Today, I’m going to tell you about a sextoy like no other, it’s the Handy masturbator from SweetTech AS! It’s following my Fleshlight Launch review that I was contacted on Instagram to talk about this masturbator. As I didn’t have this product in my possession, I couldn’t make a comparison nor give my opinion. So SweetTech AS sent me a message asking for my contact information to send me a copy of the Handy masturbator to review it on the website!

SweetTech AS is a company based in Oslo, Norway! And their concept is to offer a masturbator that can be used without hands, compatible with many masturbators on the market! Yes, because in reality it’s not really a masturbator, but a device for your masturbators! In short, it is clearly a competitor to the Fleshlight Launch. It is therefore with great pleasure that I offer you the Handy masturbator review in order to tell you what it’s worth on the field! Here is my review!

Handy masturbator packaging

handy masturbator - 1

The front of the box

We start with the packaging and its black cardboard box! It’s a box that opens from the top. It has the device on the front, with product information on the back. As soon as we open the box, we discover its contents with first, the Handy masturbator, already equipped with the sleeve, but in a zipped plastic pocket. This sleeve contains a foam tube that will have to be removed for use.

handy masturbator - 4

The contents of the box

You can also see that the band is already placed on the masturbator. This is the “TrueGrip band”. Then, the “TrueGrip Sleeve” is the sleeve provided by default. We also discover a manual, two samples of lubricants and a mains charger with its charging cable to plug in for the 220 v. It is thus a rather consequent and very correct content in relation to the object itself. It is rather good concerning this point! There is no storage pouch, so you will have to use the box to store the product afterwards.

Handy masturbator physical details

handy masturbator - 5

Once everything’s unpacked

It is a tube, with a sliding rail on the side where a masturbation sleeve or masturbator can be placed using a strap. This is really the outline of this masturbator. I must admit that when I first saw the Handy masturbator, I thought a little bit about Portal 2’s turrets. It doesn’t really look the same, but when you look closely at the product’s box, you notice a red LED, which seems to represent the Handy’s A.I.! And this red LED looks like the one on the turrets of the famous Valve game.

handy masturbator - 11

The LED of the Handy masturbator

Of course, as soon as you take a closer look at it, you realize that it’s not a turret, but a device for masturbating, but not that. You can see that it has an area with buttons. There are two buttons and a four-way cross. On the side, a part that moves up and down and contains the bracelet to attach a sleeve or a masturbator on it. The Handy masturbator is more in the shape of a tube, but does not have an opening. Indeed, there is no sleeve inside. The sleeve is here on the outside, held in place by the bracelet. You can also see the hole to connect the power supply to it.

The dimensions of the device

handy masturbator - 12

The full-length Handy masturbator

Despite the type of product it is, the Handy masturbator is not as bulky as other sextoys of this kind! Indeed, this one measures 23 cm (9.05″) of total length for a diameter of 7 cm (2.75″) (at the level of the tube). If I compare this one to the Fleshlight Launch, it is not the same thing! As a reminder, the Launch is 32 cm long (12.59″), 16.7 (6.57″) wide and 15.7 (6.18″) deep. And if I take the Kyo Piston, which is not exactly the same product concept, but similar all the same, it’s also bigger! The Kyo Piston is 31 cm long (12.20″), 12 wide (4.72″) and 10 high (3.93″) (when lying down). In short, the Handy masturbator scores points here, as it is the most compact of those I’ve already reviewed.

Other details of the Handy

To give you a little more detail, you’ve probably seen that the Handy masturbator is rather dark. The tube is black with a gray control area. There is also anthracite, in short, a mix of dark colors that are close to black and gray. Of course, we can notice that the bracelet to tighten a sleeve or a masturbator has velcro to attach it. It is also possible to remove this bracelet completely and change it if necessary. For the weight, I did not find the information. Be aware that it is not very heavy. When I compare it to the Fleshlight Launch, it’s still much lighter.

handy masturbator - 7

You can clearly see the amplitude of the sliding system

Finally, I didn’t mention the sleeve. As you can see, it’s small, transparent, with several pimples inside. It’s a fairly basic sleeve, cheap, and it doesn’t cost much to produce. I admit that on this point, I would have liked to have something more qualitative.

