This time I’m going to review the Real Body 3D Anna Kiljan masturbator! Indeed, if I tell you this time, it’s not for nothing since last time I had the opportunity to review the Real Body 3D Maria Nordal! Yes, I’m back again with a big masturbator, in the shape of a bust of the brand SSI which this time is based on the supervision of the writer “Tenken” with a woman with spiky breasts and always accompanied by the 3D technology which I will echo a little later! If you don’t know it, I like Japan a lot, for several reasons and it’s always a pleasure to discover their products! I love their packaging and the fact that they go all the way.

As far as masturbators of this size or quite imposing, I have already reviewed several, not to say a large number of them. The biggest is of course the Kyo Torso which has a bust on a human scale. But in the beginning, I reviewed smaller models, such as butt masturbators with the Meiki Cherry 2 and an improved version, the Meiki Cherry Evolution. Knowing that the latest butt was the very good Kyo 7 Sins I reviewed a short time ago.

But I have also reviewed pairs of breasts, such as the Bouncing Titties F (in French website) and many others. I’m not going to list them all either. It is therefore with great pleasure that I offer you the review of the Real Body 3D Anna Kiljan onahole!

Real Body 3D Anna Kiljan packaging

real body 3D anna kiljan - 2

The front of the box

I love Japanese packaging! I can’t say it enough! Of course, I don’t know Japanese very well to understand everything, I have only small notions thanks to the book “Manekineko”, a book to learn Japanese, famous in the world. So we find a very big box full of details! It’s simple, there is not a single empty space on it.

real body 3D anna kiljan - 3

You can see the masturbator cutout on the side…

So it’s a big, rectangular, sturdy cardboard box where you can see a tall woman in sportswear, a sunflower in her hair and a whistle around her neck! It looks like a sports teacher who seems to have very large breasts that are hardly contained in her bra. You can see her nipples pointing out.

The box design

real body 3D anna kiljan - 7

What you discover when you open the box

As I mentioned earlier, this is a drawing by Tenken as I understand it. The whole box displays information about the structure of the internal tunnels, the internal skeleton, the particularity of the chest, in short, you really have a lot of information on it. It’s a real gold mine!

real body 3D anna kiljan - 9

A foam wedge is better than plastic.

When you open the box, you will of course discover the Real Body 3D Anna Kiljan, in a plastic mould, with a piece of bonded foam on top to hold it in place during transport. Then we have the masturbator, packed in a plastic bag sealed in the plastic mould. Yes, there is quite a lot of plastic inside.

No sample

real body 3D anna kiljan - 11

The masturbator in his plastic mold isn’t so good.

There’s even Anna Kiljan, who is in a drawing inside the box, with a whole bunch of indications, even in the box. As I was saying, everything is used to transmit as much information as possible! On the other hand, there is no lubricant sample offered with it. It’s not very important, I have the Tyo lubricant from Motsutoys that will do the job perfectly. Anyway, I love this box, it shines in a sextoys collection!

Real Body 3D Anna Kiljan physical details

real body 3D anna kiljan - 12

The masturbator still protected by its plastic pouch

Once again, I find the same quality as on the Maria Nordal model! It is really a quality bust, well made, there is nothing to say about it! It’s beautiful, it’s clean, it’s pleasing to the eye! So it’s a whole bust that we have that looks like the design of the Kyo Torso.

real body 3D anna kiljan - 13

The masturbator seen from the front

So you have a bust, with the bottom of the neck stopping at the level of the upper thighs. There’s no arms either, but you’ve got everything else! You can see the belly with a navel and of course a pair of spiky breasts with a good level of detail for the nipples! By the way, the breasts look very natural when you touch them, but I’ll tell you more about that later. I also find that the breasts are better made on the Anna Kiljan model than on the Maria Nordal.

real body 3D anna kiljan - 20

The masturbator’s back

The cutting of this bust or should I say its design always uses 3D cutting technology! In details, it is called “three-dimensional cutting-edge 3D technology”. It is a process that allows a clean cut of a model using 3D and I must say that the result is really successful.

real body 3D anna kiljan - 18

The pointing breasts

You can also see that there are two tunnels on this masturbator. An anal orifice, quite basic visually and a vaginal orifice, which I find very correct, but tighter than on the Maria Nordal. We have of course, a good pair of buttocks! The last thing you can’t see on the pictures is that this masturbator has an internal skeleton! Yes, it’s really a good idea because it brings an extra realism and on top of that a good stability to the whole masturbator! It will be practical for the positions!

