Here’s a new product from Motsutoys: the Kyo Beat masturbator! Yes, another product from the Kyo range, offered by our partner for some time now! Indeed, the first product in the Kyo range was the Kyo Torso, a very large bust! The latest product was the Kyo Capsule, a kind of motorized Quickshot. But we also reviewed the Kyo Bound Kukuru and Bound Kohai. There was also the Kyo Skirt Girl and Kyo Jeans Girl! But we can also mention the Kyo Piston, Kyo 7 Sins and Kyo Plush, not to mention the Kyo Crystal Mouth! Needless to say, this isn’t their first try!

Here, the Kyo Beat is a masturbator that’s a little different, since it’s a hands-free model that can be attached with a suction cup and has an internal motor for use. At first, I thought it was just an arm with a suction cup that can be used with compatible masturbators. But in reality, it’s a masturbator in its own right. So I’m going to see whether it’s well made or not, and whether it holds its own against the rest of the market! Here’s the Kyo Beat masturbator review!

Kyo Beat packaging

Kyo beat - 1

The front of the Beat box

I just love this box! Well, not because of the contents, which are pretty basic, but because it looks like a box for a big-brand hairdryer! In fact, when I received the Kyo Beat, I didn’t even know it was a masturbator.

Kyo beat - 2

The back of the box

To me, it looked more like a kind of arm to which you could attach a masturbator for hands-free use. Anyway, on this rectangular, grey cardboard box, we have a photo of the Kyo Beat, its name and a statement that tells us “Let Pleasure Take Over”.

Kyo beat - 3

The complete contents of Kyo Beat

On the back of the box, we’re given a brief introduction to the product, including its concept, the contents of the box and a few technical details. Once we open the box, we discover the Kyo Beat wrapped in plastic, a suction cup base, also wrapped in another plastic pouch, then we have a Jack to USB charging cable and a small user manual.

Kyo Beat physical details

Kyo beat - 6

And here’s the new product from Dyson (er, Kyo…)

When I saw it, I immediately thought of a hair dryer from a well-known brand! You’ve got it in your head now? You have to admit, I kind of do. It reminds me a little of the Sqweel XT back in the day, but with a sheath inside and a thinner, cylindrical handle. So there are two parts to this Kyo Beat masturbator, one being, as you can see, the arm, which unscrews at the end to integrate its vented base. Incidentally, I had a good laugh when I saw the little unscrewing wheel with a headphone symbol on it. Would it make too much noise and require a construction helmet armed with large earmuffs? We’ll see about that later.

Kyo beat - 7

This is not a hair dryer

On the arm, we have a kind of tube, containing a button, a small hole for the LED and a Kyo sticker on it, which looks really cheap. It was as if the product had been labeled as a product from Motsutoys’ Kyo range, but in a hurry. After this tube, we have, at the top, a sheath integrated into the arm, which can be removed and put back on, as well as an internal system that seems to be able to move back and forth.

Kyo beat - 13

The suction cup accessory

At the bottom of the arm, as I said, there’s a small knob that you unscrew to attach the vented base. This is also where we find the slot for inserting the charging cable. Incidentally, the screw thread between the arm and the vented base seems standard. It’s the same thread for the three-legged camera supports. That’s pretty cool for mounting the arm on this kind of tripod. At the level of the vented base, we have a sort of knob to lock the arm in the desired position so that it doesn’t move. And finally, there’s the suction cup part, which attaches via a kind of push-button with a tab for easy removal.

The size

Kyo beat - 19

The entire suction-cup-mounted Beat

As far as dimensions go, it’s the size of a hairdryer! Well, okay, that’s not saying much. To give you its exact dimensions, I took my sewing tape measure. I calculated a total length of 20.6 cm (8.11″). The handle is 12.2 cm (4.80″) long and has a diameter of 3.91 cm (1.53″). As for the part containing the sheath, it’s a cylinder with an external diameter of 8.3 cm (3.26″) and an internal diameter of 6.5 cm (2.55″).

As for the sheath, it has a 3 cm (1.18″) diameter hole, which can be stretched of course. And finally, its depth is 6.2 cm (2.44″) for a 5.5 cm (2.16″) deep sheath. As for the base, the suction cup has a diameter of 6.5 cm (2.55″)! Now you know everything.