Handy masturbator materials

handy masturbator - 8

Mainly ABS plastic

Then it’s more complicated! I absolutely did not see this information on the manufacturer’s website. But you know me, I searched to find out what the Handy masturbator is made of! This one is mainly made of ABS plastic, mainly at the tube level with a “Soft Touch” part, which looks a little bit like silicone. This is the part where the buttons are placed. Then, we have the masturbation sleeve offered with which it is made of soft TPR. For the ABS plastic, don’t worry, it’s of good quality and seems robust. For the TPR of the sleeve, I find that it sticks a lot, it is not of great quality, but it remains correct for a basic sleeve.

Handy masturbator use

handy masturbator - 3

There are explanations behind the box

Be careful, this part of the review is important because I have a lot to tell you about this Handy masturbator! I mean, I should say this masturbator device. Indeed, it is not a masturbator strictly speaking, you will have understood that. Even if you have a basic sleeve to use it. It is a technological product, with multiple functions, possible connections, sensors present, in short, there is a lot to know about it.

How do you charge the Handy Masturbator?

handy masturbator - 26

Power is supplied directly from the mains

If you have followed what I said at the beginning of this review, the Handy masturbator works directly from the mains! This is a change from the Fleshlight Launch and its huge charging time! Here, you can plug it in right away and have fun with it! Simply plug the power supply unit into a wall socket and then plug the other part into the Handy. This will position the part containing the sleeve at the very bottom of the Handy.

How to place the sleeve on the grip?

handy masturbator - 17

A scratch system that works pretty well

Then, once the power supply is connected, you must insert your penis as far as possible into the supplied sleeve. Then place the sleeve into the TrueGrip (strip). Normally, the buttons on the Handy will face you during this operation. Then, you need to adjust the band according to your preference. It should still be tight enough to hold the sleeve in place (or another masturbator).

How to handle Handy?

On the Handy, you have two buttons and a cross! The first button at the very top is the “Power” button, which turns the device on or off. Then you have the directional cross to steer you, but not that. Indeed, the up arrow allows you to increase the range of motion. The bottom arrow allows you to decrease the amplitude of the movements. While the left arrow, decreases the speed, while the right arrow, increases the speed. Next, you have a button under the cross, which is the “Wi-Fi” button. Below it is the LED.

handy masturbator - 10

The control cross

Once on the way, it is advisable to hold the Handy on your penis, placing your hand on top of the device, but away from the system that moves the previously placed sleeve or masturbator. Do not use the Handy without a sleeve or masturbator!

Which masturbators are compatible?

On this point, nothing is really indicated on the manufacturer’s website. But, on the other hand, one can find useful information that one can also obtain by oneself. The diameter of the masturbation sleeve can vary from 1 cm to 7 cm (0.39″ to 2.75″)! This makes it easier to know if your masturbator or sleeve will fit easily inside. I made several tests with the masturbators I have in stock to see what it is compatible with! And I must say that on this point, it can be used with a large number of models!

handy masturbator - 22

The Stoya Destroya mounted on the Handy

I fixed on it, the Kyo Crystal Mouth masturbator, the Ondo Nupu or The Mouth of Truth Perorin! It’s also compatible with the Tenga Flip Zero, the Fleshlight Go Surge, the Tenga Air-Tech, the Satisfy Men but not only ! I also had the Kyo Bound Kukuru and Kyo Bound Kohai next to it that I could put on it without any problem. The masturbator Horse Arizona fits also well on it. The Utensil Race Meiki fits well too. In short, the list is long! You can even use a Fleshlight Quickshot Boost!

handy masturbator - 23

The Kyo Crystal Mouth on the Handy.

On the other hand, to place a Fleshlight on it like the Fleshlight Madison Ivy Wonderland for example, you will have to wait for the official accessory for the Handy. Nevertheless, there are already prototypes made with 3D printing that already allow you to use it! We can already place it without, but it’s not made for and it rubs on the device. In short, it is not adapted to a Fleshlight bigger than some ranges!

What modes and intensities are present?

