If you want a luxury model at Satisfyer, then I have a model for you, it is the Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion! With all these Satisfyer on the market, there is enough to lose your head! Between Satisfyer Pro 2, Pro Deluxe, Pro G-Spot Rabbit, Satisfyer Penguin, Pro Traveler or Pro 2 Vibration, it’s not easy to choose. In addition, there are other models on the market. And I do not count the other tenor of this market, Womanizer with all its ranges of sex toy by aspiration! Like the Womanizer Liberty, the Womanizer Duo or the Womanizer Premium model. Yes, it’s not easy to choose! And it is especially the sex toys reviews that can help you to make your choice!

Here, this Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion model is a luxury version of the Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration model! So there are significant differences in the appearance, but is it only that which changes? This is what we will see in this Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion review with my dear and tender Kitty feedback!

Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion packaging

satisfyer luxury high fashion - 1

The box front side

Even if it’s not the most whimsical part, let’s talk about this Satisfyer luxury box first! It is a rectangular black cardboard box with a plastic windoer. Everything is quite sober compared to the new packaging of Satisfyer, especially on the Liberty model.

satisfyer luxury high fashion - 2

A cardboard box stronger than usual

We find the name of the product and information on the back of the box. We can also see a sticker, “Not for Resale”, because it is a free sample version. It will be the same model if you decide to buy it, just without the sticker on the box.

satisfyer luxury high fashion - 3

The back of the box

To open the box, you must break the seal (the sticker that closes the box) to lift the lid and have access to the product. We find the Satisfyer Luxury, lying in the box, in a foam mold. Besides, it is not easy to go out.

satisfyer luxury high fashion - 4

The Luxury model in its mold

By lifting the cardboard part on the side, we discover a black storage pouch, a manual, but also a USB magnetic charging cable, packed in a plastic protection. That was not necessary. There is no spare tip or difference size, but that, I’ll talk about later.

Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion physical details

satisfyer luxury high fashion - 5

The box content

Well, I confess, this Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion is really gorgeous! With its high-end brushed aluminum dress, its ergonomic shape and its certain elegance, it scores points! Silver in color, it is really light in hand, nice to hold and perfectly designed to be a luxurious product. We have two buttons present, one that has two parts, “+” and “-“, the second is the “Power” button. The stimulating head is different from others, it is more translucent and above all, it does not come off! I will come back to this point a little later! But yes, you can’t remove the silicone head of the toy!

Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion size

satisfyer luxury high fashion - 7

Neither small nor big, he is a good size

Let’s talk about the Satisfyer size now! It is not as small as a Satisfyer Penguin Next Generation, but not really bigger than a Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration. Indeed, it has a slender shape, with 17 cm total length (nearly 6.75 inches), 4.2 cm wide at most (nearly 1.75 inches) and 6 cm thick at the highest (a bit less than 2 inches), at the head. It will be easily transportable, especially in a purse or a travel bag.

Other details on this Satisfyer

satisfyer luxury high fashion - 8

Brushed aluminum is really classy

Note that this model is not the only one in the Luxury range of Satisfyer! Indeed, it is the most expensive model, but two other models exist. You have the Luxury “Haute Couture” model and Luxury “Prêt-à-porter”, two models with fake leather and luxury materials. However, the big difference is that these two models are not really identical to the Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion model. Here, the stimulating head is closer to a Pro Deluxe model or the Hiky stimulator, that I’ve reviewed a while ago on the French website.

Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion materials

satisfyer luxury high fashion - 9

The stimulating head is less thick and more transparent

Bye bye ABS plastic, here is finally a Satisfyer stimulator with brushed aluminum! Admit that, it sits well! It makes me think a little about the Doxy Die Cast aluminum, except that here, the aluminum is brushed, which gives a particular style to this model. There is also a bit of ABS plastic, especially on the joints it seems. And finally, silicone, a bit transparent, for the stimulating head.

Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion usage

satisfyer luxury high fashion - 13

The manual helps you to take control of your Satisfyer

When we do not know Satisfyer stimulators that work with waves (air suction) and here with vibrations, it is not obvious. Good news, I’ll give you a hint about using this one. If you have already read the Pro 2 Vibration model review, you will not be left out. There is always a model equipped with wave stimulation technology via micro-aspirations/suctions, called Air Pulse, a patented technology. There are always two independently controllable engines, in short, it’s a luxury version of the Pro 2 Vibration. Let’s go around this marvelous stimulator!

How to charge the Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion battery ?

satisfyer luxury high fashion - 18

Charging is always done by magnetic induction

Good news, the Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion has a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. At the same time, nowadays, sex toys with batteries, it is more and more rare. Less perhaps for the ecology, but for the consumer, it is much more practical. The battery is charged using the magnetic USB cable in the box. It will need to be fully loaded at first use.

Here, it takes 4 hours to fully charge this Satisfyer for an announced operating autonomy of 70 minutes. So this is a small improvement on this side, because the Pro 2 Vibration model announces only 60 minutes of autonomy. This will allow you to get 2 or 3 more orgasms before reloading.

How to use the Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion ?

