Now, let’s go to the glass with the Icicles butt plug! Yes, this is the continuation of the series of butt plug reviews that we have set up with our partner to offer you a large number of reviews that will end in a comparative article to help you choose your butt plug! We have already reviewed two models lately to start this series. There was the Hidden Eden anal dream butt plug (in French) and then the Fun Factory Bootie. But this time, it’s a glass butt plug that we’re going to review! Once again, it will be Kitty or myself who will test this butt plug, but we’ll see that a little further down!

Kitty recently reviewed the Lovehoney realistic glass dildo, will she try the anal butt plug? Even if Kitty is not a big fan of butt plugs, I will still try to convert her! Along with vaginal penetration, it adds extra stimulation that can make sparks fly! Anyway, let’s continue this series of reviews with the Icicles butt plug No 78! Why 78? Because Pipedream offers a large collection of glass sex toys which all have different numbers! I have already reviewed the Icicles n°29 dildo and the Icicles n°13 (on French website), now it’s the turn of the number 78!

Icicles butt plug No 78

To start correctly, here’s the box! No surprises, as it is a box from the Icicles range from Pipedream! As I have already reviewed some Pipedream sex-toys, I already know this one. So we have a black and white cardboard box with on the front, the butt plug in picture and some information. Then, on the side and behind, even more information about this butt plug. Before opening the box, we can open the flap so that we can see the butt plug before opening it, using the windowed area.

To open the box, you have to go through the top to remove the foam wedge that contains the butt plug inside. You also have a small piece of paper, which by the way is very cheap, to inform you to register your product on the Internet in case of a problem. Unfortunately, there is no small storage pouch, which is a bit of a shame.

Icicles butt plug No 78 physical details

Visually, it’s a pretty nice butt plug! With its rather conical and nice shape, it consists of a jewel-shaped brake. Here, the jewel part is directly integrated into the body of the butt plug. There’s not really a jewel in reality, it’s rather the way the butt plug is sculpted that gives this impression of having a jewel, as on many butt plugs. It’s all black, shines a little bit and doesn’t have any extra embellishments. It’s basic and that’s fine. Note that the shape of the butt plug is not totally symmetrical at the bulb level. Finally, the jewel is flat enough, to give you an idea, it can stand vertically on it, without falling or moving.

The dimensions of the butt plug

The Icicles butt plug No 78 is rather a small model! With a length of 9.1 cm (3.58′), it can be inserted up to 7.4 cm (2.91′). In terms of diameter, the largest part of the plug is 2.5 cm (0.98′), while the jewelry is 3.5 cm (1.37′). As you can read, it is rather a small butt plug, moreover, you will see it on the comparative photos.

Other details

As for the rest, I don’t have much more to tell you! The last thing I have left to talk about is the weight of the butt plug. I don’t really know how much it weighs, but I can tell you that it’s very light! It really looks like a featherweight, and I’ll tell you more about that later.

Icicles butt plug No 78 materials

This Icicles butt plug No 78 is made of glass! With its black color, one could have doubts! Notably, it was a little bit the case with the Laid B1 butt plug, we could be mistaken. But here, it is indeed a hand-blown glass butt plug! If you’ve never seen how the hand-blown glass operation works, I invite you to find out more about it! I think it’s really beautiful and it’s a real art!

Although glass can be scary, rest assured, it is borosilicate glass, a glass that is very resistant to temperatures. In addition, glass is healthy for the body, non-porous and contains no phthalates or latex. In short, it is a material you can count on when it comes to sex toys!

Icicles butt plug No 78 use

To use this Icicles butt plug No 78, I’m not going to lie to you, it’s not my style, there’s nothing complicated. In fact, you have to be careful with it, because if it falls on the ground, there is a chance that a small crack will be created. If this is the case, it should no longer be used as a precaution. But that’s not all you need to know! Here are some elements that will surely help you to use such a butt plug!

What can we do with it?

