Have you ever heard of the Fifty shades of Grey spanking paddle? Come on, don’t be shy, we are sure you know what it is and what it can be used for! It’s one of the basic BDSM accessories, one of the first accessories you buy when you want to start discovering this universe! With the Fifty Shades trilogy, the paddle has become quite standard in a couple. Let’s say that its image has slightly evolved. And that’s good, because it’s still a very good accessory to start having fun spanking your partner!

We have already reviewed some paddles on the French website! For example, you have the POP Paddle, a purple paddle with glitter, to make the practice more fun! There was also the Fifty Shades of Grey Paddle, the first of the series which is back this time, in a more luxurious, blacker collection and that’s why I chose this product to review on the website! Kitty will be spanked as it should be, she loves it, reason more to have selected it! Here is our review of the Fifty Shades of Grey spanking paddle Bound to You!

Fifty Shades of Grey spanking paddle Bound to You packaging

Fifty Shades of Grey spanking paddle - 1

The external pocket

To begin, let’s talk about its packaging! It is an unusual packaging, because it looks like a kind of envelope, as if we had just received a mail with a surprise inside! It’s actually a gift envelope, perfect for giving! It looks like a real envelope, a little brown like kraft paper, but still different!

Fifty Shades of Grey spanking paddle - 2

The little sticker

On this one, we can read on the front, “Fifty Shades of Grey” to remind us that this paddle is part of a collection. Once the small sticker removed, we discover the contents! Clearly, the packaging will not be kept. It’s still nice for the gift idea!

Fifty Shades of Grey spanking paddle - 4

The storage pouch

Here, we find a storage pouch, satin, with again, the mention Fifty Shades of Grey on it. It is when we take out the paddle of its pocket that we discover this one wrapped again in paper. Yes, that makes some paper all the same!

Fifty Shades of Grey spanking paddle - 6

The paper that surrounds the paddle

Once removed, we can finally see the paddle, accompanied by two small labels that inform us of its maintenance, precautions for use and some messages in the spirit of the trilogy Fifty Shades.

Fifty Shades of Grey spanking paddle Bound to You physical details

Fifty Shades of Grey spanking paddle - 8

The whole paddle

Frankly, we are quite surprised by the quality of this paddle! Nothing to do with the paddle of the first collection, here, we feel that the quality is much higher and I will even say more, that it is a paddle for more experienced users! Already, it is made of soft leather, vegan, which will satisfy a number of people!

Fifty Shades of Grey spanking paddle - 9

The two labels

We have a harder side, the leatherette side and a softer side, with a plush coating! In fact, there is a real difference between these two sides! One will be more scathing, the other will be really soft! This plush side is,by the way, very soft, very pleasant, it is a beautiful material, qualitative, there is no doubt!

Fifty Shades of Grey spanking paddle - 10

Overview of the strap

We find on this Fifth Shades of Grey spanking paddle, the words “Fifty Shades of Grey” on the handle, with letters printed in gold, which gives it a rather classy and luxurious side. Another element, a strap is present, to maintain the paddle well and at the same time, apply blows with more control!

Fifty Shades of Grey spanking paddle - 11

The fluffy side of the paddle

On this strap, we have two tags, which can be removed easily. Concerning the dimensions, it is a rather imposing paddle, more than those we already have in our collection! Indeed, it measures 37 cm (14.56″) in total length with 24 cm (9.44″) of surface to spank. This surface is 8 cm (3.14″) wide while the total thickness of the paddle is about 0.8 cm (0.31″).

Fifty Shades of Grey spanking paddle Bound to You Use

Fifty Shades of Grey spanking paddle - 13

The mention “Fifty Shades of Grey” written on the handle

We’re not really going to teach you how to use a paddle! It’s pretty basic, although we do have a few things to share with you. But maybe you’re not familiar with spanking? If that’s the case, we invite you to check out the article on the Frech website, to learn how to give a good erotic spanking! And if you don’t understand why spanking can attract so much, while it is basically an element that can be painful, maybe the article on the fantasy and fascination of spanking, can interest you! But it’s all in French!

