Beware, this review of the Kyo Torso Onahole might make you want to succumb to it! Yes, you’re not dreaming, I did receive a huge human-sized masturbator, a masturbator you don’t see every day. It’s literally a very big surprise for me. In fact, I’ve been wanting to test a torso-shaped masturbator for a long time, a bulky masturbator, as close as possible to a Love Doll. But today, my wish has been granted, I received, somehow, the Kyo Torso Onahole and I will offer you an ultra-complete review about him! It’s something else than the Meiki Nancy doll masturbator. Finally a real size! If you always wanted to acquire a huge masturbator, the Kyo Torso Onahole review is for you!

Kyo Torso Onahole Packaging

kyo torso onahole - 1

The huge cardboard box received on D-Day

When I received the huge box, it was already very funny. The delivery man rings, I come down. I find myself face to face with a gigantic cardboard box weighing a little less than 20 kg. The delivery man says to me “Careful, it’s heavy”. For my part, I said to myself “if you knew…” Anyway, I push the box with my foot, I go back up to the apartment and I open it. Inside this very big box, I discover the Kyo Torso Onahole, contained in a hard plastic mold to keep it in place.

First small defect during transport

kyo torso onahole - 18

The crushed breast (which will regain its shape a few days later)

The first small disappointment was that the cardboard was a little banged up. The plastic shell holding the masturbator in place had suffered some shocks. As a result, one of the masturbator’s breasts was a little flattened. Nothing very bad, but it’s a bit of a shame. It’s not the shop’s fault, but the transporter’s. Unfortunately, these things happen. You should know that afterwards, this breast returned to its normal shape. So it’s only temporary.

A practical plastic mold

kyo torso onahole - 3

The kyo torso masturbator in its plastic mold and packaged

Let’s go back to the box. So I discover the masturbator between two plastic shells. I begin to remove the upper part of this hull and I see this torso, protected by two pockets. One protects the hips to the underside of the breasts. The other, goes from the neck to the navel. The two pockets overlap at the junction point, protecting the entire surface of the masturbator. These two pockets also protect the masturbator from dust and other dirt in the air, they will not go in the garbage.

Kyo Torso Onahole physical details

kyo torso onahole - 4

Here’s the onahole out, still wrapped from both pockets.

It’s just huge! I still can’t believe I got a thing like that! I’ve got a whole bunch of realistic masturbators, though! Buttocks, like the Meiki Cherry 2, the Meiki Cherry Evolution or the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000! Pairs of breasts, like the Bouncing Titties F from Kokos or the Ane Oppai Beautiful Tits 2.5D! But also a miniature doll, the Meiki Nancy or the Disgraceful Oppai Body which does erotic lactation. But a masturbator like the Kyo Torso Onahole, it’s the first time!

A human-sized masturbator

kyo torso onahole - 5

A real masturbator on a human scale.

Yes, the Kyo Torso onahole is human-sized! Finally a masturbator who doesn’t look like a little girl barely of age. There, at least, the size of the masturbator allows us to imagine that she is an adult woman. With 61 cm length (24″) for 30 cm width (11.81″) and a thickness ranging from 22 cm at the hips (8.66″) to 35 cm at the chest (13.77″), it is really quite a machine! On top of that, you have to count 16.3 Kg on the scale! Can you imagine the thing?

Beautiful curves and details

kyo torso onahole - 7

A very beautiful realization with details present everywhere.

Here we have an almost complete masturbator. Admittedly, the head, arms and legs are not present, but the most important thing is there. For a masturbator, of course. With its very beautiful curves, we have the right to a beautiful trunk, with a beautiful chest. This one is smaller than that of the Bouncing Titties F but a little bigger than those of the Ane Oppai Beautiful Tits. For my part, I can take both breasts in the palm of my hands while having a good volume in terms of sensation. You can see her drawn hips, her navel, her shoulders. It’s all really well transcribed.

The vaginal and anal orifice

kyo torso onahole - 9

Overview of the vaginal and anal orifice

On the Kyo Torso Onahole, you have two orifices. One vaginal and one anal. That goes without saying! The first one has an 18 cm long tunnel (7.08″), the second one is 16.5 cm long (6.49″). You can see that the vagina is open, the lips are spread apart and ready to be penetrate. The anal orifice is a little more closed and much less detailed.

A solid internal structure

Very important point, the Kyo Torso onahole has a solid structure inside. This allows it to have a certain posture, a good resistance to shocks and at the same time, to give a more human side to the product. It is also this internal structure that gives the masturbator its weight.

