We received a little while ago, a little bird, it is the Osuga Cuddly Bird! Yes, it is a sextoy, a clitoral stimulator proposed by Biird (Osuga), which could make think of a kind of bedside lamp or of course, a small bird! It is the winner of the Reddot Design Award 2019 and I must say that we were under its spell on the visual level! When you look at it, it looks like a kind of clitoral stimulator with a hollow head, like what WowTech offers with the Womanizer Premium Eco or even Lelo with the Sona 2 and even Satisfyer, with the Pro Traveler!

Plus, in association with “OneTreePlanted”, every Cuddly Bird sold helps plant a tree! If you can combine pleasure and ecology, all the better! In terms of marketing, the Osuga Cuddly Bird is a bedside lamp! So if you are asked, you can say that you are reading a review to know if this lamp works well. But on our side, we’re going to tell you all the same about its capabilities to make you happy, even if it’s nice to read a book next to a bedside lamp. So here is our review of the clitoral stimulator or bedside lamp, Osuga Cuddly Bird! By the way, its little name is Obii in France!

Osuga Cuddly Bird packaging

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 1

The Cuddly bird box

First thing, the box! It’s a big rectangular box, made of stiff cardboard! On top, we have two stickers that we can remove, if we ever want to keep the box for something else, it’s nice! Once the sticker removed to protect the opening, we have access to the contents.

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 2

The other side of the box

Inside, we find the Osuga Cuddly Bird, under its shell, with a plastic part to not make contact between the base and it. Then, we have under the foam mold, a user manual. And in a small compartment, a cute sticker, a small storage bag, very soft, very qualitative and a USB-C charging cable.

Osuga Cuddly Bird physical details

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 4

The bird in its nest

Bedside lamp ? Little bird? The Osuga Cuddly Bird will be one of two, both at the same time and most importantly, a clitoral stimulator with a great design! No wonder it won the 2019 Reddot Design Award! It looks a bit like the Iroha + by Tenga, a sextoy we didn’t review, but I had seen it a few times. Well, it’s not the same either, but we can find the lines on the body of the product that gives it a very particular visual aspect.

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 5

It is still under its shell.

To tell you more than the pictures you can see, its shape is wavy, like an upside down “S”, with a part at the back that is smooth and another part at the front, which has ridges. The head is located at the top, on the side of the ridged part. At the back, just after the smooth side, there is a kind of border that can also be used for stimulation.

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 12

2 buttons or a mustache?

It is under this bird that we discover two buttons. Both buttons look like a feather or drop shape, one with a double wave symbol, the other in the shape of a round. Depending on how you look at it, I find that the two buttons form a mustache.

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 13

Small and compact

You should also know that the two buttons serve as a connector for charging when the Osuga Cuddly Bird is placed on its base. For the base, it is white and gray, with two connection points, an oval shape, a USB-C port and under it, we discover the name of the manufacturer, Osuga! The shell, it takes the stripes that we can see on the bird, but are drawn vertically only.


Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 18

It fits perfectly in the hand

The Osuga Cuddly Bird is really a small bird, the size of a chick or a small nightingale! Indeed, it measures 7.8 cm (3.07″) in height, 5.5 cm (2.16″) wide and 5.6 cm (2.20″) thick. It is really a compact stimulator, which fits perfectly in the palm of the hand. The hole to stimulate the clitoris has a diameter of 2.3 cm (0.90″). Once the bird is under its shell, its size increases to 11.2 cm (4.40″) long and 7.8 cm (3.07″) wide. Even so, we can’t say that it is very big.

Other details

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 6

The contents of the box

The Osuga Cuddly Bird is available in several colors! You have a green version, in “Mint Green”, a pink version, the “Bubblegum Pink” or even in yellow, with the choice “Biird Yellow”! In short, if you want it to look like a little chick, yellow is perfect! The “Best Seller” version is the “Mint Green” version and on our side, as you could see, we received the Bubblegum Pink version.

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 8

A pouch and a charging cable

Another information, its weight! This little bird weighs 133 grams! Well, at the same time, it depends on what he will have eaten before weighing him. But usually, it will not be very heavy, which will be convenient, we must admit. Otherwise, nothing more to say on this point.