How to handle a paddle?

Fifty Shades of Grey spanking paddle - 14

The handle is quite large

It’s a bit like a Wiimote! You have to put the strap around your wrist, otherwise it might get lost in the TV! Well, it’s not really the same. As for the strap, I must admit that I don’t use it, nor Kitty for that matter. The handle is also relatively wide, with a more than correct grip, so it is not necessary. In short, to use a spanking paddle, you just have to slap your partner’s buttocks with it.

Some tips

Fifty Shades of Grey spanking paddle - 15

Zoom in on the fluffy side

At first, take it easy, especially with this one! As much as the plush side absorbs the shock well, which allows you to slam harder without the risk of really hurting. But with the smooth leather side, it’s more delicate. You have to measure your strength and listen to your partner’s body. Indeed, the spanking is a clever mixture between pleasure and pain. It is all a question of dosage. I advise you to change the zone regularly, because the more the blows are given on a zone, the more it is raw and the more the pain is felt.

Fifty Shades of Grey spanking paddle - 17

Comparison with the paddle of the first collection

You can also alternate between the paddle stroke and the caress with it. This allows to reduce the pain a little while increasing the pleasure, because the caresses on a reddened or slightly bruised zone are increased tenfold. And finally, I like to play with anticipation. Giving several strokes in a row, then stopping my gesture at the last moment! You’ll see that by anticipation, your partner will tend to clench his buttocks without your stroke even leaving! It’s quite fun and it allows you to play with an unexpected side!

Use with Kitty

Fifty Shades of Grey spanking paddle - 19

Comparison with the Lelo case model

To try out this Fifty Shades of Grey spanking paddle, it was Kitty who got it! I took this one out and hid it in the kitchen. During the aperitif, while she was taking care of the potatoes in the water, I took out the paddle to put a stroke on her buttocks! It was a surprise! Then, I told her to bend over and I started to spank her with it! At first, with the leather side, it didn’t take many strokes for her buttocks to start getting red.

Fifty Shades of Grey spanking paddle - 20

Comparison with the POP range model

Here, the effect is stronger than with other paddles more oriented for beginners. You really had to get the balance right. I also alternated with the fluffy side, which makes much more noise than the other side, but the effect is really softer and moreover, this side is much more pleasant to caress the buttocks afterwards. Usually, Kitty supports the paddle well, but here, the session was shorter, because we really feel the difference between the more basic, softer paddles and this one! It must be said that it is bigger and slaps harder than the others.


Fifty Shades of Grey spanking paddle - 16

Tips for care and maintenance

It’s vegan leather, so don’t have fun washing it with water. The best thing to do is to clean it with a soft non-abrasive cloth or even use some unbranded face cream, a milk-based cream that also helps nourish the leather. At the same time, you shouldn’t stain it either, its maintenance will be pretty minimal! You can find care tips on one of the two labels.

Fifty Shades of Grey spanking paddle Bound to You Final Thoughts

Fifty Shades of Grey spanking paddle - 12

A quality paddle

To conclude, I must say that we were pleasantly surprised by this spanking paddle from the new Fifty Shades of Grey collection, Bound to You! Indeed, the first collection was really riding the wave of the trilogy adapted to the movies. The products were not bad in themselves, but we felt that some were clearly designed for a marketing operation.

Fifty Shades of Grey spanking paddle - 21

A paddle collection?

Here, this range sets the bar higher, offering good quality and products that will be more suitable for regulars. Couples or people who already have a paddle but who want to have something more qualitative and more advanced! Of course, it’s a small budget, but the quality is there!


  • Vegan leather
  • A rather imposing spanking paddle
  • It is classy
  • Two sides, one soft, plush, the other leatherette
  • Gift wrapping in the shape of a letter
  • Qualitative rather than marketing


  • A small budget all the same
  • You have to like Fifty Shades
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