Unlike other masturbators or even sextoys, here we are not talking about modes or intensity! Here, we will talk about the number of mouvments per second and the amplitude of the back and forth. In fact, we’re clearly getting closer to the options available on the Fleshlight Launch. Here, we can vary the amplitude from 0 to 11 cm (0 to 4.33″). In short, the grip will move on a scale of 0 to 11 cm maximum (0to 4.33″), but we can choose 1 cm (0.39″) for example, to make back and forth on 1 cm (0.39″) of amplitude.

handy masturbator - 20

A small manual for basic instructions

Then we have the speed of the back and forth, with a maximum of 10 back and forth per second. If I compare this to the Fleshlight and its 180 movements per minute, it’s not the same thing! Indeed, if I do the calculation, 10 back and forth per second, that’s 600 movements maximum per minute! On the one hand, we have 180 movements per minute, on the other hand, 600! Obviously, it makes you want to see if it’s really the case when you use it! In any case, it’s a flaw I had expressed on the Launch, its lack of movements per minute, which could have been improved.

What are the 10 sensors present?

On this Handy masturbator, you have 10 sensors present! Yes, 10 sensors! This is no joke! It’s a bit of a trend right now! We’re talking about the sensors of the Lelo F1s Developer’s Kit, those of We-Vibe Wand or the Chorus from the same manufacturer. But there are also the sensors of the Autoblow A.I! In short, I have the impression that we’re going to hear more about these sensor systems!

handy masturbator - 6

10 sensors in total

In short, 10 sensors on one product, that sounds pretty good! You have 1 closure detection sensor, 2 infrared sensors and 2 temperature sensors. But you also have 4 Hall effect sensors. As for the other sensors, you can imagine what they do. But as for the Hall effect sensors, I didn’t know that term. So, if you don’t know what it’s for, this is your chance to learn something!

handy masturbator - 9

Not very big for an automatic masturbator.

A Hall effect sensor is a sensor that measures a change in magnetic field! Yes, it seems strange when we talk about a device that will be used to move a masturbator up and down. The Hall effect makes the sensor more efficient by amplifying or processing the signal before transmission, to avoid the risk of environmental disturbances. On the other hand, I must be missing some information about the last sensor, because the manufacturer announces 10 of them, but I note that 9 of them.

Handy’s compatibility with IFTTT

As I said, the Handy Device is a concentrate of technology. For example, the Handy is “IFTTT Ready”! Yes, it sounds barbaric, but not that barbaric. IFTTT is a free web service that can be used to create rather simple instruction strings called applets. IFTTT stands for “IF This Then That”. For example, you can create an applet that sends you an email if the weather is bad. Or send an email when a hashtag is used on Twitter. It’s super handy!

handy masturbator - 14

The Handy’s power supply hole

But then with the Handy Masturbator, I don’t really see what we can do. Anyway, I didn’t dig too much into it, because there is no real documentation on it or “Getting Started”. I think it can be used to do some pretty cool things, like the masturbator’s reaction when a donation is made by a person for example, in full live use! Anyway, this is an area that will need a little more work.

Handy, Amazon Echo and Google Home

On the manufacturer’s website, I could read that Handy was ready to be used with Amazon Echo and Google Home! For me, being a geek, I thought it would be great to do some tests with my two Amazon Echo I have. But again, to find out about it, you have to get up early. I didn’t really find anything concrete on it. I think it’s features that are being developed by the Oslo team. However, I was able to see a video of how Handy works with Google Home. So you can control it with your voice! If I’m motivated, I’ll test the compatibility with Amazon Echo when I update this test! Because yes, there will be updates with the next developments to come!

Handy security

It’s true that it’s a subject that is not really addressed in normal times, because you have to know a little bit about it and it’s not necessarily the subject that manufacturers address. However, when we talk about connected products, IoTs as they say, it’s a crucial point not to be neglected. The Handy team takes this seriously. In a post on their blog, Alexander, one of the team members, answers several questions on the subject. He indicates that the Handy can be hacked. What could be more logical than that? Any connected object, smartphones, PCs, Macs, Wi-Fi spots, connected doorbells, connected cars all have security flaws that need to be fixed regularly.

