Here is the Kyo Plush Sex Doll from Motsutoys, a doll like no other! Yes, we can say that I sometimes look far for products to review on the website! I haven’t had the opportunity to review a real lovedoll yet, but the more it goes, the more I get closer to it in a way! Indeed, this doll joins other products like the Kyo Torso masturbator, the Real Body 3D Maria Nordal or the Real Body 3D Anna Kiljan! But here, you will see, it is not a masturbator, but rather a kind of doll on which you can place a masturbator to transform it!

It is really a product that is both strange and intriguing! I admit that I prefer bust type masturbators, but I still wanted to see what this Kyo Plush Sex doll could offer! Because here, you can slide the masturbator of your choice compatible in its slot to have fun with it! In short, I was curious as often and here I am nose to nose with this doll! You know very well that I’m going to review it to tell you good or bad things about it, so let’s not wait any more for the Kyo Plush sex doll review!

Kyo Plush sex doll packaging

Kyo Plush sex doll - 1

The packaging of the doll, basic

As is often the case with this type of product, the packaging goes completely out the window! Indeed, here, the box is the delivery box! So we will have to be satisfied with it. When the box is opened, we have the Kyo Plush sex doll packed in a plastic bag, that you just have to open with a scissor to take out the whole. You can keep the bag, but in fact, on my side, I store the doll sitting, as if it was a big plush!

Kyo Plush sex doll physical details

Kyo Plush sex doll - 2

And here is the Kyo Plush sex doll from Motsutoys

Do you remember the O Cedar commercial with the wooden dummy? It’s kind of the same thing with this Kyo Plush sex doll, but bigger and without the full legs and arms. I am not going to tell you that this doll is sexy! It would even be a bit strange, because there is nothing human about it, except that it has a pair of breasts! Otherwise, it’s more like a big stuffed animal than anything else!

Kyo Plush sex doll - 7

Zoom in on the seams, with style!

In more detail, we can see that there are sewing lines present on several parts of the Kyo Plush sex doll! It makes sense, but I think it gives it a unique style! It’s a bit like lines for a surgical operation! Yes, when you put it that way, it’s not really sexy! But I like it. I don’t really know how to explain it, I think it gives it something!

Kyo Plush sex doll - 3

Several sewing lines are present

In terms of details, we can still see her navel, that she has a good pair of breasts with a good ass! The arms stop just before the hands, while the legs cut rather at the level of the top of the knee.

Kyo Plush sex doll - 9

You can see your belly button

At the crotch, you have a tag, which I think is probably best cut with a scissor. Then, the tunnel, with a white synthetic material inside to slide the masturbator. We can see two cords too, which will allow to tighten the masturbator once in place. In short, in spite of its appearance which can destabilize, I find it rather good this doll!

The size

Kyo Plush sex doll - 11

It’s not a little doll!

This Kyo Plush sex doll is a good size! I was a little worried that she was going to be small, but in reality, it’s human dimensions. In the sitting position, she measures 79 cm (31.10″) in total height with a chest circumference of 75 cm (29.52″). The length from back to legs is 40 cm (15.74″), the head has a diameter of 21.64 cm (8.51″) while the diameter of the arms is 7.95 cm (3.12″). It is a big plush! Then we have a tunnel, in which we can slide our masturbator. Here, this tunnel measures 22 cm (8.66″) of depth in all for a diameter of 6 cm (2.36″)!

The other details

Kyo Plush sex doll - 12

Miss John Doe ?

So one thing I couldn’t find was its weight! We are far from a masturbator that weighs 8 Kg, that’s for sure! Here, we must be closer to one kilo, we can carry it without problem, it is very light! There will be no problem to lift it and use it as you wish. Another point, its color, rather Caucasian skin, is the only available color. I have not seen a brown or black version.

