I’m back for this new year with the Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches masturbator! Yes, I finally got a Fleshlight based on the Autumn Falls actress that some readers had been urging me to review! Here is your wish granted! It’s true that the actress Autumn Falls managed to make a place for herself in the world of the pornographic movie industry and it was therefore necessary to propose a Fleshlight based on her intimacy, here, with an anus version! And you know what? This is the 38th model of Fleshlight masturbator that I had the opportunity to review! It’s not nothing!

Before this model, I could review some other Fleshlight masturbators based on porn actresses like the Maitland Ward Tight Chicks, but also the Adriana Chechik Empress model, the Lana Rhoades Karma, the Dillion Harper Crush or the Emily Willis Squirt model! So it’s with great pleasure that I’m going to review Autumn Falls ass, of course, it’s not the real thing, but it’s the principle of the product all the same! Here is my opinion on the Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches masturbator!

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches packaging

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches - 1

The front of the Fleshlight box

As always, as far as the masturbator box is concerned, we have no changes! Of course, we have had for a long time, small adjustments on the design of the box, but overall, it remains quite close to the old boxes that I discovered at the time of my first reviews! So we find ourselves in front of a rectangular box, cardboard, white and slightly gray, with a windowed part on the front to see the product, without opening it.

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches - 2

The windowed part

At the back of this front panel, we have the actress Autumn Falls, holding in her hands, the masturbator in question! We can also find some information about the actress, like her measurements, something that we can find on all models of Fleshlight Girls masturbators!

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches - 3

Overview of the Peaches sleeve in cut-out

On one of the slices, we also have a cutting diagram of the internal sleeve, in order to visualize its construction and what awaits us when we put our penis inside. For the rest, some commercial information is also present. In order to open this box, we will have to remove the two seals to finally have access to the contents of the latter.

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches - 4

And here are the contents of the box

When we are inside this box, we have of course, once the small cardboard flaps lifted, the masturbator. Then, if we look deeper, we can discover a small booklet that presents the Fleshlight range, but also a sample of Fleshlube. It’s all that and more! And as on the Kissa Sins Insatiable model, we have a small golden card Fleshlight VIP!

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches physical details

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches - 5

The famous electric flashlight in the shape of a masturbator (or the opposite)

As you know, at Fleshlight, we can’t say that things change! Since the first Fleshlight I reviewed, there have been some changes, but in the end, it’s still the same principle! So yes, the brand is able to offer other models such as the Quickshot Riley Reid for example, the Go Surge or the Fleshlight Flight, but in the “Girls” range, it’s really, every time, the same principle! It is the famous electric flashlight!

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches - 6

The masturbator shell with the grip part

This masturbator consists of a cover, a tube, a cap and an inner sleeve. For the shell, we can see that it is white, slightly pearly, with a grip and the logo of Fleshlight accompanied by some stripes for a pleasant grip. When we lift the cover, we find ourselves face to face with the anus of Autumn Falls and a plastic tube inside, which must be removed before the first use.

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches - 12

On the back of the sleeve, the mention “Peaches”.

On the other side of the shell, you have a cap, which can be screwed and unscrewed depending on the air you want to have in the sleeve. It is still the same system, with a screw pitch that could be improved to close the masturbator well, but it does the job anyway. On the side of the sleeve, that we can completely take out of its shell, we have on the back, the name of the sleeve, here “Peaches” and on the front part, next to her anus, we have the signature of the actress, engraved in the texture of the sleeve, slightly curved. Nothing new on the horizon, it is standard in the Fleshlight Girls range.

Size of the masturbator

There too, no surprises, since a Fleshlight masturbator from the Girls range always displays the same dimensions! It is a masturbator that measures 25 cm (9.84″) in total length for a penetration of up to 22 cm (8.66″)! This covers the majority of penis sizes, not to say a very very large part, but depending on the size of the penis, you may not have access to the entire texturing of the internal sleeve.

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches - 7

Identical size for shell and sleeve (Fleshlight Girls)

Regarding the shell, its diameter is 9.5 cm (3.74″) with a sleeve with a diameter of 6 cm (2.36″). Then for the orifice, it is about 1 cm (0.39″), but know that the material stretches to leave room for your penis, once you start to insert it.

Other details

As with the other models, this masturbator weighs about 800 grams, which is a pretty good weight. But it is true that depending on the case and the endurance of your muscles, this weight can be a bit too much, during a slightly long masturbation session. Otherwise, I can also tell you that there is another Fleshlight masturbator model for Autumn Falls, based on her pussy, which is called “Cream”.

