Here is the Doxy Die Cast 3R! Feel like you’ve seen this name somewhere before? It’s normal! On the website, we have already reviewed several Doxy wands ! There is the Doxy Massager, the Doxy Die Cast or the Doxy Number 3 (now the Die Cast 3). But this time it is the Doxy Die Cast 3R, a version that takes the concept of the Number 3, but with an important element, wireless! With Kitty, we really like the latest version of the Doxy wand, but it is true that the power cord can be a bit annoying sometimes, despite its length!

When I saw that a wireless version had come out, I really wanted to use it on Kitty’s clitoris, her lips, but also my neck and shoulders, because for me, the Number 3 is mainly used for this activity! So I hope to find on this wireless version, all the power of the Number 3 and that’s what we will see in this review of the Doxy Die Cast 3R!

Doxy Die Cast 3R packaging

Doxy Die cast 3R - 1

The beautiful rectangular box

A nice surprise! Indeed, the packaging of the Doxy Die Cast 3R is visually the same as the Doxy Number 3, except for a few details! It is still a long rectangular cardboard box. This box is all blue, with the textwritten in white.

Doxy Die cast 3R - 2

A rechargeable and wireless wand!

Inside the box you will find another thick black box. And inside this box, you’ll find an elegant aluminum storage tube that opens on both sides! On one side, you’ll have a part that contains the USB charging cable and on the other side, you’ll find the Doxy Die Cast 3R and a user manual directly in the box.

Doxy Die cast 3R - 5

What you find inside the box

Honestly, well done Doxy, because I find this aluminium tube really perfect to store the wand! On the other hand, the screw thread of the tube is quite thin, don’t get angry when trying to screw it back! Just be calm and patient!

Doxy Die Cast 3R physical details

Doxy Die Cast 3R - 6

The super tube that holds the wand with a manual in the box

The Doxy Die Cast Edition was already magnificent, the Doxy Number 3 also, I’m not surprised to find again, a very beautiful wand! Yes, this Doxy Die Cast 3R is really a compact and visually very pleasant wand ! It is a little wider than other wands of the same size, but it remains thin and easily transportable! This is also its interest since it is now a rechargeable wand and therefore, wireless!

Doxy Die Cast 3R - 8

And here is the wand inside the tube

So you will find a handle composed of three buttons that you know well if you have already used a Doxy wand. We always have the name Doxy which appears roughly on the top of the handle. And to finish, the stimulating head with its flexible neck and its head that unscrews! Frankly, it’s beautiful, it’s one of the most beautiful wands we’ve ever had the opportunity to review!

Size of the Die Cast 3R

Doxy Die Cast 3R - 15

A small wand, compact, but which hides its game well!

Since Number 3 and Die Cast 3R are identical in this respect, we have no surprises! Indeed, the wireless version has the same dimensions as its predecessor, so we have a 28 cm (11.02 inches) long wand with a head of 4.5 cm long (1.77 inch) by 4.5 cm high (1.77 inch). Once again, it is a longer wand than an O-Wand, a Die Cast with 31 cm (12.20 inches) or the Doxy Massager. It is smaller than a Europe Magic Wand, Magic Wand Rechargeable or the We-Vibe Wand! On the other hand, it is bigger than a Domi 2! In the same way the head is smaller than the wands I mentioned before, except once again, the Domi remains smaller.

Other details

Doxy Die Cast 3R - 10

The other side of the tube contains the charging cable.

Of course, there’s one thing you can’t miss, and that’s its color! Do you have seen this marvel? The Doxy Die Cast 3R has a unique design, with a sparkling body that uses the color “Blue Flame”, a kind of blue that shines like a valuable sapphire with small metallic glitter! Frankly, it’s just beautiful! I really love its design and even more its color! It also exists in black, but I must admit that this version completely surpasses the sober “Matte Black” version, which uses a black and matte color.

Doxy Die Cast 3R - 9

Zoom on the cable in the tube

Another point, the Doxy Die Cast 3R weighs 367 grams! That’s a little more than the Doxy Number 3 and its 320 grams! And of course, compared to the Doxy Die Cast edition and its 700 grams, it is almost twice as heavy as this Die Cast 3R !

Doxy Die Cast 3R - 3

The magnificent “Blue Flame” version!

Finally, the Doxy Die Cast 3R is compatible with the accessories of the Doxy Number 3! Whether it’s the rabbit-shaped accessory, the masturbation sleeve or the clitoral stimulation, all can work on this model! Even better, they can be screwed directly in place of the stimulating head! And that’s really good, because there’s no risk of the accessory drop off the head, in addition to the fact that there’s no vibration dampening when adding an accessory to a silicone head.

