Here is finally the Fleshlight Launch on the site! Yes, it’s a product I’ve been wanting to try for a little while now, but especially since I got interested in virtual reality porn. Since I discovered this new world and wrote a guide on VR Porn, I must say that I’m really curious about interactive sextoys and stuff. Of course, the purchase of an Oculus Quest headset has been a bit of a rush.

It is therefore with great pleasure that I will review this new toy from the Fleshlight manufacturer! Not long ago, I had the opportunity to review some new automatic masturbators, like the Kyo Piston or the Autoblow AI. But here, it’s mainly a device that allows you to put a Fleshlight inside to make it move, according to several criteria, all to please you. So here is my complete review of the Fleshlight Launch!

Fleshlight Launch packaging

Let’s start with the huge box of Fleshligh Launch! When I say it’s huge, I mean it’s really imposing. In fact, it barely fits in my light box. It’s a very big cardboard box, black with several indications on it. There is the Launch on the front part, then information about its capabilities on the back. When you open the box, you discover a foam protection, then the Launch packed in a plastic pocket, held by a wedge, placed on the bottom of the box.

We also have a small user manual, a quick-start and a product authenticity card. Then there’s a USB charging cable to recharge the batteries of the Fleshlight Launch! Otherwise, there is nothing else inside this box. There is no Fleshlight as a gift, nor a storage pouch, just the bare minimum.

Fleshlight Launch physical details

Object from the future? New high-tech rocket ready to take off? No, it’s a device designed to accommodate a Fleshlight masturbator, but not all of them, to make it move! That’s basically the concept! To explain in detail what this Fleshlight Launch looks like, the easiest way is to use the multiple pictures I took of the product.

To give you the broad outline, it’s a kind of gigantic ring! That is to say, a kind of round, but cone-shaped or roughly cone-shaped, with an open part on one side and on the other. This is the system for housing the Fleshlight masturbator via the screw thread on the masturbator cover. One can also think that it is one of the two helmets of Daft Punk or the exhaust pipe of Akira’s motorcycle! It’s up to you!

On the front, there is a “Power” button, another one that seems to be tactile just above, then on the sides two controllable strips. On one side, there is a “+” and a “-” button, and on the other, some kind of bars to vary the Launch’s range of motion. On the back, there is also a small protective tab that hides the slot for connecting the USB cable used to recharge the internal battery of the Fleshlight Launch.

Fleshlight Launch Dimensions

The Fleshlight Launch is clearly a monster! Already, the box announces the color! It’s one of the biggest boxes I’ve ever seen for a sextoy! Of course, I don’t count the case of the F-Machine Gigolo Pink, nor the huge box of the Kyo Torso onahole or the Real Body 3D Maria Nordal. But still! Indeed, the Launch by Kiiroo measures 32 cm in total length (12.59″) for a maximum width of 16.7 cm (6.57″) and a depth/thickness of 15.7 cm (6.18″)! So when you hold it in your arms, it’s a must have!

Other system details

Concerning the other elements that I can give you about this Fleshlight Launch device, it is that it weighs 1.5 Kg without a Fleshlight inside and up to 2.2 Kg with a Fleshlight. This system is not light at all! We’ll see if this impacts the use of the product a little further on. Another detail, as you can see on the pictures, the Launch is black and silver, a discreet look, even if its size is far from being modest.

Fleshlight Launch materials

With such a product, you still need quality materials! So we have ABS plastic which takes up a major part of the Launch. Then we have polyurethane and silicone. The whole set has a matte finish and is chrome-plated depending on the location. It’s rather well done and you can feel that the materials are correct. The set is sturdy, it’s not fragile, but I won’t go so far as to drop it on the floor to see what happens. In any case, on this point, it’s a very correct choice. The ABS plastic also makes it possible not to have a too heavy product in hand, knowing that it is already bulky.

Fleshlight Launch use

I believe it is my duty to inform you about the use of the Fleshlight Launch! Indeed, there is a lot to know about it in order to use it to its full potential! Indeed, with its powerful motor that offers up to 180 movements per minute, you can expect a lot of things! But it’s not just a device to move a Fleshlight masturbator up and down or back and forth (depending on its position), it’s much more than that! I’ll explain it all to you!

