This day is to be marked with a white stone, because it is today that I present you the F-Machine Gigolo Pink from F-Machine! I have to say that I never imagined that I would review a Fuck Machine one day and yet, here I am in front of you to tell you about it. It’s been a long time that the idea had been in my head. I wasn’t sure I wanted to test such a machine, but today I thought it was time to get started. After so many sextoys reviewed on the website since its creation, it was one of the things I hadn’t done yet.

In order to find a Fuck Machine to review on the website, I contacted one of my faithful partners who follows me since my debut in 2013, it is KissKiss! Because yes, I didn’t want to make a partnership with anyone just to try a Fuck Machine. That’s when I received a feedback from them that it was the perfect time, because a new Fuck Machine was coming in the store’s shelves, the F-Machine Gigolo Pink!

Explanation about F-Machine Gigolo Pink

Table of Contents

Before starting this review, I think it is necessary to explain a little bit what a machine of this kind is in order to understand the review of this F-Machine Gigolo Pink. If you’re not too keen on porn, you probably haven’t seen a Fuck Machine yet. Well, at the same time, if you are on this website, it is to discover more on the subject. It is therefore possible that you have already come across this kind of device.

What is a Fuck Machine?

In short, a Fuck Machine is a machine that runs on electricity, with a powerful motor to move back and forth, a rod on which a dildo is attached. Usually, there is a remote control to adjust the speed and depth of penetration, but also a system to choose the angle of penetration to practice a lot of positions.

But it’s for BDSM and SM, isn’t it?

The idea that people have of a Fuck Machine, it’s only a machine that you find for porn or BDSM dungeons. It’s a stereotype and a preconceived idea. In reality, a Fuck Machine is for everyone. There is no need to be in the porn or master of a BDSM dungeon to want it and use it. It’s the same for BDSM accessories in general. You can simply want to play alone, quietly or with your partner to have fun in a different way. But don’t worry, it’s not as intimidating as you might think. You have to pay a little attention to it to realize that it’s not as scary as it sounds.

Why review a Fuck Machine?

Because I want to! It’s just a huge opportunity for me to review such a thing! It’s still a certain success as a sextoys reviewer for me. And because of this, I worked a lot to make this review of anthology. Indeed, I wanted to do justice to this kind of product. Because it must be said, it is not an ordinary product either. Moreover, it is a F-Machine Fuck Machine, which is a well-known brand in the field. What could be better than a very good model of Fuck Machine for a first? It’s always better than being disappointed with a low-end model to start in this world. Anyway, I’m just very happy to test the F-Machine Gigolo Pink! By the way, it’s time to get to the heart of the matter!

F-Machine Gigolo Pink packaging

Of course, it’s hard to imagine the package I was going to receive. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Although I have to say that the experience of delivering the Kyo Torso helped me prepare a little. I was very much hoping that it would arrive just in time for me to pick it up at the bottom of my door. The delivery was scheduled for Friday. Since I wasn’t available at that time, I requested a delivery at a relay located 400 meters from my home. I went to pick it up on foot and finally the package was not as heavy as I had imagined.

Once the box is in the middle of the main room, I start to open it, eager to meet my new Fuck Machine! Yes, I swear, it’s really the feeling you get when you’ve been waiting for something for a long time and finally arrive at that moment that will make your dream come true. Maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but not that much. Once the shipping box is removed, I look a little inside, but I put everything away, because I didn’t have time to take care of the photos at the time. It was the next day that I opened the package in more detail.

The box of the Fuck Machine

Actually, it’s not a box, but rather a big black nylon bag with on the front, the F-Machine logo, a little blue rabbit. This one has a handle that can be wrapped around both wrists of the bag via a scratch for transport. This bag opens by a double zipper and on the side. Once the bag is open, we find silver foam that contains the parts of the Fucking Machine. Everything is tidy, nothing moves, it’s a great achievement.

More details about the Fuck Machine bag

Obviously, with this kind of product, we have equipment and I would even say a lot of equipment. In fact, everything comes as a spare part and you have to assemble everything. It’s not very hard, I’ll talk about it later. Inside this bag, there are two compartments. On the bag, not much description, in fact, I won’t even say any except the main logo. Everything is clean and the whole thing doesn’t look vulgar or even give the impression that a Fuck Machine is hiding inside. So it’s quite discreet.

The content of the box

Now let’s talk about the contents of this bag. Already, you have two curved tubes with protective rubber feet to avoid “ripping” on the ground and especially damage. Be careful, there is a left foot and a right foot. This is important for the assembly. Then you have another T-shaped tube with a closed part. By the way, I would like to point out that all the parts, including the manual, are contained under plastic. It’s not great from an ecological point of view, but it’s good. You also have two large screws to tighten the T-shaped part on the two legs. There is of course the main unit which contains almost everything, from the motor to the single-leg system to move the rod.

