Here’s a masturbator that changes from the ordinary, it’s the Ondo Nupu double side masturbator! Why is it different from the others, because it is a double orifice masturbator! You have on one side a mouth and on the other side a vagina. It’s a bit like Dorcel’s Double Oo reversible sleeve that I reviewed a long time ago, which wasn’t great by the way, but the system is the same. I’m also thinking of the Fleshlight Quickshot Boost and Quickshot Vantage, which had the same concept, but with two identical openings. Here we have two different orifices and therefore two different types of penetration.

Recently, in the field of Japanese masturbators or similar, I had the opportunity to test several models. I think in particular of Kyo Bound Kohai and Bound Kukuru, two masturbators of quite similar sizes. There was also the The Mouth of Truth Perorin onahole and further back, the Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro. All of them are masturbators of the nearly same size as this Ondo Nupu masturbator! So here is the review of this masturbator with double orifices!

Ondo Nupu Double Side Masturbator packaging

ondo nupu double side masturbator - 1

The front side of the masturbator box

To talk to you about packaging, I would have to learn Japanese to give you as much detail as possible about it. In any case, it’s Japanese packaging, there’s no doubt about it. We find in front, a young manga-style woman, breasts out, in small outfit with a “handmaid” style, grey garter belts and mouth open with saliva flowing everywhere, up to her chest. It’s Japanese, I told you!

ondo nupu double side masturbator - 3

Explanation about the masturbator tunnel

On the sides and behind the box, a lot of information, mostly visual, to show us what this masturbator can offer as well as details of the internal tunnel. Good news, there is no plastic mold! The Japanese seem to have understood this. Here, at the opening, we discover the masturbator in a supermarket vegetable bag. I’m not sure what the material is made of, but it’s not plastic.

ondo nupu double side masturbator - 4

The masturbator in his typical vegetable pocket

Then, we discover a sample of lubricant from Ondo! the manufacturer of this masturbator. To store it, the box may suffice, otherwise you can use the Kyo Toy Sack.

kyo sack toy big - 1

The bag to store your Kyo masturbators

Here in “Big” version (I received a small and a big one) and I can tell you that I can easily put a masturbator the size of Kyo Skirt Girl or Kyo Jeans Girl in it. This gives you a good idea of its size. Besides, I find these bags really classy! And I love the closing system!

Ondo Nupu physical details

ondo nupu double side masturbator - 6

Masturbator’s mouth

Frankly, he’s not bad at all, this masturbator. Visually, it’s a double-hole sleeve, which is not very real, but visually, both orifices are really well done. So we find a medium size sleeve, with curved areas along the length to mark it a bit and not have a very flat sheath. This also allows a better grip and prevents the masturbator from slipping out of the hands.

Visual of the vulva

ondo nupu double side masturbator - 8

Masturbator vulva

On the vaginal opening side, it’s better than usual. Indeed, we discover a complete pussy, that is to say with a realistic clitoris (with its cap), detailed and pinkish lips (like the inside of the sheath), a “Puffy” effect on them, some details like small pimples, folds on the lips and especially, for the first time, quite precise details on the big labia with the presence of small pimples, like when you shave your pubic hair. I’ve never seen that before in my memory. The entrance of the vagina is less good, but it’s classic, I haven’t really seen a really well made orifice, except maybe in Fleshlight.

Mouth visual

ondo nupu double side masturbator - 9

The mouth is well made

For the mouth, it’s also realistic. This one is very feminine, smiling, pulpy, it’s rather well done. Basic, the mouth is closed, it is necessary to press a little on the sides to make him open his mouth and discover the white teeth and his small pink tongue.

The dimensions of the Ondo Nupu

Regarding the dimensions of this masturbator, it is a medium size model. This one measures 19 cm in total length (7.48″) for a 19 cm insertable tunnel (7.48″)! Indeed, since it is an “Open hole designed”, that is to say, a tunnel with two holes that meet, we obtain a penetration length equivalent to the size of the shaft. Its total width is 7.8 cm (3.07″) with a width in the tunnel of 7.4 cm (2.91″) when extended to its maximum.

ondo nupu double side masturbator - 13

The masturbator in hand

For the orifices, on the vaginal side, it measures 0.6 cm wide (0.23″) by 1 cm high (0.39″). Of course, it is very stretchy. For the oral part, it’s a little more complicated. I have to squeeze the sheath a little to see the entrance of the mouth and I count 2 cm in diameter (0.78″). Again, it’s very stretchy.

Other details of the Ondo Nupu masturbator

I have already mainly announced the most important elements about the Ondo Nupu double side masturbator. The only thing I have to tell you is that it weighs 458 grams, which is not too heavy, not too light and it is flesh-coloured.

Ondo Nupu materials

ondo nupu double side masturbator - 14

It can easily be folded

For this masturbator, we only have TPE, but with 4 different densities. Indeed, the outside of the masturbator is rather firm, but also flexible. This is the skin-coloured part. On the inside, the TPE is harder and pinker. Then we have the small teeth which are firmer than the whole masturbator, but not as hard as you might think. The goal is not to hurt you when you come and go anyway. And finally, the two rings in the sleeve are a little harder than the rest of the sleeve, which makes them feel like throat muscles.

A soft TPE on the outside

The outside of the masturbator is soft to the touch, like most Japanese masturbators. TPE is a healthy material for the body, but porous, which means that bacteria can become embedded in the material and could be transmitted to a third person if you use it in a group. This is why you should not buy a used masturbator made of TPE.