How do I charge the Fleshlight Launch?

It’s the first surprise, but not necessarily a good surprise! Indeed, the Fleshlight Launch uses an internal rechargeable battery! I’m quite surprised to see that a product like this one doesn’t work directly on a mains plug. Indeed, the Autoblow A.I, to name one, works directly on a mains supply. This avoids having to do a battery charge and use it directly without waiting!

Here, the charging cable must be inserted under the silicone protection tab on the Launch. Then plug the USB part into a USB socket of a computer or an AC adapter! Please note that it takes 6 to 9 hours to fully charge the Launch’s battery. And this for only two hours of autonomy on average! Frankly, the ratio is not great and I must admit that I am disappointed not to have a system powered directly by an AC adapter.

How to manipulate the Fleshlight Launch in non-interactive mode?

Using the Fleshlight Launch is easier than it looks! In any case, for the manual mode, simply use the buttons and a Fleshlight masturbator inside. So first, remove the cover of your Fleshlight masturbator. Then, insert it upside down! The sleeve of the masturbator must be on the side of the Launch’s protective silicone part. There’s no need to force, you have to screw the masturbator to the Launch, without forcing. The thread is a little sensitive and does not block. In short, if you turn your masturbator too much, the thread jumps.

Next, you have the “Power” button which allows you to start the Launch. This will put the masturbator back in the right place! Once this is done, you have to press or in any case place your finger on the blue LED so that this LED stops flashing and you can use the Launch manually. From that moment on, you can control the speed of the Launch, via the touch-sensitive part on the left, going from “-” to “+”. Then, on the other side, it’s the same thing, but to adjust the amplitude of the Launch’s back and forth.

Which Fleshlight masturbators are compatible?

This is an important point of the review, the compatibility with Fleshlight masturbators. The Launch is not compatible with the whole range of masturbators offered by the manufacturer. Indeed, the Launch does not work with the Turbo range. That is to say, the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Copper and Turbo Ignition. But also the Quickshot range, with the Vantage and Boost. This is also the case for the Go range, with the Go Torque Ice and Go Surge. The Ice crystal model is not more compatible, nor the Fleshlight Flight.

However, the Fleshlight Launch is compatible with all standard Fleshlights! This means that I’ll be able to use the Fleshlight masturbators I’ve already reviewed on the site! I’ll be able to reuse the Fleshlight Angela White Entice, the Madison Ivy Wonderland and the Christy Mack Attack. But also the Stoya Destroya, the Jenna Haze Obsession or the Pure, Anna Polina or Claire Castel model. I might as well tell you that I’m going to have a choice!

What are the intensity and amplitude modes?

Concerning the intensity levels and amplitudes available, you have on the Fleshlight Launch, four levels of amplitude of the back and forth, and four levels of speed. For example, you can use the third level of amplitude, with the second speed. Or, the fourth speed can be used, with an level one amplitude. Be aware that the maximum intensity allows 180 movements per minute.

How do I connect the Fleshlight Launch to the application?

Then that’s another story. Actually, it works very well, but it’s not as clear as it says in the notice. Indeed, to link the Fleshlight Launch to the application, you already need to get this famous application. It is the Feel Connect application, allowing you to use the content of the FeelMe! website. You need to get the Feel Connect application from the Apple Store or Google Play in order to link the application to the Fleshlight Launch. This is done very simply, when you start the Launch. A blue light flashes, indicating that the Launch is ready to be connected to the application via Bluetooth.

Then, by going to the FeelMe website, you can create an account and access interactive content compatible with Fleshlight Launch. From there, by launching the video content, you’ll stream it into the Feel Connect application, allowing the Launch to react to the action at hand.

What can be done with the Feel Connect application?

As mentioned before, there is not really a FeelMe application, it’s a website. However, there is a Feel Connect application. This application allows you to play an interactive porn video. Of course, the video must be compatible with an interactive sextoy for it to work. I have tested an interactive porn video from PornHub and it works very well. You have to click on the sync button with the interactive toy and then ask to launch the video in the Feel Connect application. It’s actually very simple.

