Third product to be reviewed, it is the ROMP Riot! Yes, another product that we review proposed by ROMP, the low cost brand of Wow Tech group! If you missed it, you should know that we have already reviewed two products of the brand ROMP! It was a first on the site by the way! The first sextoy we tested was the anal beads ROMP Amp, then we went on with the masturbation sheath ROMP Mosh! And here we are on this third sextoy from ROMP, but something tells me that we still have some surprises to reveal.

The ROMP Riot is a vibrating capsule, like the ones we have reviewed lately, with the Love Not War Maya and the Love Not War Amore, even if we are not at the same level as these two. Here, it is a model for smaller budgets, with a product that goes to the essential! Want to know more about this vibrating capsule? Here is our review of the ROMP Riot!

ROMP Riot packaging

You are now used to the packaging of the ROMP range, because once again, it is the fourth ROMP we are testing. We have again, a rectangular box, semi-rigid, with two faces, one horizontal and the other vertical, which shows us the product! We have a sticker “Certified Wow Design”, then “Bullet Vibrator”, “Punches way above its weight”, as well as the mention “Rechargeable”. In short, we understand that it is a vibrating capsule that recharges.

The other side is a bit the same, but on the horizontal plane. On one of the slices, we can also discover 6 pictograms, including that this capsule offers 6 intensities of vibration, 4 vibrating modes with model, IPX5, “Travel Size”, “Rechargeable”, and “Body Safe silicone”. The other side, shows us the contents of the box. Once we open the box of ROMP Riot, we have a white plastic mold. In it, we have the vibrating capsule, while under the mold, it is its charging cable that you will find. In addition, we have a safety manual, a user’s manual, and even a sheet of fun and naughty stickers.

ROMP Riot physical details

So yes, it’s clearly a vibrating capsule! It is almost a “capsule corps” for those who know the reference! As you can see, it is a small clitoral stimulator, in the shape of a suppository, if you can say so! It is simply a vibrating capsule, but rather intended for a manual use, even if it is the kind of vibrating capsule that we can put in a harness to stimulate the person who wears it and mainly her clitoris.

With a very rounded shape on both sides, we notice an orange part, then at the bottom, a yellow part, with on this one, the logo of ROMP, a small place for the LED of charging status and of course, a button underneath to turn on and make the capsule vibrate! In short, a simple but nice clitoral stimulator.

The dimensions of the vibrating capsule

As I just mentioned, it is really a small vibrating capsule! Indeed, this one is only 7 cm (2.75″) long and 2 cm (0.78″) in diameter! Yes, it is small, but it is also a vibrating capsule and not a magic wand! To help you compare things better, I remind you that the Maya vibrating capsule from Love Not War is 12 cm (4.72″) long, like the RO-120 mm capsule from Rocks-Off. The We-Vibe Tango X measures 9.98 cm (3.54″) in length. And finally, the Ignite stimulator from Lovehoney measures 8.5 cm (3.64″)! It is true that 7 cm (2.75″) is not much! It is a little more than a Tantus vibrating capsule, especially the one injected into the Feeldoe for example.

Other details

Even though I already mentioned it, you must have seen that this vibrating capsule is two-tone! A bit the same principle as the ROMP Bass that you have not yet discovered via a review on the site, because this one is a surprise to come! Damn, it’s missed for the surprise. Indeed, the ROMP Riot is orange with a yellow part at the level of the button location and the internal battery charging area. Despite the choice of color which is not very to my taste, it is rather cute. And finally, concerning its weight, it weighs only 24 grams! Again, this is really light and I have to admit that it can hide a small and not very robust motor. But this, we will see a little later in this review.

ROMP Riot materials

Let’s talk about the materials that make up the Romp Riot! We have ABS plastic, mainly, but with silicone as well. It is, however, a silicone coating. This provides an extra soft feel, it’s nicer than ABS plastic. The silicone coating is more present at the end of the controls, while on the vibrating part, the layer is thinner.

ROMP Riot use

I think, from memory, that the vibrating capsule is part of the first sex toys reviewed on the website! It’s a classic, but it’s not the most powerful sextoys on the market either. Well, it also depends on the capsule in question. But it is true that this is the kind of sex toy that is part of the basic models, that you can take everywhere with you, provided you have its charging cable with you, to compensate for its relatively low autonomy. To tell you more, follow the guide!

How to charge the capsule?

Same principle as for charging a standard vibrating capsule, you will have to use the charging cable provided with the Riot. Here, you have a mini-jack plug to insert into the vibrating capsule, in the place provided for this purpose. Then, the other part of the cable will have to be plugged into an AC adapter to go faster or into a powered USB port. In terms of charging time, it takes 120 minutes to make a full charge for only 60 minutes of autonomy. The ratio is not great, but at the same time, it is a small vibrating capsule, the battery can not last for hours. So you’ll have to think about recharging the ROMP Riot regularly. During the charge, you have an LED on the capsule that will allow you, at a glance, to see if the capsule is full or not.