A word about Autumn Falls

If you don’t know the actress Autumn Falls, here are some facts about her! To date, Autumn Falls has appeared in over 140 films! She was also the winner of the XBIZ award for the best newcomer of the year 2020. She is basically a New Yorker, of Puerto Rican origin. From the age of 18, the actress began in the world of porn as a camgirl. Then with its growing success, today, Autumn Falls is part of the top!

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches materials

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches - 15

The sleeve, taken out of its shell

Again, this is no surprise, regarding the material used to make this masturbator! It is once again the Real Feel Superskin, which is a material patented by Fleshlight, that we find for a long time now. For the rest, it is ABS plastic, especially for the shell, the cover and the cap.

What is the Real Feel Superskin?

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches - 9

The signature of the actress is present on the sleeve

If you don’t know, several years ago, Fleshlight used a texture called SuperSkin, also patented, which mimicked the feel of skin. At least, it was trying to get close to that. But for a few years now, Fleshlight has been using on Real Feel Superskin, a material close to SuperSkin, but even softer than before. However, this material is porous, which means that it is not advisable to use this masturbator by more than one person to avoid the possible transmission of bacteria.

Peaches sleeve

Gaine Peaches

The Peaches Sleeve in detail

It’s the number 1 element in a Fleshlight masturbator! So yes, I’ll tell you a bit more about it before telling you what I think about it. From the first chamber, we arrive directly on an open area, which quickly narrows to offer us “sharp teeth”. Then, we have a second chamber, which is lined with large balls, half open, very close to each other. Then we have a last chamber, quite long, with elements in the shape of drops, again, very close to each other. Just by looking at the construction of this sleeve, we feel that we are dealing with a very good model! To find out, you’ll have to keep reading my review!

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches use

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches - 8

Easy to use

Once again, the use of this masturbator remains identical to the other models, like the Mia Malkova Lvl Up, the Lisa Ann Savage, the Angela White Entice model or the Madison Ivy Wonderland! Yes, I have reviewed a lot of them. As you will see, it’s a manual masturbator, simple to use, but there are still a few things to know about it!

How do you use a Fleshlight ?

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches - 14

The famous cap

As I said, it is a manual masturbator, that you move by hand, all that there is of simpler actually! However, before a first use, it will be necessary to clean it. Indeed, a tube is present inside the sleeve, to avoid that it sticks on itself and especially, there are traces of maintenance powder at the arrival. If you don’t do this, you will end up with a white tinted tassel. For the rest, nothing could be simpler, we use a little water-based lubricant, which we put inside the sleeve and on our penis then we start to have fun with it!

What more can we do?

In addition to using it manually, if you are in a relationship, your partner can move it for you! This can be very fun and exciting by the way! But depending on the equipment you have available, it can be used in other ways! For example, with the Kyo Plush, you can insert the masturbator into a hole to fuck a plush toy with the Fleshlight in place! So yes, it’s a plush toy, but it’s a lot better than you’d think.

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches - 13

Be careful to remove the plastic tube before using it

If you have the Fleshlight Launch, it will also be possible to place it inside to play with the automatic mode, but also, to link it to a software to synchronize a porn video of Autumn Falls with the Launch, in order to make the masturbator move according to what is happening in the video. And you can also use it with VR porn to make you believe in it even more. There are many other possibilities, such as using it with a Dakimakura pillow, the accessory to attach the masturbator to a suction cup, in short, it will depend on what you have at hand.

What should I choose as a lubricant?

That’s a good question! First of all, you already have a sample of Fleshlube inside the box! That’s always a win-win! Second, you’ll need to use a lubricant that is water-based! This is the most important thing to do so as not to damage the inner sleeve. On this side, you have several water-based lubricants, such as Rends’ Peace, Motsutoys Tyo or Onatsuyu’s Pussy Juicy lubricant! But for my part, I use Sliquid Satin that I still have in stock!

How do I clean a Fleshlight?

The last step concerning the use of this masturbator is its cleaning operation! So I know this is not your favorite part, but this step is important! For my part, I often proceed in the same way, by removing the sleeve of the shell in order to pass a water jet inside. Either by using the Aquastick shower stick or directly under the faucet. Then, once the water has drained a bit, I run a cleaning stick inside, then if I have some in stock, an absorbent stick to catch the remaining water. Then I dry the sleeve by putting it back in the shell and putting the cap on the bottom, without closing the lid. This allows me to let any water that might remain down to be collected by the cap.

