It is finally here, I speak of course of the Aneros Helix Trident! Yes, the firm specialized in the creation of manual prostate massager is back with a whole new series that comes to revisit the existing range, in part. The Helix Trident is the new model that replaces the Helix, surely the most famous model of the manufacturer. I had the opportunity to review the Aneros Helix prostatic massager when I started reviewing sex toys. It was even one of the first sex toys I bought on the Internet at that time.

After that, I reviewed quite a few prostate massagers offered by Aneros. The second one was the Aneros Progasm in Ice version. A transparent and bigger model. Then, the Progasm Jr, with the same shape but smaller. Then, I went to the models based on silicone. The first was the Aneros Vice, the vibrating version at the manufacturer. Before starting the series revisited in silicone, with the Helix Syn and the Eupho Syn. Beside that, the Aneros Evi was also reviewed, it was a female model.

But today, the new version of the famous Helix is here! Are these real positive improvements? Should you leave the classic model in the closet and choose this new model? I tell you everything in the Aneros Helix Trident review!

Aneros Helix Trident packaging

aneros helix trident - 1

The new design of the box

We start with the box of the Aneros Helix Trident! Here, there are no big changes compared to the previous models proposed by the manufacturer. It is always a rectangular cardboard box, except that here, there was a change of color. Indeed, the first Aneros boxes were rather red with black, while here, the red was replaced by white to symbolize the Trident collection.

aneros helix trident - 2

White with a touch of red and black

We find some information on the box and it will be perfect to store our prostatic massager later on. Inside, once we open the box, we have the Trident and a very small manual to help us in our first steps. So there is no storage pouch or sample lube. Only the base. On the other hand, the box is less thick than for the previous versions.

The Eco-Friendly part of the box

aneros helix trident - 3

Some information is present at the back

Aneros doesn’t make much effort to make their boxes eco-friendly. Indeed, it was already the case on the old boxes, once the magnetized part is lifted, we discover the Aneros Helix Trident in a mold to keep it well in place during transport. However, it is a big plastic mold. Frankly, Aneros could make an impact on this, as it is really dispensable. A foam mold would already be a little less of a problem. It’s a shame.

Aneros Helix Trident physical details

aneros helix trident - 4

The Helix Trident and Aneros Classic box

How beautiful is this Aneros Helix Trident, don’t you think? Yes, it’s true that at first glance it looks a lot like the Aneros Helix classic. But for the expert eye, you’ll notice that it has changed a lot since the first model was released a good number of years ago.

aneros helix trident - 5

The magnetic box

It’s undoubtedly the Helix classic, but it has clearly been revisited and improved to give you even more pleasure, but especially easier than the old model. Let’s take a closer look.

The dimensions of the Aneros Helix Trident

aneros helix trident - 6

The Helix Trident in its plastic mold

The Aneros Helix Trident is a bit of a game changer when compared to the Classic model. Indeed, the first model was a bit smaller in diameter. The latter had a diameter ranging from 1.9 to 2.5 cm (0.74″ to 0.98″) at its largest. Here, the Trident version has an average diameter of 2.36 cm (0.92″) with a maximum of 2.69 cm (1.05″). It is therefore not as thin as before. However, we notice that the insertable length has not changed. It is still 10.16 cm (4″) for a total length of 11.43 cm (4.5″). Moreover, each stop is located at 4.45 cm (1.75″) from the middle of the Helix Trident stem. It was pretty much the same on the Classic model, with one exception that we’ll look at a little later.

Other visual elements on the Helix Trident of Aneros

aneros helix trident - 7

The Helix Trident as a whole

When we look at it a little closer, we discover some new features that seem to be interesting, but we’ll have to see what all this gives in real use. The first thing that doesn’t change is the color. The Trident is white and will only be available in this color. This is the same color as the Helix Classic of its time. It still looks like a medical tool with this white “hospital” color, but it is indeed a prostate massager.

We can see that the insertable shaft is not exactly the same as the classic mode. Indeed, the shape seems to be a little more streamlined to bring more reactivity in the massage that the Trident will offer on our prostate. The two stops are also different. They are shaped like the first model, but slightly thicker. Moreover, if you are observant, you will notice that there is no longer one stop, but two.

aneros helix trident - 8

Two stops instead of one

Indeed, there is the first stop, which puts pressure on the perineum. And a second stop, which is called the Kundalini point, for a double stimulation and according to me, a better stability. Moreover, it reminds me of the Progasm which also had two similar stops. Except that the Progasm had round stops. Before, we only had one stop and one handling arm. Moreover, this last one was annoying for many users.