Then, of course, you have the penetrating rod with an adapter to use the Vac-u-Lock dildos. You also have a hexagonal wrench with two ends and quite long. There is also, an automatic power supply that switches from 110 to 240 V depending on the type of current. You will maybe have to use the UK->EU adapter to power the machine. You also have a small brown pouch that contains three additional hex keys for maintenance. There is also, a kind of large can that opens via a tab where the black 20.32 cm dildo (8 inches) is present. The manual is also there and fortunately. And finally, you have a wireless remote control from +12V to 27A using an MN27 battery.

F-Machine Gigolo Pink physical details

So, at first glance, she’s… Well, actually, she didn’t go up. It’s in “Ikea kit” mode and you have to assemble it to finally look at it from all angles. I must admit, I’m proud to have been able to assemble this Fuck Machine, because I figured it must be a big deal. Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything in the “Use” part of the review, to help you do the right things if you too fall for the F-Machine Gigolo Pink!

Well, you must admit that this Fuck Machine has a lot of charm! Personally, even if pink is not a color I like more than that, I must say that this machine has everything to please, even for the most frightened of this kind of machine. No, but look at this! I’ve taken so many pictures of the F-Machine Gigolo Pink that you’ll get your money’s worth. Yes, because you don’t pay anything by reading this review. And that’s still good! You just spend a little time reading this review. So, back to our subject, as you can see on the many pictures, this Fuck Machine is just sublime!

Size of the Fuck Machine

Well, it’s not that big. That’s right, you’d think a Fuck Machine would be at least a meter long, but it’s not. That’s the impression you get when you add the penetrating rod that will be used to mount a dildo on it to get you fucked. Yes, let’s remember, a Fuck Machine is made to get you fucked. We’re not talking about a vibrator. Like I said, you think it’s a big thing right away but in reality it’s not that big.

Indeed, it is 62 cm long (24.40 inches), 42 cm high (16.53 inches) and 23 cm wide (9.05 inches). Quite honestly, it’s smaller than I imagined. Even Kitty, when I first took the machine out, was surprised at its modest size. It’s not that cumbersome. By comparison, the Kyo Torso is really hungry for space.

Other visual details of this sublime Fuck Machine

There is so much to say that it’s complicated not to forget anything. First of all, its weight. On the manufacturer’s site, it is announced that this machine weighs 11.5 Kg. However, I have a doubt on the subject. Indeed, UPS announced me a package of 9,9 Kg (knowing that there were also inside, two accessories for the machine. I therefore doubt that the F-Machine Gigolo Pink weighs 11.5 Kg. I think it’s closer to 9 Kg than to 11.5 Kg. In any case, for a Fuck Machine it’s really light. You can carry it with one hand by grabbing it by its T-shaped foot without worry.

Of course, you can see next to the motor, a place to connect the power supply. There is a windowed part (on the other side of the motor) allowing to see the internal mechanism and especially to manipulate it. I’ll talk about it later. You can see the F-Machine logo, but also a blue lighting system inside the machine that gives a very nice effect when it is turned on.

Of course, you can’t miss the design of the “Pink” version which is frankly very nice. It gives a nice look to the Fuck Machine, fun and almost playful compared to the almost all black version, quite sad and intimidating. You can also see the wheel to adjust the height and angle of the Fuck Machine. In short, this Fuck Machine is superb!

F-Machine Gigolo Pink materials

Now let’s talk about equipment! As much as I usually talk about silicone, ABS plastic, TPR, wood, glass and many other materials, here we will talk scrap metal! Finally, we’re going to talk about materials we’re not used to talking about in the sextoys world. Here, we have several materials that make up this F-Machine Gigolo Pink. I admit that there are not many details on this point, but it’s good stuff. You should already know that the main internal components of the machine are CNC machined components made from alloys used for airplanes. For info, a CNC machined component means that it is made by computer-aided numerical controls.

The parts are made by flowing liquid materials as I understand it. Knowing that the machine is made of the same alloy used to make the planes, it promises to be quite robust. Concerning the remote control, it’s made of plastic, it’s less classy, but it’s not very important.

The material of the dildo delivered with the Fuck Machine

Let’s also talk about the material of the dildo found with the Fuck Machine. Because it’s not all about the materials that make up the Fuck Machine, there’s also the dildo that will fit in your pussy or your buttocks, or even your mouth. You do what you want, while being careful. Isn’t that right? So I was saying that with this Fuck Machine, we have a dildo that can be fixed with the Vac-U-Lock system.

This dildo seems to be made of TPR more than silicone despite the announcement of F-Machine on its card. I have the impression that it is a double density dildo like Doc Johnson’s UltraSkyn, but here again, little information about it. It’s not the best dildo material I’ve seen, but it’s not too bad by default. Let’s just say it does the job and we’re not on a rotten plastic dildo.

