Yes, I decided to try the Meo anal egg! I haven’t had a chance to do it yet so I might as well try it! As you know, I’m trying to find new accessories that would be fun to review, but also pleasurable! And when I saw this egg looking at me out of the corner of my eye (yes, it’s possible), I thought it might be fun to give it a try! So I have to tell you, it’s not the same as a vibrating egg like the Lush 3, the Esca or even the Diver from Picobong! Here, it’s an anal egg, even if it can be used in the vagina, but above all an egg that is close to the universe of BDSM accessories!

So no, the goal is not to lay an egg with its ass like a chicken that would have abused a whip and handcuffs too much, but to play with its insertion and its leather cord to stimulate the anus, the prostate or the vagina. It’s the first time we review an accessory like this one, the purists may find fault with the way we try it. But we also try to put ourselves in the shoes of Mr. and Mrs. everyone and not as an expert of BDSM! Anyway, here is our review of the Meo anal egg!

Meo anal egg packaging

meo anal egg - 1

Packaging of the egg

I think there has been a change in the air at Meo! I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or if it’s because of saying that the packaging is a bit too light. Indeed, we received the Meo anal egg, but also two other products that we will review on the website with an additional element that was not usually there.

Meo anal egg - 2

A plastic pouch to act as a packaging

Of course, you still have the transparent plastic packaging, with a Meo flyer inside. But now you have a black storage pouch, quite classy by the way, which protects the egg and allows you to store it safely! I’m so happy!

Meo anal egg physical details

Meo anal egg - 3

The egg and its storage pouch

It’s an egg attached to a string! It’s not a robot chicken egg, but simply a metal egg attached to a cord. Okay, I’ll tell you a little more about it, it doesn’t look very professional to leave it at that. As you can see, it’s a bit of an unusual egg.

Meo anal egg - 8

The opening at the front of the egg

This one has an ovoid shape but especially a hole at its end which allows to receive the withdrawal cord. I must admit that I have a little trouble with the hygienic aspect. One can nevertheless withdraw the cord entirely, but it is rather particular. The appearance of the egg is shiny, due to its stainless steel construction.

Egg size

Meo anal egg - 11

2 versions are available, this is the smallest here

Before giving you the dimensions of this Meo anal egg, know that there are two versions! One with an egg of 3 cm (1.18″) diameter and another with a diameter of 4,5 cm (1.77″). I calculated the egg that I received and it measures well 3,02 cm (1.18″) of maximum diameter. To tell you more, it has a total length of 4 cm (1.57″) and the hole at the front measures 0.4 cm (0.15″) in diameter. Finally, the leather cord, when in place measures 17 cm (6.69″) in length, but you can increase its size by untying the knot to wind it up to gain almost 10 cm (3.93″) more.

Other details

Meo anal egg - 7

149 grams for this model

To give you a little more information about this egg, you should know that depending on the size chosen, it will not have the same weight! Indeed, for the diameter of 3 cm (1.18″), its weight is about 149 grams while the version with a diameter of 4.5 cm (1.77″) displays 435 grams! There is a big difference between the two models! You have probably understood it by reading the measurements, we received the version with a 3 cm (1.18″) diameter.

Meo anal egg materials

Meo anal egg - 9

A stainless steel egg

In terms of materials used for this Meo anal egg, there are two! On one side, you have the egg, which is made of stainless steel for medical use. This stainless steel is polished with a mirror effect! For those who don’t know what stainless steel is, it’s simply stainless steel!

Yes, the steel used on sex toys like the Pure Wand by Njoy, the Arch by LeWand or the Desire beaded dildo by Lovehoney! It contains less than 1.2% carbon and more than 10.5% chrome! It is a very rigid material, often a little heavy and allowing to put pressure on it! Most of the time, either you love it or you hate it! There are two schools.

Meo anal egg - 12

Leather for the cord

For the rest of the composition of this egg, it is leather! It is the strap that comes out of the egg! For the leather, it will be necessary to take care of it during the cleaning! As you probably know, leather does not like water very much.

Meo anal egg use

Meo anal egg - 4

How to use this anal egg?

So how do you use this Meo anal egg? That’s a good question, because it’s quite an unusual object, it must be said! First of all, you should know that it can be used by anyone who has an ass! So you have no excuses! I will try to explain you how it works, because we can ask ourselves some questions when we see it!

How is this egg used?

Meo anal egg - 5

Several possible uses

This is not an absolute truth, because this anal egg can be used in many ways. And in fact, you can use it as you wish according to your ideas! First of all, it can be used, once in place, to increase the orgasm when it arrives! It is true that the stimulation of the anus during the orgasm increases the pleasure. It will thus be enough to pull on the cord to make it leave at the time to cum.