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches efficiency

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches - 10

A wide open ass!

It is always a pleasure to review a Fleshlight and especially a model with an anal sleeve! These are not the most represented sleeves at Fleshlight. However, there is a wide choice at this level, but it is not necessarily the best sleeves, most are still more interesting when it comes to a vaginal model. But this does not mean that it is an average or common sleeve, quite the contrary. The Peaches sleeve is really well constructed and I must say that I really like this model. To tell you a little more, I tested this one a few times to give you my opinion! Here is my feedback on the Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches masturbator!

The construction of the sleeve

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches - 16

You can see the difference, on one side, a flatter ass, on the other, more bulging

I won’t come back to the subject, since I have already indicated its construction above. However, I can already give you a first level of the sensations you get when using it. As soon as you enter the first chamber, you find yourself in an area with this construction system in the form of teeth that point towards the opening of the sleeve. Rest assured, Autumn Falls is not going to cut your glans with it. In fact, when the glans passes through this first chamber, you can quickly feel a slight pulsing effect, which is quite well done and gives a sort of realistic feeling. However, it is a sleeve and not a real ass.

As soon as we reach the second chamber, we reach the zone of balls, tighter than the first part, with a pleasantly intense sensation. While for the third chamber, we reach a rather unique area, with forms of drops or tears, which increases again the effect of pulsation, while offering a sensation of shrinkage.

More details

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches - 17

Two models quite close in terms of opening

Overall, the sleeve is quite tight! While usually you don’t feel the stimulation of the glans as much on an anal sleeve compared to a vaginal sleeve, this is not the case here. If you’ve never been too excited about an anal sleeve, Autumn Falls may change your mind. Granted, I usually prefer vaginal sleeves, but this is a great job. Moreover, here, we have a more bulging part at the opening, which is none other than the buttocks of Autumn Falls. This brings comfort, and even by penetrating the sleeve quite strongly, we still feel this part taking the shock, without however that our pubis is blocked by the plastic shell, which is less pleasant.

It is also possible to play with the stimulation, by controlling the back and forth, without reaching orgasm. It is also possible to stimulate the glans with slow back and forth movements, to play with the peak of the orgasm, to be just before the point of no return. Slowly or more quickly, this model works every time, it is versatile at this level and will be suitable for short or longer sessions.

The best anal sleeve currently?

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches - 18

And yet another model in comparison to the Autumn Falls sleeve

This is a difficult question. However, I can tell you that after having reviewed many Fleshlight (this is my 38th model anyway), this Peaches sleeve is surely the most realistic I had the opportunity to review. Only the opening of the sleeve and the first chamber is a very beautiful realization and allows to have the impression to enter in an ass! Then, we feel the tight sensation that we can obtain in anal, as if the walls came to tighten our penis inside.

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches - 19

Between Madison Ivy, Maitland Ward, Lana Rhoades or Autumn Falls, my choice is made

And when you see that you can really go straight on it, it’s a pleasure! Because as previously mentioned, having an opening on Autumn Falls’ bouncy ass, it acts as a “buffer” between the opening of the sleeve and the plastic of the shell. Also, even though it’s a detail, having a browner skinned sleeve with cum effect lube for example, Autumn Falls’ ass leaks the substance as if she just took a good amount inside. Kind of like she just “squirted” out of her ass. For the atmosphere, it is clearly nice! In short, this is a great pattern, tight, intense with variation, it’s just a great choice so far!

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches final thoughts

Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches - 11

A very very good realistic model

To finish this review, will the Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches join the list of the best masturbators reviewed on the website? Of course it will! Fleshlight did a great job on this sleeve! It is true that anal sleeves are not usually the most appreciated, but there, we can’t say that this model is not successful! In fact, it’s quite the opposite! In addition to the fact that Autumn Falls has a rather important popularity, in particular for its ass (but not that), this Peaches sleeve is simply excellent! Tight, stimulating and above all, realistic, if you always wanted to take the ass of this actress, it is the moment to do it!


  • An excellent model for Autumn Falls
  • The curved opening with the actress’s buttocks
  • Handy and ergonomic (grip)
  • The signature on the sleeve
  • Tight and realistic feel
  • An excellent anal sleeve
  • The brown color of the sleeve
  • The construction of the sleeve as a whole


  • The screw thread of the cap (for air)
  • Need for lubricant (a little more than usual)
  • Cleaning/drying a little longer
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