Now we move on to the Lelo Ina Wave 2! A short time ago we published the review of the Lelo Ina 3 (that will come soon in fact), which had just replaced the second model, now it’s the turn of the first Ina Wave to have its new version! This is the concept of its release, but also to offer you a better model, at least, we hope so! Lately at Lelo, we have had the opportunity to review successful sex toys, such as the Lelo Enigma, the Smart Wand 2 Large, but a little less the Lelo Sila or the Soraya Wave. In any case, it will join all the Lelo sex toy reviews that we have already tested!

Is this Ina Wave 2 from Lelo a success? Is it better than the first model? For me, as long as it doesn’t look like the Mona Wave of the time, it’s fine! To answer these questions, we have to start this review of the Lelo Ina Wave 2!

Lelo Ina Wave 2 packaging

With Lelo, things haven’t changed for a long time, at least in terms of packaging! It is still a rectangular box, black, cardboard and quite solid, with a windowed part on the front. This allows to see the product without opening the box. Then, we have the Lelo logo as well as the name of the product on this same side. On the back, we have the details of its capabilities, which is what we are used to seeing from Lelo for a while.

Once the two stickers have been removed, the lid can finally be lifted to access the contents. Firstly, we notice the Lelo Ina Wave 2, lying in its foam mold. Then, in a second step, the compartment next to it, which you just have to lift to find, a USB charging cable (but proprietary), a mini-booklet of explanation (which requires downloading the full manual from the internet) and a warranty card, with all underneath, a satin and black storage pouch, as well as a sample of Lelo lubricant.

Ina Wave 2 - 1
Ina Wave 2 - Lelo - 2

Lelo Ina Wave 2 physical details

Ina Wave or Ina Wave 2, are they the same or different? Actually, you could confuse one with the other! Indeed, they are absolutely identical! We have a rabbit-shaped vibrator, with a vaginal and a clitoral shaft, not to mention the handle with its buttons. This handle is also made of silicone, like all the WaveMotion range by Lelo. On this part, we find a button with 4 cardinal points, so 4 possibilities to navigate in the modes or increase and decrease the intensity.

At the bottom of the shaft, you also have the place to come and plug the charging cable to recharge its internal battery. Another point, the clitoral shaft is flexible, while the vaginal shaft is not. It is precisely this part that will move alone, once activated. Unlike older Lelo’s, and even some of today’s models, there is no tab at the charging area. And I’ll finish with the fact that the Lelo logo is engraved in the silicone of the handle, but it also lights up.

The size of the rabbit

Let’s talk about the size of this Lelo Ina Wave 2! To tell the truth, there is not much change between the first and second model, but there is a big difference to note! Ah, actually, I’m told in the earpiece that there is no difference between the Ina Wave and the second model. Indeed, I calculated its dimensions and I obtained a total length of approximately 19 to 20 cm (7.48 to 7.87″) for an insertable vaginal stem of approximately 11 cm (4.33″). This vaginal rod has a maximum diameter of 3.7 cm (1.45″), just like the first one. And concerning the clitoral rod, this one is 6,5 cm (2.55″) long with a maximum of 2,22 cm (0.87″) at the level of its diameter.

Other details

Regarding the Lelo Ina Wave 2, you also have three colors to choose from, depending on your preference. There is purple (plum), pink (cherry) or blue (Calfornia Sky). On our side, we received the “pink” version, the same color as the first model. And another point to tell you, its weight, which is only 176 grams! By the way, it’s the same weight as the first model, which is a bit strange. Let’s say that if this second model is more powerful, I was expecting a little bigger engine. But maybe it’s just the miniaturization of a more powerful motor that allows it to have the same weight. Anyway, we’ll see about that later.