Handy’s team has engineers with a good background in remote control weapons and crypto-currency. They are people who know what they are talking about, which reinforces the idea of having a product that is as secure as possible. To prove this to you, here are a few points put forward by the Handy’s team! The data exchanged is encrypted, especially when there is an exchange between your Handy and the accessed services, with an encryption developed by the NSA. There is no database of services that can control the Handy. There is no aggregator of data, profiles, nothing is collected. You can also change the default connection key!

There is also an offer from Handy to track security breaches. If you find a security breach, you can get a reward depending on the severity of the breach! The masturbator firmware can be updated to have the latest security updates. The Handy is also connected to the manufacturer’s servers. If you try to connect through a third party tool, it will also connect to their servers to provide an extra layer of protection. In short, there’s a lot of stuff on this side.

Available connections

handy masturbator - 2

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi!

The Handy masturbator is to my knowledge, the only masturbator that has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2. The vast majority, if not all the other products have only a Bluetooth connection, which limits things afterwards! For example, on the Launch, you can connect it in Bluetooth with the smartphone, but that’s it! You can’t directly link the Launch to a VR hadset! Here, with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, the possibilities are more numerous. In addition to that, you will be able to update the Handy masturbator to take advantage of its future functions!

Understanding the LED indicator system

Be careful, it’s not going to be easy, but if you make the effort to read the rest, it will be easier to understand! Indeed, the Handy device has an LED that can light up and flash in several colors. In fact, Handy will try to communicate with you to explain to you what it does or doesn’t do. So I made a table to show you the different cases you can encounter with the Handy’s LED.

First Blink (LED)Second blink (LED)Meaning
Green (slow)Green (slow)The Handy works and it's ready to use.
Yellow (slow)Red (slow)Update Failed: Unplug Handy and try again. If this continues, contact support
Yellow (fast)White (fast)Update in progress! Wait 1 to 5 minutes
Yellow (slow)Green (slow)Update successful! Press a button to restart Handy
Light blue (fast)Dark blue (fast)Start configuration Wait 5 to 20 seconds
Light blue (slow)Dark blue (slow)Configuration complete
Light blue (slow)Green (slow)Connect to the Handy's setup in Wi-Fi. You have to unplug or exit the setup to use the Handy
Dark blue (fast)White (fast)Handy tries to connect to your Wi-Fi network.
Dark blue (slow)Really Dark blue (slow)Handy is connected to your Wi-Fi network.
Dark blue (slow)Green (slow)Wi-Fi setup is complete. Press any button to restart the Handy
Dark blue (fast)Red (fast)Unplug Handy and try to connect to Wi-Fi again. If this continues, contact support.
Dark blue (fast)Purple (fast)You have not set up Wi-Fi on the Handy. Complete the Wi-Fi setup to continue
Light blue (fast)Red (fast)Failed to connect to Handy servers. If this persists, contact support
Light blue (slow)Aqua (slow)You are connected to Handy servers and can use the online features.
Red (fast)Black (fast)Handy is stuck, remove any obstacles the Handy can find in his way.
Red (fast)Orange (fast)Maximum temperature reached. Handy needs to cool down
Red (slow)White (slow)Handy calibration error. Remove the obstacles and restart Handy. If this does not work, do not contact support.

That way, if you have a problem with your Handy, just look at this table to know what he wants to tell you! It’s a table that is available on the manufacturer’s website too.

How do I change the connection key?

To change the Handy’s connection key or simply consult it, you have to do the following manipulation! First, you need to turn on the Handy, press and hold the Wi-Fi button until you get a quick flash of the light blue/dark blue LED to activate the “configuration” mode. Then go to the Wi-Fi settings area, especially on your smartphone, PC, etc. Log in to the “Handy Setup” Wi-Fi spot to connect directly to the Handy. Then in the Handy Setup, you can configure the Wi-Fi part and see or change the connection key. If you change it, you need to go to “connection key” menu and change it. Then you will have to turn off Handy and turn it on again to exit the configuration mode.

How do I use the Handy API and what can I do with it?

So now we just have to hang on a little. Indeed, we’re going to talk a little about development! An API is an application programming interface. In short, with the help of a key and commands, we can program Handy to do whatever we want! And the API is not very difficult to use unlike the Lelo F1s SDK which requires much more skills in the field.

