Here is a new masturbator, it is the Arcwave Ghost ! Yes, it’s the third masturbator to be released by them, after the Arcwave Ion, then the Arcwave Voy! If you do not know Arcwave, it is a brand of Wow Tech, those who also deal with Womanizer. Arcwave is considered to be the Womanizer for penises. In reality, we are far from there, even if the Ion was reproaching itself. This time, we return to a more basic, manual and lower budget model than the Voy. Indeed, it is a reversible masturbator, a kind of sheath that you can turn over to use it on one side or the other.

It is a relatively classic sextoy, since its only particularity is to turn over on itself. Otherwise, it’s a masturbation sheath. However, since it’s Arcwave, I’m hoping for something a little better than a basic sheath. To find that out, I have to try it out and that’s exactly what I did recently before writing this test! After a few tests of this one, here is the review of the Arcwave Ghost masturbator !

Arcwave Ghost packaging

Here, the Arcwave Ghost comes in the form of a tube! It is in a way, the box of the product. Indeed, it is a plastic tube, with vents on both sides of it. It is rather dark blue, with a sky blue sticker that you will have to remove to have access to the contents of the tube. The good news is that the sticker can be easily removed and put back on. It is especially that inside the sticker, you have some instructions for use.

On this sticker, on the outside, we can see the sheath, but also the mention “Soft CleanTech Silicone”, then the name of the product, Ghost, and “Flip It”. On the side, we can also see three elements that introduce us to the Ghost. In particular, “Double Down”, “Cleantech Silicone”, and “Release & Reuse”. Finally, in the sticker, there are 5 steps of instructions to consult, as already mentioned. Once we open the tube, we have the sheath present on a plastic tube to prevent it from sticking on itself. We can also use it to dry the sheath, once cleaned.

Arcwave Ghost physical details

We can say it, the Arcwave Ghost doesn’t look like much when you see it! At the same time, it is a simple reversible sleeve! Nevertheless, when we observe it the first time, we notice especially that it is a tube, a kind of capsule which looks like the Arcwave Voy from the outside, but with a thinner length. It is in fact a protective shell for the sheath that we will find inside. On this shell, we can see the Arcwave logo, both on the front part, but also above the tube. We also have a mention “Engineered and designed in Berlin”.

Once we open the cover, we discover the masturbation sheath, reversible, present on a plastic tube that will also serve to dry the sheath after its cleaning. In fact, on one side of this sheath, we have twisted and convex stripes, along the whole length of the sheath and on the other, we have concave stripes with flat pellets. We will be able to enjoy two different stimulations according to our desires. It is a bit like the ROMP Mosh, which also offers a reversible sheath. Apart from that, I don’t have much more to tell you, it’s just a masturbation sheath.

Size of the masturbator

As you could see, this is a small sheath, but still stretchable, without being too stretchy either. The sheath measures 9.5 cm (3.74″) in total length, for about 9 cm (3.54″) penetrable, but again stretchable. The diameter of the sheath is 3 cm (1.18″), but 2.5 cm (0.98″) internally. Of course, as I said, it stretches. Fortunately, because 2.5 cm (0.98″) is not much.

Other details

To go a little further about the Arcwave Ghost, I can tell you that it comes in several colors! And that’s pretty cool, because it’s true that since the launch of the Arcwave line, we can say that black predominates. Here we have this masturbator in black version, but it also comes in turquoise and midnight blue. I must say that the two colored versions are really the most beautiful! On our side, we received the midnight blue version. For its weight, I don’t have this one, but it is very light, you can hardly feel it in your hand.

Arcwave Ghost materials

Against all odds, the sheath of the Arcwave Ghost masturbator is made of “Soft CleanTech Silicone”! In fact, this is not really a surprise, since the first two Arcwave sex toys were also made of CleanTech silicone. So what is it? First of all, you should know that it is a material patented by Arcwave. It is a silicone that is very resistant, while being soft. The material resists to U.V. and allows to stay longer in good condition as the product is used. On the other hand, it catches dust quite easily, you will have to think about cleaning it before use. For the rest, that is to say, the outer shell of the Ghost, it is made of ABS plastic, a material that is often found in the field of sex toys.

Arcwave Ghost use

Well, we’re going to go relatively fast in this section of the review, because this is just a reversible masturbation sheath. This is not the first time I’ve talked about this kind of sheath and to be honest, there’s not much to know about it. Other than opening the cover, adding lube and going back and forth, before switching to the other side of the sheath, to change the feel, it’s not much more complicated than that. Let’s review the use of the Arcwave Ghost though!