How to manipulate it?

You know that with a product that has a simple button, it won’t be very difficult to use this one! That’s true, because we didn’t even read the manual to find out more. It is the same principle as the Love Not War Liebe for example and its single button. Here, you just have to keep the button pressed for 2 seconds to turn on the capsule or turn it off depending on its state. A pressure on this same button, allows you to navigate in the different levels of intensity and vibrating modes. No more, no less. I don’t think it could be any simpler than this.

What modes are present?

It’s a pretty basic capsule, but nevertheless, we have plenty to do. Indeed, we have a constant mode, on 6 levels of intensity, then 4 modes of variable and alternative intensity. The modes are rather classic, but quite different from each other.

Which lubricant to choose with ?

Although you might think this vibrating capsule is made of ABS plastic (which is not totally wrong), it also features silicone! And you know you shouldn’t use a silicone-containing sextoy with a silicone-based lubricant! Well, I hope so, because I’ve been announcing it for almost 10 years now at every review! Quite honestly, you can dispense with the lube, it’s a vibrating capsule for external use, it’s not very useful. If you really have a hyper-sensitive clitoris, the lube can soften it all up, but otherwise, since the capsule is not meant to be inserted into your body, it’s clearly pointless to use it for anything. In any case, make sure it’s a water-based lubricant!

How to clean it?

Warning! The Riot is not waterproof! It is only splashproof, but to the IPX 5 standard! If you know the IPX7 standard which corresponds to waterproof, on a depth of one meter for about 30 minutes, you are not necessarily used to see the IPX5 standard. The IPX5 standard means that the vibrating capsule is resistant to water splashes from all angles, but not to the water jet! Sextoys that are water jet resistant are those that are IPX6 rated. In short, since this cap is only water resistant, I recommend that you take a soft, slightly wet cloth to clean it rather than running it under the faucet. Then air dry it.

ROMP Riot efficiency

To be honest, we’re not expecting anything crazy with the ROMP Riot! For its price, we won’t expect a competitive vibrating capsule like the Tango X or the Love Not War Amore, that’s for sure. However, we will be able to compare it with other capsules that are part of the same range of budget capsules to tell you if it is worth it or not! Of course, Kitty was in charge of trying it a few times so that I can offer you her feedback and my report as well. Will this capsule end up in your purse or in the trash? Yes, it’s a bit of an extreme choice, especially since a battery operated sextoy should not be thrown away. It can be recycled! Anyway, here is our opinion on the ROMP Riot capsule!


It is a small capsule, you know what it is, it is not necessarily the most convenient to use, without being annoying. Indeed, as it is a small capsule, we will tend to maintain it with two fingers, or even three to change intensity or switch to a vibrating mode. Another point is that its tip is quite round, without any pointed or beveled part, which leaves less possibilities to target a specific desired area. For example, with the Love Not War Maya or the Amore, not to mention the Tango X, the precision is not the same. Finally, the button on the back of the capsule is neither too soft nor too hard. In short, regarding the grip, there is no real concern, but it is a small capsule, smaller than the ones I mentioned.

The vibrations

Well, this is not the same thing! The vibrations are rather superficial. Even on the first level, the depth is not really there. On the other hand, the vibrations are rather concentrated on the vibrating part, you feel them a little bit, but not too much either, which is rather pleasant when you use it for a while. When Kitty used it, she told me that the Riot was pleasant, but not enough to make her come. Even at the highest intensity level, you really have to go for the orgasm according to her. After that, it’s about her needs, Kitty is not at her first sextoy and you can imagine that she has the possibility to enjoy vibrating sextoys much more powerful and with deep vibrations.

To tell you more

Yes, the vibrations aren’t crazy, but it’s a low-budget vibrating capsule and more for beginners, who are looking for a small, handy, portable and rechargeable vibrator. While Kitty was using it, she also had fun placing the vibrating capsule on the brake of my penis. Again, I found that the vibrations were nice, but not strong and deep enough. I would have had a hard time cumming with this level of vibration. The last time I squirted with a vibrator or stimulator was with the Le Wand Massager, it’s not the same thing.

Kitty & Mogwai

ROMP Riot - 14
ROMP Riot - 8

ROMP Riot final thoughts

In the end, even if we are not the target of sex toys to start with, this capsule, compared to its price, is pretty good. Sure, the power won’t be huge, but sometimes it can be enough to add extra stimulation during penetration. Using it only without any other stimulation, for Kitty, it is not enough. It depends on how used to vibrating sex toys you are as I mentioned. If you are looking for a small but very decent budget capsule, the Romp Riot may be right for you.


  • Small capsule
  • 6 intensities for the constant mode
  • 4 alternative vibrating modes
  • Silicone coating
  • Rechargeable
  • Easily transportable


  • No pouch
  • Plastic mold
  • Superficial vibrations
  • Lack of power for the regulars
  • You can’t precisely target an area
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