We can therefore also synchronize other interactive sextoys, such as Kiiroo’s Pearl. The content of FeelMe is not very imposing, it is even quite small, but still updated, and you can find a certain number of complete videos. The movements of the actors and actresses are then synchronized with the movements of the Launch.

On the other hand, the application does not allow you to create your own scripts to make a porn video compatible with the interactive system. There, you’ll have to go through third party tools, but I didn’t go that far. You can, however, give control of the Launch to a third party and even interconnect it with another interactive product, as I understand it. But I can’t go that far in my tests, having only one Kiiroo product at the moment.

What about compatibility with an VR headset?

This is where I asked myself several questions. Indeed, it is announced that the Fleshlight Launch is compatible with most VR headets on the market. You can use the Launch this way to watch VR porn. But I have to admit that it is actually more complicated than that. All in all, the Fleshlight Launch is not really compatible. It’s rather the compatibility of the Feel Connect application that sets the tone.

For example, I can link my smartphone to the Fleshlight Launch via Feel Connect. And then I can link Feel Connect to a VR porn account to launch the VR video on the smartphone. So it works with the Samsung Gear VR, SphereSpecs headset, BKK masturbator headset and Sense VR headset! However, to make the connection with the Oculus Quest, I haven’t found how to do it. The Feel Connect application doesn’t seem to exist on the Oculus Quest side. For me, according to my research, it’s compatible with “Cardboard” type headset, headset that use a smartphone.

On the other hand, you can go through the WebPlayer of some sites (in addition to a smartphone) to use a headset like the Oculus Quest with the Fleshlight Launch. But this is another level of configuration. It’s a bit more of a fiddle.

Fleshlight Launch efficiency

Now I’ll tell you what I think of Fleshlight Launch in action! I was quite impatient to test it because it promises a lot on paper! A device that makes my Fleshlight masturbators move effortlessly, compatible with VR porn and even synchronized with it, it makes you want to see what it looks like! Here is my complete feedback about the Fleshlight Launch!

The noise of Launch

I’m not going to say the Launch is silent, so don’t push me. But it’s not the loudest automatic system either. For example, I find it a bit quieter than the Autoblow A.I. and quite close to the Kyo Piston. You can’t go unnoticed when using the Launch, if another person is not far away from you, even in another room. But, the sound level is not too disturbing either. This is acceptable for a system like this.

Getting started

Strangely enough, despite its imposing dimensions, the Launch remains manageable. The system for increasing or decreasing the intensity and amplitude is easy to use. There aren’t really any buttons, but more sensor systems to increase or decrease the power of the Launch. You can easily change the current level by sliding your fingers on the shell. It’s quite natural in the end, as it’s a big machine to hold with both hands. It is also easy to hold it in place, without effort and I must say that it is quite simple to use. It’s not at all tiring and I would even go so far as to say that it’s simpler to use, more ergonomic than the Autoblow A.I. or the Kyo Piston.

The locking system

Here, it’s clearly a flaw. In fact, we find the problems of Fleshlight masturbators! The thread of the cap of a Fleshlight is simply very average. And it’s the same for the thread that allows to place the Fleshlight masturbator on the Launch. Here, it is the thread on the side of the cover that is inserted into the Launch and it barely holds in place. As I said, if you turn the masturbator too much, you jump from the thread.

Sometimes, depending on the placement of the Launch, especially when it is well pressed against the pubis and the latter uses the last level of amplitude and back and forth, it can come off the thread. You must then stop the Launch, get back the masturbator in place and restart the machine. It is not systematic, but it happens from time to time. It’s a shame not to have made a more robust system on this point. It is not a crippling defect, but it is a defect all the same.

The Power of Fleshlight Launch

On this point, I am satisfied, but still a little disappointed. Indeed, I find that the Fleshlight Launch is a bit less powerful than the Autoblow A.I. It lacks a bit of power. I would have liked to find at least one more level, maybe even two. Basically, with 30% more power, the Launch would have been top of the line, compared to my preferences.