F-Machine Gigolo Pink use

Attention, here is one of the biggest part of the review of this Fuck Machine, I’m talking about its use. You can imagine that it’s not as simple as pressing a button. There’s a lot of things you need to know to use a Fuck Machine properly! As always, I’ll try to tell you everything about it. There are bound to be some questions I won’t have answered at the end of the review, but feel free to contact me through the website page to find out more. I will surely be able to answer you.

Small Curriculum Vitae

Announced as simple and versatile, but less sturdy than the F-Machine Pro II, it is suitable for beginners. It is also suitable for use at home, as it does not take up much space and remains relatively quiet so as not to wake up the whole neighborhood. It is to know that this Fuck Machine was designed by qualified engineers. It also has a large number of possibilities, especially with regard to the penetration angles, which will satisfy almost any desired position. It can also be used in a dungeon or by BDSM practitioners. However, its all pink look may not be to the taste of some people.

Warning, this F-Machine Gigolo Pink is not designed to be used with large accessories. This may result in an overload that will activate the protection against power cuts. Indeed, the maximum weight that can be put on the rod is 600 grams. That’s actually not bad. If you want to use bigger toys with it, you will have to orient yourself on the F-Machine Pro II or III. Let’s start by assembling our Fuck Machine!

Assembly of the Fuck Machine

Although it may seem complicated at first glance, in reality it’s quite simple. To set it up, I spent about 20 minutes making sure everything was in place. It’s a bit like Ikea’s assembly instructions. At the beginning, for the first piece of furniture, it takes a bit of time, then once you understand the concept, the second piece of furniture can be assembled in less than two minutes. Now, in 5 minutes, the machine is assembled. It’s really a good thing from F-Machine, because it’s probably the most off-putting part for a novice. And I must say that it is easier to assemble this Fuck Machine than an Ikea Billy shelf.

Step 1: Assembling the legs

The first thing to do is to use a carpet to do the assembly. It’s safer. Then, we take the two curved tubes that serve as feet. Be careful, I remind you, there is one tube for the left foot and the other for the right. Do not make a mistake! Then, take the T-shaped piece. This is the main piece on which the two tubes will be aimed. If you have purchased the extra fixing system, I advise you to take care of it now. Indeed, you have to place it at the level of the T-piece and once the screws are in place, you will have to undo everything afterwards.

On the T-piece, at both ends, there is a screw thread. So you have to fix the first tube on the T-piece with a big screw and tighten it tightly. Then do the same for the other tube. You can do it by yourself, it’s not complicated. By the way, I assembled the whole machine myself, without any help. If you are alone to assemble it, it’s more than feasible.

Step 2: Assembling the main unit

Now that the feet are mounted, we can take care of the central unit which also contains the motor. This is the kind of cylinder that points upwards. The crank on the unit is used to tighten or loosen the clamping buckle in order to slide it inside. Keep the central unit in your hand and hold it securely so that it does not fall out. Then, once in place at the desired height and angle, close the crank clockwise more than two turns. Go to the max I would even say! It is absolutely necessary that the central unit does not slip.

This crank allows to control the height of the central unit but also the angle of the rod that will be fixed on it. We can then modify the height and the angle. To do this, you will have to turn the handle counterclockwise (two turns) while holding the central unit so that it does not slip. Keep one hand under the central unit to avoid problems. Do the positioning operation and close the crank handle properly.

Step 3: Installation of the Penetrating Rod

Care must be taken when installing the penetrating rod. This rod slides on the front of the F-Machine Gigolo Pink. The rod must then be slid inside in front of the single-leg system until it is well inserted and held by the internal mechanism that allows it to be locked in place completely. For this step, do not hesitate to look through the windowed part to make sure that the rod is well aligned and pushed in.

Then, use the hexagonal key (the long one) at the front slot of the windowed part to tighten the screw to secure the rod in place. To be sure that the penetrating rod is fixed, you can try, once tightened, to make a complete rotation of the rod by hand. It should not move a hair if you have tightened it well.

Step 4: Adjust the penetration of the rod

This is an optional part at the beginning, but I advise you to do it. Indeed, by default, it is level 4 that is configured, the level that does the most back and forth. So I advise you to configure it on the first level, allowing an amplitude of movement of 2.54 cm (1 inch). Knowing that level 4 (maximum) performs a movement amplitude of 10.16 cm (4 inches)! Once you’re comfortable on the first level, you can move to levels 2, 3 and 4.

To adjust the range of movement of the rod, it is already necessary to make sure that the penetrating rod is well fixed to the central unit as seen previously. Then, we take the hexagonal key to use it on the second slot present at the back of the machine, still on the window side. So there is a slot to fix and block the rod and another one to move the single-leg system.

Once the key is inserted, just turn it a little to detach the single-leg system. The closer it will be to the engine, the less the amplitude will be important. The closer it will be to the rod, the greater the amplitude will be. Once the desired position has been chosen, we close it by giving a half turn counter-clockwise. It sounds complicated, but when you do it, you immediately understand the system and adjust the machine in just 30 seconds.