Other details

Kyo beat - 8

A really cheap-looking sticker

To complete this section, here’s what else I can tell you about this Kyo Beat masturbator! Firstly, it’s only available in this color, and secondly, it weighs 365 grams in all! That’s pretty light, but if you only use the arm (without the vented base), it’ll be even lighter.

Kyo Beat materials

Kyo beat - 12

ABS plastic and transparent elastomer

When it comes to the materials used to make this Kyo Beat masturbator, we’ve got three in all! The first is TPE, which makes up the sheath. It’s a transparent TPE that sticks a little, like the sheath on the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage or Turbo Ignition. Then we have POM, a semi-crystalline, opaque polymer. This is what makes up the vented base. And finally, classic ABS plastic for the rest of the masturbator. At first glance, the materials look good, but we’ll see how well they stand up to use.

Kyo Beat use

Kyo beat - 4

A short user manual is available to help you.

Despite what you might think, the Kyo Beat isn’t complicated to use! It’s true that it’s a rather unusual masturbator, and from memory it’s the only product of its kind that I’ve had the opportunity to review on the site, so even for me it’s a bit of a novelty. But it’s true that when you look at it, you quickly understand what you have to do with it and what you can do. Let me tell you more about it!

How do I charge it?

Kyo beat - 15

The charging point is located under the unscrewing washer.

Although you might think it’s a manual masturbator, in reality, you can use it with its vibrating motor! To do this, you’ll first need to recharge the internal battery. To do this, you’ll need a USB charging cable, which you can plug into a powered USB port or via an AC adapter. The other part plugs into the underside of the arm containing the sheath. To do this, you’ll need to unscrew a small washer on the underside of the arm (sleeve) to find the place to plug in your cable.

Kyo beat - 16

We plug all this in before connecting the USB part to a powered port.

In terms of charging time, you’ll need to wait 120 minutes to enjoy Kyo Beat for an average of 180 minutes before having to recharge it again. During charging, the LED remains fixed and red. Once the Kyo Beat is fully charged, the LED will turn blue. And when the battery is almost empty, the LED will flash red. Handy for knowing when to recharge.

How to use the Kyo Beat

Kyo beat - 5

The manual is brief, but present

With its unusual shape, you’d think it was a crooner’s microphone, but it’s actually a masturbator! As I mentioned earlier, it can be used in a number of ways. The first, which seems to me the least interesting, but possible, is to use it without the vented base. Here, you use it manually, holding the arm like a handle and making movements with it on your penis. It’s a bit like using the Arcwave Voy or the Quickshot Riley Reid attached to an arm.

Kyo beat - 11

The single control button

It is also possible to attach the arm containing the sheath to its vented base. To do this, unscrew a small washer on the underside of the arm, then screw it onto the screw on the base. The base can then be vented onto a table, the floor or a wall, as long as the latter is compatible. Forget a wooden table, for example. But to use it to its full potential, the Kyo Beat can be switched on. You’ll need to press the only button present, which is located on the top of the handle. There are no pictograms or visuals on this button, it’s all smooth.

Kyo beat - 14

The angle of the masturbator can be adjusted on its vented base.

By pressing and holding this button for 2 seconds, the masturbator will switch on, and if it’s on, it will switch off. Then, with a press, you can change the vibrating mode. Finally, if you wish to remove the suction cup, there’s a small tab to facilitate its removal from the cupped area.

Which lubricant to choose?

With a TPE sheath, there aren’t 36 choices! Here, water-based lubricant is recommended! There’s a whole range of lubricants to choose from, including Sliquid Organics Natural, Pjur Aqua, Tyo from Motsutoys and Peace from Rends. But these are far from the only lubricants you can find!

How to clean it?

To clean the Kyo Beat, you’ll need to make a little more effort than a simple masturbator, without spending hours on it. Simply remove the inner sheath and clean with lukewarm water and mild soap. Then air-dry the sheath. It doesn’t actually take very long. The sheath is removed by pinching one side of the ring that holds it in place.

Kyo Beat efficiency

Kyo beat - 9

A good product or not?

Well, you’ve got to test the thing! When Kitty saw it, she wasn’t quite sure how it would work. She was imagining making movements with it on my penis and said she was curious to use it on me! Of course, I let Kitty have her fun with it – it’s always more fun when you’re both testing a product! So how does the Kyo Beat perform? Do you need headphones to cover up the noise? Does it make cumming easier and stronger? These are the questions we’ve been asking ourselves, and we’re going to answer them for you! Here’s our review of the Kyo Beat masturbator!

