Here is the Hanjuku Half Mature masturbator! Yes, still a Japanese masturbator, still a product for men! At the same time, you start to get used to it, no? Between the Ane Oppai Beautiful Tits 2.5 D and the Disgraceful Oppai Body, you already know a lot about Japanese masturbator. But before I begin, do you know what Hanjuku means? No?

This term means “half cooked” or “undercoocked” in Japanese. It’s like boiled eggs in Japan or the famous Hanjuku Cheesecake. But today, I’m not here to tell you about Japanese cuisine, but the Hanjuku Half Mature masturbator from its full name. A product created by the brand EXE, let’s see what this masturbator can offer us!

Hanjuku Half Mature packaging

hanjuku half mature 1

The masturbator box (front side)

For packaging, as very often for Japanese masturbators, we have the right to a big box with a Japanese animated design on it. We discover on the edge, the details of the product and its measurements. We can also analyze the internal structure of the product by a lateral cut and highlighting the advantageous points of the product, as well as small patterns of use.

hanjuku half mature 2

Side view of the box

Inside, we find our Hanjuku Half Mature masturbator protected by a plastic film and a lubricant sample to start using the masturbator. It’s classic, the usual in this area. We find the essential, that is to say, a big box and a big masturbator. In the end, the packaging is pretty good and allows me to store the product at term.

Hanjuku Half Mature physical details

hanjuku half mature 3

Preview of the specific texture

A funny sex toy! It is also the first masturbator of this kind that I have the opportunity to see in my hands. Indeed, there are two visually distinct textures, a classic part, hardly pink, then another, inside the first and visible from the outside, more pink, like a kind of Wellington beef for those who know.

hanjuku half mature 12

The masturbator in its plastic bag

Hanjuku Half Mature size

The Hanjuku Half Mature masturbator is therefore an Onahole masturbator with a rather wide canal. It is 17 cm long (6.70″), 11 cm wide (4.33″) and 14 cm (5.5″) thick. It is a good size masturbator, neither too small nor too big. It is not all light, nor too heavy, since it displays 1.2 kg on the scale!

hanjuku half mature 16

The Hanjuku Half Mature masturbator as a whole

Other details on the masturbator

At the details level and curves, it’s pretty good! At the front, we discover a navel, deep enough, but not too much either. This detail is not only visual but also technical. I’ll talk to you later about it. In the back, we see its back with details of the back shadows. We can also see its anus, but it is only visual, indeed, this is a Onahole masturbator, so there is only a single tunnel.

hanjuku half mature 14

We see a little inside the sheath

Visually, the vulva is correct. It is not super detailed, but it is acceptable. The vagina entrance has two large lips that can be easily spread. In addition, the fact that these lips are like this keeps the lubricant inside without sliding outside, practical.

hanjuku half mature 10

Details on the inside of the tunnel

For the texture of the inner tunnel, I’ll talk about it right after, but the first part of the tunnel is made of spirals, for increased stimulation, while the second part is softer, for a less powerful stimulation.

Hanjuku Half Mature materials

hanjuku half mature 4

The double layer texture

Let’s talk material, we find soft and firm TPR. The sweetest part is inside the Hanjuku Half Mature masturbator, while the firmer part is outside. We find on this masturbator, a double layer internal texture that we know now since 2008.

hanjuku half mature 21

A wider opening

Here, it’s even better, because it’s a triple layer system that we have inside. Indeed, the inner layer is enormously thick. Apart from these elements, of course, this TPR is healthy for the body, does not contain phthalates, but is slightly porous.

Hanjuku Half Mature use

hanjuku half mature 6

There is room for your penis

It’s always fun to explain how you can use a masturbator. As you know, this is one of the simplest things to do. It’s like masturbating, we do not need a degree to understand how it works. What I can tell you is that it is not too small to work with the Dakimakura pillow, nor too big to handle it.

hanjuku half mature 20

The back of Hanjuku masturbator

No need for a large amount of lubricant, the lips will be there holding the lube inside. For the cleaning part, it is quite easy. It is an Onahole channel, so we will still have the disadvantages of this type of masturbator, but we can stretch a little the vagina opening to get the water through. It will then be necessary to dry it and then eventually use, for maintenance, corn powder or Fleshlight renewing powder if you already have it in stock.

