Back with the Puni Ana DX Fuwatoro masturbator, a Japanese masturbator for men with an extended name! This is a model of the Puni Ana DX range, which offers us an improved version (it is the Fuwatoro term that makes all the difference), a Deluxe version in short. As you may know, Japanese masturbators, I’ve reviewed a whole lot! Finally, I say Japanese, but it’s not completely true, some are Korean.

Some examples to remind you all, the Kokos Bouncing Titties F, Hanjuku Half Mature masturbator, Meiki Nancy, the Disgraceful Oppai Body or the Ane Oppai Beautiful Tits 2.5D! And that’s just part of the examples I’m able to give. You can read the reviews on my French website. So let’s see if the Puni Ana DX Fuwatoro masturbator competes with my collection!

Puni Ana DX Fuwatoro packaging

puni ana dx fuwatoro - 1

The front of the masturbator box

Another packaging in Japanese! Very honestly, it’s not to displease me! I am, so-called, an admirer of Japanese culture. I’m a big Japanese movie fan, a Japanese novelist reader, a Japanese video game player, a lover of Japanese culture in general, so it’s not a packaging in Japanese that will bother me.

The box

puni ana dx fuwatoro - 2

Information about the dimensions of the product

It’s a beautiful big fluorescent orange box, which catches the eye with on the front, a kind of virgin drawn as a manga girl, opening both legs in the air and with a headband of flower and leaves. Yes, it is well known, the crown flowers, it’s fantasizing. On the sides, there is information on the internal structure of the masturbator, its dimensions, how to use it, in short, instructions for use, but in Japanese with illustrations rather well done. Of course, inside, we find our masturbator protected and packaged in a flexible plastic bag.

The lube

puni ana dx fuwatoro - 4

The lubricant integrated with the masturbator

A lubricant sample is also there, enough to serve you for your first use. Moreover, I’ll talk a little further about this lubricant, to tell you if this sample will be good or not.

Puni Ana DX Fuwatoro physical details

puni ana dx fuwatoro - 5

The masturbator still wrapped in plastic (be careful, it sticks a little)

It is therefore a Japanese masturbator of good size! It is classified as hip-type masturbators, slightly larger than a vaginal masturbator where only the canal is there and smaller than a full ass masturbator. This gives you some ideas of its size.

The size

puni ana dx fuwatoro - 7

The whole Puni Ana DX fuwatoro

To clarify things a little, the Puni Ana DX Fuwatoro masturbator measures 21.5 cm in length (or 8.50″) and 21 cm wide (8.25″ at the most) at the entrance of the two channels and 12.5 cm or 5 inch (at least) from the exit. For its thickness, you can count 9.3 cm (or 3.66 inches), which is pretty good. The whole weighs 2.2 Kg.

General aspect

puni ana dx fuwatoro - 8

The Puni Ana DX seen from the side

So we have a masturbator with two long and tight tunnels, so two holes. The vagina lips are open, allowing easier penis entry, in addition to an entry in itself larger for more realism than previous models. Its ass and hips are very soft and you can grip the masturbator with both hands.

Tunnels texture

puni ana dx fuwatoro - 14

Opening of the masturbator’s vaginal tunnel

We have two tunnels available! A vaginal tunnel and an anal tunnel. The tunnels are 21 cm long (or 8.25 inches) and run from the entrance to the exit. We are not on Onahole tunnels. The vaginal tunnel begins with a fine ridge pattern on 4.5 cm (1.75″) and then we come across whirling nodules in a nonlinear tunnel. The anal tunnel is covered with small ridges with a large number of spaces confined in very organic curves.

Puni Ana DX Fuwatoro materials

If I usually tell you that the product use silicone, TPE / TPR, glass, wood or even Super Skin materials, I do not often have much to say in this part. Except that here, there is a little more to teach you about the Puni Ana DX Fuwatoro masturbator. Indeed, the Puni Ana DX Fuwatoro is even more flexible than its previous version, the Puni Ana DX. It’s simple, just slap the masturbator to make it shake for several seconds.

The Fuwatoro texture

puni ana dx fuwatoro - texture

Internal tunnels and difference in texture

It is a very flexible TPE / TPR. Moreover, Fuwatoro in Japanese means Fluffy, which corresponds to the texture of the Puni Ana DX Fuwatoro. It’s a really soft, stretchy texture that can even be difficult to hold with one hand. It is therefore a texture that is much more flexible than most other masturbators of this type.