Handy masturbator open API

example of the API to control the speed

Already, a connection key with a minimum of 16 characters will have to be used. To do this, I invite you to reread the paragraph a little above to know how to change the default connection key. Then, you’ll have to use a tool like Postman for example, which allows you to send POST & GET requests to use the API. The URL of the API is the following: “ + GET params” The “Get params” part is the part with your command. And the HTTP method used is the GET method and the API was updated on February 3rd, 2020 when I started to be interested in it.

You can then do a lot of things, such as controlling the speed of the Handy, its mode, amplitude, position, LED colors, LED brightness and other elements to develop your project. Here is the link to see the API help and the builder integrated on the page. Please note that the API is still under development!

What are the other possibilities of the Handy masturbator?

With its Dual core processor and “Brushless motor”, Handy can do a lot more! First of all, I’ll tell you what this type of motor means. A brushless motor is an electrical machine that is part of the synchronous machines. The rotor consists of one or more permanent magnets and is fitted with a rotor position sensor, the so-called hall effect sensors that I mentioned earlier. In short, there are no rotating commutators in the motor.

handy masturbator - 13

The part where you have to keep your hand on it (just in case)

Now that I’ve talked about that, what else can we do with it? Well, lots of things! I’ve already mentioned a good part of its possibilities, but I haven’t said everything yet! Indeed, the Handy masturbator is ready for video synchronization and synchronization with virtual reality video! There is even the possibility to control it remotely through the HandyFeeling website! It is with this site that we will be able to interface it with a synchronized video!

handy masturbator - 24

The sleeve of today’s man mounted on the Handy

But that’s not all, because I’ve seen other upcoming features that don’t seem to be there yet! Like controlling it via a smartphone by positioning it in space. For example, if you hold your smartphone in your hand while making up and down movements, the Handy masturbator will do the same thing! Handy can also be controlled by voice, for example via Google Home or Amazon Echo. And I’m sure more features will be added in future updates!

How do I use the Handy Feeling website for remote control?

As I just said, it is possible to control Handy remotely! Currently, as I write this review, the site is still in beta! But we can already use it with our Handy. So let me explain a little bit how it all works! Already, you’ll have to set up Wi-Fi on the Handy masturbator for your first use. To do this, you need to press the “Wi-Fi” button on the Handy, then search for the sport Wi-Fi “Handy Setup” from your smartphone for example. Once the Wi-Fi connection is established, you have to go to ip (in my case anyway) to access the Handy setup. Here it will ask you to configure the access to the home Wi-Fi network in order to connect the Handy masturbator to the Internet. In this interface, you can also check your connection key that you can use on the Handyfeeling website.

handy masturbator - 25

And the side view of the sleeve today’s man in place

When this is done, restart the masturbator, then disconnect from the Wi-Fi network of the Handy masturbator. Then you go to the Handyfeeling website. You go to the “Remote control” or “videos” section to indicate your connection key to the Handy in order to connect it to the manufacturer’s servers. Then you can remotely control Handy or watch a video synchronized with it. I’ll tell you more about it below. In short, anyone who knows your connection key can connect to your Handy if it is turned on and connected via Wi-Fi.

Which lubricant to choose?

You don’t really need lubricant for the Handy Device! In fact, there’s no masturbator inside. So it depends on the masturbator whether you are going to use one lubricant or another. In any case, you will have to choose a water-based lubricant. You have a lot of lubricants on the market, at the moment, I use the Tyo lubricant from Motsutoys that I find really good. But also the Sliquid Organics sensation, the Sliquid Satin or the vegan lubricant UnisX.

How do I clean the Handy device?

handy masturbator - 16

The default sleeve

Handy doesn’t really need to be cleaned. It’s the sleeve that going in the water! Indeed, if you really need to clean Handy, I just advise you to take a non-abrasive cloth and rub it with, at the very least, a spray of toy cleaner. For the sleeve, you have to pass it in warm water with a little soap and rinse it well and then dry it. You can also use the Motsutoys cleaning sticks or a small brush on a stick, like the Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro or the Adonis de Goliate.