Hanjuku Half Mature efficiency

hanjuku half mature 5

An ultra soft and quite flexible texture

It’s time to give you my opinion on this product, because masturbators, I reviewed a whole lot, so far, I must be not far from the hundred. You can imagine that I become more and more selective, but also, more and more, critical. But I have to tell you, I do not have much negative to say about this Hanjuku Half Mature masturbator. It’s even pretty good!

Masturbator handling

hanjuku half mature 1

A very good grip

Just perfect ! Here, the masturbator is neither too small nor too big. I have an excellent grip, including via its shapes, but also via the grip you can have with the navel. Indeed, from front (missionary position), hips allow good support. In Doggy style position, the navel is on the front, which allows good support. Here, it’s really great!

The stimulation

hanjuku half mature 17

The navel of the masturbator

After trying it at the same time as a porn and a few hours after playing with Fleshlight Stoya Destroya (who had already given me an orgasm), I got a new orgasm in just 5 minutes. Yes, it’s fast! The first part of the tunnel is clearly the most stimulating and it is well thought out. Thus, the back and forth movements over the entire length are really pleasant and bring a strong feeling of well-being.

hanjuku half mature 18

Side view of the masturbator

The second part of the tunnel is less stimulating, softer and narrower than most masturbators. This is also something that I appreciated and that must surely meet the technical data sheet of the product, because as I recall, this masturbator is named Hanjuku Half-Mature. There is little doubt that the Half-Mature side will lead to a wide vagina (as if the vagina had already had quite a few experiments before you could enjoy it, like a mature woman).

The sizes

hanjuku half mature 3

Hips Masturbator

If I was a little afraid of the masturbator size, in the end, its dimensions were not a problem. Indeed, it displays 17 cm long (6.69″) for 14-15 cm length (5.5″ to 5.9″) of penetration. But here, the thing that changes, compared to other products, is the most pinky part. This softer texture stretches easily and can bring softness at the end of penetration. In addition, a few centimeters thick are there (between the sheath and the edge) to avoid drilling. It can therefore go strongly without altering it.

More details

hanjuku half mature 15

Overview of the inner sheath

For the suction effect, it is weak. Say it is not a masturbator that seeks to apply powerful sensations and in a quick way, but rather a masturbator oriented to last in time, even if on my side, in 5 minutes, I got an orgasm. The penetration angle also changes a little, when you use the masturbator in the missionary position, or in doggy style, but regardless of its use, it remains on a masturbator with a rather wide tunnel, without strong compression.

hanjuku half mature 7

The peach effect of the lips

From my point of view, I like it  a lot, because it changes from narrow masturbators that are reminiscent of virgin young women or inexperienced one. Here, the Hanjuku Half-Mature side is respected and for me, I find it really good in this area. While it is a bit boring to clean, because it is a Onahole masturbator , but this is only a detail for me.

The lube

hanjuku half mature 13

The free lube

I forget one thing, the lubricant offered. Unlike Fleshlight, here I have no burning or tingling sensation. The composition must be a better, more respectful of the human body and especially sensitive areas.

Hanjuku Half Mature final thoughts

hanjuku half-mature 19

A masturbator very pleasant to use

In the end, the Hanjuku Half Mature masturbator is a good product. With its wide tunnel, pleasant texture and gentle stimulation, this masturbator offer something different. It will be well suited to those who had a thick dick, which is not a bad point, given the number of masturbators on the market that has a large sheath. For my part, I do not have much negative things to say about it, it is a very good masturbator in its field. If you prefer more advanced and bigger masturbators, you can check the Puni Ana DX Fuwatoro review as the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000 review!


  • General aspect
  • The Half-Mature side
  • The masturbator handling
  • The double (triple) texture
  • Well suited to wide dicks


  • No big stimulation peaks
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