You have a little manual to help you, but here are the main lines. At first, it will be necessary to start it with the help of the “Power” button. Indeed, you have the same buttons as the Pro 2 Vibration model, except that here, the button “Power” returns with its original logo, instead of the “~” icon button which was dedicated to the vibration part. But, this “Power” button is also used to control the vibrations intensity. It is therefore the same use, but with a different design.

satisfyer luxury high fashion - 11

The buttons are a bit better than Pro 2 Vibration model

Then you can use the wave/Air Pulse stimulation with or without the vibrations. Because yes, we can control both stimulation independently. This means that you can use waves/Air Pulse without vibrations and vice versa, but also both at the same time. The “+ and -” button activates the waves/Air Pulse while the other button allows you to navigate between the different vibration modes. It’s easy to use!

The modes that can be activated on the Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion

Here, we do not change anything compared to the Pro 2 vibration model, since we also had 11 intensity levels for pressure waves. These are the same as the previous model. Then we have 10 vibration modes, consisting of constant or alternating modes. So it’s really the same compared to the other model, less luxurious.

Should I lubricate the Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion?

Clearly, it is not required to use a lubricant with a Satisfyer or a Womanizer. Just be sure to be a little wet, so that the contact is not too dry with the clitoris. But if you want to bring a little extra comfort, you will have to choose a water-based lubricant. As usual, I have my favorite lubricants in mind. There is the very good Sliquid H2O, but also the timeless Pjur Aqua, the water-based Yes bio or the Sliquid Organics Sensation.

How to clean the Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion ?

satisfyer luxury high fashion - 10

The two magnetic contact points

Already before telling you how to clean it well, know that the Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion is waterproof. And to the IPX 7 standard! That means it is completely waterproof and you can use it underwater. Good news here, the waves/Air Pulse will be even more effective in the water, especially with the propagation difference between water and air.

Otherwise, to clean your Satisfyer, simply remove the removable silicone head from the base and clean it thoroughly. Wait a minute ! Well, no, the Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion’s head seems secure on the body without the possibility of removing it. I tried to force a little, but no, the silicone head stays in place. For me, I’m sure that we can’t remove the head as the vast majority of other Satisfyer products. It’s a shame. For this, a little warm water and soap. But you can also use a spray with a toy cleaner. I love the Sliquid Shine.

Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion efficiency

satisfyer luxury high fashion - 16

The Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion on its pouch

Now, it’s time to tell you if this model is interesting or not! For that, I try this version on Kitty to catch her feedback at the same time as mine. Here is what we think of this Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion!

It is beautiful and ergonomic

satisfyer luxury high fashion - 12

Zoom on the buttons

Yes, it’s still the first thing we appreciate, is its brushed aluminum that gives it a charm while giving an impression of luxury. It is true that beside the other models in ABS plastic, it is really beautiful! It’s silly, but sometimes, the sex toy appearance can make the difference. Here, aluminum is really beautiful, it’s fun to take in hand and its light too! We feel a little less the weight of the stimulator in hand, even if it is not very heavy. It also brings a small sensation of cold / fresh when it is in hand, that we do not find with ABS plastic.

The vibrations

satisfyer luxury high fashion - 14

The Luxury model next to the Pro 2 Vibration model

Like the Pro 2 Vibration, this model offers accessible vibrations with a single button. The vibrations are of a good level, with three different intensities of which the third one vibrates rather strongly. There are of course jerky/alternate modes that we already know. Coupled with the clitoris stimulation, the pleasure is easily increased and Kitty does not resist very long. You can activate the vibrations and deactivate them when we want, which also allows to create surprise in the proposed stimulation when you do not directly control the toy. It was also fun to activate the vibrations only when I wanted on Kitty.

The AirPulse stimulation

satisfyer luxury high fashion - 15

Luxury, Pro 2 vibration and Pro 2 (1st gen)

Always so good. It’s the same quality as the Pro 2 Vibration. Here, the tip is a little softer than the Pro 2 Vibration, which Kitty appreciated. On the Pro 2 Vibration, she finds the tip a bit hard (nothing bad either), but here it is softer. But otherwise, this part of the stimulation offered by this Satisfyer is still well done. Kitty arrives most of the time on level 6/7 with the vibrations before enjoying it, so there is room to go higher, even if the pleasure also remains to change the intensity when I control the Satisfyer on Kitty.

Other things to mention?

satisfyer luxury high fashion - 17

Several Satisfyer models

Yes, the noise. Reasonable too, even if you do not have to expect a silent sex toy. Far from it, but it’s reasonable for this type of product. The last point and it is this one that bothers me, it’s the head that is not removable. I tried, but I can see that the head seems well encrusted. I have not seen any information on the possibility that the head is removable, so we must accept that. Too bad.

Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion final thoughts

satisfyer luxury high fashion - 6

An efficient and elegant model!

Again, it’s a good model of Satisfyer, I cannot deny it! Kitty appreciated it, it is beautiful, for sure, but compared to a model Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration, it brings nothing new. It is above all an aesthetic choice! The small differences can make you switch from one model to another, but it is primarily its look that will make you choose for this model or the classic Pro 2 Vibration. In any case, one or the other, these are good models. Just a con, the Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion non removable head!


  • A brushed aluminum that is very beautiful
  • The elegance is there
  • The softer tip
  • A storage pouch
  • Vibration / wave combination always effective


  • The tip that is not removable
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