This time we’re going to tell you about the Womanizer Premium 2! It’s not a surprise, the Womanizer Classic 2 is the last sextoy of the brand that we reviewed on the site, it was almost an evidence to see arriving on the market a Premium 2 for everyone to be happy! Indeed, at the time, Womanizer had released two models, the Classic and Premium, two similar and different models at the same time. One was more qualitative, a little more powerful, for those who could afford it. And a model that was a little more down-market in terms of materials, with fewer functions, for those with a more modest budget.

It’s the same principle here with the Classic 2 and the Womanizer Premium 2! With more than 1600 user feedbacks on the product, we hope that this new model brings the novelties we were hoping for? Here is our review of the Womanizer Premium 2!

Womanizer Premium 2 packaging

Same observation as for the first Womanizer Premium, we had received this one in a box of demonstration products, a bit of a preview, whereas here, just like the Classic 2, we have the official packaging!

It is the same principle of box as for the Classic 2, but a little bigger than this one. Here, it is of blue tone, in relation with the color of the model we received. We find the same construction, with a front part that shows us the product in a windowed area. There are two indications, the presence of Pleasure Air technology and the Autopilot mode. Here too, “Premium 2” is not highlighted, just indicated at the bottom of the box.

Once the lid is lifted, we are taken by the hand, we are explained what the Premium 2 is, how to start it and use it quickly. And we also have, the two seals that close the contents of it. At the back of the box, we have technical characteristics on the Premium 2 but also the novelties, just like on the Classic 2, once again. Here, the two new features are the improvement of the Autopilot mode and 2 additional intensity levels, again.

It is by lifting the internal flap of the box, that we have access to its contents! Inside, it’s the same principle as the Classic 2. On one side, we have the Premium 2, in its mold, then right next to it, a slot containing a cardboard box that contains the cotton storage pouch of the Womanizer Premium Eco, a magnetic USB charging cable, a second smaller stimulating head as well as two booklets, one for the quick start, the other for safety instructions. Again, we have 41% less plastic, but we don’t have the charging cord of the Premium Eco, which is shorter to be even more ecological. And the other small disappointment is that there is no real difference in packaging and content, between the Classic 2 and Premium 2.

Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 1
Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 2
Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 3
Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 4
Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 17

Womanizer Premium 2 physical details

Is this Womanizer Premium 2 visually different? Frankly, you have to wonder. You just have to take one and the other in each hand and study them a little to realize that they are almost identical! And I will even say more, in reality, they are identical in every way! It is still a model that mixes several models previously released, but changing its shape a little. It’s close to a Womanizer Pro 40, but curved like the Womanizer +Size of the time and with a touch of Womanizer Duo quality. But otherwise, it’s strictly the same!

There are still the “+” and “-” buttons, made of silicone, slightly domed in order to locate them more easily with the “+” button bigger than the “-” button. We also have, the two magnetic contact points at the bottom to recharge the internal battery by magnetic induction. We also find the small button “Power” but also the small button “~” for the Auto-Pilot mode. We also find, the golden part in ABS plastic which comes to dress the body of Premium 2.

The size of the Premium 2

Once again, I have taken both models in hand, there is no change on the dimensions of this Premium 2! Indeed, it is a bit bigger than the Classic 2 in length, but otherwise, it is quite close. But between the Premium and Premium 2, there, nothing has changed. So we have a stimulator that measures 15.5 cm (6.10″) in total length for 5 cm (1.96″) wide at its maximum. Regarding its thickness, we have 3.5 cm (1.37″) at the highest, so it is not big, nor small, a good in-between.

Other elements of Premium 2

Finally, as for its weight, again, having each model in my hands, I must admit that I didn’t feel any change. They are about the same level, maybe a bit heavier for the Premium 2, but it is really a calculation with the ladle. Then, regarding the colors, we had a black and gold version but also white and silver. And even a red version later on. On the Premium 2, we have a navy blue version, the one we received. But you also have a “Bordeaux” and “Warm Grey” version that join the 5 basic colors we already knew.

Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 5
Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 6
Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 7
Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 8
Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 15

Womanizer Premium 2 materials

Even if the Classic 2 has become classier, softer, the Premium 2 scores here compared to the model below. Indeed, we find here, a large layer of silicone, quality, soft and not catching dust, matte and hypoallergenic! The Premium 2 is entirely made of silicone, except the golden ring which is made of ABS plastic. This is also the case under the silicone head, where the suction part is present. Overall, nothing to report, it is quality!

Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 13
Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 14

Womanizer Premium 2 use

If you are already familiar with the first model, honestly, I wonder if you will even notice the difference between the two! Clearly, you won’t be at a loss to use this new version intuitively! Let’s get to the bottom of it!

How do I charge the Womanizer Premium 2?

The same way as the first model! Again, no change! Simply clip the magnetic USB charging cable to the Womanizer Premium 2 and the other side to a powered USB port or AC adapter. In 120 minutes, it will be charged for a maximum autonomy of 240 minutes. When charging, there are three small LEDs right next to the two magnetic dots that will show you the battery charging progress. When they are lit continuously, it means that your charge is complete!

Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 18
Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 16

How to use the Womanizer Premium 2?

As you already know, Premium or Premium 2, there will be little or no change! For those who don’t know, the Womanizer Premium 2 works through a system of micro-aspirations called “Pleasure Air” at Womanizer. With the two buttons (+ and -) you can increase or decrease the level of intensity. To do this, you still have to turn it on using the “Power” button, which will also be there to turn it off. This is for the manual mode that you already know, the same principle as on other models. But we have in addition, the Autopilot mode, which will be activated using the button “~” that we explain below.

Womanizer Premium 2 Autopilot 2.0 mode

This is one of the new features of this Premium 2, so I hope the improvements are noticeable! But before I tell you about it, I’ll go back to the concept of Autopilot. The goal is to activate the hands-free mode, if we can say so, which will avoid you to press the buttons to vary the intensity. So you will have a variable stimulation, without having to do anything, except press the button shaped like “~” and let yourself go. Of course, it has been improved, with now, several modes of intensities, like “Soft”, “Medium” or “Intense”, better adapted, but we will talk to you later, in the efficiency part, to tell you what we think about this 2.0 level.

The Smart Silence, still there?

Obviously, why would this one have disappeared? As a reminder, the “Smart Silence” is the ability of this Womanizer Premium 2 to activate only when it is close enough to your clitoris! So yes, it may seem like a gimmick, but it’s not. If you want to be discreet, the fact that the Premium 2 (like the first one) turns on only when it’s needed means you won’t be noticed, at least less, because the noise it makes when it’s not in use is much greater than when it’s in contact. For some users, this mode may be a bit of a gimmick or not necessary, for others, it may become indispensable.

Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 9
Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 10
Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 11

What are the intensity levels of the Womanizer Premium 2?

No surprises, this new model also has 2 additional intensity levels compared to the first model! So we go from 12 to 14 levels! And guess what? It’s 2 more intensity levels, but on the highest level! Here again, Womanizer understood that more power was needed, but not a level even softer than the Super Soft level of the first model! So this is a nice surprise too!

Which lubricant to use with the Womanizer Premium 2?

You don’t change a winning team! Silicone is water compatible! Therefore, if you need to add some lubricant (even if it is not really necessary here), you will have to choose a water-based lubricant!

How do I clean the Womanizer Premium 2?

Again, the Womanizer Premium 2 is as waterproof as the first model and IPX7 standard. It can therefore be used underwater, knowing that the micro-aspirations spread even better under water. Then, it can also be easily cleaned. You can remove the silicone head to clean it. You can also wipe the stimulation hole with a soft cloth to clean it, or you can wash it with water if needed. A sextoy cleaner is also available if you prefer this method of cleaning. For example, you have the Sliquid Shine, YES Cleanse or the Pjur Woman Toy Cleaner.

Womanizer Premium 2 efficiency

Now it’s our turn to tell you if this Premium 2 surpasses the first model! As for the Classic 2 model, I asked Kitty to test this Premium 2 alone, then we tested it together and compared it to the previous model too! And we arrived at the moment when we have to give you our verdict! Here are our opinions!

