It’s a little butt plug that has been around for a long time, it’s called Fun Factory Bootie! This is the second anal plug that we are reviewing for the series of butt plug reviews that our partner has offered us! So it’s just after the review of the Hidden Eden dream butt plug (available on the French Website) that we’re back with a small butt plug from Fun Factory, oriented for beginners. By the way, the Fun Factory Bootie reminds me the Fun Factory Boosty, a more imposing butt plug that I reviewed one month after the opening of the French website! Even if I had already seen this one, its small size didn’t necessarily interest me, but for Kitty, it’s a quite suitable size. We’ll see which one of us will be glued for this test a little lower! I’ll save you some suspense!

This time, it is a silicone butt plug, another material that will be found in more detail in the butt plug comparison that I will write at the end of this reviews series! In short, it will be a big report that will make it easier for you to make your choice! And on top of that, it allows to expand the category of butt plug reviews which is less filled than the dildo reviews for example! It’s time to catch up with this reviews serie! Here is our opinion on the Fun Factory Bootie butt plug!

Fun Factory Bootie packaging

With Fun Factory sex toys, the good thing is that there are not many surprises in the packaging! So it’s the classic box we find. But that’s not surprising, since the Bootie was released several years ago. So we have a rectangular box, golden and surrounded by a sleeve. On this one, we discover the Bootie butt plug on the front part, with behind, some information about the product.

Once you open the box, you’ll discover a part to lift (which contains a small promotional booklet) to access the buttplug. Nothing more, no need to look for a storage pouch, you won’t get anything more! The good news is that the packaging is made entirely out of cardboard that can be recycled! There is no trace of plastic inside.

Fun Factory Bootie physical details

Seeing it like that, you’d think it was a twisted anal butt plug! But it’s not, since it’s a butt plug designed to stimulate the prostate, which explains its peculiar shape. At the level of this butt plug, we find a brake, formed by two small branches which will also allow a good support. Then, at the body level, just below the brake, we have the Fun Factory brand logo! It’s really a simple butt plug, designed for beginners.

Dimensions of the butt plug

Quite sincerely, this Bootie small butt plug is really small! It’s one of the smallest butt plugs I’ve ever seen! Indeed, with a length of 7.6 cm (2.99′) for 6.5 cm (2.55′) insertable, its diameter evolves from 1 cm (0.39′) (at the lowest) to 2.7 cm (1.06′) at the widest. I can tell you that it is really a small butt plug, fits anyone and easily transportable.

The other details

Unfortunately, I don’t have many more details to share with you! However, you should know that this Fun Factory Bootie butt plug also exists in a pale purple version. But that’s not all, since you also have a medium and large version of this butt plug! Because yes, it is the small version that I present you here. Last thing, it is also very light!

Fun Factory Bootie materials

This little butt plug for beginners is made of silicone! For my part, it’s not what I prefer for a butt plug as an experienced user. Indeed, I prefer stainless steel or at least something heavier than silicone, which is still a rather light material. But for a beginner, it’s a very good choice, whether it’s for your anus or your wallet. As a reminder, silicone is a hypoallergenic material, contains no phthalates or latex and is healthy for the body! So there is no risk in using it!

This silicone is both soft and rigid. The density is rather medium, but leans more to the soft side than to the rigid side. On the other hand, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen this, but the silicone present is very dusty! It’s really a crazy thing! I’m not surprised, it’s a Fun Factory butt plug, what could be more normal!

Fun Factory Bootie use

So no, a plug isn’t something you put in your ear, that’s something else! Here, we’re talking about an anal plug, so it’s an object that we’re going to insert in our buttocks! Yes, we do weird things on the website! At the same time, if you try it once, you’ll realize that it’s not unpleasant at all! On the contrary! But let’s have a look at how to use it and what’s important to know about it!

What can we do with it?

Like I said, a butt plug is for sticking it up your ass! Yes, it’s a concept, but you should know that it’s very pleasant. Here, with a butt plug like this one, it will be able to come and gently stimulate the anus, whether to add extra stimulation during masturbation or penetration. It can also be used to prepare you for a sodomy. If you want to quietly get your anus used to receiving something bigger, a sextoy will help you to do so. We’ll see later in this review what sensations it provides in these cases!

Which lubricant to choose with?

The Fun Factory Bootie is a silicone butt plug. If you have understood, you already know what type of lubricant to use. For those who have forgotten, water-based lubricant should be used. For this, you have thicker than average lubricants that are well placed for the sextoys that you put in your buttocks, but it is not an obligation.

At the moment, I’m still using the Tyo from Motsutoys, thick and in large quantities. However, a thinner lubricant will also be perfect to use it. Sliquid H20, Sassy, Satin or Organics Natural. Yes, I like Sliquid. But you also have Pjur Aqua, YesforLov Mixed Lubricant and many others! Take your pick!

How do you clean it?

Before and after use, you must clean your butt plug. To do this, do not overdo it and run it through warm water with mild soap. Let it dry and that’s it. It is also possible to use a sextoys cleaner or to put it directly in the PureSan to sterilize it.

Fun Factory Bootie efficiency

With such a small diameter, I might get bored! Actually, it depends on many things! But it’s true that considering its modest size, maybe Kitty is the one who will lend herself to the game ! Because yes, even before testing it in a real situation, I never know how it goes! Nothing is decided in advance ! Since it is really a small butt plug, I will try to convince Kitty, but it is not impossible that I will also give you my feedback by using it on my side! Anyway, here is our full review of the Fun Factory Bootie butt plug!

Insertion is child’s play

First point to address, its insertion! As much to say it, the Fun Factory Bootie is small, handy, flexible, you will have absolutely no trouble getting it in your butt! In fact, with a little water-based lubricant, it fits very easily in the anus. Once the head of the butt plug is inserted, the two branches come to be placed in front and back. At this level, you can’t do better.

A comfortable butt plug

Yes, this is also another point to mention, once it is inserted, it is perfectly in place. Indeed, it is very light, there is no risk of it falling or escaping. When it is well inserted, it is perfectly positioned so as not to disturb, whether standing or sitting. By the way, I wrote the review with the butt plug in my ass and I completely forgot about it while writing. It’s a butt plug that will adapt very well to your morphology.

Butt plug stimulation

I’m not going to hide it from you, it’s a little butt plug that stimulates a little, but in a very soft way. Already, with its low weight, you won’t feel any pressure on the anal walls. It’s really a discreet butt plug at this level. When I’m standing, I hardly feel it. It doesn’t move at all. When sitting, same thing. I really need to tighten my sphincter muscles to feel the head of the butt plug briefly touch my prostate, but I still need to squeeze it tightly to feel its stimulation.

I find that it brings a little gentle and pleasant stimulation, but for me, I need more! It’s a butt plug that will be perfect for a man who wants to try this type of sextoy for the first time. It may also be suitable for women, but I still find it designed for the prostate.


Fun Factory Bootie final thoughts

Despite its attraction for dust, this Fun Factory Bootie butt plug is a small discreet silicone butt plug that will find its audience among beginners. For more experienced people, you will really find it too small, too basic. Small reproach, the two arms of the butt plug which act as brakes could have been a little more rigid, especially to come and stimulate the perineum. If you are looking for a small butt plug to start, without any headache, with a small budget and easy to use, the Bootie will be made for you. Otherwise, for others, you’ll have to consult our other butt plug reviews to find a model that suits you better.


  • A small butt plug
  • Medium density, flexible and a little rigid
  • Easy to insert and use
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Not suitable for experienced people
  • It’s a great dust collector.
  • Lack of rigidity for the brake arms
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