What a pleasure being back with you for the Vixen Ride On penis extender review! Yes, I am happy ! Indeed, reviewing VixenCreations products, it is clearly the kind of sex toys that I love to review! It must be said that Vixen products from VixenCreations are simply fabulous! I consider this brand as part of the ultimate quality sex toys on the market! And knowing that I already reviewed the Vixen Colossus penis extender a while ago on the French website (maybe later on this English version), which is a just excellent, I can’t wait to see what the Vixen Ride On looks like!

I have already reviewed many Vixen products on the website and I often recommend this brand when asking me about a future purchase. I already had the opportunity to review the Vixen Spur dildo, the smallest of the range. But also the Vixen Goodfella, which is very successful. There are also two big models, with the Vixen Outlaw dildo, the biggest and the Vixen Johnny, very suitable for the P and G-Spot.

Then, there are also other models that I’ve reviewed, like Vixen Mistress or Vixen Mustang. But it must be said, there are others on the French website. You can read my Vixen Aire Mustang review with its swelling system or the Vixen Royale and its small pimples of stimulation at its base. The last Vixen I had the opportunity to review was the Vixen Bandit. Since late October 2017, I had not yet had the opportunity again to review a product from the fox brand. More than 5 months later, I’m back with the Vixen Ride On! Let’s go for the ride! But you’ve noticed that I’ve already reviewed the Vixen Maverick!

Vixen Ride On Penis Extender packaging

vixen ride on - 1

The return of the cylindrical box

With Vixen Creations, packaging remains summary. There are two types of boxes depending on the model. You have a rectangular plastic boxes with snap and you have plastic tubes. Here is the transparent plastic cylinder we have. This cylinder has advantages and disadvantages. The practical side is transparency.

vixen ride on - 2

Under the base, a small hole to empty the air

Indeed, we can see the penis extender without unpacking. It can be easier to see the product, rather than a simple picture put in a box. And on top of that, the Vixen Ride On penis extender will be protected. Because yes, do not expect a user manual or a storage pouch. At the same time, a user manual for a dildo is maybe a little too much. But for the pouch, we would have liked something.

A box that I like

vixen ride on - 3

The Vixen Ride On sheath inside its transparent box

Nevertheless, the cylindrical box has an interesting aspect. Indeed, below it, there is a small hole that allows, by pressing the cover, to evacuate the air in the cylinder. I find this very convenient and it also avoids keeping the penis extender in a cylinder almost airtight with air inside. It’s like food stuffed in a bag. If you do not hunt the air, your food will rot faster than expected.

vixen ride on - 4

Information on Vixen Creations

On the other hand, the negative side of this box is that it is plastic. And you know, the plastic for ecology, there is clearly better. Another thing, the lid. It may seem complicated the first time, to put it back in place once removed. But just be delicate and patient. I was able to read that some people had trouble closing the lid once removed, while there is nothing complicated. We must not do nagging. For my part, no problem to close the cylindrical box containing the sheath.

Vixen Ride On physical details

vixen ride on - 5

The whole Vixen Ride On sheath

As for the Vixen Colossus penis extender, the Vixen Ride On is surprising as soon as it comes out of its tube. Of course, less than the first, because this sheath that I present to you is a little smaller than the other. But I assure you that seeing it well, we realize that we are always on a product of very very good quality. It is simply a pleasure to have such a product in your hands. It can be observed for a few minutes without being bored.

There are so many details and quality, it is a real gem to study. The Vixen Ride On sleeve is a penis extender. This is the same principle as the Lovehoney Mega Mighty sleeve and the Fat Boy penis extender that I’ve reviewed on the French website. But also, Extreme Kokos Small Spikes and Kokos Extreme Sleeve penis extender.

vixen ride on - 6

The part to slip his penis

For you to describe it, even if the pictures are there for that, it’s a bit like a dildo, but with a hollow part. Here, there is also another part to take care, is the ball ring. Indeed, it will allow you to slide your testicles to properly maintain the sheath in which your penis will be pressed. But let’s talk about the size of this machine!

