Back with a doll, here is the Kyo Plush Doll DX! This is the second version of the plush doll! Indeed, some time ago, I was able to review a synthetic plush doll in which you could place a compatible masturbator to play with, it was the Kyo Plush. It is true that this product was a bit out of the ordinary compared to what I usually present to you. However, this doll brings some positive points compared to torsos, while having some flaws.

Indeed, compared to a torso/bust like the Kyo Torso, the Real Body 3D Maria Nordal or even Britney at Tantaly, it is clearly not the same. But you’ll see that it’s a good product. In any case, the first model convinced me. And I must say that I am curious to see what this second version offers! Here is our review of the Kyo Plush Doll DX!

Kyo Plush Doll DX packaging

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 1

The doll in a sitting position upon arrival

To begin, let’s talk about the packaging of this doll. It is exactly the same as for the previous model. Indeed, we received the doll in a delivery box and when we open it, we have it in a plastic bag, no more, no less. For my part, I do not keep the packaging, we can very well store the doll without it, even if the packaging can protect it from dust.

Kyo Plush Doll DX physical details

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 5

She finally has hands!

When I tested the first version of this plush doll, I immediately thought of O cedar and his wooden dummy. This time, I find that it is less the case on this Kyo Plush Doll DX version, because you can see that she has hands and feet, which gives her a more human appearance.

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 4

The fingers are quite coarse though

Well, as you will see, the hands and feet are a bit strange, in the sense that they look a bit like cocktail sausages, whether it’s the fingers of the hands or the fingers of the feet. But it’s still better than “stumps” and a “legless person”. Comparing the two versions, the DX is still more accomplished.

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 8

Overview of the arm joint

If we look in more detail, we can find again, the sewing lines on several parts of the doll. However, they are less numerous and more discreet. This gives it a little less of an impression that this doll will undergo surgery.

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 12

We raise our arms!

Another point, we realize that the arms and legs are now articulated! And it is a very good thing, because we can now place the doll in several positions that we could not do with the first version! We find again his navel, as for the first Plush.

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 10

A rather neutral appearance

Small change, but not the least, the label is no longer present at the crotch, but on one side of the chest! Clearly, it’s much better, because on the first version, I advised to cut it with scissors. Then, at the level, always of the crotch, we find the place in synthetic material which allows to slip a masturbator or a sheath inside. Then, we have again, two cords that will allow us to tighten the grip of the masturbator placed so that it does not move more or less possible.

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 19

The rear opening, a novelty

Again, despite her somewhat odd plush doll appearance, I appreciate her shape and curves! Sure, it’s not as sexy as a full torso, but here we have a full body, which is the same as a sex doll, for less. I almost forgot to tell you about the zipper on the back of the Kyo Plush Doll DX! Again, it is a very good addition. Indeed, to put the masturbator inside, it’s much easier than the old version which didn’t have an openable zipper in the back.

The size

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 38

The doll as a whole

As you could see on the pictures, this version is still different and especially, has legs and arms in full. Indeed, the previous version, as I mentioned, had arms, but no hands and legs that stopped a little before the knees, which gave the impression that this doll was crippled.

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 36

Unlikely positions are possible

Indeed, the Kyo Plush Doll DX measures 120 cm (47.24″) in height in total, when the legs are unfolded. Her legs in themselves measure 45 cm (17.71″) in length. On the side of its head, its diameter is 23.55 cm (9.27″). Its chest is 75 cm (29.52″), exactly the same dimensions as the previous one. For his arms, they measure 50 cm(19.68″) in length for a diameter of 7.95 cm (3.12″). And I could also calculate that her waist is 21 cm (8.26″) wide for a 34 cm (13.38″) wide ass.

Then we have the place for the masturbator or the sheath that you want to use. The previous version offered a tunnel of 22 cm (8.66″) long and 6 cm (2.36″) in diameter. Here, the Kyo Plush Doll DX offers a tunnel of 27 cm (10.62″) long for 8 cm (3.14″) in diameter, which will allow even more choices!

Other details

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 3

The chest of the doll

If I couldn’t get the weight of the first version, for this second version, I could see that it weighed 4.5 Kg. That’s quite light, while still offering some weight for immersion. It is clearly not the same weight as torso masturbators which are closer to 8 Kg on average. And finally, this doll is only available in a Caucasian version, too bad it doesn’t come in other colors.

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 2

Mrs. O’Cedar?

I would like to point out that in the photos, you may have the impression that it has two different colors. In reality, it is a question of luminosity. Its color is the one of the image of the article, the lighter one.

Kyo Plush Doll DX materials

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 15

A material that looks like a plush toy

Here, we don’t have TPE, TPR or silicone, because as you have understood, this is a plush doll! It’s kind of the same material as a big teddy bear, if not even softer. The material is really like a plush, soft and can be pressed on, even if it remains rigid enough to keep its position.

