami Namachichi FantasySSI4 different TPE90
Autumn Falls PeachesFleshlightABS Plastic + Real Feel Super Skin95
CapsuleKyoABS Plastic & TPE83
Flip Zero EVTengaElastomer + ABS Plastic95
Turbo IgnitionFleshlightSuper skin + ABS Plastic90
VoyArcwaveCleanTech Silicine + ABS Plastic96
Otokonoko DX FemboyEXETPE90
Otokonoko ShemaleSeiraku ToysTPE + ABS Plastic94
NTR BrideXTC JapanTPE86
Nezuko Double Tooth BlowjobSeiraku ToysTPE96
Men Vibration +SatisfyerSilicone + ABS Plastic87
Succubus Sole Foot FuckXTC JapanTPE77
a href="">KYO BeatKYOPOM + ABS Plastic + TPE77

Butt Plugs and Prostate massagers

Butt-plugs are the ultimate butt sextoy! Of course, there are many other sextoys to have fun with your ass! But let’s have a look at the list of butt-plugs reviewed on the website to get an overview. But we’re also going to see the list of prostate massagers to complete the list of sextoys that sneak up your buttocks!

Jewelled Metal Butt PlugLovehoneyZinc Alloy91
BootieFun FactorySilicone83
Icicles butt plug N°78PipedreamGlass85
Rosebuds MediumRosebudsStainless Steel97
SilexD Butt plugSilexDSilexpan & Silicone82
Colours Pride Butt PlugNS NoveltiesSilicone78
Rosebuds LargeRosebudsStainless Steel97
Galaxy Butt PlugLovehoneyLiquid Silicone89
Smooth Butt PlugDoxyAluminum97
Double BootieLovehoneyAcrylic81
TiltLora DiCarloSilicone & ABS Plastic87
Booty BuddyLovehoneyStainless Steel89
a href="">Bootie FEMFun FactorySilicone92

PfunNjoyStainless Steel99
Helix TridentAnerosABS Plastic92

Harness / Strap-on / Accessories / Vibrating Eggs / Lubricant / Sexy Outfit

CelloRompSilicone + ABS Plastic82
Anal HookMeoStainless steel90
O-Ring GagWet & NaughtySilicone + Metal89
Magnetic screw nipple clampsTom of FinlandAluminum Alloy85
Vixen HolsterVixenCreationsSilicone98
Cellmate chastity cageCellmatePolycarbonate + Neoprene Paint + Zinc Alloy92
Ride OnVixenCreationsSilicone96
Strap-on HarnessLovehoneyCotton + spandex85
Fuck Machine Gigolo PinkF-MachineCNC components94
The Realm DragoBlush NoveltiesPolyurethane91
Fifty Shades of Grey Spanking PaddleLovehoneyFaux leather Vegan92
Kyo PlushMotsutoysPlush83
Sex position chairBondage BoutiqueMetal + Foam88
Fifty Shades Spreader BarFifty Shades of Grey Bound to YouFake leather & metal96
Fifty Shades Ankle CuffsFifty Shades of Grey Bound to YouFake leather & metal98
Fifty Shades Wrist CuffsFifty Shades of Grey Bound to YouFake leather & metal98
Luna Beads PlusLeloABS Plastic + Silicone94
NÕSFun FactorySilicone & ABS Plastic92
Fetish Fantasy Magnetic ClampsPipedreamSteel & Gold coating80
Anal EggMeoInox & Leather80
Lucky Stars Nipple suckersLovehoneySilicone82
Plush Doll DXKyoPlush & Synthetic88
The Prisoner cock cageDominixSteel86
Womanizer WaveWowTech & HansgrohePlastic ABS97

Organics SensationSliquid100
Buck Angel's T-LubeSliquid100
Organics NaturalSliquid100

Complete and objective sextoys reviews

Our sextoys reviews are as complete as possible! We spend a lot of time during our sextoys reviews, in order to offer you a complete, detailed and objective review while bringing our share of subjectivity. We talk about sexuality and not about cooking. Some terms may shock some people, but we always take care to stay out of vulgarity.