The Autoblow A.I. makes it easier for me to have an orgasm from penis stimulation, while Launch takes longer. In short, the Launch is more interesting for slowly building up pressure, relaxing, letting go, effortlessly, in a longer session of pleasure. Basically, it’s a bit like a Womanizer Premium for example and a Soraya 2. The first one breaks the record to get an orgasm, while the other one takes longer, even if the orgasm still happens. It’s the difference between the desire to come quickly and well and the desire to make the pleasure last over a longer period of time. Still, the highest amplitude with the fastest intensity of movement is really not bad at all!

The interactive part

Concerning the interactive part, I was able to test the link with the Feel Connect application and the content of the FeelMe site. But not only, since I also tried some interactive videos present on Pornhub. Honestly, it works and not bad. When I launch an interactive video, the Launch moves well when it’s needed. If nothing happens on screen (basically, no cock sucking, jerking off or penetrating something), the Launch doesn’t move. When the action starts to happen, the Launch moves accordingly.

Unfortunately, there is a small latency, ranging from 0.5 seconds to 1.5 seconds depending on the case. You get used to it, but it’s a bit of a shame to get into the realistic side of things. On the other hand, the good thing is that we feel like we’re discovering dozens and dozens of new modes. Indeed, in interactive mode, the Launch doesn’t move in the same way at all. Basically, what happens in interactive mode cannot be done in manual mode. We are therefore surprised by the variations in intensity and amplitude and that’s really not bad! On this point, I think the interactive part is well done!

VR Porn Compatibility

As I said, the connection to Oculus Quest is a bit complex. So, knowing that there’s nothing native to support a headset like this, I’d rather not go into too much detail on the subject. I can tell you that it works.

On the other hand, the Oculus Quest and the Fleshlight can be used in manual mode and it works very well. This gives an interesting dimension and increases the overall fun of the session. There is no effort required. All you have to do is set up, run a VR porn video with the Oculus Quest and then the Launch in manual mode and off you go.

On my Samsung Gear, on the other hand, it’s quite simple. Just connect the Launch to the Feel Connect application, then authorize the application for the VR part. For example, you can add a website in the list to launch the VR video on the smartphone later. Once everything is configured, you just have to place the smartphone in the Samsung Gear to enjoy the Launch in Interactive mode.

Launch or Autoblow A.I., that’s the question!

I’m anticipating the question I might be asked about the choice between a Fleshlight Launch and the Autoblow A.I. In my opinion, these are two products that do not have the same vocation. The first one is only an accessory, while the other one is a full-fledged sextoy. So you must have at least one Fleshlight masturbator at your disposal. Second thing, the Autoblow A.I. is rougher, faster in its execution, more highly quickly stimulating, while the Fleshlight Launch is softer, with a slower rise in pleasure.

For me, the Autoblow A.I. will be more effective in achieving a relatively quick orgasm. While on the Launch side, the rise will be slower and more gradual. But on the whole, both products are interesting. Nevertheless, I find that the Launch is less powerful than the Autoblow A.I. In any case, read the two reviews to make your own idea.


Fleshlight Launch final thoughts

I was kind of expecting anything with Fleshlight Launch! Indeed, Kiiroo isn’t an example to follow on the whole, at least not in their early days! The products were disappointing, at least the feedback I got. But with the Launch, I must say I’m rather surprised. Of course, it’s not perfect, as you can see. But the problems it presents are easily correctable.

I was still surprised by the interactivity with porn videos. I had never tried this way of using a masturbator before and it’s still really nice. I’m now looking forward to the next model of the Fleshlight masturbator automation and interaction system. I saw that a model for the Fleshlight Quickshot has been released, but I’m really looking forward to the next one. As you can see, I’m still happy with the Launch, although I wish I could have gotten a little more. That’s what being greedy is all about!


  • The whole product is rather qualitative
  • A new life for your Fleshlight masturbators
  • The interactive part is not bad at all
  • The ergonomics of the toy as a whole
  • Stimulating, suitable for longer sessions


  • The masturbator that sometimes comes out of the threads
  • It lacks a little bit of power
  • Powered by battery and not by AC Adapter
  • Compatibility which is not complete with the whole range
  • The VR compatibility part to be improved
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