Introducing the KYO onahole shower! Yes, it’s not every day that I review a masturbator cleaner, but as you must know, it’s important to clean a masturbator properly after use, and even before use. It’s the guarantee to not end up with a product that has bacteria, or even mold! I can tell you that finding yourself face to face with a dirty masturbator that has not been maintained is not a pleasure.

So, yes, I have already reviewed some accessories to clean sextoys! For example, the last one was the PureSan, a sterilizer, but I also presented the Sliquid Shine, a great cleaner for sextoy or the Aquastick, which in addition to allowing to make an anal enema, also allows to clean the onahole type masturbators. I also mentioned the absorbent sticks, but that’s more for the “drying” part of the masturbators. In short, today I’m presenting you a cleaning system! Here is the KYO onahole shower review!

KYO Onahole Shower packaging

KYO Onahole Shower - 1

The front of the box

Well, let’s face it, the box is really basic! But it has at least the merit to exist. It is a rectangular box, cardboard, but quite thin, on which we can see, on the front, the name of the product and apparently, some soap bubbles.

KYO Onahole Shower - 2

The back of the box

At the back, nothing transcendent, except for the few explanations on the product in several languages. Once we open the box, we discover a plastic bag containing our KYO Onahole Shower, which consists of a bottle, a squeezer cap, a stem and a hose.

KYO Onahole Shower physical details and materials

KYO Onahole Shower - 3

Here is what you find when you open the box

It will be rather simple to detail this masturbator cleaner! As you can see and as I just mentioned, it is a cleaning system that consists of a bottle, with a pressure button connected to a pump on which you can attach a cleaning rod that will enter your masturbator onahole.

KYO Onahole Shower - 4

The stem will be very interesting for deep cleaning

We can see that the rod that can be grafted on the pipe, has a special shape and especially several holes at the head so that the water jets can be directed in several directions by pressing the pump.

KYO Onahole Shower - 6

The pump and its hose

Moreover, this rod has nine spaced holes, which will allow you to reach all areas of your masturbator, especially if it is large enough and especially long, with a tunnel with a complex structure. We even notice on the bottle, two notches, which allow to place two fingers to use it with one hand, rather practical.

KYO Onahole Shower use and efficiency

KYO Onahole Shower - 8

Convenient to use

You’re probably going to tell me that there’s really no need to explain how this KYO Onahole Shower works! It can be done! But since we don’t really have a user manual, knowing a little more about how to use it will still be a plus.

How does it work?

KYO Onahole Shower - 9

The stem that is inserted in the onahole

First of all, you will have to fill the 300 ml bottle with water or add a little mild soap, or even a little sex toy cleaner. You should choose warm water, a bit like for an anal enema, rather than cold or hot water. Then, we screw the cap with the flexible tube and the tip, the rinsing rod. Then you insert the tip into the onahole masturbator. Then you just press the pump down, no more, no less.

The hook and lock trick

KYO Onahole Shower - 10

Example with the Kyo Mouth Crystal

As I mentioned a bit above, the pump can be used with one hand, so you have the other hand available to properly insert the shaft and hold the masturbator if needed. In fact, you have two hooks around the bottle, just below the pump. Just place your index and middle fingers around them, so that you have your thumb or the palm of your hand to push the pressure cap.

KYO Onahole Shower - 7

A bottle of 300 ml

In addition, the pump mechanism can also be locked and unlocked by pushing it down and then turning it slightly. This will prevent you, for example, from accidentally applying pressure and ending up with unwanted water sprays.

Experience feedback

For my part, I think the product is not bad at all. Yes, it’s a simple bottle with a pump and a rod, but it’s well done. The tank could have been bigger, especially when cleaning a larger masturbator like the Kyo 7 Sins, Real Body 3D Maria Nordal, Britney by Tantaly or even the Ereshkigal Cherry for example. It is therefore necessary to refill the tank for larger masturbators, it is a bit restrictive.

KYO Onahole Shower - 5

The stem could have been a little longer

The pump system works well, but I also wish the rod was a little longer than 12 cm (4.72″). For longer tunnels, you have to insert the rod and the tube partially, which is a bit of a shame. On the other hand, the jets work well and disperse 360°, at the bottom of the tunnel, which allows for a more effective cleaning than simply passing water through the tunnel and then letting it out by putting the onahole upside down. For my part, I find the product very decent, although a bit expensive, but it is true that I don’t have anything better now to clean my onaholes.

KYO Onahole shower final thoughts

KYO Onahole Shower - 11

Pretty good as a cleaning accessory

To conclude, this KYO onahole shower is not bad at all! Yes, it’s not fun to buy a cleaning product, but it’s essential to take good care of your masturbators. A well washed product is a product that lasts longer.


  • Convenient to use
  • Two notches for one-handed use
  • The stem that disperses the water at 360°.
  • A system that works


  • A bit expensive
  • Capacity a little low
  • Stem a little short on some models
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