Step 5: Connecting the Motor to the Fucking Machine

Now, let’s move on to the last step of the assembly of the F-Machine Gigolo Pink! It’s time to make the last connections before using the machine. First thing, we check that the power switch on the back of the Fuck Machine, near the engine, is in the “Off” position.

Then the power supply can be connected right behind the motor. There is little space depending on the height and angle of the Fuck Machine. It is largely feasible, just go quietly so as not to damage the cable connecting the machine to the motor. Once this is done, the system can be connected to the power outlet via the EU adapter (if you need it). A blue LED should light up on the power supply unit. Then once this has been checked, you can switch to the “On” state. A blue LED should light up inside the windowed part and the rod will automatically reposition itself on switching on. If everything is ok, your Fuck Machine will be ready to serve you!

The power supply of the F-Machine Gigolo Pink

As I announced at the beginning of the review, this F-Machine Gigolo Pink is very easy to use. Indeed, it’s an English machine and works like this. But the power supply of the Fuck Machine is equipped with an automatic current detection system in 110 or 240 V (50/60 Hz) in order to switch to the right configuration.

The power cable connects to this power supply and then the EU adapter is placed in it to plug it into a conventional power outlet. This is well thought out and it avoids using a separate transformer to do the conversion. By the way, the cable is quite long, we can easily plug it in and I have to admit that I was not short of length by plugging it in the different places where we used the machine.

The engine of the F-Machine Gigolo Pink

The engine of this F-Machine Gigolo Pink is powerful. Indeed, it is a 40 Watts motor that runs at 24V. It is therefore a high torque motor and is frankly silent. The internal sliding system is practically silent. In any case at low speeds. As soon as you get up to speed, you can hear the motor a bit more, but frankly it’s not as noisy as I thought. I’ll talk about it later.

The power of the F-Machine Gigolo Pink

On the power level, we have a speed system ranging from 0 to 240 RPM. These are not really RPMs (Rotations per minute) but rather B&FPMs (Back & Forth per minute). Even though in reality it is RPMs, because it is the single-leg system that makes rotations. You might as well say that 240 RPM at the most, it’s powerful! Even though this is a Fuck Machine suitable for beginners, it will also be used for people who already have some experience. I’ll also talk about it later in this review.

The remote control of the F-Machine Gigolo Pink

The remote control of the Fuck Machine is the part a little more disappointing. In any case, disappointing on the quality. Indeed, it’s a plastic wireless remote control, not really pretty. It looks a bit cheap, but I prefer the quality to be present on the main unit than in the remote control. However, even if it’s not very attractive, it works perfectly.

16 positions using the remote control

On this remote control, you can therefore control the 16 speed positions, ranging from 0 to 240 RPM. To use it, you must already install the battery in the 12 V MN21 form factor (but it is not very clear). Indeed, on the manual, it is indicated that it is a MN21 battery, but elsewhere in the manual, it is indicated MN27. To be checked on the original battery. In any case, it must be inserted in the remote control and close the cover.

One increase per step

If the Fuck Machine has just been turned on, the default speed will be at the lowest level. That’s perfect to start with. Pressing the button marked with an up arrow will increase the speed of the Fuck Machine. You can increase it in steps by pressing the arrow twice or hold down the button to increase the speed crescendo. Obviously, pressing the down arrow twice will decrease the speed. And if you hold down the down arrow, the speed will decrease smoothly.

Pause and stop button

To switch it on, press the middle button. It is a button that allows you to start it, but also to stop it at any time. And I can tell you that it’s practical. If you pause the machine, by pressing the button again, the machine returns to the last speed used before the pause mode.

However, if the machine is disconnected electrically, it will start again at the lowest speed as it was originally. This avoids the risk of getting a big blow to the dildo at full speed by turning it back on a few days after its last use.

The security of the F-Machine Gigolo Pink

Safety is also an important point. For it is also what can be frightening. You never know. That’s why this F-Machine Gigolo Pink is equipped with a power failure protection system to protect users. This also prevents excessive penetrations or parts coming loose while the machine continues to run. No need to worry, if there is the slightest problem, the machine will fail via the security.

The central unit is completely closed. You can’t put your hand or fingers inside by accident and nothing can get in like that. Finally, there is also an accessory that you can buy additionally to secure the movements of the machine on slippery and poorly adhering flat surfaces. This allows the machine to remain in place, even at full speed. I’ll talk about it a little later.

The security complement with the F-Machine Anchor

If your Fuck Machine moves too much when you use it, you have the possibility to get a specific suction cup, compatible only with the Gigolo and the Pro II of F-Machine. This suction cup is easily attached to the Fuck Machine to prevent it from slipping. The suction cup adheres to all surfaces (glass, smooth tiles, smooth wood, etc…). It also improves stability. The suction cup measures 17 x 12.3 x 8.3 cm (or 6.69 x 4.84 x 3.26 inches) and weighs 425 grams. We will see a little further if this complement is useful or not.