Handling and ergonomics

Kyo beat - 10

A pleasant grip

First of all, let’s talk about how to handle this hair dryer. That’s right, it’s a masturbator, I almost forgot. In terms of use, I have to say that the handle is pretty good. Admittedly, I would have liked to have found some markings to give it a better grip. It’s actually quite smooth, which, with sweaty hands, can make you lose a bit of grip. I admit that this wasn’t a fault for me, but it’s a point to be developed for better ergonomics.

As far as the button is concerned, it’s relatively well placed, so you can reach it with your thumb without worry. It’s not very hard to press. On the other hand, I found the opening a little narrow. So, yes, it’s getting a bit bigger, but to slide my glans all the way in, it wasn’t that easy. Let’s just say you have to stretch the sheath a little to make it easier, or use a good amount of lubricant inside and on your penis to ease insertion. With the handle, you can follow the movement of the Kyo Beat and position the sheath to stimulate the shaft or glans more.


Kyo beat - 20

A dispensable suction cup

As it happens, this part is a pleasant surprise! Indeed, I was afraid that the system would jam all the time and not be really interesting. But in the end, despite a little disappointment, I think there’s some good in this product. Overall, it’s a nice product that doesn’t move that much. I think this is due to the size of your penis, particularly in width, and the use of lubricant.

Not enough lubricant means your penis won’t slide in and out of the sheath. A penis that’s too large will prevent the system from moving completely. So don’t imagine that the sensations are like masturbation with lubricant, where the hand glides perfectly. Here, you’ll feel friction and sometimes even blockages in the back-and-forth system, which unlocks as soon as the resistance eases.

But it’s still fun. In fact, I think that the back-and-forth modes available are pretty good. With fast passages, slower passages and occasional surprises, these are modes that you can use, and that you won’t leave to one side when you’re using the continuous mode. The motor speed is fast enough, but there’s still a need for an extra gear for faster enjoyment. Here, orgasm comes late, depending on the placement of the sheath on your penis. The sensation is pleasant, despite the texturing of the sheath, which you don’t feel too much. And over time, it’s easy to come. In fact, it’s fun to place the sheath so that it moves back and forth on the brake of your penis or at the base of your shaft.

Anything else?

Kyo beat - 18

The suction cup system is a plus, but in reality it’s a bit of a gimmick.

To tell you a little more about its use and my feedback, hands-free use remains an idea rather than a reality. Let’s just say that the suction cup, depending on the surface, holds on pretty well, without being too sticky either. As does placing it on a flat surface, with its suction cup. It holds, but in reality, using it without your hands is rather complicated. Personally, I can’t manage it, because the Beat’s movement rubs too hard on my penis to move forward with each back-and-forth movement.

Let’s just say that if the inner sheath had been a little larger in diameter, the problem wouldn’t have arisen. The only way to use it without hands is when your partner is holding the shaft for you. Here, despite the resistance to sliding the penis inside the sheath, there’s someone to hold it in place.

Kyo Beat final thoughts

Kyo beat - 17

All in all, not a bad product!

To conclude this review of the Kyo Beat, it’s a decent product. So, yes, its design makes you smile, as does the sticker placed at the last moment to display the brand name. But in the end, it’s a pretty good product, which makes an impression, without being the product that’s going to wank you off like crazy. Here, the product’s construction is pretty solid, as is the back-and-forth system, which locks up, but starts up again as soon as friction is reduced. The motor is pretty fast for the size of the product, and can be adapted to smaller budgets.

However, the packaging is far from attractive, and the masturbation advertised is not what we’d hoped for, although it is pleasant and enjoyable. Clearly more fun with two than alone, it still offers a very decent experience, which won’t please everyone, but which will nevertheless find its aficionados.


  • A cool concept
  • Easy to use
  • General ergonomics
  • A fast back-and-forth system
  • Interesting modes
  • Does the job overall


  • The product looks cheap with its sticker
  • Visually not very pleasing
  • Doesn’t offer a real slippery wank
  • Motor sometimes jams, but starts up again straight away
  • A little small for larger penises
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