Here are Tom of finland magnetic screw nipple clamps! It’s been a long time since the breast clamps have been reviewed on this website. It’s only recently that I had the idea to choose a new pair because I must say that I like this kind of BDSM accessories. You may have read the review of the chain with breast clips and clitoris from Spartacus or the review of the Fifty Shades of Grey breast clips on my French website? Maybe you have discovered the use of breast clamps in a bondage guide? In any case, if this is your first review of nipple clamps, you will understand that they are not very complicated to use. Especially the model that I’m going to present you! Indeed, as its name indicates, it is magnetic clamps. Here is the review of the Tom of finland magnetic screw nipple clamps!

Tom of finland magnetic screw nipple clamps packaging

Tom of finland magnetic screw nipple clamps - 1

The front side of the clamps packaging

Let’s start with the packaging! Here, it’s a plastic blister pack that shows us the clamps before we even open it. In the background, we discover an illustration with a man standing proudly! This is a card that we can collect. You can find out a lot of information about the product, including the fact that part of the sales go directly to the Tom of Finland Foundation! This is not a package that you will keep, let’s be clear.

Tom of finland magnetic screw nipple clamps physical details

Tom of finland magnetic screw nipple clamps - 2

The two magnetic nipple clamps

Needless to say, these Tom of Finland magnetic screw nipple clamps look like two screws, silver-black in colour. We find all the characteristics of a big screw with on the top, the notch to unscrew with a bolt shape. Further down, we find the thread that ends in a point. Frankly, it looks very similar to big screws. You can also see that there is the Tom of Finland logo on one side of the screw.

Tom of finland magnetic screw nipple clamps - 10

Zoom on the thread and the Tom of Finland logo

Regarding dimensions, each screw is 3.8 cm long (1.5″) and 1.9 cm wide (0.75″). For my part, I like the design very much, that’s also a bit why I asked to review them. Of course, it’s also to use them afterwards, that goes without saying!

Tom of finland magnetic screw nipple clamps materials

Tom of finland magnetic screw nipple clamps - 3

Aluminium, a very good idea

For these screws to be magnetic, there must be magnets inside. But what are these clamps made of? They’re made of an aluminum alloy. Aluminium has the advantage of being light, which should allow the magnetic system to work properly. We’ll see that a little further down. And indeed, these clamps are light, as light as a screw of this size in fact. The whole is solid and doesn’t deteriorate at the slightest shock. From my point of view, it’s a very good choice to have opted for aluminum rather than a more trivial and less qualitative metal.

Tom of finland magnetic screw nipple clamps use

Tom of finland magnetic screw nipple clamps - 6

The two clamps and their very powerful magnets

To use these magnetic screw nipple clamps, it’s very simple. Simply place one part (the head) above your nipple, then the other part (the screw) below so that the two magnetized parts attract to press the nipple and stay in place. This is for the theory part. Afterwards, on the psychological and pleasure level, using clamps can sensitize the nipples, especially you can feel it as soon as you remove them and put a finger or a tongue over them. Nipple clamps are often used in a BDSM way, but not only, because ultimately, it is not reserved for this area.

Tom of finland magnetic screw nipple clamps - 7

A pair of clamp on my nipple, it works perfectly and holds well in place

Here, the only thing I can tell you is that once they’re in place, they feel like a piercing. Like the nipple’s actually pierced by the screw. It’s kind of fun visually. To clean these clamps, a passage with warm water will be enough, no need to give them a big bath.

Tom of finland magnetic screw nipple clamps efficiency

Tom of finland magnetic screw nipple clamps - 2

The highlights are indicated on the back of the packaging

It’s time for me to tell you how much I liked those magnetic screw nipple clamps! For my use, the Fifty Shades of Grey clamps were too nice in terms of stimulation, but very good to start with. Then I reviewed a Sextrem nipple clip at first, which was not bad, at least applying enough pressure. But I still haven’t found nipple clamps that bring the level of stimulation I’m looking for. As a result, you’ll have my feedback, but also that of my sweet Kitty who is using nipple clamps here for the first time.

My nipple feedback

I’m gonna talk about my feedback first, and then Kitty’s! On my side, once the clamps are in place on my nipples, they hold them in place. The effect of pressure on the nipples is rather average, even rather weak according to their placement. They are on the other hand stronger than the Fifty Shades of Grey clamps. And to give you a comparison, they are not as strong as the Sextrem nipple clamps. As soon as I place it on my nipples, I don’t feel a strong pressure, it’s much more subtle. Like a little tingling.

Tom of finland magnetic screw nipple clamps - 11

Clamps that won’t work for everyone.

The more you wear them, the more you feel the pleasant pinching sensation that you can feel with nipple clamps. The nipples become much more sensitive afterwards! When you remove the clamps, you can feel their impact even better. Simply slide a finger over the nipples to create a delicious sensation. It’s as if the nipple becomes hyper sensitive for a little while. In fact, even after the clamps have been removed, you can still feel the sensation of their presence, as if they were still in place. Then the effect wears off. In short, for my part, I find that these clamps are well done. Even when I hop on the spot, they stay in place.

On Kitty’s nipples

So that’s the tragedy. I mean, I say “drama,” but let’s not overdo it. I’ve tested the nipple clamps on Kitty’s nipples, and unfortunately, they don’t work. Indeed, compared to this type of clamps without really clamps, Kitty’s nipples are too big to hold both parts of the clamps via the magnet. As much with crocodile type clamps, you can easily place them on a nipple of any size, with these ones, it doesn’t hold. Kitty doesn’t have huge nipples, but still very present. All in all, if your nipple is rather generous (more than 0.7 cm wide and high (0.27″)), the clamps won’t work. If you have small nipples like me or a little bigger, it will be ok. Otherwise, you’ll have to use clamps that are more suitable.

Tom of finland magnetic screw nipple clamps final thoughts

Tom of finland magnetic screw nipple clamps - 5

Nipples clamps that work great!

I had tried Tom of Finland handcuffs at the time, which I found quite good and suitable for beginners, but today they are magnetic screw nipple clamps. I like them a lot myself, but they will only work on me. For Kitty, the magnetic area is too small and her nipples are too big for this type of magnetic nipple clamps. So these clamps will be suitable for small nipples. Anyway, it’s a good surprise for me, but you just have to be careful with your size so you don’t find yourself in the same situation as Kitty. A great addition in use with the Cellmate Chastity device !

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