At the moment, I’m looking more often at BDSM articles and that’s why today, I propose you the O-Ring gag Wet & Naughty review! This is an item that is part of the BDSM accessories, however, I have never had the opportunity to review one like this. Indeed, on the French website, you may have already read some reviews of products that look a bit like this one. I think for example of the Tantus dildo gag or the Sinful ball gag. But also lately, the POP ball gag! This is not the type of product that we usually review on the site with Kitty, but it’s true that for a while now, we have been more and more interested in the BDSM universe to test new things. So it’s with pleasure that we propose you the review of the O-Ring gag Wet & Naughty!

O-Ring gag Wet & Naughty packaging

O-Ring gag Wet & Naughty - 1

The basic packaging of Meo

Meo is not known for offering sophisticated packaging. Indeed, the products sent are often packed in a sturdy plastic bag with a flyer inside. Here again, this is the case.

O-Ring gag Wet & Naughty - 2

Mainly plastic

The good thing is that it usually brings down the price of the product. But it’s plastic, which isn’t great either. Anyway, inside this pocket, you will find the gag, with a Meo padlock and 2 keys for it.

O-Ring gag Wet & Naughty materials and physical details

O-Ring gag Wet & Naughty - 4

The Gag Ring

When I first saw this O-ring gag, I immediately noticed that the texture was unusual. I’ll tell you about it a little further down to keep it a bit of a surprise. But I immediately liked the look of it. It’s a O-ring gag composed of a central ring, the ring that will end up in the mouth, held on both sides by two small straps attached to two metal rings.

Locking system and padlock

O-Ring gag Wet & Naughty - 7

The ability to close the gag with a padlock

Then, a long strap is there to wrap around the head to be closed at the back with a simple and easy closing system. This is the same closure system as the lockable head harness I reviewed a few days ago on the French website. That means that once the gag is closed, a padlock can be attached to it to prevent the person wearing the gag from opening it on their own.

O-Ring gag Wet & Naughty - 11

A simple locking system

There are 10 slots for closing the O-ring gag to fit a maximum head size. There is even a tab, like on a belt, to slide the strap so that it doesn’t hang down. In any case, the whole thing is solid and resistant, it all looks good for the future!

The materials of the gag

O-Ring gag Wet & Naughty - 5

The ring is attached to the gag, connected to a strap by a small ring.

As I said earlier, this O-ring gag uses materials I am not used to seeing on this type of product. Indeed, it is not leather or nylon, but silicone! Yes, the mouth ring or closure strap is made of silicone which is resistant to most liquids and to the 1907/2006/EC standard. This standard concerns the registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemical substances, as well as the restrictions applicable to these substances. Moreover, I find that silicone is really soft and pleasant to the touch.

O-Ring gag Wet & Naughty use and efficiency

O-Ring gag Wet & Naughty - 3

A gag big enough to fit everyone.

Now let’s talk about this gag a little more in reality! As you can imagine, this is not a simple gag, this gag has many uses. Indeed, the first function of the gag is to prevent the person wearing it from speaking. With your mouth open like this, it is like trying to talk when you are at the dentist’s with your mouth open. It’s very complicated. Obviously, at the same time, the person will not be able to close her mouth.

Saliva secretion, open mouth and urophilia

O-Ring gag Wet & Naughty - 8

It can be used for several activities

The second function is to increase saliva secretion. With the mouth open like this, without being able to close it, saliva tends to be more present. Just tilt your head slightly forward and the accumulated saliva will flow out. Nothing can be done except to let the saliva flow. But that’s not all! Indeed, the third function is to keep the mouth open for the practice of urophilia. Thus, it is easy to pee in the mouth of the person wearing the O-ring gag. You will have to think about cleaning it with water once you have used it. You can also perform blowjob, which I will detail a little below.

Installation and locking

O-Ring gag Wet & Naughty - 6

A little padlock that doesn’t get in the way…

It’s easy enough to set it up. This O-ring gag is simply closed with a strap at the head that can be locked with a buckle. One can even lock the mouth with a padlock, so that the submissive is not free to remove it whenever he or she wishes. Moreover, you can do it with the Meo padlock included with the gag.

Feedback on the gag with Kitty

O-Ring gag Wet & Naughty - 9

The ring is quite soft in contact with the skin.

To test this gag, Kitty got herself tied up! I wanted to see if we could perform oral sex like that. Kitty was ok with it, too, which turned me on. So I tied this O-ring gag, taking care not to tighten it too much. Indeed, the pressure exerted on the sides of the mouth is present, but without being too much either. This is not a classic gag ball, here we realize that it is a gag for a slightly harder BDSM practice. It all depends on how you use it of course. According to Kitty, it pulls the jaw a bit.

Clearly, the gag is blocking the mouth. Once in place, it is not possible to close it. However, it must be fastened securely and not leave too much weight on it, otherwise it will be possible to pull the ring out of the mouth. And this is not what you want when you use it. Once Kitty with her gag, I tried to get my penis inside the ring to force her to suck me. Good surprise, it’s going well. My penis just passes right through the diameter when it’s semi-erect. In a full erection, it’s not really feasible, so it has to be passed through before I get a good hard-on. Kitty couldn’t close her mouth or remove her gag. She was salivating much more than usual, she was excited by the situation, which made me even more excited! It’s a real pleasure to stick my dick in her mouth when she wears that gag!

In terms of comfort, it’s really very correct, especially for a BDSM accessory like this one! Here is another gag that will end up in my BDSM case with all the other accessories that go well with it! Right now, between the POP paddle, the POP collar and leash and the ankle and wrist cuffs of the same range, we can say that we practice BDSM quite a lot in this propitious period!

O-Ring gag Wet & Naughty final thoughts

O-Ring gag Wet & Naughty - 10

A gag like no other

To conclude, here’s a gag that changes from gag ball versions! Here we are on a product more oriented for BDSM connoisseurs and those who want to go further in these types of games! The very good side of things is that it is made of silicone, which allows to clean it easily when it gets “dirty”, but also to bring a certain softness when you wear it! I didn’t think it would be so exciting to fuck Kitty’s mouth with this O-ring gag in place! Another BDSM accessory that will accompany us in our games like the Tom of Finland magnetic screw nipple clamps !

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