Aneros Helix Trident materials

aneros helix trident - 9

Quality ABS plastic

With Aneros, we often have ABS plastic! Aside from the Syn line, Vice or Evi, all other Aneros on the market are made of ABS plastic, which is FDA approved (Food and Drug Administration). ABS plastic is phthalate free and safe for the body. There are no molding marks, which will allow for smooth mobility without snags. It is a hard material, but in my opinion, perfect for a prostate stimulator in manual mode. Besides, it is really sturdy, you can drop it on the floor, without risk of breaking it. Moreover, the fact that it is made of ABS plastic, will allow for lubrication, which is not a bad thing. You will see it a little further down.

Aneros Helix Trident use

How to use the Aneros Helix Trident? This is a big question that deserves a big answer. As I’ve already explained in a number of prostate massager reviews, I’m not a big fan of prostate massage based solely on that. That is, I tend to couple prostate massage with another activity. Whether it’s masturbation, oral sex, or some other joyous activity. However, I know prostate massage quite well from reviewing masseurs and practicing. So here is what I can tell you about the Aneros Helix Trident.

aneros helix trident - 10

One stop for the perineum and the other for the K spot

The goal is to enjoy yourself without hands. Indeed, once the massager is inserted, you must not touch it anymore. The operation will consist in making it move by contractions. It is a massage of the P-spot which will operate or massage of the prostate. The Aneros Helix Trident is designed to be suitable for both beginners and intermediate users. This was already the case for the classic version, although I tend to find that the Helix model is more for intermediate users than beginners. Anyway, let’s get a little more into the heart of the matter by talking about the prostate massage itself.

The concept of prostate massage

I’ll make it short, but here’s a little reminder about prostate massage. The goal of the operation is to massage your prostate to discover multiple orgasms in men and obtain dry orgasms or with ejaculation. It all depends on you and your body’s reaction. By taking certain positions and contracting your sphincters, you will be able to massage your prostate without hands, thanks to a manual prostate massager.

But that’s with an adapted sextoy. Because originally, prostate massage was a matter of manipulation using one or more fingers. Now that you have a brief overview of what prostate massage is, let’s go a little further.

How do I lubricate the Aneros Helix Trident?

This is often the part that is a bit repetitive in sex toy reviews, but nevertheless, when it comes to prostate massage, lubrication is an essential point. Indeed, a rectum not lubricated enough, does not allow a good mobility of the Aneros. This is why it is important not to skip this step or to underestimate it. Usually, I advise you to use a water-based lubricant to avoid possible incompatibility concerns. But here, the Helix Trident is made of ABS plastic. Therefore, we can use a silicone-based lubricant for our prostate massage sessions.

aneros helix trident - 11

Water based lubricant or silicone, no worries

If you are looking for a water-based lubricant, I recommend Sliquid H2O, Pjur Back Door Aqua or YES But. If you prefer a silicone-based lubricant for more mobility, you can opt for Sliquid Silk, which is a hybrid lubricant. Or directly, silicone-only lubricants, such as Pjur Back Door silicone or Pjur Original Bodyglide.

How to insert the Aneros Helix Trident?

helix trident - schema

Comparison of the stimulation with the fingers, the helix classic and the Trident

The insertion of the prostatic massager into the anus is not very complicated. You just have to put it in the right way. To do this, the head of the Helix Trident must point towards your belly and not the other way around. So you need to add a dab of lubricant on the insertable rod and push on the base to make it go in quietly. There are also lubricants with applicators, which allow you to lubricate the rectal canal before insertion so that it slides in. It all depends on the type of lubricant you have with you.

Some techniques for using the Aneros Helix Trident

To help you a little in the use of the Helix Trident and I will even say in the use of a manual prostatic massager, here are some techniques and related subjects. First of all, to give you an idea of what a session with an Aneros prostatic massager can give, I wrote two experiences a long time ago. You can consult my first experience with an Aneros as well as my second experience with this prostatic massager. This will allow you to have a more concrete approach (but it’s only in French).

Otherwise, this is what I can advise you. For my part, there are two positions that I find more favorable than the others. The first one is in the gun dog position. That is to say, a sort of lateral rescue position. You lie on your side, one leg straight and the other bent, with the knee reaching your stomach. The second position is to lie on your back with both legs bent to support your feet.

aneros helix trident - 12

The stops are in the form of coins

Another point is the placement of the massager. The stop for the perineum should be between the anus and the scrotum. Then, once in position with the Aneros inserted, you must relax. Whether physically or mentally, you must concentrate by taking long breaths. Then, contract and release the sphincters as gently as possible, and once you are used to it, do it more quickly in order to increase the intensity of the contractions. When you start to master this, you can use the sphincter muscle contractions to move the Trident back and forth, because yes, the Anero Helix Trident has a special architecture. This is the MAMA or Multi-Axial Motion Architecture. I’ll tell you more about it later.

How do I clean the Helix Trident?

Nothing could be simpler! Here, it is a sextoy entirely made of ABS plastic. It is a material that does not present any concern to go under water. It will suffice to use warm water and a little soap to clean it properly. Either before or after use. A toy cleaner can also be used to disinfect it. You can opt for the Yes Cleanse or the Pjur Woman toy Cleaner.