The oral and vaginal tunnel of the masturbator

ondo nupu - tunnels

Diagram of the tunnel and openings

If you enter the tunnel through the mouth, you will fall on the teeth first, then on the tongue, placed at the bottom, therefore under the brake of the penis, with striations at the top of the mouth, as on the palate. Then we arrive in the throat area, narrower, with a uvula at the top of the sheath. Then, we discover two rings that surround the inside of the sheath and add resistance to penetration. Then the tunnel continues on ridges at the top and bottom of the shaft. You have two ridges at the top and two at the bottom. And finally, there are small bumps before arriving on 4 spiral shapes with an increasingly narrow channel. Then, at the very end, a wider part. Obviously, if you penetrate the Ondo Nupu masturbator on the other side, the sensations will be reversed.

Ondo Nupu use

ondo nupu double side masturbator - 10

Oral entrance

For a manual masturbator, there’s nothing very complicated. When you don’t have a battery to charge, vibration modes, a system that moves, or anything else, it’s pretty simple to use. I’m going to give you some information on how to use it properly.

How to use your masturbator?

ondo nupu double side masturbator - 15

You can pull your tongue out without any problem

It’s not that hard to understand. It’s a double-orifice model, which means you can penetrate it from either side. It’s one-handed compared to its size, so you just need to use a little bit of lubricant and go back and forth with it. Nothing could be simpler, it’s like masturbating with your hand, or almost.

What lubricant to use with this masturbator?

ondo nupu double side masturbator - 5

The Nupu and his lubricant offered

It is a masturbator made of TPE, so it is more than recommended to use water-based lubricant. At the moment, I’m using Motsutoys’ Tyo lubricant, which I find thick and well suited for use with a masturbator, but I also use Sliquid Satin and Sliquid Buck Angel’s. In fact it all depends on what I have on hand and how much is left.

How to clean the Ondu Nupu?

kyo cleaning stick

Sticks to clean your masturbators

Cleaning a masturbator is always a bit complicated. Here, knowing that it is a double tunnel, warm water will flow from one orifice to the other, unlike an Onahole masturbator, which has only one orifice that acts as an inlet and outlet. Here, with a little soap and water, you can clean it quite easily. It will be necessary to scrub the inside of the tunnel a little. For that, I use a small brush that I got with the Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro. Then it has to be dried.

ondo nupu double side masturbator - 17

A handy accessory!

Good news, Motsutoys sent me some sticks (8 in all) to dry a masturbator more easily and especially to clean it. They are microfiber sticks that allow you to catch stagnant water in the sheath that you can then reuse. I must admit that it is very practical and it works well. Now I use them every time I dry/clean a sheath, whether it’s on an Onahole, a Fleshlight masturbator or other masturbators I have in my possession. You will find at the end of the test, a link to discover this product at Motsutoys.

Ondo Nupu efficiency

ondo nupu double side masturbator - 11

The masturbator’s little teeth

Now it’s time to tell you if this masturbator is fun to use! I have tested this one alone and on both sides to give you a report on it! So I will tell you everything about this model and especially if it is a masturbator that I recommend according to the purpose!

A successful visual ensemble

ondo nupu double side masturbator - 2

A masturbator who’s as enticing as the box?

That’s really the strong point of this masturbator! Visually, it is well done and it stimulates excitement if you are receptive. This is an important point, not to mention the fact that a visually ugly masturbator can also spoil your appetite. You’ll see it next to the Kyo Crystal Mouth masturbator, it’s much more appetizing.

The vaginal canal

ondo nupu double side masturbator - 12

The vaginal opening

Concerning the vaginal canal, it is correct, pleasant on the whole, but the sensations are a little too soft for my taste. The sensation of being tight is less important, air doesn’t accumulate in the sheath, which gives a more direct glide, with almost no blockage. The fact that there is an opening on the other side doesn’t keep the air inside the masturbator, thus bringing resistance. Overall, this side of the sheath is softer than the oral side. It is a pity that the sheath is so long, because in this case, I can’t easily reach the teeth, so I don’t have the friction of the teeth on my penis head every time I make back and forth movements.

The oral canal

ondo nupu double side masturbator - 16

The little tongue out of the mouth

That’s my favorite part about this masturbator. Already, on the overall sensations, I find that they are more marked on this sense of use. The teeth are present, but rather weakly all the same. If I press it well, you can’t feel them enough for my taste. I would have liked a stronger sensation, but again, it’s a personal taste. You can also feel the tongue a little bit depending on the angle of penetration, but most importantly, the tighter passage in the throat. However, I didn’t really feel the two inner rings that offer a tighter part. As far as I’m concerned, this tunnel direction is a bit better than the same direction on the Kyo Crystal Mouth, a very similar model.

Other elements

kyo sack toy big - 3

The word Kyo inscribed on the toy bag

As I said, the air buildup is definitely not there. This is normal with two communicating orifices at the same time. Therefore, it also make a little noise, the air escapes on the other side, opposite your penis, but nothing too bad either. Also, be careful when you come, as semen can pass through the tunnel and flow to the other side. Last but not least, the grip is correct, but I can’t put as much pressure on my penis as I can with other onahole. This one seems quite thick and applies little pressure, even when I press it well.

Ondo Nupu final thoughts

ondo nupu double side masturbator - 7

For this price, it’s really a very correct model!

I have yet to conclude! You should already know that it’s a low-budget masturbator! We can’t expect as much as a more imposing and sophisticated masturbator. For its price, I think we have a good compromise. Visually, it is successful and makes you want to. It’s already not bad at that price. As far as stimulation is concerned, it is correct, rather soft on the whole, but lacks intensity on certain points. It can be used in both directions, which is not the case for all masturbators and even less at this budget. It is a masturbator that is quite correct for its price.


  • A visually pleasing sleeve
  • An affordable price
  • Two openings for a tunnel
  • Nice box


  • Feels a little too soft
  • No air accumulation in the tunnel
  • Vaginal canal less interesting
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