Osuga Cuddly Bird materials

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 17

Mainly silicone and sloppy in many places

This little bird is made of silicone! But it is a really soft silicone, silky and we can even say that it is a little sloppy! Indeed, you can press a little on the silicone, as if it was memory foam, it’s quite special, but really cool! The silicone is perfect, healthy for the body, containing neither latex, nor phthalates. For the rest, we find a little ABS plastic, under it, at the level of the area of the buttons.

Osuga Cuddly Bird use

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 7

A manual to learn more about its use

You all know how to use a bedside lamp! And I’m sure you know how to feed a little bird? But do you have any idea how to use the Osuga Cuddly Bird for its most interesting functions? We’re not birders, but we’ll still help you learn more about how to use it! Grab some pipas seeds and follow along!

How to charge the bird?

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 22

The cable and its charging base.

The bird makes its nest and regains its strength inside! That’s how the Osuga Cuddly Bird charges! Obii doesn’t charge directly by plugging in a cable, that would be cruel on a bird. No, he uses his nest!

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 23

Simply place it on top and plug in the cable

To recharge its 500mAh battery, you’ll need to connect its charging cradle (or nest) via the USB-C cable in the box to a compatible outlet and then wait for it to gain strength! It will take two hours to complete a full charge for an autonomy of 2 hours and a half! Beware, you will have an autonomy of 2h30 in wave pulse mode and 1h20 in vibrating mode. When the Osuga Cuddly Bird is charging, you can see the light pulsating. When it is not charging, the light is active and when it is inside and charged, the light goes out.

How to use and handle Obii?

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 15

Two buttons, no more

This little bird has only two buttons as we mentioned! You could even say that these are its two legs. Yes, well, flat legs in this case. You have a button with a double wave symbol and another with a circle symbol. The one with the double waves is for vibrations, while the other is for pressure waves. First of all, you should know that the Osuga Cuddle Bird has a “Travel-Lock” mode! When it flies, it should not start to vibrate or suck! To activate or deactivate it, you have to hold down the two buttons until a red light flashes.

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 19

The pressure wave head

Then to turn on the vibrations or the pressure waves, you have to keep your finger on the button for a little while. Then the same thing to turn it off. And when you press one or the other, you will switch from one level to another of intensity for the vibrations or the waves. We can’t say that this is complicated!

What modes are available?

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 14

Vibration and pressure wave modes

Here, we can’t say that we have a lot of choices! But that doesn’t mean it’s not enough! There are three levels of intensity for the suction part, basically a soft, medium and strong mode to keep it simple. Then, we have 4 modes of vibration! Three continuous modes, with low, medium and high intensity, while the last one is a mode with three quick jerks and two longer jerks. Be careful, we can only have the vibrations or the pressure waves at the same time.

What lubricant to use with it?

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 20

Water-based lubricant only

When there is silicone, you must use a water-based lubricant to be on the safe side! This is not a must either! Here, nothing penetrates, so it may not be necessary. But for those who want to add a little, choose a water-based one! You can find excellent lubricants at Sliquid, Pjur or Yes! but not only that!

How to clean it?

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 21

An IPX6 rated bird

Don’t give the little bird Obii a bath! He could drown! Indeed, it is IPX6 standard, which means that it can be cleaned with water, but you will not be able to make him take a bath like a vibrating duck in your bathtub! Just run him under warm water, without putting any in his spout, then air dry him, he’ll be very happy already! But do not give him water to drink! Especially after midnight!

The Cuddly Bird as a bedside lamp

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 28

It glows in the dark

Yes, this sextoy is a bedside lamp! At least, that’s what you can make your guests believe if they fall nose to nose with it! Under its beautiful shell, it will be able to illuminate your room (well almost, it is not a lamp with a bulb which bursts the eyes), but it will propose you a small ambient light, very design!

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 29

It makes more or less light

When this lamp is plugged in, without the bird inside, you get slow pulsing or constantly shining light. Honestly, it’s nice, it gives a little cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Osuga Cuddly Bird efficiency

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 16

The Osuga Cuddly Bird in action !