Kyo Plush sex doll materials

Kyo Plush sex doll - 13

A teddy bear texture, soft and pleasant

I admit I don’t know what the plushies are made of, probably synthetic. Whatever it is, it’s the same soft touch material as a big teddy bear! The material is very slightly fluffy, soft, and you can even press on it. On the inside, the synthetics allow for good, durable padding that will return to its shape afterwards. Over time, the synthetic material may move around inside, but you can simply put it back in place, if needed. In short, you should imagine the texture of a large plush, that will give you a good idea of the result!

Kyo Plush sex doll use

Kyo Plush sex doll - 4

This is where you should insert your masturbator

It’s a teddy bear doll, so it’s very simple, you just have to hug it! Of course, we’re talking about adult hugs here, but it’s the same concept, after all! Since there is no booklet to learn how to use it properly, you have to learn everything by yourself! So I’m going to tell you a little more about that!

How to use the Kyo Plush sex doll?

Kyo Plush sex doll - 14

Here, an example with the Kissa Sins Insatiable in its shell

You have surely understood it, the Kyo Plush sex doll is an accessory to use your masturbators in another way! Here, we are going to insert it in the doll in order to use it without holding it and offer you a more realistic experience. I say, a little more realistic, because it’s still a plush doll, but compared to using a masturbator in a classic way, you will still have more material, more possibilities to use it.

Kyo Plush sex doll - 15

Here, same example, but without the Fleshlight shell

The concept is simple! Depending on your masturbator, you will have to use it in such or such a way! In fact, there is no single way to use it, it all depends on your preferences. For example, with a Fleshlight, like the Fleshlight Kissa Sins Insatiable that I used for the pictures, you can either keep the masturbator in its shell and push it in. In this case, you can see that the masturbator will not go in completely, but it will offer the same level of constriction of the sleeve and a little more hold.

Kyo Plush sex doll - 17

Example with the Ondu! Nupu

However, you can also use it by removing the sleeve from its shell, in order to insert only this one. Here, the sleeve will have less hold, but you won’t have the shell in the way. With the Fleshlight Go Surge, keeping the shell on, it fits all the way in, but a little too deep. I would then recommend putting something at the bottom so that it is a little more present on the surface.

Kyo Plush sex doll - 19

Example with the R-18 masturbator

With other masturbators, like the R-18 for example, it is a bit small, but for the Ondo Nupu, this one fits. So it’s not really a size issue on the Kyo Plush sex doll, but rather a masturbator fit. Knowing that you have two cords to tighten the embrace. You can, for example, stick a rag/towel in the bottom before inserting your masturbator.

What can we do with it?

Kyo Plush sex doll - 20

We can put a bra on her!

So there are many things you can do with it! Once again, it is also your imagination that will increase the possibilities! First of all, you can dress it up! We can put a little outfit, panties, a bra, her measurements remain relatively realistic all the same! It is also possible to put a wig on her, but also, a mask, her head is also rather realistic.

Kyo Plush sex doll - 10

Just insert a sleeve or masturbator inside and go!

You have already understood, we can put a Fleshlight, without shell, I find that it is different than with, I will speak to you about it later. Then, you can practice a lot of positions with it! In missionary, doggy style, sitting, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and so on! The weight will not be a constraint at all, we can really do what we want with it!

Kyo Plush sex doll - 8

A good cup!

Unlike “torso” masturbators that sometimes have an internal skeleton, here, you can lean on it without any worry or risk! And if the synthetic material moves too much, it will be enough to move it so that it takes again its place. In short, you have the choice in terms of use! You can even put a masturbation sleeve on it to penetrate it, but also to make a cunnilingus! Everything is possible!

How to clean the doll?

Kyo Plush sex doll - 6

Cleaning with a washcloth!

So there, it is not like with a sextoy! Already, it requires less work, because here, we only use an external envelope to a masturbator that we slip inside. For my part, I already advise to be careful with the masturbators that you will put inside. With a Fleshlight and its cap, no problem, even when ejaculating, the sperm will stay in the masturbator. On the other hand, a model with an exit hole will be more delicate. You risk to have sperm at the bottom, it’s better to avoid it.