Kyo Torso Onahole materials

kyo torso onahole - 23

High quality TPR

Let’s talk texture! The Kyo Torso onahole is made of good quality TPR. It’s not as soft as the Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro, more like the Meiki Cherry Evolution’s one. This texture gives a certain feeling of realism, it is healthy for the body and does not contain phthalates. However, TPR is a porous material. It is therefore preferable not to use it with several people and especially to clean it well to remove bacteria afterwards.

Smell and feel to the touch

kyo torso onahole - 6

An odour is present on arrival, it’s a bit normal, but it dissipates over time.

On arrival, the TPR has a certain smell. It’s a bit like that on all masturbators of this kind, with a few exceptions, but it’s not disturbing. The texture is also a bit greasy. You can feel that when you touch it, there’s a layer present. Nothing serious, you just have to clean it off and rinse it with water. But I find that the smell lingers. For my part, I got used to it, but it is still present, probably due to the volume of TPR present in this masturbator. This smell disappears little by little, as the cleaning process goes on. But it doesn’t disappear all at once.

The two tunnels of the masturbator

kyo torso onahole - tunnels

The two tunnels of the masturbator

To give you a little more details, here is a little bit the structure of the two channels of the Kyo Torso onahole. The vaginal tunnel is the most interesting. It consists of a harder TPR, with a kind of organic structure inside and a curvature that ends in a suction chamber with a very interesting sucking effect. I’ll tell you more about it later. The anal canal has many bumps and a slight curvature. There is no suction chamber for this canal.

Using the Kyo Torso Onahole

kyo torso onahole - 14

You’ll need room to use it!

To use this masturbator, you need to have room! Because I can tell you that it’s bulky as a device and it’s not every day that I have fun taking it out. But let’s see all the same all that it is possible to do or imagine doing.

Positions with the masturbator

kyo torso onahole - 21

In the doggy-style position

With such a product, you can have fun doing a lot of positions. It all depends on the strength you have in your arms, because I remind you, this masturbator weighs 16.3 kg. Of course, you can easily perform the positions of the missionary and the doggy-style. Here, the masturbator rests on a flat surface, there is nothing complicated. You put him in your bed and you can use it! Other positions can also be performed, but you will have to be in good physical shape.

Use in Threesome and more

kyo torso onahole - 35

The Kyo Torso and his chest in the Punker dress

Yeah, why not? Swinging can be scary. So can a threesome. So why not experiment with this type of masturbator? It’s entirely possible. You just have to keep an open mind and just have fun. Of course, it will remain fictitious and can only be a FFM plan (two women and a man), but I think it’s a good idea to use it this way as a couple. Some people may find it weird, but for others it may be a way to have even more fun. Be careful, it’s still a porous texture.

We can dress her up to our liking…

kyo torso onahole - 31

Here, the masturbator is wearing a piece of lingerie from Lovehoney

Since this masturbator is on a human scale, it can be dressed with lingerie as you wish. I can put him in Lovehoney’s Seduce Me push-up or the Promiscous Black Handmade bodystocking in leather imitation. But also, the Lovehoney pink babydoll or why not the Punker dress from Obsessive. Of course, this masturbator having neither legs nor arms, we can forget the Leg Avenue seamed stockings or the Sara fishnet stockings from Bas Bleu. But also mittens or gloves. You can’t have it all.

It’s good to be able to customize your masturbator according to your desires. Of course, you had to have lingerie available and above all you have to want to do it. For some, it can be disturbing to do this. Me, I have no problem with that. I don’t see why I should deprive myself. I find it fun, for the experience.

A masturbator to keep you company

kyo torso onahole - 13

Sometimes a human presence can be missing. If it makes you feel any better, why not?

Another possible use is to use it for sleeping. If you feel lonely, you can place the masturbator in your bed and keep it there overnight. If you miss your sweetheart a little bit during her absence of a week for professional reasons for example, it can be used as a substitute if you feel the need. I don’t use it that way, but I’m thinking that some people may find it useful.

Cleaning the Kyo Torso onahole

kyo torso onahole - 11

The two orifices to be cleaned, good luck

I might as well tell you that to clean this masturbator, you have to get up early and have courage. Because as much as using it is a real pleasure, cleaning it is a real ordeal. Not because of its complexity, but because of the volume of the product. When you have to carry a 16.3 kg onahole from one place to another, to clean it, that alone is boring. That’s the way I do it.

How do I clean it?

After having ejaculate inside the masturbator (because yes, you enjoy well with it), I take care of doing a first cleaning with the cleaning stick I got in the Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro onahole. By the way, this stick is great for that.

Then I arm-wrestle the masturbator into the shower. I put it down flat and take the shower head to rinse it thoroughly. Then I turn it over on the other side and do the same. Once I’ve cleaned it thoroughly, I do the same for both channels. I easily wait 2 to 4 hours for it to dry. Then, I take care to drain the water from the orifices. To do this, I wrap a towel around it and place it vertically so that the water flows. And that’s it.

