Here is the Japanese masturbator, Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000! Yes, with a name like this, no doubt we are facing a product of the rising sun country. This is a product offered by PxPxP (Hokuto corporation) and more specifically a doggy style masturbator! What is it ? It is simply a masturbator in doggy style position. In reality, it can be used in many ways. We will see together if this Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 masturbator is as good as its name evokes it! Here is my review!

Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 packaging

puni fuwa mochi 2000 - 1

The front of the masturbator box

No doubt, this is a Japanese product! It must be said that packaging is recognizable among hundreds. They do not do things halfway. So we have a huge white box with a blonde manga woman wearing a uniform that reminds me of Sailormoon. Yes, it’s an old TV series. In fact, it’s a sailor type uniform. You know, the same type as the Sailor masturbator that I had the opportunity to review on my French website.

puni fuwa mochi 2000 - 2

And the back side of the box

So we have an assumed packaging, this woman gives an impression of innocence while having, it seems, her panties wet and can’t contain the pleasure she takes. She pulls on her panties, as if she could not hold. We find inside, a 120 ml sample of lubricant, enough to have fun for a moment. It’s really a beautiful box, solid and very detailed. There is a lot of information in pictures, which allows everyone to learn a little more about the usefulness of the product.

The free bottle of lubricant

puni fuwa mochi 2000 - 3

The bottle of lubricant on the panties

I must say that I was quite surprised by the box content. Usually we have a small lubricant sample, but here it’s still 120 ml. Admittedly, this is not a very attractive bottle, but the lubricant is perfectly correct and I would say, rather good.

The masturbator panties

puni fuwa mochi 2000 - 4

The panties set up on the masturbator

Yes, you are not dreaming ! A panties come with this masturbator! This is really the first time I see this. Certainly, I am sure that some people will find it rude, worthy of a pervert. Me, I find it very good! At least the Japanese go all the way and assume. So I’m happy to find a panties inside this masturbator. There are several panties models, it’s a bit of a lottery. It is possible that the one I received is not the same color that the one you will receive.

Mine is white and pink, in a not very good quality material. However, the small negative point, the panties are too big for the masturbator. Indeed, once in place, there is 7 to 8 cm (2.75 to 3.15 inches) that its too much for the pubic area. But clearly, it’s not a problem. This little panties will surely end up on my face during a masturbation session.

Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 physical details

puni fuwa mochi 2000 - 5

Information on the dimensions of the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 present on the box

Let’s see in details this masturbator with a panties on it! Yes, that’s again, something that I’ve never seen before! So it’s a bit of a surprise!

General aspect

It is a Doggystyle masturbator type. This means that it is in doggie position and therefore allows multiple positions. It is therefore a masturbator in a hip shape, with two holes. The anal hole has not many details, it’s just a hole. There are very few details. On the other hand, the vaginal hole is visually more attractive. We can see the clitoris and the vulva lips. However, I’ve seen better one. We are not at the Fleshlight detail level with actresses pussy mold.

puni fuwa mochi 2000 - 6

The masturbator still packed in its plastic pocket

The Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 is cut at the thighs and navel. Its surface is flat, which allows to keep it in place. Especially when placed on a table for example. A hole can also be seen on the flat surface of the bust, allowing the air to escape. Depending on the size of your penis, your penis head may even come out through this hole. And it’s divine, but we’ll talk about it again.

puni fuwa mochi 2000 - 7

The Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000! The doggystyle masturbator

This masturbator is part of the Puni Ana series (just like the Puni Ana DX Fuwatoro). It is OutVision which is behind the EXE name (known for the Puni Ana DX, SPDX, Julia + and other models). They are also responsible for the PxPxP (or PPP) range from which this Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 comes from.

masturbator size

puni fuwa mochi 2000 - 8

The masturbator, viewed from the side while seated

Here we have something finally, rather small. Compared to Meiki Cherry 2 for example, it is a bit smaller. In terms of dimension, it is necessary to count a penetration length of 16 cm (or 6.29″) in doggy style position for a height of 13.7 cm (or 5.39″) in this same position. The width of the ass is 20.3 cm (or 8 inches), the bust is 13.2 cm wide (5.19″) and 8 cm (3.15″) thick. In the end, it is a masturbator of 1.99 Kg (as much as 2 Kg). So it’s quite acceptable to have a good grip.

The internal construction of the masturbator

puni fuwa mochi 2000 - 9

The two holes of the masturbator

So we have two entries, a vaginal and an anal one. Each entries are connected to the other, at the internal tunnel level and its exit. It is quite common to have both tunnels exit, especially to facilitate cleaning afterwards.

Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 materials

This is a highlight of this model and the Puni DX range. It is a very interesting texture, soft, stretchy and silky. Really, this texture is special and I really like the realistic aspect that comes out. The texture seems alive, it moves when it is penetrated with a ripple effect. Like in a good doggie slammed. The texture is really nice to the touch. It does not smell bad and even the fat touching side is not present, compared to other models.

The mastubator tunnels

puni fuwa mochi 2000 - 10

The internal texture of the tunnels

So there are two tunnels and a common exit for sperm and the air escape. The vaginal entry allows a good air accumulation and rapid penetration. At for the tunnel construction, it is detailed. The vaginal tunnel has bumps and curves diagonally, which goes back to the exit. While the anal tunnel is a little more straight, but diagonally down with vertical and horizontal ridges inside. For a simpler understanding, you can view a picture just above.

Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 use

puni fuwa mochi 2000 - 11

We can see that the panties is too big

This is the simplest part, but let’s stay concise. It’s a masturbator. It is therefore a product made to masturbate. So far so good. To use it, you need a little water-based lubricant. The one provided is not bad at all. It is a thick water-based lubricant, very handy for masturbation. By cons, no idea of ​​its composition, it will do with. Once your penis is coated with lubricant, the masturbator can be penetrated. Just choose its orifice, its position and go fuck her!

Possibilities of various uses

puni fuwa mochi 2000 - 12

Explanations, yes, but in Japanese

Several types of stimulation are possible. We can penetrate masturbator in doggy style. But also as a missionary, in Amazon, in reverse cowgirl. In short, there are at least four possible positions at a minimum. Of course, you can have fun spanking it. With its soft texture, there is a good level of impact vibration. A little less than on Puni Ana DX and its 2.4 kg.

Cleaning the masturbator

puni fuwa mochi 2000 - 13

It fits well when you put it on a table

For cleaning, with its shared exit, this step is easier than on other masturbators. Especially compared to Onahole models. Here, we can easily run the water in the tunnels. The cleaning is done quickly and even drying does not take as much time as usual.

Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 efficiency

puni fuwa mochi 2000 - 14

Face to face with the masturbator

Be careful, there is a lot to say for this part! I will try to make you a maximum of feedback after some tests with this ass. I can tell you that this is a very good masturbator, but with slight defects.

Easy to use and handle

puni fuwa mochi 2000 - 15

An exciting view

First point, its use. It is small, but it is very efficient. Already, for the lubricant implementation, it held well in the masturbator. It does not run, we have time to prepare quietly. The grip is also really good, despite the masturbator size. Moreover, even if it only weighs 2 kg, it is held well in hand. It can be held by the hips, thighs, waist or ass. There is the choice. At no time, the masturbator did not escape from the hands.

Texture quality

puni fuwa mochi 2000 - 16

The masturbator’s buttocks

This realistic and soft material while maintaining a very slight firmness is very good. It’s less like holding a piece of plastic in your hands. Here, this soft aspect gives a certain relief to the object making it easier to imagine that it is a piece of a woman’s body. This is even more true during penetration and when the penis head leaves the masturbator through the hole allowing air to escape.

The tunnels sensations

puni fuwa mochi 2000 - 17

A vaginal tunnel that goes diagonally

Here, it’s really not bad at all! We have two tunnels, so twice as many opportunities to have fun. The vaginal tunnel is the most interesting, but also the one that has the most problems. Indeed, if its stimulation is not to question, it is the tunnel curve that we can find fault. Indeed, this tunnel takes a high diagonal direction towards the other tunnel. If you penetrate the masturbator, it is likely that your penis does not follow the tunnel. It will tend to follow its natural progression and will end up blocked by the belly.

We must be careful because we can quickly make a bad cock thrust in the tunnel. My advice, for the vaginal tunnel, penetrate it  in a reverse cowgirl position. That is to say, its buttocks in front of you. As a missionary, it will be harder to take the right bend and you risk piercing the masturbator if you don’t pay attention.

puni fuwa mochi 2000 - 18

An anal tunnel present, but not essential

The anal tunnel is a little less interesting because it is pretty straight. It is not as stimulating as the vaginal tunnel, but it is a not insignificant one. We feel a little more compression. And then, it’s always nice to take the buttocks of a masturbator. There is an extra exciting side to take someone’s ass, fictitious or not.

In the end, pleasure or not?

puni fuwa mochi 2000 - 19

The small exit hold for the penis head (and air exit)

Of course! It is a very good masturbator. Admittedly, there is a little compression effect. A little on the anal tunnel, but otherwise, nothing. And again, you really have to insert the penis to the maximum to feel sensation in your penis shaft. A slight compression.

The vagina tunnel curvature is very satisfactory, despite the concern already noted. The narrow side of the orifices is of medium level. It moves a lot when going back and forth, thanks to its soft texture, but less than a Puni Ana DX as mentioned above. Having an exit is also a great idea. Indeed, if your penis reach sufficient size, back and forth, we can bring out the penis head on the other side. Just like the Puni Ana DX!

puni fuwa mochi 2000 - 20

The buttocks of the masturbator in the panties

I must say that I love this feeling. When the penis head goes through this masturbator hole, each passage of the penis head in this small hole is devilishly effective. Here, hard to resist. By dint of going back and forth, the penis head is hyper-stimulated and when you reach a peak stimulation, the least back and forth movement of the penis head through the hole will be almost unsustainable before the orgasm coming. I got a powerful orgasm by trying it, the worry is ejaculation. The sperm went off in all directions, it was a bit of a mess. But it’s worth it!

Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 final thoughts

puni fuwa mochi 2000 - 21

A very good product in the end

Once again, we are in front of a very good Japanese masturbator. The Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 is a very good model. The packaging makes you want it. We have a bottle of lubricant and a panties as a gift. It feels pretty good. It is not as fat as other masturbators of this kind. Its soft and soft texture is really nice. We do not lose it from hands by using it. It is also easy to wash. In short, apart from the vaginal tunnel and its curvature that goes up and can be tricky depending on the position, it’s all good!


  • Assumed packaging
  • Lubricant and panties offered
  • Pleasant texture and little fat on it
  • Two orifices
  • A diabolical stimulation
  • Easy cleaning


  • Watch out for the curvature of the vaginal tunnel
  • It makes a little noise, but like all the masturbators
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