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 33

The location for your masturbator or sheath

On the inside, we have synthetic materials in order to have a good padding effect, which regains its shape after use and is rather durable. It is true that with time, the synthetic material may move, but it can easily be put back in place.

Kyo Plush Doll DX use

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 13

Kneeling position

You will see that between the first and the second version, in terms of its use, nothing changes or almost! It is a plush doll, in which you can slip a compatible masturbator, but you can also simply give it a hug. Apart from that, no manual is present to tell you what you can do with it, but at the same time, it is not really necessary, given the simplicity of its use. I’ll tell you a little more about it, right now!

How to use the Kyo Plush Doll DX?

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 9

Lying down

As I just mentioned, it is not a masturbator, but a doll! Indeed, in order to use it for penetration, you will have to slip a compatible masturbator inside. But in addition to that, it is especially the big change brought to this one that allows it to be more interesting than the first model.

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 32

You can open her legs

Indeed, this time, this second model has articulations at the level of shoulders and hips, what allows us to lean it, to put it in sitting position, upright, in short, we can place it in the positions which we wish! And it is true that this was missing a little on the first model.

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 21

The masturbator being set up

Otherwise, for the rest, it is the same principle. Indeed, it will be necessary to slide in its slot, a compatible masturbator. And there too, we have a little change. As I said before, the tunnel to receive a masturbator has been modified. We now have a depth of 27 cm (10.62″) instead of 22 (8.66″) and a diameter of 8 cm (3.14″) instead of 6 cm (2.36″). This will make the Kyo Plush Doll DX a bit more compatible with longer and wider masturbators, like Fleshlight.

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 23

The masturbator in place

You can always place a model without a shell and you can always tighten the grip with two cords so that the masturbator does not move. If the model you choose is too short in length, you can place a cloth or rag at the bottom before putting the masturbator in place so that it doesn’t get too deep. And know that at the back of the doll, you now have an opening to facilitate the placement of the desired masturbator!

What can we do with it?

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 37

Doggy style position

Even if it doesn’t look like it, in reality, you can do a lot of things with this doll! Of course, it will take a little imagination, that’s obvious. First of all, you can dress her up. Because on the one hand, she is naked at the arrival and on the other hand, because she can be cold! Well, in reality, it’s mostly to give her a more feminine and sexy look. The measurements are rather realistic compared to a woman. It is also possible to put a wig on her to reinforce this effect.

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 31

It is waiting for you!

But we can also put a hood on him, like the Submission hood that we reviewed! It will also be possible to tie him, with for example, the wrist cuffs Bound to You, the spreader bar of the same collection, in short, you understood me.

Of course, it will be possible to place a masturbator inside, with or without a shell, depending on the dimensions of the latter. The hole for inserting them is now wider and longer, which offers a little more compatibility, especially with the Fleshlight masturbators.

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 17

The feet are also a little rough, but less than the hands

As I also mentioned, it can be placed in many positions and much more than the first version. With its hands and legs, but especially, its system of articulation at the level of the arms and the legs, one can very easily place it in multiple positions! In fact, all positions are feasible! And as its weight is quite light compared to its size, it will be easy to practice the most complicated positions, which is not necessarily the case with masturbators that weigh more than 10 Kg.

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 34

The leg joint

Another point, here, you don’t have an internal skeleton like on the Real Body 3D Anna Kiljan or the Demon Slayer Nezuko, but still, the structure holds well.

How to clean the doll?

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 14

A cleaning from time to time to do

Unfortunately, the Kyo Plush Doll DX does not take a shower by itself. And as I had mentioned during the review of the first model, it is not a classic sextoy. For my part, I advise you to clean it with a washcloth and water. A little water, do not make him take a shower. Apply a little mild soap, then rub to clean the parts that have been soiled.

Kyo Plush Doll DX efficiency

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 16

Cords can be hidden inside

So this is the second version of the Kyo doll, even if the two versions are different and on a different budget. I was curious to see this improved version, with full arms and legs. But also, for its articulation system which allows even more possibilities. And it is true that the tunnel being wider, it offers me more possibilities in terms of compatibility with masturbators in my possession. Here is my opinion on this plush doll!

Inserting a masturbator

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 20

This is where you place your masturbator

In order to insert a masturbator in the Kyo Plush Doll DX, the manipulation is now simplified. It is always at the level of the white part that you can see just above, that things take place. On the old version, you had to force the insertion more or less, of course, depending on its capacity to accommodate the chosen masturbator. Here, with a larger diameter and length, you can more easily insert a masturbator, especially a Fleshlight. I used the Fleshlight Dillion Harper Crush for the example.

But it is also the opening system at the back that makes it easier to put it on. Indeed, by opening its back, you can put your hand in order to pull the Fleshlight shell to insert it even more easily. It is the same principle with a sheath.

