Introducing the Fetish Fantasy Magnetic Clamps from Pipedream! After the Tom of Finland magnetic screw nipple clamps, which I like, Kitty was a bit disappointed that these were not “compatible” with her nipples. Several times, Kitty told me that she wanted to try out nipple clamps and now she has with the Fetish Fantasy Magnetic clamps from Pipedream in gold version! This is a model that I had already spotted several years ago, because at that time, you could read the reviews of the Ben Wa Balls Metal Worx, but also of the Curve Metal Worx dildo, as well as the Metal Worx steel butt plug (all in French)! And I had looked at the other products of this collection to stop on these Fetish Fantasy Magnetic clamps !

I have to say that in general, I try to avoid the Pipedream brand. Not that it is bad in itself, but I must admit that I have already had several problems with some products. For example, the Fetish Fantasy harness or the Heavy Duty Elite harness. Let’s just say that in this fields, they are not the best! However, the Metal Worx range brings a higher level of quality. And I must say, I really like the concept of the magnetic closure of these Fetish Fantasy magnetic clamps!

Besides, you may have already read some reviews on the website about nipple clamps! Of course, they are few, but between the Spartacus chain with clitoris and breasts clips or the Fifty Shades of Grey breasts clips (in French), you won’t be in unknown land during this review! So this is a product that will join our BDSM accessories review! Anyway, here is our Fetish Fantasy Magnetic clamps by Pipedream!

Fetish Fantasy Magnetic Clamps packaging

Fetish Fantasy magnetic clamps - 1

The front of the box

To begin, let’s talk a little about the packaging. Well, it’s really because you need one, as it’s a simple cardboard box, black and yellow, with one of the two nipple clamps in place on a woman’s nipple on the front. We learn that this pair of nipple clamps is part of the “Fetish Fantasy Gold” collection.

Fetish Fantasy magnetic clamps - 2

On the back, some information, but nothing very interesting

On the other side of the box, we have some explanations about the product. But honestly nothing very interesting. So this is a box that will be thrown away afterwards. It is not really interesting, even to store your clamps.

Fetish Fantasy Magnetic Clamps physical details

Fetish Fantasy magnetic clamps - 3

The two clamps, packed in a simple plastic bag

Once the box is opened, we have the two clamps contained in a simple, somewhat hard plastic pocket. Then, once the pocket is opened, we have access to the two clamps! Visually, they look pretty good, with shiny rhinestones on each end. Then in the center, a magnetic system that allows to close the clamps.

Fetish Fantasy magnetic clamps - 5

The two clamps, taken out of their packaging

We can see that they are two parts which come to close by the two magnets present in the rods to come to compress the nipple which will be placed in the center of the circle. Obviously, we see that they are golden, but it is not gold of course. Personally, I think they are beautiful, but I also know that they are steel, covered with a golden effect.

Clamps size

Fetish Fantasy magnetic clamps - 7

Quite small clamps, which will not fit all nipple sizes

Beware, despite the relatively comfortable size of these nipple clamps, they will not fit all nipple sizes! As you can see on the pictures, the nipple will be stuck between the two metallic and magnetic rods, held by a steel tube quite small in diameter. Indeed, each clip is 5 cm (1.96″) long (from one side of the rhinestone to the other), for 2.8 cm (1.10″) wide and 1 cm (0.39″) thick. We have an internal diameter of 2.4 cm (0.94″), for which we will have to remove 1 cm (0.39″), when we pull on the two rhinestones to place our nipple.

Other details

Fetish Fantasy magnetic clamps - 6

These clamps are also available in silver color

To tell you a little more, know that if you don’t like the gold effect on these magnetic nipple clamps, they also come in steel color. This may be preferable in a way, because as mentioned earlier, it’s a gold couch. And over time, this one will still chip a bit. In terms of weight, I can tell you that they are light, you won’t feel like your nipples are falling off because of the weight, since they weigh 20 grams.

Fetish Fantasy Magnetic Clamps materials

Fetish Fantasy magnetic clamps - 8

Steel yes, but not high quality either

Even though we have a gold coating, these nipple clamps are made of steel. It says that it is high quality steel and hand polished, but I still have a doubt. It is true that the hand polishing is possible, but I don’t agree with the fact that it is a high quality steel. Steel yes, but high quality is less the case.

Compared to all the stainless steel sex toys I’ve reviewed, I’ve seen much better. Otherwise, you should know that steel is healthy for the body. Here, it will be in contact with your nipples, no more, no less. And obviously, the rhinestone diamond effect is not diamond, do not mess around.

