It’s the come back of Fleshlight on the website, with the Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk review! You will tell me that it is still a Fleshlight masturbator and you will not be wrong! However, in order to change things a bit, this is the first model based on a darker skinned actress! And this is a first on the website! So of course we also reviewed the Milan Christopher dildo, but it was a dildo.

Lately, in terms of Fleshlight masturbators, I had the opportunity to review several models. For example, I could review two “anal” models, with the Fleshlight Autumn Falls Peaches, but also the Maitland Ward Tight Chicks. While on the side of the “vaginal” models, I reviewed the Kissa Sins Insatiable or the Emily Willis Squirt model. Here, it is the Ana Foxxx Silk model and to know more about it, I invite you to read the rest!

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk packaging

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk - 1

The front of the box

Again, no surprises here, since it is the usual packaging that we know well by now. It is still a white and cardboard box, rectangular in shape and with a windowed part on the front, which allows to see the product without opening the box.

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk - 2

You can see the structure of the sheath on the side of the box

On the other side of it, we can see the actress Ana Foxxx and the masturbator in her possession. We can also discover some information about her. On the other side, at the level of the other slice of the box, we can see a cutting of the sheath. This makes it easier to conceive the internal structure of this one.

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk - 3

The usual windowed part

Otherwise, there are always the two seals for the guarantee of opening the product. You should not focus on them, because sometimes these stickers do not stay in place, even if the product is new.

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk - 4

The complete contents of the box

When we open the box, we have a piece of cardboard that helps to keep the product in place during transport. We have of course, our masturbator, but also a small booklet that presents other products of the range. A small sample of water-based lubricant is present. It is the lubricant Fleshlube of the brand. And we have to finish, a kind of card to be scanned which has a QR code.

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk physical details

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk - 5

The external appearance, similar to the whole range

Even though the color of the sheath is different from the models I’ve been testing for almost 10 years now, it’s still very similar. Indeed, it is a classic signature Fleshlight Girls, with an electric flashlight shape. This masturbator consists of several parts, including a white shell, with a cover on one side and on the other, a cap that can be screwed or unscrewed depending on the airflow you want to obtain.

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk - 9

The hole and the tube that we still see inside

Small thing that I do not usually mention, at the level of the shell, there is, now, but already present for some time, a kind of ring of maintenance which allows to better wedge the sheath in the shell so that it does not move. This does not change much in the end, except that the sheath moves less.

If we look at the side of the cap, we can see that a tube is present in the sheath. You will have to remove it. For my part, I throw it away, but it can be used, in particular to avoid that the internal sheath sticks to itself. You have, as for the other models, the name of the sheath written at its end.

On the other side, lifting the lid, we find the actress’ pussy with her signature right next to it. I must say that this tone marks more the defects. In short, it is easier to see the nail strokes or the folds on the sheath. Nothing disturbing, fortunately. I forgot to tell you that the shell has a grip to facilitate the handling.

Size of the masturbator

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk - 7

The standard size

It’s always the same with Fleshlight masturbators, i.e. the dimensions don’t change from one model to another. Of course, the Go Surge or the Quickshot Vantage are exceptions, but the “signature” models are all the same.

We find ourselves with a masturbator of 25 cm (9.84″) in total length for a length of penetration of about 22 cm (8.66″) maximum. On the side of the shell, it has a diameter of 9.5 cm (3.74″), while the sheath has a diameter of 6 cm (2.36″). For the orifice, this one is close to 1,5 cm (0.59″), but of course, the material stretches so that one can put his penis inside.

Other details

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk - 11

You can see the tube in the sheath

Well, apart from this, can I tell you more? First of all, let’s talk about the weight of this masturbator. Like the others, it is close to 800 grams. And you also have an “anus” model, which is called “Velvet” if you prefer this type of tunnel.

A word about Ana Foxxx

To tell you a few words about this actress, which I only know by name, to tell the truth, she is an American pornographic actress, born in 1988 in Rialto, California. She started working as a runway model, before starting her career in the porn industry. She shot for Reality Kings, Evil Angel, Jules Jordan or Pure Play Media. And finally, she won an AVN Award in 2013.

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk materials

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk - 14

The sheath out of its shell

There too, no change with the previous models that I had the opportunity to review for a few years! Indeed, if at the beginning, we had SuperSkin (several years ago), we have for a long time, Real Feel SuperSkin. It is a kind of TPE, but more qualitative in my opinion. It’s a patented material, soft and flexible, but porous. For the rest, we have ABS plastic, which is what makes up the rest of the masturbator, except for the sheath, of course.

The Real Feel SuperSkin

I already talked about this texture on the previous reviews, but to make you a small summary, it is a softer material than the SuperSkin of the time. This material does not contain latex or phthalates, it is healthy for the body, but as announced above, it is a porous material.

The Silk sheath

Ana Foxxx Sleeve

The Silk sheath

To tell you a few words about the Silk sheath, it is a relatively large sheath, in which we find stimulating structures, quite large, but remaining subtle. Then, we have a twisted part, before arriving on a narrower zone, then a second narrower and more textured part.