Lelo Ina Wave 2 materials

Just like the first model, the Ina Wave 2 is made entirely of silicone! And it must be said, the quality of Lelo’s silicone has little to do with basic silicone. This one is really soft, rather matte and does not catch dust (well, a little bit). It’s really quality! There is no ABS plastic, especially for the handle as you can see on some other Lelo models, like the Gigi 2 or the Liv 2. Again, silicone is a healthy material for the body, containing no phthalates or latex and it is a hypoallergenic material!

Ina Wave 2 - Lelo - 9

Lelo Ina Wave 2 use

Good news, despite its name, you won’t need to go to the beach with a surfboard in hand to catch a good wave, it’s only a sextoy after all! Then why not? Maybe you’ll want to go out on the water, vibrator in hand, ready to use it in the middle of the ocean! But, it’s not really advisable, because even if it’s waterproof, the sea water might damage it severely. Anyway, back to reality, before you use it, let’s take a look at how to use it!

How to recharge it?

The first thing you need to do is to charge the internal battery of your Lelo Ina Wave 2! Simply connect the power cable to the base of the vibrator and the other part to a powered USB port. Then, to recharge it, it takes 2 hours of charging time, for a maximum autonomy of 2 hours. When charging the Ina Wave 2, you have an LED that will flash. When it will be fixed, it is that the charge is finished. And if during its use, this LED starts to flash, it means that your battery is almost empty! Anyway, once switched off, the vibrator has 90 days of autonomy before the battery discharges itself completely.

Ina Wave 2 - Lelo - 14
Ina Wave 2 - Lelo - 13

How to handle it?

Unlike the Ina 3, the Ina Wave 2 has 5 buttons! That’s one more button than the latter. But compared to the Ina Wave, first of the name, there is no difference. Indeed, we find the 5 buttons, “+”, “-“, “Up Arrow” and “Down Arrow” then the central button in the shape of a circle. The first thing to do is to unlock the Ina Wave 2 by keeping the “+” button and the “-” button pressed for 3 seconds. You will have to do the same thing to lock it again.

Then, by pressing the round button in the center, you will turn on your vibrator. With the up and down arrow, you can navigate through the 12 modes present, the “+” button will increase the intensity, the “-” button to lower it. And finally, the round central button will turn off the rabbit by keeping it pressed for 2 seconds.

What modes of vibration are present?

Once again, at Lelo, you have to get up early or rather in the past to get details on the different modes. However, we now have 12 vibration modes instead of 10 on the first Ina Wave and 2 more than the Ina 3. Of course we have WaveMotion technology back in play, allowing the vaginal shaft to move up and down, like a finger going “come here”. However, do 2 extra modes really make a difference? That’s what we’ll see a little further down in this review.

Which lubricant to choose with ?

In order not to damage your vibrator, if you need to use lubricant to make it easier to glide or to get a better comfort, you should only use a water-based lubricant. Pjur, Sliquid, Yes and many other brands can be used.

How to clean it properly?

Since it is a waterproof sextoy, you now know that to clean it, you can run it under warm water with a little mild soap and then air dry it. But you can also use it in your bath. Well, I never really understood the concept of using a sextoy in the bath.

Ina Wave 2 - Lelo - 11
Ina Wave 2 - Lelo - 12
Ina Wave 2 - Lelo - 17

Lelo Ina Wave 2 efficiency

Well, that’s not all, but we have waves to make! With 30% more power, compared to the first model, this is one of its arguments, not to mention a wider range of intensity, with more modes and a better autonomy! It seems to be all good! But to check if this second model is better than the old one, you have to try it anyway! Kitty will be my guinea pig of the day, as always, it’s obvious! So we will be able to tell you what we think about this new model, so here are our opinions about it !

Ergonomics and grip

Between the first and second model, you have understood that nothing has changed in terms of handling. We are again faced with controls using 4 cardinal points, it is quite simple to navigate in the different modes, to change the current intensity, to turn it off, to turn it on. In short, the buttons are practical, as is the handle, which is large and wide enough to have a good grip, and although the buttons are a bit “old-fashioned”, they work quite well.

