This is a great first on the website, since it is the Lucky Stars nipple suckers review from Lovehoney and especially that it is a first. Indeed, despite a considerable number of sex toys, erotic accessories and other products revolving around this universe, we have never yet reviewed nipple pumps! The idea came from the review of the Tom of Finland magnetic screw nipple clamps, but also the Metal Worx nipple clamps from Pipedream. Despite their advantages, for Kitty, they were not adapted to her nipples. So when I saw that Lovehoney had come out with nipple pumps, I thought they might be more suitable for Kitty’s nipples to stimulate them!

We don’t have a point of comparison, so it will be a total discovery for us. Of course, the principle of use is not very complicated, but there are still a lot of things to tell you about them! There are two nipple pumps here, one per nipple of course (unless you are the three-breasted woman from the Total Recall movie). Anyway, to go further, we’ll have to try them, observe them and share our report with you! There is work to do, so let’s not wait any longer, here is our Lovehoney Lucky Stars nipple suckers review, which in addition to their basic functions, glow in the dark! Quite a program!

Lovehoney Lucky Stars Nipple suckers packaging

Lovehoney Lucky Stars Nipple suckers - 1

The front of the box

As always, we start by telling you about the box! It is a small cardboard box, classic at Lovehoney, white and pink. At the top, we have the logo, then a picture of the two nipple pumps with on the side, the mention “Lucky Stars: Glow-In-The-Dark Nipple Suckers” and then at the bottom, in small “What a couple of suckers”, which gives a touch of humor that we find quite often at Lovehoney.

Lovehoney Lucky Stars Nipple suckers - 2

A small, classic box, typical of Lovehoney

On the edge, we have the part that tells us how to use these nipple pumps! Since there is no explanation manual, this is the only place that tells you a minimum of things. So just remove the sticker at the top of the box, then open it, to discover its contents!

Lovehoney Lucky Stars Nipple suckers - 4

Some information on the back and details of their uses on the edge

On the back of the box, there is more information about the product. Then once the box is opened, we discover the two Lovehoney nipple suckerss, packaged in a small plastic pouch. It’s a shame to have plastic, but it’s still better than a plastic mold.

Lovehoney Lucky Stars Nipple suckers physical details

Lovehoney Lucky Stars Nipple suckers - 5

And here are the two Lovehoney nipple pumps, still packed

Here is what you will find when you open the box! They look like suction cups that you stick on your back to eliminate toxins (or whatever) when in fact they are two nipple pumps! They are therefore pumps that make suction cup, in particular by the absorption of air by pressing them before putting them in place. As you can see, the two pumps are black, covered with green stars that are fluorescent! Yes, in the dark, your nipples will glow!

Lovehoney Lucky Stars Nipple suckers - 6

It will glow in the dark!

Otherwise, but I think you have understood, the inside of these two pumps is empty, you need some space for your nipples, but especially, to expel the air inside in order to be able to put them in place holding by the suction effect.

Nipple suckers size

Lovehoney Lucky Stars Nipple suckers - 11

Not very big pumps, but not very small either

It’s true that when you see the two pumps in the picture, it’s hard to realize how big they are! Lovehoney says that they are 5.08 cm (2″) long, but I calculated something else and in a more comprehensive way. For me, each pump is 4.8 cm (1.88″) high (calculated as in the photo above). The round part (the end) has a diameter of 3.18 cm (1.25″) and 2.22 cm (0.87″) in the center, at the lowest. Under the pump, the full diameter is 3 cm (1.18″), but we actually have a hollow of 2.4 cm (0.94″) in diameter to place our nipple. And finally, the internal hole in the pump, lower and in the center, measures 1.1 cm (0.43″) to play its role of suction.

Other details

What more can I tell you? To be honest, not much. As you can see, these nipple pumps are only available in black with fluorescent green stars! And regarding their weight, I don’t have the details, but I can tell you that they are very light! Knowing that the inside is not full, we only have the silicone that forms the mold with vacuum inside, unlike a “full” silicone dildo.

Lovehoney Lucky Stars Nipple suckers materials

Lovehoney Lucky Stars Nipple suckers - 9

100% silicone! They can be pressed quite easily

Good news, Lovehoney Lucky Stars nipple suckers are made of silicone and 100% of it! It is a very correct silicone, rather matte and of a certain flexibility, without being soft. Its density is medium, but since these pumps have a hollow underneath, you can press on them quite easily. And fortunately, because it will be necessary to do so to put them in place. As a reminder, silicone is a hypoallergenic material, healthy for the body, containing no latex or phthalates.

Lovehoney Lucky Stars Nipple suckers use

Lovehoney Lucky Stars Nipple suckers - 3

The manual is the edge of the box

But why use nipple suckers? That’s a good question! If you have ever used breast clamps for example, you must know that nipple stimulation brings more or less pleasure depending on the person. But in addition, with these pumps, it will increase the blood circulation of this area while increasing the sensitivity of your nipples! We will see a little later, what it really gives to the use.

How to use them?

