This is the Njoy Pure Wand ! As i know you, lovers of beautiful and good things, I’ve talked about a sex toy that is G-Spot stimulator legend in the Desire Luxury Beaded Dildo review ! It’s a luxury sex toy created with aesthetic concerns, but also as an effective sextoy. It’s one of the best, maybe the best G-spot stimulator you can find ! Yes, it’s the Njoy Pure Wand ! I really like this brand, especially because they meet customers’ expectations! So this time, I’ll talk about the famous Njoy Pure Wand!

The packaging

Njoy Pure Wand - 1

The Pure wand box

When we speak about high-end products, we’re willing to have a luxury box for our luxury sex toy. With Njoy brand, you’ll always have a very nice black box surrounded by a white outer sleeve on which you can see the Njoy logo. This black box is very strong and can be closed with a small magnet on it.

Njoy Pure Wand - 2

The Pure Wand lying on its box

Inside, the Njoy Pure Wand is lying in a small nest on a pink satin fabric imitation. I really love Njoy boxes, we know that we’ll have a really nice thing to use.

Njoy Pure Wand Physical details

Njoy Pure Wand - 3

A luxury box

The Njoy Pure Wand has a specific shape for a pleasure toy. It’s like a big “smiley” or a “smile” that end with two different sides. Or we can say that’s it’s a sex toy with curved crescent shaft and two bulbous ends to use. It’s not for nothing, since the Njoy Pure wand is famous for being one of the best G-Spot dildos on the market. And with his shape, it’s sure that we can use it for prostate stimulation.

Njoy Pure Wand size

The Pure Wand seems to be huge but not that much. It has a total length of 8 inches, but it has a very narrow shape that make it look like an heavy and big sex toy. The smaller bulbous end has a diameter of 1 inch and larger tip is 1.5″.

Njoy Pure Wand - 6

Two bulbous ends

So it’s not a really big toy but you can see that it’s not a small one either. It’s the specific shape that makes the Pure Wand a big toy but both bulbous tip are not big one, just what we need to stimulate our G-Spot and P-Spot.

Other thing to says about the Pure Wand appearance ?

Yes! The Njoy Pure Wand weighs over 1.5 lbs (or 680 grams) with a flawless surface, a glossy look that makes this toy a luxury one. It’s a beautiful thing, an expensive one, but also a serious sex toy for G-Spot stimulation. It’s a really sleek design that makes this Pure Wand like an art object. We also can notice a subtle “njoy” inscription in the middle of the shaft. And as soon as you’ve got it in your hand, you can feel this perfectly smooth and polished stainless steel. We know that will have no frictions using it and could easily glide in your vagina.

Pure Wand materials

Njoy Pure Wand - 7

The Pure Wand shape is design for G-Spot & P-Spot stimulation

The Njoy range is cast in 316 grade medical stainless steel and hand polished ! That’s one of the best steel on the market! It won’t degrade of corrode and can be live forever! Maybe you’ll be able to give it to your daughter when she will be at the age of using it. Of course, the Pure Wand is not porous, it’s smooth and durable. We also can use it for temperature play!

Njoy Pure Wand - 8

The Njoy Pure Wand is cast with 316 stainless steel

If you are wondering how stainless steel can please your body, you have to try it ! That’s something very different from silicone sex toys, the most use material for sex toys.

Njoy Pure Wand usage

Njoy Pure Wand - 9

A beautiful curve !

The Njoy Pure Wand offers beautiful curves for the sake of efficiency ! This stainless steel dildo, again, is considered as one of the best prostate massagers and G-Spot stimulators. We can choose between both bulbous ends to stimulate both spot and it can be used for anal and of course vaginally to stimulate the G-Spot. It’s a sex toy for all people !

Njoy Pure Wand - 10

G-Spot or P-Spot, make your choice !

Temperature play

The interest to use a stainless steel sex toy is the fact that we can use it for temperature play. Steel will quickly adapt his temperature to the desired temperature. For that, we can warm it or cold it with keeping it in water. Microwave or freezer is not a good choice for warm it or cold it, don’t use them !

Which lube to use with the Pure Wand and how to clean it ?

Stainless steel supports any kind of lubricant whether it’s a water-based lube or a silicone-based lube. I recommend using silicone-based lube for a betting glide on your vagina or your anus. When you want to clean it, you can use soapy water or a toy cleaner like the Sliquid Shine. The only precaution to take with it is how to clean and dry it, so be sure to avoid all abrasive cloth. Use a soft cloth to prevent scratches.

Njoy Pure Wand efficiency

Njoy Pure Wand - 11

The small njoy logo could be seen on the shaft

Now it’s time for me and Kitty to tell you why this sex toy is one of the most powerful stimulator for G-Spot and P-Spot ! Be ready to discover pleasure with the Pure Wand!

The Njoy Pure Wand as a G-Spot stimulator

An incredible G-Spot stimulator ? Of course ! Whether using the small bulbous end or the biggest one, it fits very well in vagina and could be inserted without incident. The perfect curve of the toy gradually brings the bulbous end to G-Spot. It’s nearly impossible to miss the G-Spot with the Njoy Pure Wand ! That’s why every love the Pure Wand.

