Here is a new one at Motsutoys, it is the Kyo Capsule masturbator! It’s a newcomer in the Kyo range, which is a range specially designed by Motsutoys. You have already seen several products of this series, like the Kyo Torso, the first of the range that I could review on the website. Then, there was the Kyo Piston, the Kyo Bound Kohai and Bound Kukuru. Then, I also reviewed the masturbator Kyo Jeans Girl and Kyo Skirt Girl. And to finish, the Kyo Plush, the Kyo 7 Sins and the Kyo Crystal Mouth! It is already a nice collection.

But I must admit that when I saw the Kyo Capsule coming, I immediately thought of a resemblance with the Fleshlight Quickshot Boost, Vantage or the Quickshot Riley Reid! These are small masturbators, designed to stimulate the glans mainly and play with the Edging phase. Except that here, the Kyo Capsule is motorized to offer us vibrations at the same time! On paper, everything seems to suggest that this is a very good product. But to find out, you know how it goes, you have to test it of course! So I spent some time on this sextoy to give you my verdict! Here is the review of the Kyo Capsule masturbator!

Kyo Capsule packaging

Kyo capsule - 1

A very succinct front panel, but which looks like a bluetooth speaker

To begin, let’s talk about the product box! It’s a small, square cardboard box with the product photo in the foreground, followed by the words “Feel the vibe”. The box is a gray tone, with a few touches of white and black, but other than that, it’s pretty empty.

Kyo capsule - 2

Not much in the back

Inside, once we open this box, we have three elements! The first is the Kyo Capsule, wrapped in a typical Japanese masturbator protection. Then we have a magnetic USB charging cable and a small booklet that serves as a manual. So we can keep the box to store the capsule after use.

Kyo Capsule physical details

Kyo capsule - 3

One capsule, one manual and one charging cable

Well, honestly, visually, I don’t find this capsule very sexy! It looks like a kind of Bluetooth speaker or a high-tech device, but at first sight, it is not necessarily a sextoy. It is a capsule, which contains two motors and a TPE sleeve. On the outside, we notice that it is cut into two parts, bounded by a dark gray granulated band that goes around it. This will allow to have a grip point when using it, because the external ABS plastic being smooth, it could be lost from the hands when using it.

Kyo capsule - 6

The grey band around the capsule

On this same band, we have at the back, two magnetic points to charge our capsule, while on the other side, we have a button, composed of a symbol “+” and a symbol “-” to interact with it. Of course, we have two lids, one on each side, to close and open the access to the internal sleeve. These two covers are slightly bulging and hold well in place. You have to “unclip” them and slightly screw them on the capsule. Otherwise, visually, it’s a mix of white and gray, which may not be the best color choice, as it looks pretty cold in the end.

The dimensions of the capsule

Kyo capsule - 7

A suitable size

Even if it seems small, this capsule is not that small! Indeed, I could notice it by having on one side the Kyo capsule and on the other, the Quickshot Riley Reid, it is not the same size. For this capsule, it measures 10.2 cm (4.01″) in height for 9.5 cm (3.74″) wide. Compared to a Quickshot, this one is longer, but with a slightly lower penetration length than this Kyo capsule. Whereas here, for the size of the inner sleeve, the Quickshot is smaller.

Kyo capsule - 14

Riley Reid Quickshot next to the Kyo Capsule

The diameter is around 8 cm (3.14″), with an internal diameter of the sleeve of 2.5 cm (0.98″). However, the sleeve is stretchable, but not that much. Indeed, for my part, I find it a bit small or at least, a bit too tight. To get my penis inside, I have to use a good amount of lubricant and force the passage to get my glans on the other side of the sleeve.

Other details

Kyo capsule - 4

It lacks a bit of color

Otherwise, I have to tell you about its weight. I admit that I did not find this information, but the capsule is still rather light. Let’s say that compared to a Fleshlight Quickshot, it is heavier, but less than a Fleshlight Girls. In short, neither too light nor too heavy in my opinion. Then, for the colors, this capsule exists only in one color, the one presented here. I admit I’m not a fan of this choice, but I already explained it before. Anyway, this will not affect its use. Regarding its weight, it is quite light, even if it is heavier than a Quickshot but less than a Fleshlight Girls. It is about in between.

Kyo Capsule materials

Kyo capsule - 13

The shell is made of ABS plastic

Now let’s talk about the materials that make up this Kyo capsule! We have two very distinct elements. The first is ABS plastic, which makes up a large part of the product, as it is the entire outer part of the capsule. Then the second material we have is TPE. This is what makes up the inner sleeve. It is a transparent sleeve and quite firm, while keeping a little elasticity.