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk use

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk - 6

Here, it is the cap, which we can unscrew

I’m not going to tell you that you need a degree to use a Fleshlight masturbator. In fact, for years, the way to use a Fleshlight has been the same. I’m going to talk to you a little bit about this though, you never know.

How to use a Fleshlight?

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk - 12

We remember to remove the tube before use

As I just mentioned, using a Fleshlight masturbator is very simple! The first step is to remove the plastic tube inside the sheath. Otherwise, you’ll feel it coming through. Then, you have to clean it, especially for the first use. It must be said that on arrival, you can see the white traces left by the maintenance powder.

Once this is done, simply add some water-based lubricant and start moving back and forth with it. The cap at the end will allow you to have a tighter or looser sheathing via the air that will escape more or less.

What else can we do?

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk - 13

Here, we can see that the tube is no longer there

It is true that apart from its classic use, one could think that there are not too many possibilities offered to us. However, you can do a lot of things with it. Even if it’s been a while since I’ve used an accessory compatible with it, you should know that it works with the Fleshlight Launch, which to my knowledge, is no longer sold. It’s a shame, because you could use it with a VR headset, motion sync with a porn video, in short, it was super cool.

You can also use a Fleshlight masturbator in a Dakimakura pillow. But I also think of the Kyo Plush or the Kyo Plush Doll DX, the second version.

Which lubricant to choose ?

Even if it’s not my favorite, you can already start with the sample lube. Afterwards, you should choose a water-based lubricant. For my part, I prefer to use Japanese or similar lubricants, like Tyo from Motsutoys for example, a thick water-based lubricant.

Cleaning the Fleshlight

Yes, I know, it’s not the favorite part of Fleshlight users! However, it is essential, and even mandatory. To clean it, at its simplest, I take the sheath out of its shell, rinse the inside well with clean water, then clean the rest with a little mild soap and warm water, before drying it all. When necessary, I add a little maintenance powder if the sheath starts to stick a little too much.

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk efficiency

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk - 10

Zoom on Ana Foxxx’s pussy

First chocolate sheath, it is already top, but what does it propose at the end? Because this is what we expect from a masturbator! That it is beautiful, pleasant to the eye, it is a thing, but still it is necessary that the stimulation on our penis is also with the appointment! I was curious to test this model, on the one hand, because, as I said, it is the first chocolate sheath that came out on the market at Fleshlight, but especially, by its construction. After playing with it, here is my conclusion!

The first chamber

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk - 16

Comparison with the Emily Willis squirt model

Let’s start at the beginning! Good news, this is a good first chamber! Its construction is a zigzag hump shape, with a narrow part at the beginning that offers amazing sensations. This first chamber offers a structure on 6 cm (2.36″), just like the second chamber which composes this shaft. We also find a second part with wave shapes that have some kind of bordered steps, with more solid edges and a change of diameter in the passage.

It is its edges and its change of diameter that comes to stimulate the penis. We can feel the change of direction of this structure which makes it rather perceptible. It is this part of the shaft that is the main means of stimulation. Clearly, only with the first chamber, we can reach to cum.

The joint of the two chambers

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk - 15

To have some air coming out, you can unscrew the cap

Attention, it is surely the most intense part of this sheath and I think, globally, the one that will be the most appreciated. However, if we take this part alone, it is not the most interesting. In fact, this area works very well because we have two long chambers that are connected by this joint. This transition gives a choke point, despite its size which is not so narrow in diameter. This transition from a wide sheath to a narrow sheath and back to a wide sheath provides an intense area for the penis to move from one to the other.

The second chamber

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk - 17

Comparison with another Fleshlight model

Concerning the second chamber, with its huge grid structure, then an area that seems to be cut into the walls of the shaft, proposes something special. We have some kind of trapezoids in 3D, cut in reverse. This second part, offers a soft, pleasant sensation, but without much intensity or tension on the glans. It is not the most interesting part of this sheath, even if it remains pleasant. And depending on the size of your penis (in length), you may not have the opportunity to enjoy it. It’s not a big deal, it’s mainly the first chamber, and then the transition to the second chamber that are the most interesting parts of this Silk sheath.

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk final thoughts

Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk - 8

A very good model, surprisingly so!

To conclude, the Fleshlight Ana Foxxx Silk offers a rather unique experience! The two chambers that make it up are quite large and unlike usual, we don’t have a construction based on a large number of chambers. It’s quality over quantity. These two large areas are there to rub on your penis, rather than having big, fast alternations. The area that connects the two chambers brings the intense, tight constriction that allows for some surprise and the desired alternation to facilitate orgasm.

Also, we have quite a bit of air that accumulates when the cap is closed. This provides a pleasant sucking sensation. This is clearly a sheath that fits all penis sizes. It is really different from other Fleshlight sheaths that I have reviewed in my memory. Nothing revolutionary, but clearly a nice surprise that I will use from time to time for its unique side! I recommend it.


  • The first chocolate colored model
  • The signature of the actress on the sheath
  • Quite manageable
  • A surprising sheath
  • Two big chambers
  • The joint of the two chambers


  • No real novelties, but it is also logical
  • The screw thread of the cap could be revised since the time
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