How to maintain it in the long term?

kyo torso onahole - 12

You’ll have to take little care of it.

But in a few weeks, I’ll switch to toy cleaner as well to clean it well (and purify it a bit) and surely to regenerating powder to keep it in good shape. But yes, it’s quite a process for this cleaning. At the same time, you can’t have a 16.3 Kg masturbator and clean it in two minutes easily. You have to earn a masturbator like this.

Effectiveness of the Kyo Torso Onahole

It’s time to tell you all about this masturbator! To tell you all the nasty things I’ve done with it! To test an object like this, it deserves a whole story! To make you live all this, I tried to retrace some of my experiences with a chronological way. Then, you’ll have a whole bunch of details about it, following my various uses! Have a good adventure!

Feedback on an experience in several stages

masturbateur kyo torso - 36

The Punker dress that stops where it should stop

For my first use of the Kyo Torso Onahole, it was a total discovery! I really wanted to try it for several days. From there, I carried out several experiments with it to have a maximum of feedback to you.

First discovery of the Kyo Torso Onahole

masturbateur kyo torso - 2

Here, Rends, hello!

It’s a Friday night, it’s about 6:30 PM. I start to open the box and try to get the chest out of it. First observation, it’s heavy, very heavy! It doesn’t look like that, but 16.3 kg, it has to be lifted. As a reminder, I weighs 55 kg. So it’s a bit as if I was lifting a little less than a third of my own body. Clearly, it’s not easy to get it out, but I can still do it, by placing it on the bed. It’s still hot and just this handling has made me tired and sweaty. Yes, getting out, placing and putting away the masturbator is quite an adventure!

First use of the Kyo Torso onahole

masturbateur kyo torso - 19

I install the masturbator on the bed

Once on the bed, I start to feel the beast a little. It doesn’t move, its weight makes it very stable and the solid structure inside is clearly there. I hadn’t come for two days and I wanted to have a good time with this new toy.

It’s time to fuck!

masturbateur kyo torso - 15

The breast is still crushed at that moment!

For a start, I left the masturbator the way he was. That is, placed in the missionary’s position. And for once, I made this first try without visual or sound aids. Basically, no porn next to it, just this torso without arms, legs or head. By the way, I want to make it clear that it’s not really disturbing that this masturbator doesn’t have a head, arms or legs. It’s even almost more convenient! Compared to my own body, the masturbator is really human-sized. The torso of this masturbator is about the same as mine.

masturbateur kyo torso - 16

A rather striking first penetration

So I grab some water-based lubricant, pour it into her vagina and insert my cock inside. First thing, it’s pretty amazing. My penis is well stimulated by the vaginal canal, I have a very good grip by grabbing the masturbator by the hips. I lean on it, I embrace his body, while penetrating it. It’s quite close to a real penetration. In any case, the fact of having a full torso reinforces this feeling even more.

I’m trying positions

masturbateur kyo torso - 22

It’s time to try positions!

I then try to put the masturbator in the cowgirl position. Honestly, it’s complicated. Unless you’re very muscular, it’s hard to keep the masturbator’s torso in that position. Its solid structure gives it a certain realism, but it’s not a spine either. So I go back to the missionary’s position.

It’s time to see what it’s worth…

masturbateur kyo torso - 39

The masturbator and the Maxime dress from Demoniq

After all that, I was warm enough. Between the masturbator’s movements and the back and forth, it must be said that it’s a bit tiring. So I continue as a missionary. The grip is always very good, I have a good feeling of realism and I feel the glans of my penis take a lot of pleasure when I tap at the bottom of the vaginal tunnel. I would even say, staying at the bottom and going back and forth only at the bottom. The glans is very stimulated, even sucked up a little. It makes me want to penetrate it even deeper.

masturbateur kyo torso - 17

A realistic breast

I was even hotter, but I still wanted to keep fucking that masturbator. So I started to add a few dirty words, as if she were a real woman and I must say that you can believe it. I didn’t come at that moment. I held myself back to start again, a little later, but clearly I could have come in about ten minutes.

Second use of the Kyo Torso onahole

masturbateur kyo torso - 30

Frankly, one can imagine things very well!

7:10 PM, just 40 minutes after the first try, I feel like doing it again. This time, we’re going to try to do it a little faster and especially a little wilder. So I take my missionary back, then I switch her over to doggy style. While I’m at it, I give her a few slaps on the ass! It bounces well! I start stuffing her pussy while slapping her, it holds the shock! I feel like trying the anal canal, but I prefer to wait a little longer. I want to come, but I also want to hold it in. And I’m still very hot, I love that feeling. I lift her ass to take it from another angle. But I stop again, just before coming. It’s decided, tonight I’ll fuck her ass.