Handy masturbator efficiency

handy masturbator - 19

The default sleeve mounted on the Handy

Now, let’s make a point of this Handy masturbator! So I’ll give you a big update on him! I haven’t tested everything, because there’s a lot you can do with it. However, I have tested a lot of things! Whether it’s using it manually, connected, with the HandyFeeling site and with several masturbators on it! You might as well say that you will still have a good overview of its interest! Here is my feedback on the Handy masturbator!

The global grip

That’s okay, but I’m not entirely satisfied. Indeed, unlike a Fleshlight Launch, the sleeve is present on the side of the Handy masturbator. As a result, there is a problem with the weight distribution of the whole product. Moreover, as soon as it moves, it will lean a little on the side with the most weight, thus the masturbator according to its size. Always pay attention to the tube part, so that it doesn’t get hurt with it or be disturbing during its use. For my part, I hold the tube with my left hand, one hand on top, with the sleeve on the right. So when I use it, I have the sleeve in the center of my penis, but the tube on the left side of my pubis. On the Launch, everything was on the center, which I find more pleasant to use.

handy masturbator - 21

The velcro bracelet, quite effective!

Another point is the power cable. I find that the power cable’s plug is not very well made. Indeed, on several occasions, as soon as there is a less cord in the power cable, it tends to come out of its plug and stop the Handy’s activity. So I’ve gotten into the habit of holding it with one finger so that it doesn’t pull out. There are improvements to be made to prevent this from happening on the manufacturer’s side.

Power and range of movement

handy masturbator - 29

The Ondo Nupu placed on the Handy

It was a point I thought was a little weak on the Launch. Is that the case with the Handy masturbator? Yeah, a little bit, but not as much. In fact, in terms of number of moves per minute, Handy is better. At 600 moves per minute, that’s still more than the 180 at Launch. However, that’s only the case with the smallest amplitude and the maximum speed. On other amplitude levels at speed as well, the number of movements per minute drops. But on the whole, as soon as you vary the amplitude and speed, the Handy masturbator is efficient, even more so than the Launch!

Use with the Handyfeeling website

I tried several things on the Handyfeeling website. First of all, the “Remote Control” part allowing to control the Handy masturbator remotely via the web interface of the site. It works well. You can also start an automatic mode with a calibration chosen for speed and amplitude of movements. I also used the “Videos” option. On the site, there are about ten videos synchronized with Handy. For this, once Handy is connected, the video is automatically prepared to be connected with Handy. I must say that the synchronization is much better than on Fleshlight Launch. Here I didn’t feel like there was any latency between the two. Basically, when the video was launched, the actress’ movements were really coordinated with the movements of the Handy masturbator.

handy feeling website

Part of the Handy Feeling website

Moreover, if you have a delay, it is possible to apply a delay or an advance of the synchronization track! It’s the same principle as for the subtitles of a video. You can also try a local video, so present on your machine if you also have the script file for the movements. Be aware that you can find a good number of synchronization files made by the community on the Internet. So just get the sync file, the video and launch it on the HandyFeeling website! It works very well! It’s a pity, however, that the HandyFeeling site is so poor in the number of videos offered. We’ll have to find more elsewhere. But it works very well. On the other hand, you can upload videos and related scripts to the site, hopefully new contributions will come in.

Connected part and VR

For connected and VR parts, at last we can do something!  Well, it’s not very simple, but doable! In fact, with a headset, like the Oculus Quest that I own, you just have to go to the HandyFeeling site. Choose a local VR video with its sync file. Then launch it in the hadset. Just put the Handy masturbator in place and start having fun with it. I couldn’t test this part because I don’t have synchronized VR videos, but I plan to update the review as soon as it’s possible from my side. Also, this part is under development, so it’s just a guess as to how it will work. Anyway, it’s much simpler and more straightforward than the Fleshlight Launch.

Using the Handy Masturbator with Synchronized Cock Hero

The latest test I’ve done on the Handy is using a Cock Hero video with a .Funscript sync file. I can tell you that it works very well and it’s even excellent! Indeed, by searching a little on the Internet, by typing “Funscript porn”, you will easily find .Funscript scripts for this or that video.

The concept is simple, it is necessary to download the Cock Hero video in question for which you get a .Funscript file. Then on the HandyFeeling site, in “Local Video”, enter your downloaded Cock Hero video, then the .funscript file, which will be converted by the site. Once this is done, you just have to launch the video. You can also here, modify the latency if you notice a small delay ! Doing a Cock Hero in automatic, it’s really something else and it’s clearly more comfortable and less tiring!