New meeting, but déjà vu?

Kitty is already familiar with the first Womanizer Premium model! At the time, she was able to review both the Classic and the Premium at the same time. In this case, it’s the same principle, since Kitty was able to review one after the other to compare them. Already, visually and even to the touch, the Premium 2 is still more qualitative than the Classic 2, even if it has improved the materials it used. Here we have real silicone, soft and silky, which leaves a good impression in hand. We have the same attention to detail as on the previous model, the buttons are still in the same place, nothing has moved, everything is in its place! Once again, the first contact with the Premium 2 is just as good as it was then.

And the “Smart Silence” mode, still good?

Yes, it still works great! For Kitty, the fact that this Premium 2 makes noise is not a concern. However, the fact that it only makes noise when it is in contact (well very very close to her clitoris) is a definite plus. For example, I know that Kitty likes to make herself come in secret, without me being able to hear her and with this function, it is enough for her, to put herself under the comforter and to use the Premium 2 thus, so that I cannot be able to surprise her. It’s a shame, because I like to catch Kitty enjoying herself. But that’s another story.

What about Autopilot 2?

The Autopilot is an interesting function, but we must admit that on the Premium, the first of the name, this function was not, in our opinion, sufficiently accomplished and not in adequacy with the expectations of users. In fact, you had to know how to use it. By default, the Autopilot mode of the first model worked on the intensity range 1 to 12. The problem was that between level 1 and 12, there was quite a difference. Then, we saw that we could later adjust it according to three levels. We had the level “Soft” which functioned on the range of intensity from 1 to 4, then the level “Medium” from 1 to 8 and finally the mode “Intense” from 1 to 12. Moreover, we could notice it with the help of the lighting of this or that LED.

However, even if this setting was possible, it was not adapted to what users had the right to expect. This is now a thing of the past, as the Autopilot 2.0 mode has arrived! Now, we still have three levels, but with a much more intelligent division and especially more in phase with the desires of the users. Indeed, the “Soft” level now uses the intensity ranges 1 to 6, then the “Medium” mode uses the intensity range from 6 to 11 and the “Intense” range uses the range 9 to 14! This is much smarter! Because frankly, on the first Premium, it was a mistake on the part of Womanizer. Here at least, you can directly start on an “Intense” range, which will start on intensity level 9 from the beginning, but will never go down to a lower level!

What about the 2 new intensity levels?

As we mentioned, the Premium 2 offers us 2 extra levels of intensity on the highest range! That’s 2 levels more powerful than the first model and for the same price! What more could you ask for? Honestly, it’s a nice surprise! You won’t be able to say that you lack a little power anymore, you have it now! Kitty can now go even higher and it’s not that she doesn’t like it, quite the opposite!

Kitty & Mogwai

Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 21
Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 22
Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 23
Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 24
Womanizer Premium Eco - 26
Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 25
Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 26

Womanizer Premium 2 final thoughts

Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 19
Womanizer Premium 2 - Image 27

To conclude, I won’t go back to the fact that the Premium 2 is less eco-friendly than the Premium Eco, you already know that! On the other hand, compared to the first model, with the same price as the old one, we can say that the Premium 2 will have no trouble taking the place on the market of the one that was occupied by the original model. With its Autopilot 2.0 function, much more successful, but dispensable according to users who prefer to use the manual mode, it is still a little more power, as much quality and less plastic that Womanizer offers us!

So yes, it’s not a big revolution, but a nice improvement of a first model that didn’t have to change much to become what it is today. We highly recommend it!


  • The return of Premium
  • The new colors
  • Smart Silence
  • Auto-Pilot
  • Overall quality
  • 14 intensity levels
  • Including 2 even more powerful levels
  • No price change
  • Cotton storage pouch
  • Easy to use
  • 2 tips
  • Less plastic


  • No biolene
  • No interchangeable battery
  • And no real difference in packaging between the Classic 2 and Premium 2
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