Here is finally a new product from Sliquid, the Sliquid Shine organic toy cleaner! If you read the website regularly, you probably know that I’m a big fan of Sliquid products. For me, they are the best lubricants on the market! I advise them all the time and nobody was disappointed with my advice in this area. So it’s always a great joy to review a new Sliquid product.

Since my first review, I have had the chance to try a good number of Sliquid products. For example, I’ve tried the Sliquid H20 lubricant, but also Sliquid Silk. Then I tried Sliquid Swirl and Sliquid Sassy. And lately, it was the Sliquid Organics Sensation. Not to mention the Sliquid Balance Soak to take a good bath. And lately, it was the Sliquid Satin and the Sliquid Buck Angel’s. But today, I’ll review the Sliquid Shine organic toy cleaner! Your sex toys will shine a thousand lights!

Sliquid Shine packaging

sliquid shine toy cleaner - 5

The front part of the bottle with the logo

No complaints ! This toy cleaner bottle is just magic! Look at it! This is the most beautiful toy cleaner bottle that I had the opportunity to see in my long career as a reviewer. It’s just gorgeous ! All black with golden color touches that gives a hyper luxurious effect to this bottle, it’s just perfect. There is elegance, luxury, beauty, in short, it is superb.

sliquid shine toy cleaner - 1

The cleaner spray

There is a spray system that can be used with the pump. Convenient to use afterwards. You should know that this toy cleaner is manufactured in the USA and that there is 255 ml (8.62 Oz) of product inside. Be aware that there is a version in 60 ml (2.02 Oz). And to finish with the icing on the cake, the cleaner is 100% recyclable! They are too strong at Sliquid!

Sliquid Shine physical details and ingredients

sliquid shine toy cleaner - 4

95% organic !

Now let’s talk about the product itself. It is an organic and anti bacterial cleaning spray. Its goal is to clean your sex toys, but also to prolong their life by preventing bacteria from becoming encrusted. It is dermatologically tested and no tests were performed on animals. Its texture is normal for a spray. Not much to say on this point.

Sliquid Shine toy cleaner composition

sliquid shine toy cleaner - 6

The toy cleaner formula

Ah, the formula! It’s always the most boring moment in a review, but at the same time, it’s perhaps the most important part. This is a sex toy cleaner. Therefore, it is better that it is perfect, because it is still a sex toy that you have cleaned with whom will end in your vagina or in your buttocks. Be careful, hang in there, the Sliquid Shine organic toy cleaner is just perfect! At the same time, there is nothing surprising when you already know the Sliquid lubricants range! Their formula is always perfect.

sliquid shine toy cleaner - 3

A long bottle of 8.62 Oz

There is therefore biological juice of Aloe barbadensis leaves. It’s aloe Vera. Here, this ingredient is not organic, but reconstituted. Then you have organic tetra oil. But also organic castor oil. And finally, organic jojoba oil. Yes, it’s just perfect and 100% Vegan! Do not look for a bad thing, Sliquid is just excellent in this area. They are unbeatable! No alcohol, no perfume, no parabens or triclosan, they are pros, that’s all!

NSF certification

sliquid shine toy cleaner - 9

The NSF certification logo

Yes, Sliquid Shine is NSF certified. What is it? NSF certification is a suite of stringent tests and procedures by reputable and independent product testing organizations for the consumer market. The organizations carry out extensive studies on the product, its composition and inspect its development from beginning to end. It’s not a certification that you get from a single test, but regular audits. If one of the checks fails, the product loses its certification. In short, it is a proof of quality and seriousness for Sliquid.

Sliquid Shine use and efficiency

sliquid shine toy cleaner - 8

Golden effect on the spray part

Concretely, doing a toy cleaner review is not easy. There is not much to try, except to see if the product cleans well and if its formula is not to be feared. Here I have to answer the first point. Knowing that it is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, it will suit everyone.

sliquid shine toy cleaner - 10

Sliquid Shine next to Unisx cleaner

When I cleaned some sex toys with, I had no residue once the sex toy rinsed with clear water. Moreover, the product goes very easily with water. It also eliminates bacteria, which is convenient when using a sex toy with several people. And its formula helps remove odors. On this point, it takes several cleanings to remove them. In one go, we will not have to wait for miracles.

Sliquid Shine final thoughts

sliquid shine toy cleaner - 2

She is really beautiful this bottle

In conclusion, this Sliquid Shine toy cleaner is very good. I’m not disappointed with the brand that even in the field of sex toys cleaner, offers something clean. If you have the opportunity to place an order for a sex toy and looking for one of the best toy cleaner, Sliquid Shine will delight you!

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