Vixen Ride On size

vixen ride on - 13

A good size sheath

As previously announced, the Vixen Ride On penis extender is a little smaller than the Colossus one, but it is something. It is also a beautiful toy that will delight many people. The sheath measures 22 cm external lengths (a bit less that 8.75 inches) for 15.5 cm insertable (6-¼ inches). The penis extender inner length is 10 cm (4 inches). For the diameter of this one, it is necessary to count 2.5 cm (extensible) or 1 inch for the internal part and 4.4 cm (always extensible) or 1-¾ inches for the external diameter. As you probably wonder about the differences in size between the Vixen Ride On and the Colossus sheath, here is a small comparative table!

Vixen Ride OnVixen Colossus
Outer total length (inches)Nearly 8.759
Outer insertable length (inches)A bit more than 66.75
Inner length (inches)45.50
Inner diameter (inches)1A bit more than 1.25
Outer diameter (inches)1.752.25
Thickness (inches)Less than 0.25Less than 0.25

It is therefore a beautiful penis extender and this sheath has nothing to envy to its colossal version! The thickness of the sheath is 0.5 cm (0.25 inches), which allows to still get sensations for the wearer while increasing the diameter of your cock.

Other visual details on the Vixen Ride On

vixen ride on - 9

Truer than nature !

You can surely see it in the pictures, this penis extender has many details. But above all, it is made on the Vixen Bandit model that I have already reviewed. This sheath is available in beige color that reminds of a clear skin, but also in chocolate color. It is slightly curved, but not from there to be adapted to the stimulation of the G-Spot. Its design, its texture and its color give a very realistic impression. We find the dildo penis head and the protruding veins. Everything is there to give us a very good impression and above all, the desire to play with.

Vixen Ride On materials

vixen ride on - 11

A soft area at the beginning

How to talk about VixenCreations without telling you about this amazing texture, the Vixskin! This material is actually silicone! But beware, it’s not just any type of silicone! This is a VixSkin Premium silicone, an ultra-realistic silicone that looks like skin. I still haven’t found such a good quality silicone! Except maybe on Bad Dragon sex toys or the Ozymandias dildo from Petit Vice that I reviewed a short time ago. In fact, I discover new toys each week, so that’s something that could change. This texture is close to the “skin” effect and is of course, hypoallergenic. It contains no phthalates or latex.

vixen ride on - 12

And a harder penis head

When we handle the penis extender, we realize that this material is soft, flexible, while the penis extender inside is harder. It’s really the best of the best! If you ever try a Vixen product, you will understand what I mean by that! It’s simply extra qualitative! Once you have tasted it, you will not go back.

Vixen Ride On usage

vixen ride on - 14

The place where he will have to slide his testicles

Even if it seems simple to use a penis extender, I will still give you some information and advice on its use. Be aware that this sheath is better to use it with someone else. Indeed, there is no interest in wearing this sheath, if it is not for use with another person. Otherwise, I do not see the interest of this type of accessories. This penis extender is suitable for penis in good working condition as well as those with erectile dysfunction. The goal is multiple. This helps to increase the thickness and length of your penis. The sheath can also make love, even if you are not hard enough. And of course, it allows to offer a different penetration. But let’s see a little closer, what you need to know to use it properly.

How to set up the penis extender?

vixen ride on - 10

A gain that folds easily

To set up the Vixen Ride On, the following must be done. To begin, I advise you to put a little lubricant inside the sheath to facilitate using it on your penis and avoid dry friction. Then, for the lube choice, I invite you to use some. Then, I recommend you to pass your testicles in the first place. In fact, it’s the same principle as for a cock ring.

Just place a first testicle through the ring. Then, to pass the second testicle. And finally, you have to bend your penis down to get it into the sheath. This is the easiest way to put it on. Obviously, all this must be done with a penis at rest. Once in place, you can wank a little so that the penis erection starts inside of the sheath. Once everything is in place, you will have the testicles hanging down. They will be outdoors. Also take care to expel the air inside the sheath when you put it in place.

Which lube to use with Vixen Ride On ?

To facilitate penetration later, I recommend using water-based lubricant for the sheath outside. For this choice, you can use Sliquid H2O lubricant or Sliquid Sassy. But also the Pjur Aqua or Yes bio water-based. For anal use, you can choose Sliquid Silk, which is a hybrid lubricant. Or again, the Pjur Back Door Aqua.

How to clean this penis extender ?

To clean the Vixen Ride On, nothing complicated. All you need to do is take some soap and warm water to clean it. A toy cleaner can also be used. Then, rinse with water and dry.

