Here’s a pretty cool kit, it’s the Double Booty butt plug kit by Lovehoney! I’m not going to tell you that it’s been a while since we reviewed an anal plug, it wouldn’t be true! Well, it depends on how you look at it, because the last review was last August, concerning FunkyButts butt plugs! However, we had also written an buying guide for a butt anal plug after the numerous plugs we had reviewed in order to write this one (on the French website). And I’m not even talking about our page gathering several reviews in order to propose you the best butt plug for you, according to your needs (also only in French).

Here, this Double Booty butt plug, consists of 2 models in acrylic, even if it looks like glass! This will allow us to compare them to the Galileo butt plug from Gläs, the Firefly phosphorescent butt plug or the Icicles N°78 which are made of glass. With a small model and a bigger one, here is our review of this kit of two Double Booty butt plug at Lovehoney!

Double Booty Butt plug set packaging

Double Booty butt plug set Lovehoney - 1

The front of the butt plug box

To begin, let’s talk about the box! It is a cardboard box, rather rectangular and with an orange and white tone. Each time, the color allows to know if this or that product is rather for a female, male or neutral body. At least, that’s what I think, even if one can suit the other and vice versa.

Double Booty butt plug set Lovehoney - 2

On one side, details on their uses

On this front side, we have our duo of butt plugs, with the Lovehoney logo on top, the name of the product on the right and then at the bottom, a little humorous touch: “See you at the glitter end“. And on the back side, we have a presentation of Lovehoney. Then on the first side, information about the two butt plugs and some key points about them.

Double Booty butt plug set Lovehoney - 3

On the other hand, other information about them

And on the other side, we have an explanation of how to use them as well as other additional information. By the way, this will act as a user manual, so you might as well take some of your time to read it.

Double Booty butt plug set Lovehoney - 4

Inside, our two butt plugs, without a trace of plastic!

When we open this box, we discover the two butt plugs maintained by 2 pieces of cardboard, preventing them from moving! And we don’t have any plastic ! It is a good news!

Double Booty butt plug set physical details

Double Booty butt plug set Lovehoney - 5

The two butt plugs of the kit

Now, let’s take a closer look at this duo of butt plugs! As you can see, this is a kit containing two butt plugs, one bigger than the other! These are two acrylic butt plugs, containing glitter inside. Each butt plug is ogive shaped, with a thinner part for the insertion, which increases, until it reduces to form a stem joined by the brake, quite thick and wide. The two butt plugs are identical, except that their sizes are not the same.

The size of the two butt plugs

Double Booty butt plug set Lovehoney - 9

Quite similar in length, but different in diameter

As you have understood, we have two butt plugs, of the same shape, but with different dimensions! Indeed, the smallest displays 7,92 cm (3.11″) insertable for about 9 cm (3.54″) of total length. And for its maximum diameter, it is 3.43 cm (1.35″). On the other hand, for the biggest model, we have 8,89 cm (3.5″) insertable, for about 10 cm (3.93″) of total length. And for its diameter, we have 4.04 cm (1.59″).

Other details

Double Booty butt plug set Lovehoney - 7

The brakes of the two butt plugs

As you can see, these are two transparent butt plugs with glitter inside. For the weight of these two sizes, they are really light! I don’t have the exact weight, but I can tell you that they are lighter than a glass or steel butt plug. They are closer to the weight of a silicone butt plug of the same size. This is where you can tell it’s not glass, because the butt plugs would be much heavier.

Double Booty butt plug set materials

Double Booty butt plug set Lovehoney - 10

Acrylic butt plugs

Even if we could think that they are two glass butt plugs, in reality, it is not so! Indeed, even I, visually, thought that they were two butt plugs made of glass. But in the end, when you look at them in more detail, you realize that it can not be glass. The material is different, it looks like plastic. It’s actually acrylic. It’s quite strange at first, but once you understand that, it’s less strange.

Double Booty butt plug set Lovehoney - 12

The Galileo from Gläs (in glass) and the two Lovehoney butt plugs in acrylic

However, to my knowledge, acrylic is a porous material. I admit I’m not 100% sure, but according to my sources, it seems to be the case. So don’t worry, this means that it is not recommended to share your butt plugs with other people for example. Otherwise, nothing to worry about.

Double Booty butt plug set use

Double Booty butt plug set Lovehoney - 6

Shall we start with the smallest or the biggest?

You already know what a butt plug is used for, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this review! However, if this is your first butt plug and even more so, made of acrylic, perhaps some tips on how to use it will interest you. Let’s get to the bottom of this!

Which butt plugs should I start with?

Double Booty butt plug set Lovehoney - 15

Comparison with the Icicles glass butt plug n°78

I would like to say that it depends on your past experience! If you are used to using a butt plug, you can directly start with the biggest one. But at the same time you can also have fun with the smaller one. If this is your first butt plug, the smaller model is still the best choice. You can use lubricant (it’s even recommended) to facilitate its insertion.

Which lubricant to choose with ?

Here, you can use the type of lube you want, since they are two acrylic butt plugs! It’s close to plastic, so you can use any kind of lube. However, I would advise you to use water-based lube, to be sure not to have any incompatibility with your butt plugs.