Fetish Fantasy Magnetic Clamps use

Fetish Fantasy magnetic clamps - 12

Easy to use

As you can imagine, you don’t need a degree in nipple clamps to use these! Actually, it’s more than simple, because you just have to stretch the two magnetic parts, place your nipple between them, in the center, and then close the two rods by releasing them so that the magnetic effect keeps the clamp in place. That’s also why you won’t find a user’s manual in the box, there’s really no need to make a manual out of it.

What can be done with it?

You will tell me that you can place them on your nipples! And that’s its main purpose! Indeed, by putting pressure on both sides of your nipples with the two magnets, it will bring pressure on them, which will make them more sensitive and stimulate you. Of course, it all depends on the reaction you get when you stimulate your nipples.

For my part, I have a much more sensitive nipple than the other one and the latter allows me to get more pleasure, even to help me ejaculate in some cases. But anyway, squeezing your nipples makes them more sensitive, especially with the blood flow. Just place the clamps, then remove them several minutes later, and you will realize that by touching them, they will have become more sensitive.

Fetish Fantasy magnetic clamps - 4

Does it hurt or not when using them?

In addition, since it is steel, you can also play with the temperatures. Either by cooling them before using them, or by heating them up depending on what you want to achieve afterwards. I admit that this is not really the type of accessory I would play with temperatures, I find it more interesting with a dildo or a plug.

How to clean them?

It’s a bit tricky, since there is steel, a gold layer and the rhinestone. Already, avoid anything abrasive cleaner, which will help you to avoid scratches on it. The best is surely to clean them with water. After that, they are nipple clamps, it is not the same as a dildo, cleaning will be optional and not necessary at each use.

Fetish Fantasy Magnetic Clamps efficiency

Fetish Fantasy magnetic clamps - 13

Just pull the two rods to get your nipple inside

Now, let’s get to the report of our uses! First of all, you should know that I tried to put them on my nipples and it doesn’t really work. It must be said that a man’s nipple is quite small, there is not much and therefore, it does not hold in place. As much as with the Tom of Finland magnetic screw clamps, they were not too bad, here, it does not hold at all and it is normal. You need some material for the magnetic system to work. But Kitty played the game and here is our opinion on these Fetish Fantasy magnetic clamps!

Essay on Kitty

To start with, we did a test, without any particular atmosphere, just to see if these Fetish Fantasy magnetic clamps were compatible with Kitty’s nipples. I must say that the Tom of Finland magnetic screw clamps were not made for her, while for me, it was perfect. So we tried again with this other model. The result is still not completely right, but it’s better.

Fetish Fantasy magnetic clamps - 11

You must have nipples, not too big, not too small

Indeed, we managed to make sure that the clamps hold and do not slip to pinch the nipple. But you have to be really careful when putting them in place. A small shift of the two magnets and it is the insurance that the clamps slip. For this first return, Kitty found that the clamps were not very strong, rather soft actually, which leads us to believe that it is a model for beginners but also for small nipples.

To go a little further

However, although they fit in a “non-sexual” setting, in action, they don’t stay in place. Since Kitty’s nipples are anything but small, the placement is almost surgical for her, the slightest movement of the nipples causes the clamps to come off. Again, it’s not that they don’t stay in place in the absolute, it’s mostly depends of the nipples the clips are attached to.

Basically, if your nipples are too big, there will be too much “material” to pinch and the magnetic effect will not work as well. The nipple is between the two magnets, the bigger the nipple, the bigger the space between the two magnets, the less it “attracts”. The magnets are simply too far apart. If your nipples are really small, then the magnets will tend to pinch the little bit of “material”, causing the clamps to slip.

On the other hand, if your nipples are of “standard” size, so to speak, these clamps will hold in place, although you must be careful to center your nipple between the two rods for the magnetic part to work.

Fetish Fantasy Magnetic Clamps final thoughts

Fetish Fantasy magnetic clamps - 10

The design is great, but be careful, you need to have small nipples, not too small, not too big

In the end, these Fetish Fantasy magnetic clamps have a design that I really like! Because when they stay in place, I think it’s really nice. But you still need to have the right nipple size. For Kitty, who has quite big nipples, without being too big either, the fitting is too delicate. You really have to be careful when putting them on for the magnetic effect to work.

Unfortunately, these are not the nipple clamps Kitty was waiting to get, because while they work better for her than the Tom of Finland clamps, it’s still too small for her. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t good clamps. You just have to get the right size! And in terms of the pressure exerted, these are more of a beginner’s clamps.


  • The design of the clamps
  • Gold plated
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Not suitable for all nipple sizes
  • Golden coating that is easily damaged
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