The motion system of the F-Machine Gigolo

I’ve already talked a little bit about it, but this F-Machine Gigolo Pink uses a revolutionary single-leg type movement system that can be easily adjusted to control the depth but especially the angle of penetration. You can really choose a wide range of penetration angles. You can use it horizontally or vertically, there are really a lot of possibilities. And as I said, the single-leg system can be adjusted to control the depth of penetration, with a level from 1 to 4.

How to spot a hardware fault on the Fuck Machine?

If your F-Machine Gigolo Pink does not start or runs intermittently, you should check that when you plug in the power supply, an LED should light up. This is really just in case, on my side, I’ve had absolutely no problems since I received it and used it multiple times. If this is not the case, do the following!

Checking the connections

The first thing is to check that the wall outlet is properly plugged in. It’s stupid, but it can happen. Then, check that the wall outlet is working properly on another device. You never know if it’s an old plug that you never use. Then, if it’s really crap, you’ll have to test and replace the Fuck Machine’s main power fuse (the rectangular block) and check that the big power plug is properly connected to the adapter.

We check the connections, again

If the power supply LED still does not light up, the power supply will have to be changed. Do not do it by yourself. If the LED is working, check once under voltage, that the blue LED lights up inside the Fuck Machine. If it doesn’t, check the main power cable and the central unit, it’s the small cable next to the motor. It may be damaged. Also check the power connection, the one connecting the unit to the machine. Of course, make sure that the switch on the central unit is set to “On”.

False contact, remote control and single-leg system

If the LED of the central unit still does not light up, there is a false contact somewhere. In this case, you should contact the support. If the central unit LED lights up, but the rest does not work, check other points. Check the remote control if it is not damaged. You can also check the single-leg system to see if the sliding system still works and can rotate. This can be checked simply by taking the hexagonal key and inserting it into the rear slot. When moving from left to right or vice versa, the single-legged arm should rotate on itself. This is the rotation of the internal system.

Obstruction and expert handling

If the single-leg system does not move, it may be a sign of obstruction. If not, the remote control is at fault. And if the remote control is working, there is an obstruction. Here, you need to remove the front part of the Fuck Machine and make the necessary adjustments. Be careful, this must be done by a mechanically competent person. It is also necessary to disconnect the machine from the power supply before any operations. The cover of the central unit must then be replaced correctly. The single-leg system is also to be considered. In this case, please call for assistance.

Strange noise during operation

If the machine works, but makes a tapping noise or other strange noise, further checks should be made. Already, basically, the machine will make noise while running. It is not quiet. But I’m talking about an abnormal noise. You have to do some checks, but you have to know a little bit about mechanics.

The first step is to make sure that the power is turned off. Then remove the front cover, which can be removed with 4 screws. Then check that the single-leg system is properly attached to the drive unit at the rear. Also check that the connecting rod is tight on the single-leg system. You can also check that the rod is well blocked by the internal system and secure this element as seen during assembly.

Then move the single-leg system from back to front with the connecting rod not inserted and listen for a rattling sound from the engine section. If the noise comes from there, open the cover of this part and re-grease it to avoid friction.

Compatibility with the Vac-U-Lock system

By default, with the supplied adapter, it can be fixed on the penetrating rod. It is easily clipped on to hold the tip on the shaft. It is very good material at this level. Thus, we can fix all types of dildos using the Vac-u-Lock system from Doc Johnson. This adapter is very practical to quickly attach a compatible dildo. Simply unclip the adapter, remove the dildo, slide another one on top and then clip the adapter back on. You can therefore install the default dildo, present with the Fuck Machine, which is, I remind you, made of double density PVC in my opinion, more than silicone as indicated by F-Machine.

However, I also have a dildo using the Vac-u-Lock system that I received next to it from another partner. It is a 20.5 cm long (8.07 inches) UltraSkyn model. This will allow me to see the difference with the one provided by default.

Compatibility with other dildos via the adapter

As you can see, by default, only dildos equipped with the Vac-u-Lock system are compatible with the F-Machine Gigolo Pink. With the Universal USB adapter (which means Universal Suction Base), you can use any type of dildo that has a suction cup (or a flat base). This adapter works with the F-Machine Gigolo as well as with the F-Machine Pro 2, a model above the one I’m reviewing.

However, beware, not all dildos can be placed that have a suction cup or flat base. Indeed, this accessory only allows to use dildos with a weight of 600 grams maximum for a diameter of 8.8 cm (3.46 inches) at the highest. Yes, I say “only,” but in reality, the limit is quite high when you look at the average size of a dildo. We’ll see a little later if this adapter works well.

Some advice for general use

Before talking to you about the efficiency of this Fuck Machine, here’s a little piece dedicated to the advice of use. The first thing to do is to go step by step. Don’t try the highest speed or the widest penetration directly. You have to manipulate the machine to fully understand how it works. The second thing is to position the machine correctly. Whether it’s the height of the main unit or the penetration angle. It may take a little time to position the machine properly depending on the positions. Do not skip this step. It’s not glamorous, you lose a little bit the thread of the action, but it will avoid any problems afterwards.