How to clean your two butt plugs?

In order to clean your two butt plugs properly, it is recommended to wash them with warm water and soap. As they are porous, this is the best choice to eliminate any residues and bacteria that might remain on and even in the material. Do not wait hours and hours before cleaning them. It’s like a TPE sleeve, the longer you wait, the more organisms can get into the material.

Double Booty butt plug set efficiency

Double Booty butt plug set Lovehoney - 11

Glass or acrylic?

Now, let’s talk about the subject that makes you angry! No, actually, I’m joking, these are two nice butt plugs, but not without defects! For this review, it is only me who tested these two butt plugs. I was able to compare them to other models we have like the Rosebuds Large, the Rosebuds Medium or the Fifty Shades Darker butt plug, three models that I particularly appreciate. Well, on the other hand, they are stainless steel butt plugs, whereas here we are on acrylic butt plugs! It’s not the same thing! But here is my review of this Double Booty butt plug set from Lovehoney!

Inserting butt plugs

Double Booty butt plug set Lovehoney - 13

Difference between the Fifty Shades butt plug and the acrylic ones

To begin, let’s talk about the insertion of these two butt plugs. Whether it is one or the other, the shape does not differ. Only the size changes from one model to the other. Here, the insertion is not complicated, but not necessarily easy either. Indeed, the tip of the butt plug is flattened, slightly, bringing a larger diameter to insert from the first centimeter. Well, nothing really difficult, but you have to spread your buttocks a bit more when inserting it and go gradually, simply. However, acrylic slides less than glass or steel and on my side, the addition of lubricant made it easier to insert. For the smaller model, it’s easier of course and for the latter, the addition of lubricant is optional for me. But that’s just me, it all depends on whether you are used to inserting sex toys in your anus or not.

Wearing the butt plugs

Double Booty butt plug set Lovehoney - 14

But the flattened tip is not as flat as the Tom of Finland butt plug

For wearing the butt plugs, I am a little more reserved. Standing up, whether it’s one or the other, they both stay in place. I can walk with it, go about my business, no worries there. Where it starts to get complicated is when I sit down with it. I find that the base of the butt plug is not very practical. Indeed, this one takes the shape of a fake diamond, which is visually nice, but for the seat, it is not so good. This base is very well used as a brake, but it becomes a bit annoying, especially on the biggest model, because the brake does not fit between the two buttocks. It sticks out a bit, which is not the most pleasant thing.

When I compare it to the brake of a Rosebuds, there is no photo, the comfort in sitting position is much better with this model than this set of butt plugs. The brake is here above all to avoid that the anus does not suck it and for the visual, rather than for the comfort in sitting position. For other positions, nothing to report, it does not bring this concern.

Other points?

Double Booty butt plug set Lovehoney - 16

Several models, several shapes!

Yes, I have to tell you about the effect that these 2 butt plugs cause when wearing them. First thing, for the biggest model, I find that the filling effect is present. Its diameter is big enough to spread a little the anal walls, which is very pleasant according to me. The round shape of the tip also avoids having an annoying pressure once in place. Despite the relative discomfort in a sitting position, the effect is there. We feel that by moving a little the PC muscles, the plug moves and comes to titillate the prostate. This is for the biggest model. For the smaller one, it is more diffuse and delicate.

Second thing, in the four-legged position, we can enjoy the shape of the brake, which comes to highlight the buttocks. The glitters bring a certain shiny effect to the whole, for sure. And last thing, we absolutely do not feel the weight of the butt plugs, whether it is the first or the second. That’s not really a problem for me, but when you like the feel of a butt plug versus its weight, you lose that part. For my part, I like to feel a butt plug when it is inserted, whether it is for its filling effect (present on the big model) but also, by its weight. Here, you can hardly feel it and being light, it is more difficult to make it move, just by playing with your muscles. Clearly, I prefer steel or glass, when it comes to a butt plug.

Double Booty butt plug set final thoughts

Double Booty butt plug set Lovehoney - 8

A duo of butt plugs quite nice for its price

To conclude, this kit of two acrylic butt plugs is rather oriented for beginners. I have to admit that I’m not a fan of acrylic, because you don’t really feel the weight of the butt plugs, the material is less lively (you don’t feel the temperature effect of steel or glass warming up inside) too. However, you also have to look at the price of this Double Booty butt plug set! For less than 30€, we can’t say that it’s regrettable, because we have two butt plugs, of two different sizes and that do their effect all the same. These are not butt plugs that I would recommend for prolonged wear, but to prepare your anus, add extra stimulation during vaginal penetration or even masturbation, at this price, it is more than correct! If you’re a fan of glitter, here’s a duo of butt plugs that might suit you!


  • Packaging a little light, no pouch
  • The brake really acts as a brake
  • Filling effect present with the bigger one
  • The glitter gives the butt plugs some sparkle
  • Very good value for money
  • Suitable for beginners


  • The brake is not comfortable when sitting
  • Acrylic is less slippery than steel or glass
  • Loss of weight feeling compared to steel and glass
  • No temperature play, the material stays at the same temperature
  • Not suitable for experienced people
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