As with every butt plug on the market, the goal here will be to stick it in your butt! This may be to prepare you for a sodomy or for a vaginal penetration in order to have the butt plug that moves to stimulate your anus. It can also be used to add stimulation during a vaginal or anal penetration. Here, I am talking about a butt plug that will end up in the buttocks of the person penetrating. Since it’s a glass butt plug, you can also have fun heating or cooling it to vary the sensations! You can also wear it alone, to stimulate and excite yourself while doing something else! And it is also very sexy to wear to please your partner.

Which lubricant to choose with?

With glass sex toys, the good news is that you have a choice in the type of lubricant! Indeed, whether oil, silicone or water based, you can use them all with this butt plug. If it’s for a preparation for a sodomy, I advise you to choose a silicone based lubricant! The Pjur Woman Body Glide, the Pjur Body Glide or the Pjur Back Door for example. If it is to play with another sex toy afterwards, a water-based lubricant will be more interesting, like the Sliquid Sassy, the Pjur Back Door Aqua or the YES BUT! The choice is yours!

How to clean it?

With the glass, I’m pretty careful. I use mild soap and warm water, that’s what I do most of the time with all sex toys. Here I can also use it in the PureSan sterilizer, but I haven’t found any information on how to boil it. So I recommend to use water and to dry it. Do not use an abrasive cloth!

Icicles butt plug No 78 efficiency

Now let’s move on to more serious and above all more pleasant things! It’s once again my buttocks that got acquainted with this butt plug! Maybe next time, Kitty will want to try a butt plug too, like she did with the Lovehoney Jewelled metal butt plug! So I’ll tell you what I think of this Icicles glass butt plug!

The insertion of the Icicles butt plug No 78

With its small size and flat surface, we can’t say that the Icicles butt plug No 78 is complicated to insert in the buttocks! In addition to being able to choose the type of lubricant you want (water, silicone, oil, …), its glass surface slides easily into the anus and fits perfectly. It’s a small butt plug, so you won’t have to worry about this step.

Comfort and wearing the butt plug

Once the butt plug is in place, I must say it’s really light! This changes from stainless steel butt plugs which are usually heavier. Here, I found that you can barely feel the weight of the butt plug. Standing up, the butt plug holds perfectly, it’s even very good. Sitting down, it’s more complicated! I must confess that I did not try it because as it is a glass butt plug, I prefer not to sit with it.

I tried wearing boxers, sitting on the couch and the butt plug was not disturbing. It must be said that the jewel that acts as a brake is flat and therefore stands upright. But when I had my ass out, I preferred to avoid sitting on a harder surface, which could damage the glass (scratches for example). Anyway, it’s a comfortable butt plug, I didn’t really feel any discomfort while it was in my butt.

Stimulation of the butt plug

I must admit that the shape of the butt plug is not bad at all, the warhead shape is not completely symmetrical and you can feel a slight difference in curves. The butt plug apply a little pressure on the prostate, but clearly I find it lacks pressure. The glass being lighter, I find it less easy to put pressure on my prostate by squeezing my buttocks.

For my part, I find that this butt plug offers a rather quiet stimulation, which gently tickles the prostate. But if I want more, I know I’ll have to go for a bigger butt plug with a different material. For those who are just starting out and want to try a small glass butt plug, you might be under its charm!


Icicles butt plug No 78 final thoughts

For once, I’m quite satisfied with this Pipedream sex toy! Indeed, their glass and steel sex toys are rather good, while the rest can leave bad taste in your mouth, if you know what i mean. Here, we have a black glass butt plug, which is quite rare! Visually, this butt plug is quite nice, in any case, I like its aspect and its color. Certainly, the stimulation it offers is light, too light for me, but for a beginner who wants to try a glass butt plug, this is a model that could suit you! Don’t miss the review of the next butt plug in the series! As a reminder, this is the third butt plug out of the 16 butt plugs in total!


  • A small glass butt plug
  • Its black appearance
  • Its shape
  • Its lightness
  • Easy to insert
  • Compatible with any type of lubricant


  • No storage pouch
  • Too light for some people (like me)
  • Sitting without clothes it’s complicated (it’s glass)
  • Slight pressure on the prostate (for those who like pressure on it)
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