Start on your own!

As you will see later, it is best to try the machine on your own for the first few times to find its ideal position before using it together. On the one hand, you will be more confident using it and you will have less uncertainty about what will happen once the machine is up and running.

A matter of location

Because of its size, it is difficult to place it so that it can lie on the edge of the bed on its back with the machine on the floor. Its height is not very important and for a bed, it is too low. We can place it on the bed, it is playable, but the machine will be less stable. The position of the missionary is not the most practical. Quite honestly, the one that works best is the doggy-style position. To begin with, it’s simpler, because when on all fours, you just have to configure the central unit to be horizontal so that the rod moves properly.

How to clean the F-Machine Gigolo Pink?

Well, it’s not something I’m going to do very often, because it has to be said, it’s not every day that it’s going to be wiped clean. In any case, I’m not as close to my Fuck Machine to get there. Anyway, you should never use water with this Fuck Machine. To wash it, you will have to proceed in the following way.

If you need to clean the motor part of the Fuck Machine, you can use a barely damp cloth and rub it gently. Again, I said to use a slightly damp cloth, not a float-filled cloth. The other interesting part to clean is the penetrating rod. You can remove it from time to time to clean it and in the process, use it to make the Vac-U-Lock system, always with a soft cloth.

How to store the Fuck Machine?

Just hide it. You can put a sheet over it and that’s it! More seriously, it all depends on your state of mind. Either you have no problem to leave it visible and you can leave it in a corner of the room or in the bedroom. It’s not that big in the end. Alternatively, you can simply remove the penetrating rod and slide the Fuck Machine into a cupboard. Otherwise, there is always the option to take it apart and store it in its nylon bag. It’s just as quick to disassemble as it is to assemble. It’s up to you. As for me, I don’t bother and I store it in another room dedicated to Entertainment!

F-Machine Gigolo Pink efficiency

It’s time to get fucked by this Fuck Machine! Yes, I admit I never thought I’d say that one day! Honestly, I was really excited to try this machine on myself, but of course also on my dear and sweet Kitty. Ever since I found out I was going to get one, I was like a kid. When I got the confirmation that it had left the KissKiss warehouse and arrived home, I was even more excited. Now that it’s here, mounted and ready to serve, I realize that it’s a beautiful beast and I can’t wait to see what it’s made of! So here is my opinion of use as well as Kitty’s!

Sequence of the first use

For the first use of this Fuck Machine, I wanted to try it on Kitty. So I chose the default dildo that you get with the Fuck Machine so as not to complicate things. To try it out, I moved the machine into the bedroom and placed it on the bed. The stability wasn’t great compared to placing it on the floor, but it works. However, one should not move too much on the bed, or the machine will move. If you’re not in the right axis, it can be problematic.

At first, I had trouble finding the right axis and angle. At the same time, it’s not so easy to place one Fuck Machine according to the position of the other and imagine where the dildo has to be placed to fit into the right hole. That’s when I noticed that it’s easier to let the person who’s going to use the machine place it the way they want it. In fact, during this first try, I had to move the machine several times to put it in the right place. Knowing that it can be adjusted from several angles, you shouldn’t hesitate to test it. That’s how this first time went. A lot of adjustment before using it properly.

Kitty and the Fuck Machine

Obviously, seeing Kitty using a Fuck Machine in front of me turns me on. I can control the machine with the remote control, stop it at any time if a problem arises and vary the speeds at will. I could make the dildo penetrate her pussy while giving her access to my penis to suck it. The overall vision makes it all very exciting, even if you have to keep an eye on the machine to make sure nothing abnormal happens. In the beginning, caution should be taken before feeling more comfortable with its use. It’s quite an exhilarating feeling, I find.

Kitty & Mogwai

How to get started or my tips for use

After playing with the Fuck Machine on Kitty, I quietly tested this one on my own, to master it well, especially before using it on me with Kitty or using it on her with greater speed or range of motion. I noticed that to use this machine, it is better to choose the right angle. And I would even say, it is advisable to already insert part of the dildo in your buttocks or pussy. Indeed, if you turn on the machine hoping that the dildo will go back and forth, right on the right axis, you won’t be able to do it. And it’s even a blow that the dildo goes in your ass in one go, which hurts quite a bit.

If you already have the glans inserted, the start-up will be easier, because the dildo will move directly inside, rather than trying to force the passage, especially in anal. I advise you to start slowly, even if you are greedy. Be sure to test the functions and especially to reassure yourself on its use. If you go slowly, there will be no problem.

The different speeds of movement of the rod

Once you’re a bit more used to it, you can start playing with the speed. On the lowest speed, it’s quite pleasant, but you get bored quite quickly. It is on the other hand, the perfect speed to titillate the anus when the dildo is not inserted yet and to wake up the area quietly. The mode that will allow you to be confident with the machine. By pressing a few times on the top arrow of the remote control, you can reach a slightly more interesting speed. This is a speed that corresponds to an average hand use. Neither too slow nor too fast, just right.