Fly little bird, fly! But if you don’t have wings, you can’t fly. But you can vibrate and suck. Finally, stay there too, we want to use you to have orgasms! But shhh, it’s a bedside lamp! Don’t tell the others! With Kitty, we made the Osuga Cuddly Bird shine all night long, we read books with him and we even tried to talk to him, but well, we don’t really speak the language of birds. On the other hand, what we know how to do, it is to use it to play with! And there, we will be able to tell you a little more. Finally, shush, it is all the same a bedside lamp, let’s not forget it!


Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 9

Small, pleasant to hold, less for the access to the buttons

First point, we have to talk about its grip! With its mini size, we find that it fits perfectly in the hand, in the palm. It is not invasive, remains easily usable, but on the other hand, the fact that the buttons are under the bird does not necessarily help to change the level of intensity or the vibrating mode. It’s a pity, because another location would have made these buttons more accessible. They are also a bit small and not easy when you have to press them. As it also serves as a charging port, I think it is a bias.

Ergonomics of modes and intensity

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 24

Obii and the Starlet 2

Another small drawback is that it is not possible to control the vibrations and the pressure waves at the same time. You will have to choose between one and the other, which is a bit of a shame. If you want to use the vibrations and the waves at the same time, unfortunately, this little bird will not be able to. Another point to raise is that you can’t go back to a previous mode or intensity level. It is necessary to make a complete cycle each time to return on the desired mode or level. It is also the fact of having only two buttons to do everything. You have to make concessions.

Its noise

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 25

Comparison with the Starlet 1 and the Womanizer One

In terms of sound, we must say that it remains quite discreet. It is not completely silent, but it is still discreet on the whole. At the decibel level, it is announced at a level of 50db maximum, which is really respectable! On this point, its noise did not appear to us too important or disturbing.

Its power

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 26

Comparison with the Womanizer Premium

So, of course, Obii will not be as powerful as the market’s tenors! However, we were quite surprised on this side! It is less powerful than other “clitoris vacuum cleaners” like the Sona 2 from Lelo for example, but it is still a job! On the other hand, on the side of the vibrations, they are qualitative, also on the whole surface of the Obii. We can say that the vibrations are stronger than the part for pressure waves! It is thus very satisfactory for a product of this size!

Anything else?

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 27

Obii and Sona 2

Finally, here’s what else we can tell you! It is a product that we have appreciated, with several parts of this bird that can be used to stimulate itself with vibrations. It has smooth, rounded areas, others with edges, there are really more areas that can be used for vibration. And since the vibrations are well distributed in the bird, you can really enjoy several ways to play with it. When we used it with Kitty, it did its job very well! Kitty was able to cum several times with it, even though she’s used to a pretty strong sensation. The size is really good for placing it just about anywhere, whether it’s between the vaginal lips or sucking on a nipple, it’s really multi-functional! And then you can always add a dildo if you feel like a penetrating sensation at the same time!

Osuga Cuddly Bird final thoughts

Osuga Cuddly Bird - Obii - Biird - 30

Hi, I’m Obii!

It’s a nice surprise! Of course, it is not the most powerful clitoral stimulator on the market, nor even the most ergonomic, but it clearly does the job! As you have read, despite some small flaws, its strengths allow it to be appreciated at its true value! In addition, it can light up your bedroom, either when charging or using the base as a nightlight! Its slightly soft side is quite unique, in any case, on this kind of sextoy, it is really rare! Its global realization is of quality, it is really a nice and interesting bird ! A good discovery !


  • A pretty bird
  • A beautiful lamp
  • Charging system on base
  • Well distributed and powerful vibrations
  • Satisfactory pressure wave system
  • Travel-Lock
  • Soft silicone in several places
  • Several zones for vibrations
  • Quite silent
  • A complete and quality packaging
  • Quality of realization on the whole


  • Buttons not very practical
  • Vibrations or pressure waves, not both at the same time
  • You have to cycle to get back to a specific mode or level
  • IPX6 only
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