Aneros Helix Trident efficiency

aneros helix trident - 13

The Trident Helix stop

It’s time for me to give you my review of this Helix Trident model that Aneros offers after a few uses of it. But first of all, I’m going to make a little speech about prostate massage with an Aneros so as not to frustrate you.

Patience and perseverance are the keys to orgasm

Since I have been using prostate massagers for several years, I must inform you about two things that are essential to experience a prostate orgasm. Because yes, a prostate massager is not for everyone. You need patience and perseverance. Without these two elements, there is no point in going any further, you will surely be disappointed. Indeed, a manual prostate massager requires time. It is not in 5 minutes that you will obtain an orgasm of the prostate. A session with an Aneros lasts on average one hour. If you are not patient, you should not choose a product like this one.

aneros helix trident - 16

The Helix Trident and the Progasm Ice

Moreover, it is not easy to obtain a prostatic orgasm when you are not used to it. You really have to be in the right frame of mind. Whether it is mentally or physically. If one can manage to get an orgasm by masturbating, even if one’s mind is disturbed by some kind of worry, it is not the case for the prostate orgasm. In addition to that, it is better to be super excited. For this, avoid masturbating or having sex a few days before. This will help your arousal level. You should also know that despite your concentration or efforts, sometimes the orgasm does not come. You have to accept this.

What about the Helix Trident MAMA?

The MAMA is one of the new features of the Aneros Helix Trident! It stands for “Multi-Axial Motion Architecture”. Now you’re well on your way. To give you a little more detail, it is the shape of the prostate massager that has been slightly revised. Indeed, the stem is slightly different and allows a lateral movement of the massager. This allows you to move it up and down, but also from left to right. I must admit, the Helix Trident is a little more mobile than its classic version.

aneros helix trident - 15

The Helix Trident and the Helix Classic Syn

When I used it, with a little bit of lubricant, the Pjur Original Bodyglide, I could feel a difference with the old version of the Helix. As I was doing contractions, I could tell that the Aneros Trident was moving a little more than usual. And I could start to feel involuntary contractions after about 20 minutes. This was not the case with the classic version, which took me longer to get to this stage. It took me almost twice as long to tell you. So it’s a big improvement.

The small negative points of the Helix Trident

While using the Aneros Helix Trident, I was able to realize one thing that I did not like. It is the perineal stop. Indeed, unlike the Progasm Ice which has a ball-shaped stop, here, the Trident has a coin-shaped stop. At first, I thought the pressure would be more precise, but depending on the position I adopt, I find it unpleasant. In particular, when I find myself sitting with the Helix Trident in my buttocks. It is therefore necessary to find the right position so that this stop does not press too much on the perineum.

aneros helix trident - 17

The Progasm Jr and the Helix Trident

The other negative side, but not for everyone, is the level of pressure exerted. I like a lot of pressure on my prostate and here the Aneros Helix Trident is pressing on the prostate, but it’s pretty subtle. It was the same as the classic version. On the other hand, even if the pressure is a bit weak for me, it is enough to take pleasure and even get a prostatic orgasm.

Orgasm or not with the Helix Trident?

aneros helix trident - 19

The Eupho Syn and the Helix Trident

During the few sessions I did, I managed to get some interesting sensations. I sat quietly on my couch, with my legs raised and leaning on the edge of the table, and started to make contractions with my PC muscles. After about ten minutes, I already had some very pleasant sensations on my prostate. A slight urge to urinate was also felt, which was a good sign. Then, as I continued, I could start to have mild contractions that made me tremble a little. The contractions lasted two to three short minutes, allowing me to get several small spasms from my prostate. And all this without masturbating at the same time.

aneros helix trident - 18

The Vice and the Helix Trident

Then, once these contractions were over, I decided to masturbate while still having the Aneros Helix Trident inside me. And in the end, I had a more intense ejaculatory orgasm than usual. It was nice to have an orgasm like that after my prostate was so stressed.

Aneros Helix Trident final thoughts

aneros helix trident - 14

More mobile and still as efficient

In conclusion, the Aneros Helix Trident is a good prostate massager, there is no doubt about it. However, it will not be suitable for everyone. Indeed, this is the kind of sex toy for which you need to have time on your hands. It will suit beginners as well as intermediate users, as it is relatively small, but you will have to be persistent in your approach. A prostate orgasm is really different from a classic penile orgasm and it’s a quest to go after it. On the bright side, the Helix Trident is also very nice to use alongside penetration, oral sex or masturbation. It won’t be lost.


  • A design without any moulding
  • A massager adapted to the prostate
  • Possibility of using any type of lubricant
  • The MAMA for more mobility
  • Always as effective


  • The perineal stop can be uncomfortable
  • It takes time to get there
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