On the other hand, there is something I noticed that I find a bit unfortunate. When you stop the Ina Wave 2 (just like the first one), the vaginal shaft stops on the last position of the WaveMotion. In short, if you stop your sextoy, while the rod is up, it will stay that way. And to insert it again, you will have to turn on the Ina Wave 2, wait for the rod to return to its original shape and then turn it off. And finally, insert it again to enjoy it. Logically, when you turn it off, the vaginal stem should simply return to its original position. It’s stupid, but it’s a shame.

Vibration power and WaveMotion mode

With 30% more power, a wider intensity range and more modes, does it really make a difference? Well, yes and no. First of all, the two additional modes are there, but we must admit that it doesn’t really change things. Certainly, the modes present on the first Ina Wave and the two new ones of the second model are not bad, but it is true that it is not a reason to switch from one to the other. It’s a little extra, of course, but it doesn’t really add much.

Same observation on the increase of 30% of power, we feel slightly the difference, but not to jump to the ceiling either. As much an increase of 100% clearly changes the deal, see even 50%, but 30% is more subtle, especially on this type of sextoy. Because on a clitoral stimulator by pressure wave or pulsed air, the difference is felt much more clearly.

Vaginal and clitoral stimulation

To tell you a little more, we used the Ina Wave 2 a few times with Kitty. If the Soraya Wave did not convince her more than that, she likes the Ina Wave 2 more. However, I would like to point out that Kitty did not review the first Ina Wave. According to her, from the first mode and intensity level, it is already very nice. She was surprised by the up and down movement, quite pronounced, with an effective double stimulation.

However, it is true that one concern comes up. There is a lack of flexibility, both in the vaginal and the clitoral shaft. Either your morphology is suitable, as with Kitty, or it is not. Since the clitoral shaft can move a little (unlike the We-Vibe Nova 2 in particular), you risk either having a shaft that is not well placed or having your clitoris compressed. If you like it, no worries, that’s the case with Kitty. But for others, it will be unpleasant.

Apart from that, I was also able to test practicing a cunni to Kitty, while using the Ina Wave 2. It works well, I have enough room to pass my tongue without it vibrating with the clitoral shaft. The WaveMotion part allows to make a rather good leverage effect, Kitty had her pussy flowing a lot, she liked it a lot.

Kitty & Mogwai

Ina Wave 2 - Lelo - 10
Ina Wave 2 - Lelo - 7
Ina Wave 2 - Lelo - 18
Ina Wave 2 - Lelo - 15
Ina Wave 2 - Lelo - 16

Lelo Ina Wave 2 final thoughts

In conclusion, the Ina Wave 2 by Lelo is not a bad product. Let’s face it! On the other hand, between the first and the second model, it is once again modifications that are not very interesting. It’s more, certainly, but why didn’t you modify the elements that were brought up at the time of the first model? Why does it still lack flexibility? Why is the clitoral shaft not adapted to all morphologies?

This is what has really been bothering me for a while with Lelo. As much as Lelo’s reputation was once sparkling, this is Russian roulette. You just have to see the difference between the Nova and Nova 2 from We-Vibe to have a good idea of what it is to offer a real second version.

So, yes, the Ina Wave 2 is powerful, it offers good, powerful vibrations with leverage that works well for Kitty, but that may not be the case for everyone. For me, Lelo has not really tried to improve the negative points of the first model. When are you going to come up with a Mona 3?


  • Storage pouch
  • Quality silicone
  • Well-made design
  • 2 more modes
  • More power
  • Better autonomy
  • 100% silicone
  • Functional controls
  • Strong vibrations
  • WaveMotion effect


  • Vaginal shaft not flexible
  • Clitoral shaft not very flexible
  • The controls are a bit old
  • 2 more modes, yikes
  • More power, but not very noticeable
  • Nothing really new in the end
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