Third use of the masturbator

masturbateur kyo torso - 32

Business continuity

It’s between 8:10 and 8:15 PM, I still want to fuck that masturbator. Alternating doggy-style and missionary, it’s still good. This time, in the doggy-style position, I decide to go harder. I grab his shoulders and pull them back to raise his bust! I take it this way deep, kicking it deep down and once again, it was very stimulating for the glans. I still decide not to come this time. But I haven’t forgotten my desire, next time I try her ass.

Fourth use of the Kyo Torso

masturbateur kyo torso - 33

Sexy, isn’t it?

It’s 9:00 PM, time to come! I have to say that I held back three times and I must confess that I couldn’t take it anymore. Let’s go for a fourth one! This time, I position the torso in doggy-style position, I grab one of his buttocks and I penetrate the anus. It’s a little tighter, but it’s not as stimulating. So I go back into her vagina. It slides better, there’s more room, and as I go deeper, I feel my glans saturated with stimulation and suction. I’m not going to resist for long. That’s when I get a liberating and very powerful orgasm. The suction from the last chamber plays a big part in this.

Feedback on its overall effectiveness

masturbateur kyo torso - 8

The vagina is really detailed

After several attempts, I have been able to note several points that I think are essential to communicate to you. Firstly, you can go back and forth in the vaginal canal without using your hands. The opening being rather broad, with a little lubricant, one can completely fuck this masturbator, without touching it. The internal structure is also an undeniable asset. It gives a certain naturalness to the torso. You can feel this structure in the hips, waist, back and shoulders. As mentioned above, you can lean on it without any problem, keep the weight of the body on the shoulders or pull the shoulders backwards doggy-style to change the angle of penetration.

masturbateur kyo torso - 34

The Kyo Torso, still in the Punker dress

The sensations vary according to the position by the curvature of the channels. In missionary or doggy style, it will not be the same. I admit that the vaginal canal is demonic. When I push my dick in as hard as I can, you can clearly feel the last chamber. It’s really very stimulating for the glans and sucks properly. This sensation is felt beyond about 14 cm in length (5.51″).

And several weeks later, still as good?

masturbateur kyo torso - 38

Yet another outfit!

Oh yes! Even weeks after receiving it, I still enjoy using it. For me, it’s really the masturbator that gives the most realistic feeling. It’s true that some small masturbators offer very good sensations, but it always feels like fucking a piece of material stuffed in a plastic shell. But still, to fuck a masturbator who is the size of a 13 year old girl. Here, we really have material, we feel much more this realism, because we are on a human scale. And the vaginal canal is always so stimulating. Besides, I think that if this canal wasn’t so well done, this masturbator wouldn’t really be of much interest.

What about defects?

masturbateur kyo torso - 37

The TPR has deteriorated a bit, be careful anyway! I’m testing, I must say!

There are flaws. Not many, but they’re there. For example, the texture remains a little fragile. After several uses in stallion mode, I managed to deteriorate the orifices. The anal orifice has enlarged with a small tear. As for the vaginal canal, the entrance is a little bit morphed, but doesn’t bother at all. In doggy style, the back and forth of the penis can have a tendency to go in any direction and you can, without realizing it, pierce the texture with your glans. This doesn’t prevent you from using it again and again, but visually, you can see this defect later on. That’s what I’ve experienced, but that doesn’t mean that this problem will show up on your model. It’s really in relation to the use you make of it.

Kyo Torso Onahole final thoughts

masturbateur kyo torso - 20

A masturbator who deserves the shot!

In the end, I’m more than happy to have had the opportunity to review this masturbator and especially to give you a complete feedback. Given the price of the product, we have the right to expect a lot. And especially to be satisfied with our purchase. Here, I find that the price is worth it. It’s clearly not comparable to a real sexual relationship, let’s face it. However, it is surely the most realistic experience I’ve had the opportunity to feel through all the masturbator reviews I’ve had the opportunity to try.

You shouldn’t be ashamed to use or want such a masturbator. Your pleasure is important, don’t forget it. However, keep in mind that it is only a masturbator, a toy. Human warmth is not reproducible. In any case, it is a very good product. Of course, you have to make an effort to use it, but every time, it is clearly a great experience.


  • A masturbator of 16.3 Kg
  • A full bust with tits, ass and pussy…
  • The internal skeleton that provides real support
  • The possibilities of experience
  • The end of the vaginal tunnel, which is diabolical


  • It’s heavy!
  • It must be maintained and it’s not easy.
  • You can easily damage it with a fingernail or something else
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