Doxy Die Cast 3R materials

Doxy Die Cast 3R - 19

Top quality materials!

At Doxy, they offers strong stuff! Once again, we really find qualitative, robust and classy materials! We mainly have a wand made of an aluminum-titanium alloy, which is what makes up the entire handle and head mechanism. Then we have silicone for the stimulating head and the wand buttons. Honestly, it’s the best! These are excellent quality materials! They contain no phthalates, latex or junk thing! We can’t ask for better! That’s what Doxy’s English-made quality is all about !

Doxy Die Cast 3R use

Doxy Die Cast 3R - 7

A summary manual, but that’s enough to understand how it works!

To use this wand, you probably won’t need to read the manual! But still, it is better to know what you can do with it or not! And to know how to unlock the “hidden” pulse mode that the Doxy offers! But first of all, as it is a cordless wand, you will have to charge it from the beginning to use it!

How do I recharge the Doxy?

Doxy Die Cast 3R - 16

The location for connecting the charging cable

To charge your wand in order to use it, you have a USB charging cable at your disposal. Small reproach, I find that the cable offered is quite small! A little more length wouldn’t have been luxury. So just plug the USB part to a computer or an AC adapter and the other side to the wand’s ass! When the Doxy Die Cast 3R is charging, a red LED lights up and will turn off when charging is complete. However, you will have to wait 4 hours for a full charge for an autonomy of use of one hour at maximum power! I’m a bit disappointed on this point, because waiting 4 hours for a one hour autonomy is not a great ratio!

How to handle the Die Cast 3R?

Doxy Die Cast 3R - 17

Three big buttons to control the wand!

With three buttons, you can’t really go wrong and Doxy doesn’t try to complicate things! First, you can turn on the wand by pressing the “Power” button. The wand will then start to vibrate. Then you have the “+” and “-” buttons that will allow you to increase or decrease the intensity of the vibrations! And to finish, if you want to turn it off, just press the “Power” button again.

Doxy Die Cast 3R - 13

A practical handle

When you will turn on the wand later, it will turn on directly on the last used intensity level! If you want to use the pulsation modes offered by this Doxy Die Cast 3R, you will have to turn off the Doxy. Then keep the “Power” button pressed for 3 seconds. This time, the wand will start in pulse mode, the “+” and “-” buttons will allow you to change the intensity of the pulses. And again, the “Power” button will allow you to stop the wand.

Doxy Die Cast 3R - 14

A compact head!

Another point, the wand has a travel-lock mode during transport! To deactivate or activate this mode, keep the “Power” and “-” button pressed at the same time for 4 seconds. Simple and convenient!

What are the modes and intensities of this wand?

Doxy Die Cast 3R - 12

Up to 9000 rpm!

Here, we can’t really talk about modes! Indeed, either it is the default mode, which uses constant vibrations, or we can activate the pulse mode, so that the Doxy pulses regularly instead of delivering continuous vibrations! In terms of power, it can vibrate at 3000 rpm up to 9000 rpm! Yes, it’s a powerful wand, did you doubt it? Doxy even announces that it is 30% more powerful than the Europe Magic Wand!

What lubricant can be used with this wand?

Don’t do anything stupid! If you want your wand to remain operational for the longest time, you will have to choose a water-based lubricant! Indeed, the head of the Doxy Die Cast 3R is made of silicone! Therefore, you should not use silicone-based lubricants, as this could damage the head of the stimulator. Lubricant for a wand is not mandatory, but it can bring you some comfort for your clitoris if you are too sensitive when the head will be in contact with it. At the moment, we always use Sliquid Organics Natural and Sliquid Satin!

How to clean the wand?

Once again, be careful! The Doxy Die Cast 3R is absolutely not waterproof! In addition, it is a brushed aluminum and titanium wand, so it must be taken care of! It is recommended to clean the handle with a soft, non-abrasive cloth, a disinfectant wipe or a sextoys cleaner! For the head, it can be unscrewed, so here there are fewer problems to overcome. A small turn under warm water with a little soap will be enough to make it beautiful!

Doxy Die Cast 3R efficiency

Doxy Die Cast 3R - 18

Power incarnate!

Now it’s time to check out what this wand has under the hood! Well, I’d rather say in its engine! As you know, wands, we have reviewed several of them lately! I’m thinking of the Smart Wand 2 Large from Lelo, the O-Wand or the We-Vibe Wand! So I’m going to see with Kitty what she thinks about it and if I can make her enjoy it! On this last point, there will be no surprises, it is obvious that with this Doxy Die Cast 3R, orgasms can be easily obtained and even in chain. But for that, it is necessary to check it all the same! We have therefore used this vibrator several times to give you our feedback!

Still as powerful as ever!