Then, by increasing again, we reach a speed that allows us to feel the back and forth and the effect of penetration. Then you start to play in the big league. And as soon as you increase again, you start to go towards very vigorous speeds, as if you were being caught properly. And if you go further, it’s definitely a good breakout, faster than a human being. Whether it’s me or Kitty, we’ve reached the maximum possible level.

Anal stimulation

On this kind of use, it is only I who can answer you. Kitty tested the machine on a vaginal penetration and I tested it on an anal penetration. As much to say it, this machine works well! Yes, it is easy. Honestly, as soon as you are comfortable with its use and you have already played with the first levels, you can more easily go in the highest speeds, always on the less ample movement.

The prostate is stimulated

The dildo, depending on the part inserted, stimulates the prostate at each passage. At the beginning, the stimulation is rather soft, but as soon as you get higher, you begin to reach a very stimulating level, which comes to hit the prostate in small explosions of pleasure. Then, you want to increase the dose, to go even faster, and there, it’s the takeoff.

Prostate Attack

The more it goes, the more you want to go to the maximum level and I can tell you that at the maximum level, you get your ass fucked at a pretty crazy pace, the prostate starts to be overloaded, it’s hyper intense, able to come and make the seminal fluid flow easily and reach your limits in terms of pleasure and prostatic stimulation. It’s really intense, nothing comparable to a dildo that you move by hand, or even to a pegging session. The machine will fill you up faster than an individual. It’s incomparable.

Think about the lubricant

In fact, remember to have a good dose of lubricant next to you, because at high speeds, it will evaporate fairly quickly. Another point, I found that the simplest position to use this machine is still doggy style. With Kitty, it was a missionary position and I must admit that the doggy style makes things easier.

With a more textured dildo

I also tested the Fuck Machine with a more textured dildo. You can feel the texture of the dildo more easily when you use it with the Fuck Machine than when you use it by hand. Indeed, when you use it by hand, you take an angle that is almost naturally proposed, whereas here, the machine follows the chosen angle and penetrates you at a faster and more sustained pace. You might as well say that the back and forth will be very vigorous. In fact, I advise you to start with the supplied dildo or a slightly textured dildo in order to get used to it at first.

With a Tantus dildo with hole

You can also place on the tip, a dildo with a hole like those from Tantus. I tried to put the Tantus Goddess on it and it fits very well. Here, the Goddess has a wave-shaped shaft which is really interesting on this machine. The stimulation is quite crazy, but you have to get used to it. I wouldn’t start with a dildo like this either if I were you.

F-Machine Gigolo Pink - 91
F-Machine Gigolo Pink - 92

By changing the length of penetration

Then there is the possibility to change the amplitude of penetration and there it is another world. On the first level of amplitude, the dildo moves well, but not too much either. But on the maximum amplitude level, I can tell you that it’s heavy ! The penetration amplitude becomes much more important. It’s as if the dildo goes back and forth, going to the the bottom until it comes back to the level of the glans!

Yes, level 4 is diabolical, but requires more confidence and ease with the machine. A dildo that moves 3 to 4 cm (1.18 to 1.57 inch) or 10 to 15 cm (3.93 to 4.72 inches) is not at all the same! Imagine the maximum speed and the maximum amplitude in action! I can tell you that no one will be able to penetrate as fast and as deep as this Fuck Machine. In this configuration, you can’t resist very long! It’s really powerful!

Feedback on the suction cup accessory

For the accessory that allows you to add a suction cup system to better hold the machine in place, I found it to be a gadget. Maybe it is due to the coating of my apartment. I have lino and at the suction cup level, it doesn’t really work. I think the suction cup will be most effective on hard floors, such as tiles.

The sound of the Fuck Machine

Well, I’m not going to tell you it’s quiet. But honestly, I thought a Fuck Machine would make a lot more noise than that. Here, it’s really quite correct. I can’t really compare, but it’s the right surprise. Indeed, if this one was too noisy, it would have been difficult to use it in an apartment.

At low level

When you’re at the lowest level, it’s clearly quiet. You can hear almost nothing, just the single-legged system. When I talk about the lowest levels, it’s the 15 to 45 RPM levels. Above that, you start to hear the machine a little more. As soon as you get to 45 RPM to 90 RPM, the machine starts to make noise. But frankly, not enough to put earplugs in. It’s really acceptable, even in an apartment.

At more than 100 RPM

As soon as you get above 100 RPM, it’s a little bit louder. It is especially when you reach around 180 RPM that you start to hear the machine well. If someone is in another room of the apartment, depending on the soundproofing, you will be heard. Also, think of using a carpet or in any case, avoid floors that resonate too much (tile type) because you will surely annoy people.