Vixen Ride On efficiency

vixen ride on - 7

It’s time to convince yourself of the quality of the sheath

Now let’s talk about this sheath when using it. I have good news and less good news. The good news is that it is a very good sheath. The bad news is that it is a bit too small for me. Yes, despite its size, it does not really fit my cock. Let’s see all this in detail.

Feedback on Vixen Ride On ergonomics

For the penis extender comfort and its use, we find the Vixen quality. Once the testicles are in the ring, the sheath holds properly. It’s not like a second skin either, but it’s still nice. We still feel the weight of the sheath, so that the penis is pointing down. It’s a bit less than for the Vixen Colossus, though. The ring to place his testicles helps to maintain the penis extender weight, so it is important to properly place it.

A sheath too small for me

vixen ride on - 16

Comparison of the size of the penis head between Vixen Ride On and Colossus

Yes, as I said, despite the excellent intrinsic qualities of this sheath, it is too small for me to put on without problem. Yet there is still room. It’s not the length that’s causing me problems. With 10 cm length (4 inches) of the shaft and the length of the part where the testicles are placed, this is not the problem. But it is about the diameter that the problem arises. Indeed, the internal diameter is 2.5 cm extensible (1 inch) for 4.4 cm extensible outer diameter (or 1.75 inches). While the Colossus sheath has an internal diameter of 3.5 cm (a bit more than 1.25 inches) for 5.7 cm in outer diameter (2.25 inches). Well, it changes a lot of things for me.

vixen ride on - 15

Difference in diameter between the Ride On and the Colossus

Indeed, on the Vixen Colossus, I can fit my cock and be hard inside to occupy it fully. But on the Vixen Ride On, the 1 inch diameter does not allow me to properly slide my cock in. So, it’s hard for to have an erection inside. The result is that I find myself with a sheath that holds, but with my cock that can’t find his way inside. This causes some of the sheath to remain flexible and for penetration, this is a problem. Basically, if your cock has a diameter greater than or equal to 3.5 cm (1.25 inches), it will be a problem to put it on properly.

Feedback on its vaginal penetration use

vixen ride on - 17

Internal diameter difference between the two sheaths

Tested with my dear and tender Kitty, it was not really nice for the main reason that I’ve said earlier, which I remind you, is the internal diameter that is too small compared to my penis. To put my testicles in the ring, no problem. Besides, Kitty liked having my testicles available as well. But, despite the air gap in the sheath, I could not fit my cock in erection into it. So, the penetration was not great. The sheath bends when back and forth and it is not pleasant. If my penis was completely in the sheath, this problem would not occur.

What can I say more on the Vixen Ride On ?

vixen ride on - 18

The Vixen Ride On sheath and the Goodfella

Wearing a penis extender, can offer your partner a deeper and wider penetration. The sheath wearer may feel some sensations, but I must say that the Ride On model seems to offer less sensations for the wearer than the Colossus sheath. But, to use a sheath, it is especially to offer to his or her partner, a new experience. For my part, it’s more the psychological and visual excitement I like in the a sheath use. I know very well that physical pleasure will not be for me, but it does not bother me at all.

Vixen Ride On final thoughts

vixen ride on - 8

Once again, a sheath of the highest quality!

Once again, it’s a huge pleasure to review a Vixen product! It’s really the ultimate quality on the market. These are not the only ones, but all the same! Vixen Creations really offer great creations. I already liked the Colossus sheath, even if it is still long and wide, which does not allow to use it all the time and especially without lubrication. Here, the Vixen Ride On penis extender is smaller and narrower. It can be more easily used, provided you have a penis that suits it.

But whether it’s one or the other, you’ll get your money’s worth! It is a product that can last a very long time and offer you a lot of pleasure, especially as a couple. It allows to play with fantasies, offers another stimulation to his/her partner without involving a dildo that can sometimes be intimidating. I do not know yet what superlative I can use to convince you. When you’ve fallen for it, you’ll understand what I mean when I talk about a silicone of exceptional quality! You do not have two identical! Have fun! But be careful to choose a sheath to your size.


  • The general Vixen quality
  • Hyper realistic sheath
  • The silicone quality
  • The sheath comfort
  • The pleasure of offering pleasure
  • Not too heavy to wear


  • Be careful to the size of your penis
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