Bust dimensions

real body 3D anna kiljan - 19

A very good size

Once again, this bust is still quite imposing! It is the same size and dimensions as the Maria Nordal. In any case, there are very few differences. This masturbator measures 43 cm (16.92′) in total length for a width of 23 cm (9.05′). That is 1 cm (0.39′) less in width than the Maria Nordal. It is therefore a completely satisfactory size.

Real body 3D Anna Kiljan - 17

An 85B chest on this model

The waist circumference is 46 cm (18.11′), again, no change from the first model I reviewed. And finally, the cup size is a 70B, which corresponds in French size to 85B. It is thus a little more than the Maria Nordal model which offers a 65B chest size, which corresponds to 80B.

Other details

real body 3D anna kiljan - 5

The structure of the internal skeleton can be seen on the box…

As for the other information to give you about this masturbator, I still have to talk about its weight! Here, the Anna Kiljan model weighs 6.5 kg, that’s 500 grams less than the Maria Nordal which weighs 7 kg. But it is still much lighter than the 16.3 kg of the Kyo Torso. It is the presence of the internal skeleton that adds weight to the whole. Moreover, you can feel the presence of this one as soon as you take it in hand, especially at the ribs.

Real Body 3D Anna Kiljan materials

real body 3D anna kiljan - 1

Anna Kiljan or Maria Nordal?

The materials on a masturbator, that’s an important point! Once again, we have the right to very good TPE, Caucasian flesh color. It is a soft TPE, but also a bit firm at the same time. There are several layers of TPE according to their usefulness. But we also have ABS plastic which is used for the internal skeleton.

A multilayer TPE

real body 3D anna kiljan - 6

You can see the implant system in the breasts…

To come back to the TPE part, as I was saying, there are several levels of TPE. Already, at the breast level, it’s really well done. Indeed, inside each breast, we have a soft, internal implant just under the external TPE layer that acts as skin. This material moves and stirs, so that when you slap a breast, it moves. It gives it a natural look and feel in my opinion. And it’s perfect for titsjob! Then, in the vagina and rectum, there is a pinker TPE material, developed to provide the interesting level of stimulation. It’s a slightly harder material than the outside. It is thus a double structure that we discover inside.

The two internal tunnels

real body 3D anna kiljan - 21

A multilayer system

As you know, this Real Body 3D Anna Kiljan masturbator has two orifices. You have a vaginal orifice and an anal orifice. The two tunnels have a different design and moreover, they are asymmetrical. This means that depending on the angle and position of the masturbator, the penetration of the tunnel will not be the same. You can see this in the diagram, it’s clearly visible.

real body 3D anna kiljan - tunnels

Details of the two internal tunnels

The vaginal tunnel is tight at the beginning, with micro-ribs that stimulate the glans and the shaft of the penis very slightly. Then the tunnel curves, which leads to an area with a large nodule, and then we move on to an even narrower passage, with an area where large ribs are present, before arriving at the last chamber, which allows us to tap the bottom of the vagina.

For the anal tunnel, I must say that it is very tight, besides, you should not skimp on the lubricant to get your penis inside. This entrance is covered with very small massaging nodules, then you get to an area shaped like fish gills, first lengthwise and then in the other direction. Shortly afterwards, the tunnel curves slightly, which will create pressure against the penis. And the last part is a reference to Anna Kiljan’s breasts design !

Real Body 3D Anna Kiljan use

Real body 3D Anna Kiljan - 16

Easy to use?