Kyo capsule - 11

A TPE sleeve

However, I found the TPE firmer than on other sex toys of this kind. This allows for a better transmission of vibrations. Beware, the TPE is porous, which means that residues and bacteria can infiltrate the material. That is why it is recommended not to lend or use this product with another person. Otherwise, both materials remain safe for the body.

Kyo Capsule use

Kyo capsule - 10

The flap/cap system works well

How do you use this capsule? It is neither a time capsule, nor a capsule belonging to the multinational “Capsule Corporation” of a famous anime, it is simply a masturbator, even if I consider this one more like a vibrator for dick! You will understand later why I consider it so. Anyway, you will see that it is not very difficult to use it. I propose you a small summary on this subject.

How to charge the capsule?

Kyo capsule - 8

The two magnetized points are located at the back

Before you start using your Kyo capsule, you will need to charge it. For this, you have at your disposal a magnetic USB charging cable. On one side, it clips directly onto the capsule, on the two magnetic points. And on the other side, to a powered USB port or a power adapter. During the charging process, two blue LEDs will start flashing for the duration of the charging process. Once the capsule is fully charged, the LEDs will remain fixed.

Kyo capsule - 9

And we clip the cable on the magnets

On the other hand, for the charging time and the autonomy of the capsule, nothing is indicated. For its charging time, I had to put 1 hour or 1 hour and a half approximately. I did not time this step, you can imagine that I have other things to do than to monitor this point. For the autonomy, I would say that we are on the same time bracket. Afterwards, personally, a session with this Kyo capsule takes me 10 to 15 minutes.

What can we do with it?

Kyo capsule - 5

Two buttons, simple and effective

So there are two specific ways to use it in my opinion! The first one is to use it as a masturbator like a Fleshlight Quickshot. You just have to remove the two covers, one on each side of the capsule, then add lubricant, go back and forth with it, while using or not the vibrations. But it’s the second way of using it that interests me the most. And it’s the way I recommend to make full use of it.

Indeed, one can also simply make pass his penis in the capsule. Then place your glans in the center of the sleeve and activate the vibrations, without going back and forth. This is how I used it and I will explain why a little further on. It can also be used differently, for example by placing it on the Handy masturbator, but it is rather in the way previously explained that remains the best choice.

To use it, nothing complicated, we press the “+” button for two seconds to turn it on. Two seconds on the button “-” allows to switch it off. Then, a pressure on the button “+” or “-” allows to change vibrating mode.

What are the vibrating modes?

Kyo capsule - vibe scheme

Vibration modes

In total, there are 12! That’s really not bad for a capsule like this one. On my side, I have the impression that there is 1 constant mode with 3 levels of intensity of the type low, medium and high, then 12 modes with system of alternation. Moreover, the modes are not bad, some running both motors at the same time. We have systems of peaks, waves that I rather appreciated when I had fun to review them. You can see the details of the vibrating modes in the diagram above.

Which lubricant to choose with ?

For this question, the answer is quite simple! Because of the material that makes up the inside of the capsule and therefore the liner, it is imperative to use water-based lubricant. If you use any other type of lubricant, you may run into trouble. So you can use Fleshlube, Tyo from Motsutoys or another water-based lubricant that you like.

How do I clean the capsule?

That’s a very good question, because I myself have been wondering how to achieve this! At first glance, when you look at the design of this cap, it seems to be waterproof. However, when it comes to the inner sleeve, it doesn’t seem to allow for removal. It’s really tight and honestly, it seems tricky to be able to remove it, clean it, and then put it back on. For my part, I took a cleaning stick and put water on it, then rubbed the inside of the sleeve to clean it. And if you look at the manual, it does say not to remove the cap sleeve.

Kyo Capsule efficiency

Kyo capsule - 16

The Riley Reid in its Quickshot version and the Kyo capsule

So in the end, is this capsule a good product or not? It is certainly what interests you the most! And you’re not wrong, because that’s what we want to know! I reassure you already, this Kyo capsule is really not bad at all and I will even say rather surprising!


The first element is the quality of the product’s grip. Personally, I find the capsule a bit too wide. Again, if I compare it to a Quickshot, the grip is easier with this one than with the Kyo capsule. But I can’t say that the grip is bad either. Especially if, as you will see, you use it in vibration mode only. With the center band, you’d think the grip would be a little better, it’s true, but it’s not great either.

This band slips slightly under your fingers, especially if you have a little bit of lube, which doesn’t help. On the other hand, you don’t need to take it with two hands, one hand is enough and yet, I don’t have big hands. Anyway, at no time did I lose the capsule from my hands, so it’s quite correct.

Using it with back and forth

First try of this capsule, using it only with back and forth. Already, to insert my penis in the sleeve, I had to force. Indeed, I remind you that the opening of the sleeve is 2,5 cm (0.98″), stretchable, certainly, but as the TPE is all the same denser and firmer than a Fleshlight, it is necessary a good dose of lubricant to insert its glans and manage to make it pass on the other side of the capsule. Once this was done, I found the back and forth not easy, at least, in relation to the size of my penis (its diameter), as I felt my penis rather cramped, with a correct sliding, but which requires to force a little.

