A Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe? Why not, in fact! But is it such a special version? I might as well tell you right now, this new version is above all a change of color! Indeed, this version is in fact the Womanizer Classic 2! It is therefore, like the Liberty Lily Allen model, a change of color, with several new choices at your disposal! So it’s not a Premium 2 version, which is a bit of a shame, because you might as well choose the most interesting version on the market, but it must also be said that the Classic 2 is also a very good model.

Of course, the review of this version will not really change compared to the Classic 2! But maybe we will have some surprises in the end? I have some doubts about this, but it’s always a pleasure to review a quality sextoy! Come on, let’s not wait any longer and let’s go to our review of the Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe!

Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe Packaging

You thought the packaging would be different between the Classic 2 and this Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe? Well, no, it’s actually the same! So, yes, we have Marilyn Monroe on the front, we are told that it is a special edition, but in reality, it is the same presentation, with a windowed part that allows to see the product without opening the box.

At the opening, same thing, a seal and explanations, identical to those of the Classic 2, once again. Then inside, we have on one side, the Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe in its mold and on the other, not a black box, but rather light beige, which contains another small box with the manual, but also, the safety instructions for using it.

There too, a second stimulating head, smaller in diameter, a magnetic USB charging cable and a cotton storage pouch! Again, it’s the same pouch as the Classic 2! Not even a special pouch for this edition! In short, for a special edition, I expected more in terms of content! Except for Marilyn’s head and some information related to her, it’s really the minimum.

Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe - 1
Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe - 2
Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe - 3
Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe - 4
Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe - 5

Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe Physical Details

For my part, I searched everywhere, I see no difference between the Classic 2 and this Marilyn Monroe edition! Everything is identical, whether it is the placement of the contact points to recharge the battery, the two buttons “+” and “-” or its shape!

So it is still a long and slightly wavy stimulator. We have the Womanizer logo at the bottom, with the “+” button and the “-” button above it, both slightly bulging and with the “+” button bigger than the “-” button. And we have, of course, the “Power” button at the very top, just below two magnetic contact points.

In short, everything is the same, except the marbled design! The only small change that can be noticed, and frankly, I don’t find that it really changes anything, is the “Power” button, which is very very slightly different. You could say it’s a little bit more raised, but honestly, it’s a minor change.

Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe size

As we said, Classic 2 version or Marilyn Monroe, the products are identical! Therefore, its size is exactly the same as its model. It measures 15.5 cm (6.10″) of total length for 5 cm (1.96″) of width at the highest and a thickness of 3.5 cm (1.37″), again, at the maximum. As announced, it is the same size as the Classic and Classic 2!

The other elements

Here is the big difference! Everything is going to be played on this paragraph! Black or burgundy, here, we change completely! And this in the spirit of Marilyn Monroe! You have now, a blue/green version, another red one and two marbled versions! Finally, it is not a version with marble, but a marble effect! One with black marble and touches of white and the other, white marble with touches of black.

These are the two most interesting versions in my opinion, because they really change the look of the Classic 2 for the better! And it’s the white version that we received! In terms of weight, we are still on the same level, with 110 grams, which makes it a light, handy and practical sextoy.

Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe - 6
Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe - 7
Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe - 8
Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe - 9
Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe - 10

Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe materials

Here again, you can imagine that nothing has changed! Just because we have versions with marble effect doesn’t mean we have a Womanizer made of marble! I admit, it would still be cool and classy! Here, just like the Classic 2, which finally offers a softer and more qualitative ABS plastic, this model follows the same path.

This plastic is less glittery than the first model, but a little less soft than the Premium 2 model. Of course, regarding the stimulating head, it is made of silicone, hypoallergenic, soft and without phthalates. The two buttons are also made of silicone. The marbled effect is really nice and brings a slight grip more.

Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe - 11
Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe - 15

Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe use

If men prefer blondes, there is no need to pose naked in a calendar to use this Womanizer! You don’t have to be Marilyn Monroe! However, you can use this very good sextoy! And you will see that it is a child’s game or as I often say, an adult’s game!

Charging, same principle?

Of course, why change that? The principle remains the same, you have a magnetic charging cable at your disposal to do so. You plug one side to the bottom of the product, where you have the two magnetic contact points and the other part, on a powered USB post. Regarding the charging time, you have 120 minutes to wait for a full charge with 180 minutes of autonomy, the same as for the Classic 2.

In addition, while charging, you have an LED that flashes. When it flashes slowly, it means that the stimulator is running out of battery. If it flashes quickly, it is to let you know that it is half charged and when it stays steady, it means that the battery is fully charged.

Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe - 23
Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe - 22

How to use the Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe?

Rest assured, you won’t need to imitate Marilyn Monroe during President Kennedy’s birthday to use this Womanizer! Always hold down the “Power” button for 2 seconds to turn it on or off. Then the “-” and “+” buttons allow you to change the intensity levels! And after the orgasm, you can press the “Power” button once, to return directly to the first level, for a stimulation at the end of the race, less strong. This is the “Afterglow” function, already present on the Classic 2.

Smart Silence or Auto Pilot?

No, neither of them are present! He could have put at least a small hidden button to make Marilyn Monroe sing! But otherwise, to have these functions, it is on the side of the Premium 2 model that you will have to go.

Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe - 21
Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe - 14
Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe - 16

What are the intensity levels of this version?

Will there be a specific mode for Marilyn? No, whether it’s the Classic 2 or this version, we have exactly the same intensity levels. So yes, it’s still 2 levels more than the first model of the Classic, but compared to the Classic 2, the levels are really identical.

Again, we have a “Super Soft” mode, level 1, to start gently or when using the “Afterglow” function. At level 10, it is the “Super Power” mode and between the two, a range of intensity that increases gradually as usual.

Which lubricant to choose for this Womanizer?

With its silicone tip, you can imagine that you will have to use a compatible lubricant, especially a water-based lubricant. However, it is not an obligation to use it. It is especially in the case where your clitoris is really too sensitive and that you feel discomfort in the use of the product. It will allow to have less “frictions”.

How to clean it?

Even if it is a Marilyn Monroe version, the cleaning does not change between this version and the Classic 2. It is a waterproof model, which means that you can use it under water, but above all, clean it without fear. I advise you to remove the stimulating head to clean it well, because it is often here that the residues remain present. For its shell, a little water and a soft cloth will do the trick.

Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe efficiency

Even though this is an almost identical version of the Womanizer Classic 2, there are very slight differences. Kitty enjoyed the Classic 2, so it’s no surprise that this Marilyn Monroe model follows the same direction. However, Kitty was happy to find the Classic 2, in marble effect, to have fun with. Here is our opinion!

The Classic 2, the comeback

In order to review this model, I took care to recharge it completely, then, I put it in its small pocket, with the sight of Kitty. As soon as she saw it, she gave me a little smile and asked me if it was Christmas. Of course, she understood that I had hidden a sextoy in this pouch and she was happy to see that it was the Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe. After a disappointing Sila Cruise, but a good Enigma Cruise, the comeback to the roots was appreciated.

While we were chatting over an aperitif, Kitty took hold of the Womanizer for a moment, while my back was turned, to turn it on and place it on her clitoris, while still sitting on her stool. Interrupted by the noise, I watch her as she slowly climbs into the spheres of pleasure. I see well that she appreciates the reunion. I take the opportunity to look at her while starting to masturbate. And hop, a first orgasm arrives for Kitty and on a rather average level of intensity.

Quickly, she says: “I want another one“! Of course, I let her do it, I love to see Kitty coming in front of me and having stronger and stronger orgasms. It was then that she came again, in less than 5 minutes. I’m not sure how many times Kitty came in front of me, I’d say 4 times, easy. Afterwards, the Womanizer ended up on the bedside table, so we used it again. When we turned it back on, it was still at the last selected intensity level and Kitty was able to make herself cum again, with my cock in her mouth at the same time, explosion guaranteed!

In short, this Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe is a good vintage, because even if Kitty also has the Premium 2, this model based on the Classic 2 works well, just as much, but adding this marbled touch that is finally not only cosmetic, but offers a different feeling of holding in hand.

Autopilot, Smart Silence? No

I had already reported it on the Classic 2, this Marilyn Monroe version does not change the game. However, as Kitty is not particularly fond of this function, it is not a problem. It does the trick to make her cum quickly without having to go looking for the orgasm which is sometimes more difficult to obtain on similar and less performing models.

More powerful and even more orgasmic?

So that’s a good question, because it makes you wonder. Yes, maybe the first level on the first notch of change evolves a little more in intensity. But honestly, we don’t see a big difference. That’s not why you would buy a marbled version. It’s mainly for its visual side or/and for its particular touch. It is really a success on this side and this model is quite good in its field, Kitty showed it to me well.

Kitty & Mogwai

Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe - 17
Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe - 18
Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe - 19
Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe - 20

Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe Final Thoughts

Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe - 12
Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe - 13

Quite honestly, I can’t tell you that there are really any differences between the Classic 2 and the Womanizer X Marilyn Monroe. Yes, maybe we can say that the “Super Soft” mode has been adjusted a little bit to be more intense and this is a little bit sneaky, because it is not advertised. But apart from its marbled effect and the fact that it is a Marilyn Monroe version, there is no real change. 

Nevertheless, this does not mean that this version is not a good sextoy, quite the contrary! As you now know, even if we sometimes criticize the “marketing” actions on some products, this is not synonymous with a bad product. If you don’t have a Womanizer yet and you really like its marbled design, then you can go for it, it’s a great value.

If you already have a Womanizer Classic 2 or Premium 2, I see no point in getting another one. And I’ll say it again, why is Womanizer going back to the old charging cable again? The one in the Premium Eco was… more ecological! Why can’t we change the internal battery like on the Premium Eco? Where is the biolene? In short, it is a very good sextoy, but not a revolution. Besides, we would have liked a booklet which speaks to us about Marilyn, and even that, we do not have it!


  • A qualitative version
  • 2 tips
  • A design that works
  • New colors and marble effect
  • 10 levels of intensity
  • 2 levels more intense than the Classic
  • No price change
  • Cotton storage pouch
  • Less plastic
  • The afterglow
  • A slightly modified “Super Soft” mode


  • No smart silence mode
  • No Auto-Pilot mode
  • No interchangeable battery
  • The biolene is not there anymore
  • The box is identical to the Classic 2 (but with Marilyn’s head)
  • Special version, but nothing more inside
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