But concerning the Kyo Plush sex doll itself, actually, it’s quite simple! Just take a washcloth with warm water, not too much either, a little bit of soft soap and just rub to clean the plush part.

Kyo Plush sex doll efficiency

Kyo Plush sex doll - 26

What does the Kyo Plush sex doll look like in action?

When Kitty saw the Kyo Plush sex doll, she didn’t immediately understand what it was! She said, “You’re going to fuck a stuffed animal, right?” And I have to admit, she wasn’t completely wrong! I was both skeptical, but at the same time, excited to try such an object! First of all, because I am curious and I like novelty! I had never reviewed such an object, so I was eager to see the result. And moreover, I like to present you new things on the website! So, let’s not wait any longer and here is my review of the Kyo Plush sex doll from Motsutoys!

Inserting the masturbator

Kyo Plush sex doll - 16

A Fleshlight can be inserted inside, either with or without its shell

To insert your masturbator inside the Kyo Plush sex doll, it is rather simple, but not so much either. Indeed, the part that goes inside, the white part that you can see on the picture above and below, is not expandable. And depending on the masturbator you insert, it is sometimes not easy to insert everything. In fact, it really depends on the masturbator. For example, to place a Fleshlight with its shell, it is very simple.

To put only the sleeve of a Fleshlight inside, it is another thing. Indeed, the sleeve is the material in TPE, TPR, Super Skin, which is a soft material. So, to insert a soft material inside, you have to force it a little bit so that it slides in. And as the white material is a bit sticky, you will have to spread the hole a bit, using a finger or two to make it easier for the sleeve to pass through so that it fits properly.

Kyo Plush sex doll - 18

Here, the Ondo Nupu, a bit small (compared to the hole) I think, but it’s playable

Depending on the model, it will be more or less difficult. I admit that it is easier to insert a sleeve without a shell, by placing a pencil in it, to push it to the bottom. Or the famous tube found in Fleshlight masturbators, which will also make it easier to insert it inside. Then, once the sleeve is in place, there are the two small cords that allow you to tighten the masturbator or the sleeve a little, but I find that this system is not perfect. You can’t, for example, put a sleeve in and tighten it so that the sleeve is narrower.

So yes, the sleeve does fit, but you don’t want it to be too small. Once again, with the sleeve of the Go Surge from Fleshlight, without its shell, it slips too easily and it’s not the easiest to have fun afterwards. For me, the cord system to tighten the masturbator in place should be better thought out. As well as a system that would allow to insert more easily a sleeve without shell inside.


Kyo Plush sex doll - 21

The back of the bra on the plush, a little small, but it fits!

This is also part of the possibilities! Indeed, the measurements of this Kyo Plush sex doll are quite realistic, which allows you to dress it up. Here, as you can see in the photos, I added a bra and a lace thong of sorts! The lingerie I put on this one wasn’t really the right size, let’s just say the thong and bra were a little small for the plush, but that’s all I had on hand during the photo shoot!

Kyo Plush sex doll - 22

And the thong, there too, a little too small

Anyway, I was able to make this Kyo Plush sex doll a little bit sexier and even put a wig on it to go even further! In a way, it’s not bad, because you can still make it wear sexy lingerie, which can make you feel a bit more that he could be a real person, at least visually. Of course, it is still a plush, but it is true that on models that are below realistic measurements do not allow this kind of thing. For me, it is still an advantage!

The handling

Kyo Plush sex doll - 5

A very light doll!

Then, we can’t say that you will have a problem to handle the Kyo Plush sex doll! Indeed, even if its size remains imposing, it is a very light doll! It is very easy to carry it, to hold it at arm’s length or to place it in any position. Here, it is much easier to realize all kinds of positions, without having a huge weight to lift.

With some masturbators, like the Kyo 7 Sins, if you want to penetrate it while standing up holding that butt in your arms, you have to be pretty damn muscular. Otherwise, after just a minute, you’ll feel it pass. Here, the Kyo Plush sex doll is so light that you can do just about anything! And this is really a plus compared to masturbators of this size! We have here, the volumetry of a big masturbator, without having the drawbacks, at least on this point.