How to handle this masturbator?

Nothing too complicated! You open the cover, you take out the sheath, you add lubricant inside and on your glans and you start to play with it by making back and forth, by making pressure on the sheath during the movements, in short, you masturbate with it. Then, you can, as previously indicated, turn the sheath over on itself. Obviously, it is not the kind of thing that we are going to make in full action. The direction of the sheath should be determined before starting to play with it. Because once you have added lubricant on your glans and in the sheath, turning it over will be complicated and especially very slippery. It is therefore preferable to choose the side you want to use before anything else.

Which lubricant to choose with ?

You should already know that when using a silicone product, in order to avoid any compatibility problem, it is recommended to use a water-based lubricant! Here, it is recommended, because otherwise, the glide will not be terrible! I still use Sliquid H20, but also other thicker water-based lubricants. It’s up to you!

How to clean it?

Again, it’s not that difficult. It is a sheath with only one entrance, made of CleanTech silicone, it can be easily cleaned under water. You just have to take the sheath out of its shell, put it under warm water with a little soap, rinsing well the inside, then you turn it on itself to dry it. It is faster and more practical. Be careful especially on the hollows of the stripes, it is there where the lubricant and the sperm can remain present.

Arcwave Ghost efficiency

Well, I’ll be honest, I don’t expect much from this Arcwave Ghost masturbator! In my opinion, I do not see anything special, except that it has a reversible sheath with two different textures! We are not on a revolutionary product. However, for its price, I am quite curious to see what it offers in terms of penis stimulation. To do this, you know that I have given of my person, that’s a bit the goal! After a few uses of this masturbator, here is my opinion on the Arcwave Ghost!

Handling and ergonomics

First thing, despite its small size, this sheath is well made. The grip is rather good, you can easily turn the sheath on itself to change side and this even during use. However, with the presence of lubricant, it is a little full of hands. But it is not a defect in itself, it is the same thing with all the reversible sheaths.

Its texturization also allows to have a mini-grip, in the sense that we do not have the impression that it is the sheath which remains fixed and our hand which moves. Here, it is the sheath that moves at the same time as our hand. For example, when I compare this Arcwave Ghost sheath with the Mosh sheath from ROMP, it is much more obvious to move it on the penis. There is less sensation of blocking when going back and forth and it slides very easily.

Another point, for its price, I find it rather nice to have a protective shell, which allows to protect the sheath, but also to place it on its stem during drying. Usually, this is the kind of thing you find on more expensive masturbators, like at Tenga, with the Flip Zero EV.

Stimulation with the pellet side

Strangely, I thought I was dealing with a rather banal sheath, without much interest and in the end, I am rather surprised. The texture of the sheath is rather soft, while keeping a little rigidity, very light, but necessary to feel also, the passage of the pellets. Once my penis is inserted, I could realize that this last is rather well wrapped. It should be said that the texture extends easily and resists very well. It happens sometimes, on certain sheaths, that my penis pierces this one by going there a little hard, there, the sheath does not stumble.

Since there is no opening except for the one where you insert your penis, the lube stays inside, which keeps the glide level high. The stimulation on the pellet side is my favorite of the two. I find it more intense, more direct than the side with the big stripes.

Stimulation with the big stripes side

When changing sides, even if the sheath turns over quite easily, I advise you to be very careful not to tear it. A fingernail strike happens quickly, as well as your thumbs squeezing the sheath a little too much. For this side of the sheath, it’s nice, but the sensation is a little weaker in terms of stimulation. It is however not uninteresting, but remains less good, in my opinion, than the side containing the pellets.


Arcwave Ghost - 5
Arcwave Ghost - 7

Arcwave Ghost final thoughts

In the end, it’s a good little surprise! I have to admit that I was expecting something more innovative from Arcwave, but as they say, sometimes old is good. I still prefer the Voy, even if it’s not the same price, but I have to say, the Ghost is really good! It’s a good masturbation sheath, much better than the ones I’ve reviewed on the site in general (except for the Japanese Onahole masturbators, which I consider masturbators and not sheaths). The CleanTech silicone material is well adapted to the need. In short, for its price, it is a good choice if you are looking for a masturbation sheath, compact, practical and efficient.


  • Its price
  • The packaging
  • The CleanTech silicone
  • Two sides to use
  • Good feeling
  • Fits well on different penis sizes
  • The side with the pellets is really nice
  • Several colors


  • Be careful not to tear the sheath when turning it over
  • The side with the stripes a little less interesting in my opinion
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