Lovehoney Lucky Stars Nipple suckers -15

One of the pumps, pressed between my fingers

Good question! Actually, it’s quite simple! First, if you want to activate the fluorescent effect of the stars, you will have to place them in the dark, 1 to 2 minutes before putting them in place. Then, you can put a little lubricant inside, press them and place them on your nipples before releasing the pressure to activate the suction effect. To remove them, simply squeeze them to expel the air and remove them easily. However, if you have a pierced nipple, it is not worth trying, it is not even recommended.

Can we use lubricant?

Yes, it is possible! It also makes it easier to hold the pumps! It’s not a requirement either! In fact, it is dispensable. But if you do want to use it, you’ll have to choose a water-based lubricant so as not to damage your two pumps. There’s no need for a specific lubricant, a basic one will do the trick.

How to clean them?

Lovehoney Lucky Stars Nipple suckers -12

No need to spend long minutes cleaning them

No need to draw you a picture! They are silicone pumps, you just have to wash them in warm water with a little soft soap before drying them. Nothing easier to do actually.

Lovehoney Lucky Stars Nipple suckers efficiency

Lovehoney Lucky Stars Nipple suckers -10

What do these two pumps do?

Now we’ll see if these Lovehoney Lucky Stars nipple suckers hold up on Kitty’s nipples! Because it is true that for the moment, compared to what we could test on her nipples, we can’t say that it was perfect! So, are they going to stay in place? Are they stimulating? What do they bring? You’ll find out in our review!

The setting up

Lovehoney Lucky Stars Nipple suckers -13

Pumps that stay put

The first thing you need to know is how to put these Lovehoney Lucky Stars nipple suckers in place! All you have to do is squeeze them, to push out the air inside, place them on your nipples and then release the pressure to create a mini suction effect so they stay in place! And for the record, these pumps are perfect for Kitty’s nipples! No worries here about them staying in place. It works much better than with Metal Worx breast clamps or Tom of Finland magnetic clamps. You can also keep them for much longer than regular clamps, the pressure does not increase as time goes by. Even on my side, I tested on one of my nipples to see the result. Well, the pump holds very well, with a suction effect that works well. It’s like a suction cup.

What does it look like once in place?

Lovehoney Lucky Stars Nipple suckers - 8

They hold up pretty well, but not indefinitely

You’re going to tell me that it’s great that they fit Kitty and her nipples, as well as mine, but what does it actually do? First of all, by using these pumps, you will see that your nipples will get a little bigger. Mind you, when I say that, they won’t double in size either. But with the effect of aspiration having driven out the air before, you are going to feel a slightly sucking sensation, suction, which is going to make them pointed and make them more sensitive.

Just remove a pump and caress your nipple to realize that it will be much more receptive, even a touch will not have the same sensation. You can easily put them on and take them off. This is always good for those who are new to nipple pumps. One press on them and they come off. Clearly, it couldn’t be easier.

The effect of nipple pumps

Lovehoney Lucky Stars Nipple suckers - 14

In the dark, they start to glow!

To tell you a little more about them, you should know that the effect on your nipples is rather soft! We are far from the pinching effect that we get with breast clamps. Here, it’s perfect for beginners, but it’s not enough for those who are already used to the stronger sensations you can get with clamps. I must admit that even on my side, I don’t find this effect of an ultra sensitive nipple that you can have by removing a breast clamp that you have worn for ten minutes. Another point, they do not hold in place in all circumstances and over a long period of time. It is a suction cup effect and like any suction cup effect, after a while, it does not work anymore. Moreover, with the movements of the body, in the action, they will not hold long. It is above all for the foreplay that they are interesting.

As for the fluorescent effect, it works too, but you have to stay in the dark. It’s fun, but in reality, it doesn’t do much. It’s fun, pretty, but that’s it. We also find that these Lovehoney nipple suckerss could be a little wider, diameter-wise, to have a more encompassing and wider sucking effect. Also beware of those with nipple piercings, it is clearly not recommended to use them as mentioned before.

Lovehoney Lucky Stars Nipple suckers final thoughts

Lovehoney Lucky Stars Nipple suckers - 7

Not bad, but not amazing either

In the end, are they worth it? That’s a good question. Let’s say that to start in this field, without fear of pain or pinching effect, these pumps will satisfy you. But it is true that you can also find these same pumps without the fluorescent part at Lovehoney, at a lower price. Anyway, these are the first pumps Kitty tries and at least they fit her nipples, unlike the clamps where it’s harder to get them to stay in place. Here at least, in a few seconds, they are in place, hold for a good length of time, even if they don’t stay that way indefinitely. It is clearly an accessory for beginners, because they work as well on female as male nipples.


  • Pumps on a budget
  • They glow in the dark
  • Easy to put in place
  • They fit all nipple sizes
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Makes nipples more sensitive over a short period of time
  • Works with all nipples (female & male)


  • The effect is quite light, without the pinch effect
  • The diameter could have been bigger for a wider approach
  • You can find the same ones a little cheaper, but without the fluorescent side
  • They don’t stay in place indefinitely
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