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 22

Here, the masturbator is almost inserted, the opening at the back will facilitate the last part to enter

Then, once it’s in place, you still have the two little cords that will tighten the grip of the masturbator or sheath so that it doesn’t move during use. This is better than the old version, but I think this system can be improved upon, especially by making the cords hug the masturbator along its entire length.

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 7

The famous opening at the back

But we can say that it is more effective than the previous version. For smaller masturbators, you will have to be cunning, especially by placing a cloth at the bottom of the opening so that a masturbator of a smaller length does not sink too far inside in order to have access to its opening.

Dressing your doll

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 35

Her measurements allow her to wear lingerie

This time I didn’t dress the Kyo Plush Doll DX, but it’s definitely possible! And I would say that you can go further than the previous version. Now that she has full legs, feet, hands and arms, it’s even better. So we can put on her a bra, a thong, stockings, gloves, and even shoes. Of course, for the gloves, it will be necessary to be a little cunning, because the fingers do not move, but for the feet, a pair of pumps will be possible!

And as I mentioned for the Kyo Plush in the first version, a wig is also possible! Or a hood, like the Submission hood from Ouch! that we reviewed some time ago on the French website and that I mentioned a little above. Of course, it’s not a silicone lovedoll that looks like a human being, but it’s always a plus for those who like lingerie!

Its handling and manipulation

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 40

Lightweight and easy to handle

Here, no need to have big arms to lift this doll! Even if its size remains imposing, the doll remains very light! Indeed, it weighs only 4,5 Kg, it is really light, when we know that a masturbator torso for example, is around 7 to 8 Kg, and even sometimes more. It is very easy to carry, hold and above all, to position. As mentioned above, this version has joints in the arms and legs! And it is a nice change, because the positions are now even easier to perform. It holds perfectly in place and this in multiple sexual positions!

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 6

The ass of the doll

Contrary to a buttock like the Kyo 7 Sins for example, here, you can lift the doll, make it bounce on your thighs, even place it above your head and this without having body-builder arms! Even over a long period of time, you won’t end up with aches and pains. This is really a plus in my opinion compared to much heavier and more compact torsos or masturbators. Yes, it’s a plush doll, so it may not be as sexy, but it’s clearly a big plus that it’s so light and manageable.

Its resistance

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 39

Zoom in on the doll’s chest

Again, here, the Kyo Plush Doll DX is lightweight, but more importantly, does not have any internal components for which precautions must be taken. It is true that some torsos, like the Britney masturbator or the Demon Slayer Nezuko masturbator, have an internal skeleton. And it is better to avoid leaning on it. Here, it is a big plush, like a big teddy bear. You can cling to it, slap it, penetrate it savagely, it will not flinch! Moreover, we can also replace the internal material to give it back its shape, so don’t hesitate to mistreat it, if you wish!

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 24

Resistant, this doll clearly holds the shock

Once again, the material is made for this! Other models are more fragile, especially for the nail hits that can sometimes, unfortunatly generate. Here, no worry, its resistance is high, the possibilities are much more numerous and especially, without fear of damaging it.

But it’s still a plush

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 11

It’s a stuffed animal!

As I said on the previous version, despite everything, this is still a plush doll! And some people may be put off by its appearance. We can’t say that it’s a very sexy doll, even if it depends on the tastes. But a quality silicone doll is not at all the same budget. The material gives the impression of tumbling a teddy bear, we do not have the skin effect of TPR or Real Feel Super Skin, but the advantage is that there are no sticky effects, no cleaning to be done at each use, because in the end, it is the masturbator that will take everything! Certainly, avoid using a masturbator with an exit, cleaning will be more annoying than an onahole masturbator.

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 18

We also find on this version, the visible seams

I personally don’t mind that this doll is plush! I see the advantages that it brings to its use, whether it is regular or not.

Kyo Plush Doll DX final thoughts

Kyo Plush Doll DX - 30

It is still sexy this new version, in my opinion!

In the end, yes, the Kyo Plush Doll DX, as its name indicates, is a plush! You either get hooked or you forget about it! I think that some people may find it strange. But for me, I don’t find it strange at all. There is no difference in using a doll like this, compared to a more traditional masturbator or a huge ass like Chubby Narumi’s Outrageous Ass masturbator.

As I mentioned, its size and material give it many advantages. We can use different masturbators, dress her, use her in many positions and she finally has full hands and legs! This second version surpasses its predecessor without a care! And once again, it’s a plush doll, an object easier to use, whether alone or in couple! I validate!


  • A light doll
  • Even more possible positions to do
  • Better compatibility with masturbators
  • A soft and silky touch
  • Realistic measurements
  • Can be dressed up
  • Articulations for arms and hands
  • A whole doll
  • Less realistic than a lovedoll for couples
  • Resistant
  • The opening in the back
  • No smell


  • Not very sexy, but more than the first version
  • The cord system is a bit unattractive
  • A plush touch, you have to like it
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