240 RPM at maximum

Personally, even when using it at full power, i.e. at 240 RPM, the noise is no more disturbing than that and it remains acceptable. Good news, we will be able to use our Fuck Machine as we want without disturbing the neighbors. The F-Machine Gigolo Pink is therefore perfect for use in an apartment.

Feedback in USB adapter for the Fuck Machine

Concerning the USB adapter, it is quite simple to use. At least the way I use it! Indeed, in the box of this adapter, there are several things, but no explanations manual. I think it’s a real shame, because you don’t really understand how to attach a dildo on it without an explanatory diagram. I had to look at several pictures to discover a type of fitting, using 3 O-rings. However, there is also a scratch system available, but nothing is indicated.

Tips and dildo size

My advice to use it correctly is to use three rings. You pass a slightly stiffer ring on the shaft of the dildo you want to use. You’ll see, there are rings a little thinner and others thicker. Once the ring is in place, you have to use another ring by passing it inside the first one, then inside itself to tighten it. And you will have to do the same thing on the other side as well. Then, once in place on the accessory, you can pass the two rings that hold the dildo over notches to hold it. It works well, but you have to know that. I’ve attached the Vixen Mustang, Pride Dildo’s Thick Rick and others to it, every time it works well.

With a bigger dildo

With a bigger one, like the Vixen Bandit, it was more complicated. The base is not made for that, but it’s doable. Less practical than other flat-base dildos though. So with this accessory, you can use a lot of dildos, which avoids to use only Vac-u-Lock dildos.

Differences between the Pink version and the black version

So it’s true that I don’t have the black version. However, I have tried to investigate this and it seems that there are several notable differences between the two versions. At first, I thought it was just a more “stylish” version than the previous one, but in the end, there are many differences that need to be taken into account. What seems to be the most obvious is the quality of the dildo, which seems to be better. And above all, a problem with the power cable that kept the motor in the bag could damage the machine. Here, no problem to get the cable out.

What I can tell you more about this Fuck Machine

Another point to know. I advise you to put some corn flour in the hole of the dildo (Vac-U-Lock) which will make it easier to put it in place and remove it afterwards. Indeed, I had a little trouble removing the dildo from the mouthpiece a few times. Might as well put a little corn powder on the front to easily remove the dildo afterwards.

F-Machine Gigolo Pink final thoughts


F-Machine Gigolo Pink - 71
F-Machine Gigolo Pink - 83

Yes, it’s done, I reviewed a Fuck Machine and not just any Fuck Machine! By the way, it was really my credo on this point, I didn’t want to review a low-end or disappointing product. I wanted to have a very good first experience. Indeed, I think of you. If I found myself in your place, waiting for my Fuck Machine after paying such a large sum of money, I would expect a lot.

Is it worth it?

So the question is whether this F-Machine Gigolo Pink is worth it? I’ll tell you that it depends on several things. Indeed, from my point of view, I got it in exchange for a huge and complete review and so I didn’t have to pay a cent. So it’s not the same thing as putting yourself in the shoes of a buyer. I want to say that this machine is worth it, but you have to be sure of your choice.

Curiosity or real desire ?

Honestly, if it’s just curiosity, it’s useless. Well, let’s just say it’s going to make curiosity expensive. On the other hand, if you’re really a sex lover, if you’ve always wanted to have a Fuck Machine in your house, or even if you have a room dedicated to sex, then that’s something else. Indeed, the F-Machine Gigolo Pink is made to be used frequently. Having a Fuck Machine at home is becoming a lifestyle. It’s clearly not the toy you’re going to use once and put away afterwards.

A perfect Fuck Machine to start with

At the end, if you have never used a Fuck Machine and you really want to buy one, the F-Machine Gigolo Pink is perfect to start with and still have something to satisfy you for a very long time, especially with its accessory that allows you to adapt other dildos that are not Vac-U-Lock standard.

An attractive price compared to other models

In terms of price, it is not too expensive. It’s still good material and it’s not a simple sextoy. It is still cheaper than the F-Machine Pro II which brings a little more possibilities, but for someone who is just starting out, the Gigolo version is more suitable. Because whatever the case, the F-Machine Gigolo Pink is a machine that will fuck you in the right way. If you’re the type to have a delicate ass or a sensitive vagina, I advise you to go on your way! The F-Machine Gigolo sends some heavy shit!


  • It’s a Fuck Machine!
  • The pink version is really beautiful!
  • Perfect to use it alone or with two people.
  • Can fit in BDSM games
  • It is powerful!
  • The USB accessory is convenient for other dildos
  • Easy to use overall
  • Compact version
  • Multiple possible positions
  • A quality Fuck Machine!


  • It’s not the most discreet of Fuck Machines.
  • It still makes noise, but it’s a Fuck Machine.
  • It takes up a little space, but it’s fine.
  • It’s a budget, but it’s a very good Fuck Machine!
  • The safety accessory with the suction cup, debatable
  • No manual for accessories
  • The power plug and power button are not superbly placed
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