Doxy Die Cast 3R - 20

A sturdy, plastic-free head

Yes, despite its wireless side, the Doxy Die Cast 3R is powerful! It was really a point where I had a doubt, because often, between a mains powered wand and a wireless wand, you lose power. Here, Doxy had to manage its internal battery well to keep the wand powerful from start to end! Honestly, the Doxy Die Cast 3r is as powerful as its wired version! In spite of its size, we should not trust appearances, because this Doxy is really top ! With its composition in aluminum and titanium, it holds perfectly the power of the vibrations it delivers ! It’s a little bomb ! It is the kind of wand with which one succumbs to the pleasure, without being able to resist.

Vibrations, always of quality?

Doxy Die Cast 3R - 21

The Die Cast 3R next to the Smart Wand 2 Large

In terms of vibrations, they are as strong and deep as ever! Just the first level sets the tone! When I turned it on, I thought we were already on the most intense mode and finally, it was the first level! Once again, Kitty couldn’t resist the vibrations! I used it during the preparation of the meal, between the plates and cutlery, I made Kitty’s clit vibrate and I can tell you that it didn’t take long for her to get one orgasm, then two, then several! We love it! As the wand is really robust, the vibrations are strong, deep and we can easily chain the orgasms! Even on the average intensity, the orgasms are obtained easily! If you like powerful vibrations, you’ll love the Doxy!

Even more handy!

Doxy Die Cast 3R - 23

Doxy Number 3 and Doxy Die Cast 3R

If the Doxy Number 3 had a long cord, here you have none! And I must say that changes things! You can use it anywhere, anytime! It has a good weight distribution, without being too heavy! Regarding the vibrations, I only feel them on the first mode, in my hand, but I have no tingling sensations in my arm as it is the case on other wands! Moreover, with its compact head, you can easily target the area you want, it’s a much more targeted than a big wand!

Its wireless side can also be used everywhere, in the garden, by the pool, in front of the TV or even on a trip! It’s silly, but it changes a lot depending on your lifestyle!

Anything else to say?

Doxy Die Cast 3R - 22

Comparison with the Domi by Lovense

Yes, it is not really silent! But, it’s acceptable! Let’s say that at high intensity, it is not really all-purpose! But it is also that to have so much power in such a small wand! Again, I’m not a big fan of the buttons, but they respond clearly to each press. You can always increase the power of the vibrations by keeping the “+” button pressed for a quick increase in pleasure! The fact that you can unscrew the head is also great! And on top of that, there is a pulse mode if you want to alternate a little bit the stimulation that this wand can offer you! With the Doxy Die Cast 3R, it is impossible to escape the orgasm!

Doxy Die Cast Edition, Number 3 or 3R ?

Doxy Die Cast 3R - 4

Which Doxy wand to choose?

This is the question we can ask ourselves! These are three excellent wands! So whether it’s one of the three, you’ll get a quality wand! But to go further, here are the differences between these three models!

Doxy Die Cast Edition vs Die Cast 3R

Compared to the Doxy Die Cast Edition, the 3R version is smaller and wireless! It is shorter in length and its head is smaller! On the other hand, it needs to be recharged, while on the other side, you just have to plug it on the mains to use it at any time. The vibrations of the Doxy Die Cast 3R have a power similar to the Die Cast Edition, but the vibrations are more precise, different, maybe a little bit less deep, but still of quality! In terms of noise, the 3R version is noisier, it also has less choice in terms of available colors. On the other hand, the Die Cast 3R has a very nice tube for storage.

Doxy Number 3 vs Die Cast 3R

Here, there are less differences! The Doxy Die Cast 3R is the wireless version of the Doxy Number 3! They both have the same shape and dimensions. One plugs into the mains, the other is rechargeable. Regarding the power, they are both at the same level. They both make as much noise as the other. For the choice of color, the 3R has less (for the moment). Finally, with the 3R, we have a very nice storage tube, for the Number 3, it is a simple box.

Doxy Die Cast 3R final thoughts

Doxy Die Cast 3R - 11

Beautiful, powerful and compact!

To conclude, we love this wand! In addition to being beautiful, it is powerful, offering quality vibrations, with quality materials! Frankly, it’s a little wonder and it’s a real favorite! It’s not the kind of sextoy you’re going to use once or twice, it’s a wand that will clearly become your sidekick, not far from you to accompany you on a daily basis! It is clearly one of the best clitoral stimulators reviewed on the website! We love it, once again! It’s a little gem!


  • Powerful
  • Rechargeable
  • Wireless
  • Easy to clean
  • Super beautiful!
  • Easy to use
  • Tons of Orgasms !


  • Noisy at high intensity
  • It is not waterproof
  • The ratio of charging time to autonomy
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