Obviously, with a masturbator like this one, I don’t think I need to tell you much about how to use it. You have a bust with two orifices and a pair of breasts, there is no thesis to write about what to do with it. But once again, there are a few little points to explain to you to use this masturbator properly.

What can we do with this masturbator?

Real body 3D Anna Kiljan - 23

You can do a lot of things with a masturbator like that.

With a masturbator like the Real Body 3D Anna Kiljan, there are still plenty of possibilities. For sure, you’re not going to play cards with it! So you can have fun with it while practicing titsjob, her breasts are big enough to do it and their texture is adapted to it. You can also penetrate it by yourself. Either you can penetrate her anus or her vagina. But you can also penetrate both at the same time, if you have a harness like the Tomboi 2 or the Deuce from SpareParts! This can be even more exciting.

Real body 3D Anna Kiljan - 25

The texture of the breasts is really not bad at all.

If you have an VR headset, you can also use it for VR porn! Not everyone will be able to do it, because you have to have equipment, but it’s an idea. If you have a partner, you can also make a fake threesome, why not. And finally, you can also put lingerie on it, but you will have to pay attention to the sizes, because this masturbator is not on a scale of 1:1 either, even if its dimensions allow quite a lot of possibilities.

Real body 3D Anna Kiljan - 28

Chest view from above

You also have the possibility to make several positions. With its internal skeleton, it holds well in place, allowing you to practice missionary, doggy style, amazon or even reverse cowgirl! All you need is a little imagination!

What lubricant to use with this masturbator?

Real body 3D Anna Kiljan - 22

The orifice of the masturbator’s vagina

As you know, with a TPR/TPE masturbator, it is absolutely necessary to use a water-based lubricant. Unfortunately, you don’t have a lubricant sample delivered with this masturbator. So you will have to find one. Currently, I use the Tyo lubricant from Motsutoys, but you also have the Pussy Juicy Onatusuyu or the Sliquid Satin lubricant or the UnisX vaginal from Espace Libido!

How to clean the Real Body 3D Anna Kiljan?

It is obvious that cleaning this masturbator is not easy and it is not the most fun part to do. The easiest way to do it is to have a bathtub. So you can put it inside, spray it with a good amount of water on it and let the water pass through the two tunnels. But not everybody has a bathtub. In a shower it works too, but it’s a little less convenient.

Real body 3D Anna Kiljan - 10

A little notice in Japanese to tell us what not to do with it.

For the orifices, I use either the small brush of the Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro or the cleaning sticks that I presented you during the Ondo! Nupu review. You must use warm water and non-aggressive soap. Then, you can apply a cleaning product, like Sliquid Shine. And finally, a little maintenance powder like Fleshlight powder or corn powder.

Real Body 3D Anna Kiljan efficiency

Real body 3D Anna Kiljan - 27

A good pair of boobs!

Now it’s time for me to get to know this sports teacher in her little shorty with her pair of big boobs! Yes, you have to know how to play the game, I’m not going to tell you that I’m going to bang a piece of TPE, it’s less glamorous. If I had liked the Maria Nordal model, I will be able to test a similar model but above all different, because yes, the two tunnels are not identical and the breasts are also different. Let’s see what the Real Body 3D Anna Kiljan masturbator looks like!

Good grip

real body 3d anna kiljan - 29

A good grip on the buttocks

Just like the Maria Nordal model, the Real Body 3D Anna Kiljan offers the same general grip. At the same time, there are relatively few physical differences between the two models. It is a masturbator that allows you to practice several different positions and always have a good balance. Depending on your weight, you can lean on it, without too many risks, but it will depend on your weight, because according to the instructions, you should not do it. For my part, I can hold on to the masturbator’s ass or breasts! Besides, I prefer this model for the breasts, which are a little bigger and it’s not to displease me. I also have no problem taking the masturbator doggy-style, holding its hips or even grabbing it by the shoulders and pulling it towards me.

