Here the Fleshlight Nicole Aniston Fit! Yes, one of my missions in 2017 for is to offer you the reviews of all the Fleshlight masturbators with exclusive texture that can be found on the market in the range of Fleshlight Girls! And I hope I’ll be able to translate all of them in the English website. Many models have already been released and others will arrive soon, but today, it is the Fleshlight Nicole Aniston Fit that I will review in order to give you a feedback on it. Well, that’s not all, I have Nicole Aniston waiting for me, ready to satisfy all my wishes, at least what she will be able to do in the form of a tube. Here is the Fleshlight Nicole Aniston Fit review!

Fleshlight Nicole Aniston Fit packaging

fleshlight nicole aniston fit - 1

One side of the box

With Fleshlight, there are rarely any surprises regarding their packaging! It’s always a white box with touches of pink. Most of the box is covered with pictures of the actress (to better sell the product) with some information about it. At the front, a window allows you to see the product before opening and a sample of Fleshlight lubricant is delivered in the box.

fleshlight nicole aniston fit - 2

Another side with its statistics

As always, Fleshlight doesn’t bother too much about packaging. It’s mostly marketing packaging to highlight the star, but nothing is done to improve it. Still no storage pouch or even a sample of the Fleshlight wash to clean the sleeve. All in all, nothing changes on this side compared to the other Fleshlight models I’ve already reviewed.

Fleshlight Nicole Aniston Fit physical details

fleshlight nicole aniston fit - 3

The Fleshlight, a manual (marketing) and a lubricant sample

Nicole Aniston is not especially one of my favorite porn actresses. But I have to say that her blonde hair and blue eyes are eye-catching. With her Greek and German origins, she manages to stand out from the crowd! And it’s true that her cup size (34D – US), compared to her height (1.60m), is still substantial.

fleshlight nicole aniston fit - 4

We can still see the trace of the tube

But for the Fleshlight Nicole Aniston Fit, her assets are not visible. That’s right. The Fleshlight is just a plastic tube with a sheath inside. Here, no blond hair, no blue eyes, not even a big chest. We’ll make with that!

fleshlight nicole aniston fit - 5

The “cap” part

Otherwise, you know what? Nothing new on the horizon. It’s still a big flashlight-shaped tube with a cap at the bottom and a lid on top. Inside, there’s a plastic tube to protect the sheath, which you’ll have to remove before you use it. The tube is 22.5 cm long (8.85″) and 10 cm wide (3.93″). The entrance to the vagina is 1.90 cm (0.74″), but it is expandable. Like all other Fleshlight masturbators, this one is moulded on the actress’s private parts. I have to say that her vagina is a little different from the others. Her lips are pretty open, I like that.

fleshlight nicole aniston fit - 6

The tube still in the sheath

By the way, I’d like to take this opportunity to make a short presentation of Nicole Aniston. She is a porn actress born in 1987 in Temecula, California. She played in movies such as Band Bus, Thor XXX or Women seeking Women and she participated in several shootings at Pure Play Media, Girlfriends Films, Hustler Video, Brazzers or Vivid.

Fleshlight Nicole Aniston Fit materials

fleshlight nicole aniston fit - 7

The sheath coming out of its shell

As always, the texture is in Superskin! It’s a kind of very soft TPE imitating the skin. It doesn’t change from the other models, it’s exactly the same quality. Here we have a Fleshlight molded on the vagina of the actress Nicole Aniston, it’s the principle of Fleshlight Girls. So naturally, we find the signature of the actress on the outer part of the sheath. It’s a bit like having a signed Fleshlight in your hands!

fleshlight nicole aniston fit texture

The Fit texture of the sheath

So the difference comes from the sheath itself. Finally, its internal structure. This is the Fit sheath, exclusive to Fleshlight Nicole Aniston. You can’t find it anywhere else. It’s the principle of exclusivity all the same. This sleeve is made up of three chambers, with two areas, structured and ribbed at 360°.

fleshlight nicole aniston fit - 8

A superskin sheath and an ABS plastic shell

What’s that mean? It’s quite simple! The inside of the sheath is structured over its entire diameter. We’ll get a combination of twists, striations and nodules to blow out your penis head. Well, maybe not.

Fleshlight Nicole Aniston Fit use

fleshlight nicole aniston fit - 9

The cap, slightly unscrewed

As always, the concept of the Fleshlight masturbator has not changed. A plastic flashlight, a cap at the bottom, a lid on top. So, listen to my advice! You take your Fleshlight, you lift the lid, you remove the plastic tube (if you haven’t already done so), you put lubricant inside and a little bit on your penis (if you haven’t already), you unscrew the cap a little bit, you penetrate and then you go back and forth inside while having fun screwing or unscrewing the cap to play with the airflow. You’ll see, it’s not very tricky.

fleshlight nicole aniston fit - 10

The grooves for the grip part

To make it easier for you, you’ll find a grip on the tube. An area with grooves for a better grip. Of course, when you’re done with your stuff, you’ll have to wash it off. All you have to do is take the sleeve out of the tube, rinse it with lukewarm water, a little Fleshlight wash, a Fleshlight cleaner if you have one, and then rinse and dry it.

fleshlight nicole aniston fit - 11

A sample of Fleshlight lubricant

After a few uses, when it starts to get a little sticky, it will need to be given some corn powder or known as Fleshlight maintenance powder. Cornstarch works too. Of course, it can be used in many different ways, but that’s the basis.

Fleshlight Nicole Aniston Fit efficiency

fleshlight nicole aniston fit - 12

The cap completely unscrewed

Fleshlight sex toys. I’ve already reviewed a bunch of them. Only in the field of masturbators, I’ve had the opportunity to review many models. For example, the Fleshlight Asa Akira or the Fleshlight Tera Patrick. But that’s not all! Indeed, I also reviewed the Fleshlight Misty Stone, the Fleshlight Tori Black or the Fleshlight Stoya. I also reviewed the Fleshlight Dorcel Girls, with the model for Anna Polina and the one for Claire Castel. So I have a good feedback on these products to compare with the Nicole Aniston model.

fleshlight nicole aniston fit - 13

The inside of the sheath

Now, that’s not all, we have to see if Nicole Aniston has any skills. So, already, it’s pretty tight on the inside. We’re almost on a Fleshlight anal tunnel to give you an idea. Still, it’s a vaginal texture. Interesting! When it comes to stimulation, it’s frankly very good. It’s intense, with no dead time, with a tight first chamber and very stimulating, then a second chamber, even narrower to end on a quieter but treacherous part, in the shape of a spiral that triggers the orgasm, in my case.

fleshlight nicole aniston fit - 14

Slightly lighter sheath colour than the old Fleshlights

This texture is therefore very stimulating! Here, I was able to get an orgasm in less than 10 minutes. I’m not really counting the time it takes me. I don’t have a stopwatch on.

fleshlight nicole aniston fit - 15

The flashlight effect

I didn’t have to do a lot of back and forth, which proves that it stimulates effectively and it’s really good texture. There are many variations and the stimulation is constant. A very good model!

Fleshlight Nicole Aniston Fit Final Thoughts

fleshlight nicole aniston fit - 16

The Fleshlight Nicole Aniston Fit, a nice surprise.

Again, this is a very good model of Fleshlight. Why again, because often I’m not disappointed. It’s true that the brand never takes too many risks in its innovations, but it’s true that each time, we discover more and more sophisticated sheaths. In any case, this one is a success! I am now waiting for the opportunity to review other models of Fleshlight with exclusive sheath! By the way, don’t hesitate to let me know through my contact page! There are some actresses I would like to meet.

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