With the default sleeve

handy masturbator - 15

The default sleeve contains a foam inside.

With the default sleeve, I’m moderately conquered. Indeed, as I said before, I find that the offered sleeve is too simple, not big enough and sticks a bit. I tried it anyway, it’s okay, but again, a little small. I find that it is not thick enough to be well maintained when the penis moves inside. At the end of its trial, the sleeve was almost no longer held in place by the bracelet. The air inside it had escaped and the volume of the sleeve was no longer the same. In short, it’s good to try, but it’s much better to use a masturbator that you like and that is compatible with.

With the Fleshlight Quickshot

I tested the Handy masturbator with a Fleshlight Quickshot and I must say that it is a very good model for the latter. Indeed, already, when it is put on with the Velcro strap, it holds well. You have to remove the scratch to have a little more weight and attach the Quickshot correctly. Here, there are two entrances, allowing you to stimulate the shaft but also the penis head. And that’s where it’s interesting. Indeed, depending on the movements, the shaft and the tip are stimulated. Sometimes, the sleeve starts from the bottom of the shaft, up to the crown of the tip. Sometimes, above and it’s a fabulous way to play with intensity. In automatic, synchronized mode, it’s even better. The stimulation offered is good, the Quickshot stimulates the penis head very well and I can tell you that after a while you have little choice but to succumb to it. Here, with this model, the stimulation is intense and localized more on thepenis tip. On the other hand, be careful when you come. The Quickshot is not closed at the level of its sleeve.

With the Fleshlight Go Surge

Another masturbator model I tested on the Handy, the Go Surge from Fleshlight. To tie him up, it’s doable. You also have to loosen the velcro to get some weight and place it. I find the stimulation less pleasant, because the masturbator is a bit long. It works, but I find that the stimulation was not very intense on this model. Compared to the Quickshot, it’s still not as good. Still, I have the impression that the Handy masturbator is more pleasant to use with small sleeves and not long sleeves.

With other models

handy masturbator - 28

The Handy with the Mouth of Truth Perorin

As I said, I tested several models on it that I mentioned above. The smallest models are the easiest to use. I must say that the stimulation on longer masturbators is not the same. It’s more difficult to set up Handy properly so that his movements can be done without any problem. That’s why I rather recommend 10 to 15 cm sleeves (3.93″ to 5.90″) (depending on whether it is an open or closed one).

Handy masturbator final thoughts

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A super model of automatic and connected masturbator.

All in all, I must say that Handy Masturbator is a nice surprise! Even if the default sleeve is not great, a good number of small to medium sized masturbators can be adapted without difficulty. The velcro strap system didn’t inspire me much at first, but it does its job well. The scratch is powerful, even if I have little that over time, this one is less efficient. You can change this one if it gets to be too old.

Its ability to offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allows it to be very connected and above all to have a product that you can update yourself! No need to wait for a second version, you can already enjoy the improvements made by the developers. With an open API, IFTTT compatibility, Amazon Echo, Google Home, use with the Handy Feeling website, in short, there is not much more to bring to it at the moment. Now we have to wait for new developments to enjoy it even more!

Really, I must say I’m pleasantly surprised by it. He’s coming to put pressure on the Fleshlight Launch, the Autoblow A.I. and the Kyo Piston. That’s something I’ll be watching. The fact that it uses external masturbators to its system allows you to give new life to old models you already had. Anyway, I don’t have much bad to say to him, except for the little remarks and flaws I mentioned.

You can feel that the Handy masturbator is made by competent people in the field of computer science and development. This is different from other models that only offer the basics. Here, having Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is a big difference.


  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth!
  • Google Home / Amazon Echo Ready
  • IFTTT Ready
  • Remote controllable
  • Secure device
  • Compatible with VR type videos
  • Compatible with synchronized videos
  • Possibility to use many masturbators
  • Power supply by mains
  • Future updates!


  • The power plug that doesn’t hold very well
  • Weight balance
  • The sleeve on the side of the tube and not in the center (middle)
  • The scratch that won’t last forever (but can be changed)
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