Its durability

Kyo Plush sex doll - 23

You can’t even see that there is a sleeve inside anymore

If with bust type masturbators, which have an internal skeleton, it is not advisable to lean on it, here, with the Kyo Plush sex doll, you will really be able to spread out on it! Indeed, here, it is only an external wrapping, a big plush that you can grip by squeezing hard on it. For example, in doggy style, you can simply lean on her ass or just in the hollow of her kidneys, to hold the doll in place and penetrate her wildly. With a human person, it is more delicate, because you cannot necessarily lean with all your weight. There, you don’t have any risk to break her kidneys, to hurt her, it’s really open bar!

Kyo Plush sex doll - 25

The label (to be cut)

If you want to penetrate it like a savage? It’s possible! If you want to slap her with all your strength, no problem, the Kyo Plush sex doll will not feel anything. Whether it’s on her face, on her ass or on her breasts, no worries, you can go! In fact, its resistance allows you not to worry about anything and to let yourself go to your desires without wondering if you are going to hurt her. This is really a good point compared to other masturbators where some restraint is necessary depending on the model.

It’s still a plush

So yes, this is really the element that may put you off. And I must say that I can understand you! Despite the size and shape of the Kyo Plush sex doll, it is not very sexy! The material does not give the same feeling as TPE, which has a skin effect. Here, it looks like we are penetrating Teddy Bear, if you allow me this expression! You’ll clearly have to ignore it. But, there is an advantage in all this, the fact of not having the disadvantages of TPE. For cleaning, once you’re done with your business, most of the time you’ll just have to remove the masturbator and wash it. With a large masturbator, you’ll need to run it through the shower and be careful to clean and dry everything.

Another point, you will not have this feeling of a TPE which becomes sticky as you go along, less beautiful than on the first day, which hangs. Here, the material allows to have a constant touch. There is also the smell of TPE, which is often present, that you will not find on this Kyo Plush sex doll. So yes, it is a plush not necessarily sexy, with a pair of breasts that does not give the same sensations, but we can not have everything either!

Kyo Plush sex doll final thoughts

Kyo Plush sex doll - 24

Sexy ?

To conclude, yes, it’s just a stuffed animal! And if you don’t make the effort to accept it as such, it’s true that you can’t say it’s sexy. For some people, it can even be weird! However, this format has its advantages. Indeed, it is a product much easier to maintain! This doll is also very light, which is a change from the big and heavy masturbators. On the side of the material, even if we lose a little this effect “skin”, we find ourselves with a doll which will not have the smell of the TPE, nor its texture which can stick at the end of one moment.

Resistant, we can do almost everything to it! Whether it is in terms of sexual positions, but also to let go on it as we want, which we would probably not do with a real person or even a big masturbator. For my part, I find it more fun and exciting to fuck a Fleshlight inserted in this Kyo Plush sex doll than to use it without. It is possible to insert several models inside, as long as they are the right size. I find that the cord system could be better, as it feels like you can’t tighten it as much as you’d like. I’m not going to tell you that this is a must-have or that it’s an all-purpose product. It’s a special, interesting feature that has its flaws and its qualities.

For my part, I remain rather on a good impression, a subtle mixture between the advantages of a big masturbator but without having all the advantages of the Lovedoll for example. A good surprise! And then in a couple, it’s maybe easier to integrate this Kyo Plush sex doll in your games than a big masturbator that can bring some mistrust in your partner. Here, it’s only a plush, it’s not the same thing!


  • A light doll
  • All positions are possible
  • You can place different masturbators
  • A soft and silky touch
  • Realistic measurements
  • You can dress her up
  • Less realistic than a lovedoll in a couple
  • You can let go of it without any risk
  • No smell (because no TPE)


  • It is not very sexy
  • The cord system could be better
  • Insertion, not always obvious depending on the sleeve model
  • The soft touch of the plush, less realistic than TPE
  • It is a particular accessory
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