Meo anal egg - 13

For BDSM games

Another use, it can be used in a submission setting, with the possibility of pulling on it gently, then more strongly, to make it come out, then go in by tying the person who will have to undergo its introduction so that it can’t defend itself. I think it can also be worn and moved while walking, making love or even attached to a cage, cock ring and maybe something else! There are surely other possibilities that we can practice, I’ll let you think about that!

Which lubricant to choose with ?

Meo anal egg - 10

The cord can come out on the other side

With a steel egg, you can use any lube you want! So it’s time to get out your silicone-based lubricants if you want or take a water-based lubricant. Leather doesn’t like water too much, but prefers silicone a bit more! At the same time, it’s only a cord, it’s not a big deal. Silicone will allow a very good glide over time and will not evaporate over time, while a water-based lubricant will glide a little less and will evaporate over time. Make your choice!

How to clean it?

Meo anal egg - 14

The cleaning will be delicate

Here, it is a little more annoying. You will have to remove the cord by passing it through the hole of the egg, in order to clean the inside and the outside. The concern will be the leather part, I advise you to use a little water and a microfiber cloth. You can also use “Marseille soap” which works well. But also some make-up remover milk with a little white vinegar or white clay stone.

Meo anal egg efficiency

Meo anal egg - 15

It can also be used as a cockring

So what to tell you about this egg? Admit that it’s still a special sextoy! And I must say that I am not used to give my opinion on a product like this one. It was really a curiosity on my part and now, I find myself confronted to you in order to tell you what I think of it. And I can tell you that the task will not be easy, because I don’t really have any points of comparison on this product. Anyway, here is my opinion on the Meo stainless steel anal egg!

The insertion and its wearing

For the insertion, I find that the egg is not terrible. In fact, it is because of the hole that is present on top. As it’s an egg shape and therefore ogive, the fact to have a hole on the top doesn’t make the insertion easier, because you immediately go to a bigger diameter than the tip of an ogive shaped butt plug. So it’s more complicated to insert, but if the diameter of the egg is small enough, you won’t need to make much effort. Then, it is stainless steel, a hard material, which for me, facilitates the insertion and the sliding in the anus.

For its wearing, no particular concern to note. The only thing a bit strange is to have a strap that hangs from the buttocks, but that’s also the principle of the thing! When you feel like cumming, you’ll have to pull on it to make the egg come out at the same time. That it is you or your partner who will hold the strap in hand. However, the strap-on is not practical if you want to sit with the egg in place.

Egg stimulation

Well, this is the part where I have perhaps the least to say. It’s an egg, which doesn’t vibrate and which for me, is only used at the moment of orgasm. But also for some BDSM games, especially with a partner who holds the strap of the egg and who has fun pulling on it, without making it come out, to stimulate the anus. This can be done alone, but it’s still more fun and stimulating if a third person takes care of this point. The egg has its own weight, even in the smallest version, but I must admit that I should have taken the larger and heavier version to appreciate this sensation even more. During the withdrawal, it is pleasant, but it is really a product that one will use in a more particular framework, of submission and domination.

What more can I say?

Negative point, but also positive at the same time, the hole present on the top of the egg. You have seen on the pictures, the leather strap goes through the bottom of the egg, to stay inside with a knot so that it does not fall. You can even pass the strap through the hole on the other side, to untie it for easy cleaning. This is the negative and positive part at the same time. I pass you the details, but the egg not being closed, one will find inside, secretions or other. And hygienically speaking, it’s not really good. I advise you to take care of the cleaning of this egg, whether it is the inside or the outside of it, but also, its leather strap.

You can also use it alone! Indeed, you can simply make a knot with the strap at the base of the penis, behind the testicles, and then insert the egg from behind. The fact of making move its penis, that it hardens or on the contrary, that it overflows, brings a movement of the egg rather nice.

Meo anal egg final thoughts

Meo anal egg - 6

A product to be reserved for amateurs

To conclude, this is really a special item. I’ll be honest, it’s nice, but I think I’m not really the right target for this product. Still, whether it’s stainless steel or leather, you can’t say it’s cheap, far from it. But apart from having fun inserting and removing it, in my case, it’s quite limited. Because I think an object like this should be much more interesting in a BDSM setting. One can hold the person by the ass, add extra weight to force the egg down and ask the wearer to keep it in place, under penalty of punishment. I think that in this context, this egg becomes more interesting. Notice to the amateurs!


  • A stainless steel anal egg
  • Storage pouch present
  • A leather cord
  • Can be used in many ways
  • Two sizes and weights available


  • Cleaning is tedious
  • The hole at the end of the egg for insertion
  • Suitable for specific uses only
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