When the Pure wand is in place, we can do small back and forth movements to stimulate the G-Spot efficiently. If you haven’t squirt yet from G-Spot stimulation, the Njoy Pure Wand could make you a “squirter” !

Njoy Pure Wand - 12

Best toy for squirting ?

It’s really easy to find your G-Spot with it since it’s not a pin-point tip, but a spherical end that pushes against the G-Spot. You don’t have to angle it in a weird position or do some acrobatics that some toys request. And it’s easier to use the large bulbous end to apply pressure on your G-Spot.

The Njoy Pure Wand before an anal intercourse

Njoy Pure Wand - 14

The Njoy Pure Wand (on the left), the Pure Plug 2.0 (in the middle) and the Njoy small plug (on the right)

Stainless steel is wonderful to prepare your anus before an anal intercourse or using larger dildos. It’s a cold feeling that will help your anus to be more at ease. You can use the small bulbous end to train your ass before putting a cock on it or a dildo. Feeling the cold steel glide on your anus is a really great feeling and pleasant one. Sure, it’s help to prepare your anus with a stainless steel sex toy like the Pure Wand!

The Njoy Pure Wand at the same time of an anal intercourse

Yes, it’s something possible! Usually the best position is doggy-style. I can fuck Kitty in her ass as she moves the Pure Wand to stimulate her G-Spot. The position and the curve of the Pure Wand are excellent mix that gives an absolutely perfect angle for G-Spot stimulation. The large bulbous end is literally against the G-Spot. At the same time as an anal intercourse, the Pure Wand is formidable ! Even if the weight of the Pure Wand could be impressive, it’s not annoying sine the shape is very well made and we can use this toy easily.

Using the Pure Wand for P-Spot stimulation

Regarding its use for prostate stimulation, is it necessary to tell you that it’s meanly the same thing that G-Spot stimulation ? On one hand, it’s a stainless steel sex toy so i can use silicone-based lubricant that helps a lot when using a toy for anal. There is nothing better for a smooth glide in your anus.

And on the other hand, it’s hard material allows you to apply a really good amount of pressure on your P-Spot in an easy way! Its shape is very convenient for prostate massage. I can handle it easily, its weight is well balanced and do not cause wrist pain using it. It’s also possible to use the largest bulbous end to enter and exit the anus. It’s fun and really pleasant to use it that way.

For all vaginas that want to try squirting

The Njoy Pure Wand is defined as being a fantastic toy for G-Spot stimulation. Kitty hasn’t experienced squirting (female ejaculation) at the moment, but this stainless dildo is a must-have for squirting !

Whether the small or the big bulbous end, your G-spot will be on fire! But i suggest to use the larger tip for G-Spot stimulation. If more easier with this side and you can apply plenty of pressure on it. Once you’ve got the perfect angle, circular movement against your G-Spot could make you squirt easily!

You can start with the small bulbous end to get the blood rushing on your G-Spot then after be warm up, you can switch to the large end. You can also easily use a clitoral vibrator to have a gorgeous dual stimulation.

Why this sextoy is so incredible ?

There are many things that make the Pure Wand an incredible toy ! First, it has just the right amount of weight and well-balanced in the whole shape. The second thing, the size is just the right one since it helps manipulate and make leverage with it to apply good pressure. Third point, it can be used by Kitty and myself ! One toy, two happy people !

Fourth point, you can use it colder or warmer if you change his temperature. Firth point, you can easily clean it. And it’s not a boring thing. Sixth point, being able to use any type of lubricants ! And that’s a great thing with stainless steel ! Seventh point, it’s a really durable sex toy that will be on your side for the end of your life !

Njoy Pure Wand Final thoughts

Njoy Pure Wand - 13

A really wonderful sextoy to use

The Njoy Pure Wand is a must have for those who wish to squirt for the first time ! The curve does most of the work ! You don’t need to make real efforts. Its severe curve helps you to get the perfect angle to stimulate your G-Spot in an amazing way ! You can easily thrust your vagina with it and in a very intense way. Moreover, its weight helps you a lot to apply firm pressure on your G-Spot or P-Spot too. There are nothing more to add to this review ! The Njoy Pure Wand is beautiful, body-safe, very efficient and could be used for many things ! That’s a sex toy that you must have in your collection !

Yes, the Pure Wand is not a cheap sex toy and so, you need to have a budget to offer you this precious wand! But it’s really a sex toy that totally worth it ! If you really want to discover female ejaculation, that’s the toy you need for ! I don’t know how to say that the Pure Wand is one of the best sextoy I’ve ever reviewed! There isn’t any negative review on the Pure Wand, because it’s a perfect sex toy ! You’ll love it ! And if you’re not convinced, you can take a look at another nice Njoy dildo, the Njoy Eleven !


  • Object of excellent quality
  • Versatile
  • Very effective
  • Beautiful storage case
  • Temperature play
  • Awesome for G-Spot & P-Spot


  • Is there any ? I don’t see any cons

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