This is Lovehoney Belle Amour basque set! Indeed, soon, you will be able to read several lingerie reviews to give you some ideas of gifts to give to your beloved! On my side, I’ve chosen several pieces for Kitty and this Lovehoney Belle Amour basque set with a thong is the first of the three lingerie pieces I’ve selected ! So it’s the return of Kitty to give her opinion on lingerie ! The first review was on the OhYeah babydoll (on French website) then a second one on the Lovehoney Parisienne set before switching to the OhYeah open panties (on French website) !

But afterwards, we had the opportunity to tell you about Lovehoney’s latest Wetlook range, with the Fierce crop-top, the Fierce leggings and the Fierce catsuit! By the way, we have a surprise that will come for you for this collection! As for the other reviews, I will take care of the main part of the writing of the article and I will let my love Kitty, give you her feedback! Take out the champagne and the glasses and discover this Lovehoney Belle Amour basque!

Lovehoney Belle Amour Basque set packaging, sizes and materials

Let’s start with the packaging! It’s like every time with Lovehoney, a simple plastic pouch that lets you see the Belle Amour basque. So it’s a very simple packaging, but the advantage is to lower the final selling price of the product. If you want to see what this pouch looks like, I made a picture on Instagram of the three pieces of lingerie received by Lovehoney!

The sizes of the set

lovehoney belle amour basque - 8

A set for large size only

Beware, the Lovehoney Belle Amour basque set is part of a range only available in large size! Frankly, I am very happy to see that Lovehoney launches a range especially for large sizes! Often, we can see a range in classic size declined in large size afterwards, but here, it is really a large size range and only large size!

lovehoney belle amour basque - 5

Panty and garters seen from behind.

So you have three sizes available for this Belle Amour basque set! You have the size 1X/2, which corresponds to the size 46/48 (18-20 for UK). This is the size we have chosen. Then, you have this set in size 3X/4X which corresponds to a size 50/52 (22-24 UK). And finally, you have the size 5X/6X which is equivalent to 54/56 (26-28 UK).

Materials of the set

lovehoney belle amour basque - 3

We lost a fastener, but we did something else…

This set is composed of two main materials. On one side, you have black microfiber, which is mainly used for the cups, but also for the lower part of the basque. For the rest, it is purple lace which also composes the g-string.

The realization of the Lovehoney Belle Amour basque set

lovehoney belle amour basque - 6

The front of the basque

Let’s go to the realisation of the whole! This Belle Amour basque set is made from a plastic whalebone structure. You have 6 in all, present under the seams, allowing you to slim down the waist and create a goddess silhouette. It is a corset that enhances the bodice to highlight your feminine assets by the slightly padded cups and cleavage.

lovehoney belle amour basque - 4

Overview of the straps

The straps are detachable and you have 4 removable garters with a gold closure and adjustable to place your stockings. Yes, you don’t have any stockings offered with this set. On the other hand, you have a string and lace g-string present for the set.

Colours and maintenance

lovehoney belle amour basque - 2

A nice choice of color!

As you can already see on the pictures I took of Kitty wearing the Lovehoney Belle Amour basque, you have the whole lace part which is purple/fuchsia, while the part with the cups but also at the hips is black. If you don’t like this colour, you can opt for the red and black version to exile your fears to go higher than these mountains of pain (It’s a French joke). Oops, Jeanne Mas seems to like this outfit in a different colour, maybe it will be the same for you.

Regarding maintenance, again, you must be careful. Hand washing is best. It is the best way to keep your basque intact in time. But it is possible to wash it in a washing machine, at 30° maximum. You should also be careful with the detergent used, especially if you use a delicate detergent. Do not use fabric softener and use a washing net to protect it!

Our opinions on Lovehoney Belle Amour basque

lovehoney belle amour basque - 7

Kitty, sit in the set!

After I’ve done an overview of the things you need to know about this Lovehoney Belle Amour basque, I’m going to let Kitty speak and she will be happy to tell you a lot more about this outfit when we did our shoot, as well as her own opinion about it. Then, I will add my little bit of salt to give you my opinion on this basque !

Kitty opinion on Lovehoney Belle Amour basque

This outfit is very nice, I must admit. I was wondering how it would look when worn, but the details are well done, the lace looks good and the color is not too flashy. When I wore it, I felt good, sexy and I love my breasts in it! 😜 The small lacing makes all the difference. You are comfortable inside, you don’t feel tight, so you can wear it at any time under clothes to make a naughty surprise when you undress. 💋

A little more length in the garter belt attachments would not have been a luxury, but otherwise it fits well. Attention, to make a maximum effect, it is better to be standing or lying down because the armatures of the corset bend when you are sitting and makes a strange bump but it is like almost all corset 🤣. The proposed panty is nice, slit so you can skid without having to undress and the whole thing looks sexy and classy.

My opinion on Lovehoney Belle Amour basque

I guess it’s no secret I like to see my Kitty in lingerie ! At the same time, who doesn’t want to see her lover in sexy lingerie ? For my part, I think the color suits her well and I really like the cut of the breast part, with this mix of black and fuchsia ! It’s really the part I prefer on this basque. Kitty’s breasts are highlighted! On the other hand, we lost one of the attachments of this corset, which we replaced by another one, that’s why you will see two types of attachments on the pictures. The present attachments are the ones with a golden part.

Final thoughts on Lovehoney Belle Amour basque set

lovehoney belle amour basque - 1

I love the breast design!

In conclusion, here is a sexy basque, with a design that changes from the ordinary. The color is also nice and I find that Kitty is highlighted. Moreover, the fact of having lingerie available only in large sizes shows the desire of Lovehoney to propose ranges which adapt to a morphology which goes against the clichés that can still be found everywhere. A beautiful piece which will surely make you fall for it!

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