It doesn’t slide around like a Fleshlight sleeve with the cap open, for example, or even again, a Quickshot. The feeling is therefore tighter, narrower, which may please some people. Let’s just say that for my part, this way of using it is not optimal, it allows you to gently start the stimulation of the glans and to a lesser extent the shaft of your penis. However, the way I will present you below is far better than this one.

Use feedback without back and forth

For me, this is the best way to use the Kyo capsule! In any case, it’s what works best on my penis. Let me explain. Indeed, after playing with the back and forth, I decided to place my penis and especially my glans right in the center of the capsule and I will say, so that the vibrations come to stimulate my glans, but also the brake of the penis. Once the latter was well placed, I activated the first level of vibration, which remains constant at low intensity. Then I played with the different modes.

Pleasant at the beginning, but without more

At first I was a little skeptical, it was pleasant, but nothing more. It wasn’t on the level of a wand for vibrations, but nice. It is finally by increasing the intensity of the constant mode that I started to have fun with it. Then, when I got to the vibrating modes, it became more interesting. Indeed, some modes are well thought out, with systems of jerks, of double stimulation with the two motors and without numbing my glans. The more I played with the modes, without moving the capsule, the more pleasant the vibrations were.

The more time passes, the more the stimulation is enjoyable

As time went on, I felt that my penis would not be able to resist after a while. The pleasure was building and I thought to myself, “This capsule is going to make me cum if it continues“. Because at the beginning, I was not in a state of mind to achieve it. But as the minutes went by, I came to believe that I was going to cum like this. And in the end, that’s what happened! The orgasm was quite strong, as the vibrations continued to work on my glans, but also on my brake.

That’s when I realized that this capsule was really well made, because it’s mostly wands that make me cum like this or more expensive and technological products. However, during a 10/15 minute session, I couldn’t resist to orgasm and this, only by the stimulation of the glans. The little back and forth I did was really ridiculous, as it was mainly by keeping the capsule in place on my glans, that my masturbation session took place.

Vibration power

Concerning the vibrations and their qualities, I must say that the first level of constant intensity is rather good, with vibrations a little deeper than the average. As soon as you go to level 2 of intensity, you lose quality, with vibrations that become less deep, and then the third level of intensity becomes a little too buzzy in my opinion. With modes based on vibration patterns, it depends on the mode in question.

I find that some are really good, with a repetition that stimulates the penis rather well. Others, are a little less good, with more buzzy sensations there too. However, I did not find myself with a numb penis during my tests, which indicates that the vibrations are not too buzzy either.

Kyo Capsule final thoughts

Kyo capsule - 12

Not bad at all this capsule, despite some defects

For once, I must say that this Kyo capsule is a very good surprise! Indeed, when I saw it for the first time, its aesthetics did not convince me. And it is still a bit the case. I find it a little too big, too neutral and with a choice of color that does not particularly give desire. However, this one surprised me in terms of the stimulation it offers. As I said, without any back and forth, this capsule manages to make me ejaculate!

You can control the stimulation by changing the vibrating modes to vary the pleasure. The repetition of some vibrating models are clearly made to make you cum, while others are more subtle and will seek to increase the sensitivity of your glans.

Whatever the case, you won’t be able to resist indefinitely and that’s the whole point of this product. The pleasure builds up slowly, but once the machine starts, the only way out is to let the machine win. Because even if you try to resist, sooner or later, the orgasm will come! And I admit that I didn’t believe it, yet, without any stimulation other than this capsule, without any porn video or anything, I couldn’t resist its vibrant charm, even if visually, it’s not very pretty.

For my part, this is how I recommend it! I find that using it while going back and forth is not really interesting. For that, there are manual masturbators that are perfect for this activity. Then of course, you can also use it in other ways. Like placing the Kyo Capsule at the base of your penis, while you play with another masturbator or your partner’s mouth.

But clearly, it is rather in solo and the way I used it that, for me, make this capsule, a very interesting product in this field. Certainly, some adjustments will have to be made, like the quality of the vibrations or even the internal sleeve that I find a little too small in diameter for my penis. In short, for me, and this only commits me, it is a good surprise!


  • Not very beautiful, but goes everywhere
  • Two engines available
  • A good number of modes
  • Works very well on the brake of the penis
  • You can feel the texture of the sleeve
  • Good quality-price ratio


  • Buzzy vibrations on some modes or high intensity
  • Capsule not sexy
  • Inner sleeve a little narrow for me
  • Back and forth not very interesting
  • Lack of information (autonomy, charging time, weight)
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