The internal skeleton of the masturbator

real body 3d anna kiljan - 4

Preview of the internal skeleton at the bottom left of the box slice

Yes, it’s an important part of this masturbator! Indeed, without this internal skeleton, the masturbator could not have such a good hold, especially in Amazone or reverse cowgirl! Nor could it be taken at arm’s length for a standing fuck! This is really the element that allows for so much stability and possibilities. Moreover, this fake internal skeleton allows to have a kind of rib cage, which reinforces the realism that can be obtained with this masturbator. Frankly, it’s a great concept that should be found more often on big masturbators.

The boobs of the real body

real body 3d anna kiljan - 26


If I found the breasts of the Maria Nordal model a little small, on the Anna Kiljan model, it’s a little better. As I said before, it is an 85B instead of an 80B. So we gain a little in volume! I find that the grip is a bit better in some positions and I like those boobs, visually! Of course, bigger wouldn’t have bothered me, on the contrary, I’m not going to hide that I like big breasts! But anyway, I still prefer with Kitty’s huge boobs in my hands, there’s no comparison to be made!

The vaginal and anal orifice

real body 3d anna kiljan - 15

The vaginal orifice, a little better made.

As far as we can tell, the design of the orifice is not the best. For example, I find the vaginal opening of the Kyo 7 Sins much better. Here, it’s a bit crude, at least for the anus mainly. It’s roughly a hole, without really any details. On the vaginal opening side, it’s much better. We find a little more details and we realize that the vulva has a “puffy” effect that I prefer to the Maria Nordal model.

real body 3d anna kiljan - 24

The anal orifice, a fairly simple hole

On the side of sensations, already, the two channels (tunnels) are interesting. I found the vaginal canal quite tight, but not too tight. On the other hand, the anal canal is much narrower, you have to force to insert your glans inside. This is a Japanese product, so the sizes are a bit lower than masturbators oriented for the European or American market. However, once the glans inserted with lubricant, I had no problem.

Whether it is the vaginal or anal canal, the sensations are there! I particularly liked the anal canal, which I find stimulating for the glans and its narrow side, in addition to the shape of the tunnel. But the vaginal canal has nothing to envy the first one, which is softer, but just as pleasant. There’s room, you can tap the bottom without worries and the material expands to fit the size of the penis. With the presence of materials, you can go all the way without risk of deterioration.

The masturbator’s weight

real body 3d anna kiljan - 30

Half firm, half soft

To finish this part, I still have to talk about the weight! With its 6.5 kg, you can’t say it’s light! And yet, I don’t think it’s very heavy either. For example, the Kyo Torso is much stronger with more than 16 kg on the scale. It’s true that the 6.5 Kg brings problems, but it also brings realism to the whole. It gives a convincing impression to play the game!

Real Body 3D Anna Kiljan final thoughts

real body 3D anna kiljan - 8

A very good masturbator, once again!

Do I validate this masturbator? Of course I do! I liked the Maria Nordal model, so it was logical that this Anna Kiljan model follows the same path! It really has few, if any, flaws, as there are few negative things to tell you about it. Realistic, very good size and with good stability thanks to the internal skeleton, it is a success. You have two different orifices that stimulate the penis well, it’s really a good model.

It is a little lighter than the Maria Nordal model and I must say that I prefer this one, especially for the shell-like pointed breasts, I’m not going to lie to you. It is not on the same scale as the Kyo Torso which is really on a 1:1 scale and that makes the difference in terms of immersion. But the Anna Kiljan model has nothing to envy in terms of stimulation.

It’s really another experience than a Fleshlight masturbator or a little onahole. Here you can really take the masturbator with a realism that is not unpleasant. There is really material, thicker walls, it’s a real bust that gives a very good impression when you use it. The cleaning is boring, of course, but you can’t have everything at the same time! Maria Nordal or Anna Kiljan, which one will you choose?


  • A very nice box
  • Two orifices (anal and vaginal)
  • A realistic pair of breasts with implants
  • The internal skeleton
  • The size of the bust
  • Its handling
  • Overall stimulation


  • Orifice details a little light
  • It takes time to clean it
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