Puni Ana DX Fuwatoro use

I love this part, because it’s always very fun to explain how you can use a masturbator. There is nothing really complicated about it, especially since it is a manual masturbator. As a result, it’s just as easy as cooking a steak!

Lubricant and positions

puni ana dx fuwatoro - 3

Indications on how to handle the masturbator

First thing, use water-based lubricant. That’s good, you have a sample offered inside. But you can use the Sliquid Satin too. Second thing, a little lubricant in the vagina (or anus), a little on your penis and you can go. Here you do what you want! If you want to grip the masturbator by the hips and go back and forth like a bull while standing, it is possible. If you want to sit, moving the masturbator up and down, holding it by the hips, it’s also possible. In short, I will not give you all the possibilities that can be done. You are big enough and imaginative for that!

Cleaning and other things

For cleaning, it’s also easier than on an Onahole masturbator. Here, because the tunnels have an exit, we can easily clean them with warm water, dry it, then use regenerating powder if necessary, when it will need a second youth.

puni ana dx fuwatoro - 13

CamelToe style lips

In addition, since the tunnels are open at their end, we can block the air hole to generate a significant suction effect inside the masturbator, to increase the perceived sensations.

Puni Ana DX Fuwatoro efficiency

puni ana dx fuwatoro - 6

A very soft and flexible material

This is the moment that all penises are waiting! Is the Puni Ana DX Fuwatoro masturbator being as good as it says? Well, yes! This Japanese masturbator is very nice to use and bring me a great orgasm. Of course, I’ll tell you a little bit more and how I used it for this review.

First contact and first feedback

puni ana dx fuwatoro - 11

Preview of the soft material as the buttocks flatten

As much to say it, it is not light. Yes, 2,4 kg in hand, it’s a bit heavy. But it is also an advantage. We will see it a little further. As for texture, it’s clearly realistic. It is a little better than what is already found on many Japanese masturbators but also Korean, one with excellent quality texture. Here, we feel that there is a lot of work, it’s sweet, it moves, there is a lot of movement. Basically, the texture moves, it is alive. When we slap the ass, it moves. It’s not frozen like a statue! This gives a very pleasant realism effect.

puni ana dx fuwatoro - 9

Two orifices, a vaginal and another anal

By cons, on the details, I can’t say that the clitoris is well done. It’s a simple button and I find it always a shame not to make more effort at this level. This is not always the case, some masturbators display a much more realistic clitoris. Well, now, let’s spend a little more on practice!

Back in action

puni ana dx fuwatoro - 12

Choose your preference!

A small porn video on the screen, the lubricant and the masturbator near me, everything is ready. I chose an amateur video, with a young woman in a library sucking and being caught secretly. I put lubricant on my penis, my shaft, a little in the vaginal masturbator tunnel, everything is there! I start with the vagina, in front of me and I go quietly. The tunnel is nice and quickly, I feel a particularity. My penis reaches the end of the tunnel easily. Hey, it’ll be a little small for me. In fact, it’s just perfect that my cock is could reach the tunnel end.

A small hole that does everything

Indeed, by making up-and-down movements with the masturbator on my cock, my penis head goes through the air hole. As said before, the two tunnels are not Onahole. A small exit is present. The passage of the penis in this small hole every time you enter the masturbator to the maximum is just diabolical! The more you go, the more is stimulating! And that’s where the 2.4 Kg are interesting! Because we have something to hold when we fuck! We also have a kind of air-bag when we fuck it like a bull by the soft and padded side (while remaining super flexible) of the masturbator’s buttocks.

The overall sensations

puni ana dx fuwatoro - 15

The masturbator in hand

It’s excellent ! Already, my session had lasted easily 25 minutes. It’s not common. Usually, with a good masturbator, in 5 to 10 minutes, I’ve got an orgasm. But here, I must say that I liked having these 2.4 kg in hand. I can bounce it on my cock. The texture allows a good amplitude with its elastic side. Moreover, if it is positioned in front of you, in the amazon position, it is enjoyable. Just make it move back and forth, as if it was a woman trying to ride you.

The tunnels feelings

Not bad, but not extra-ordinary either. Be careful, they are good, above average. But that’s not what we remember about the product as a whole. This is not its strong point. The vaginal tunnel is less tight than the anal one, it brings a very good suction effect, which does not spoil the pleasure. This texture applies less strong stimulation, so I can last longer or come less quickly. This is why my session lasted a little longer than usual. I must say that it also takes quite the body heat. This is another point of realism.

To conclude on my masturbation session

In the end, I got an excellent orgasm! My penis head was surrounded by the exit hole, small, slightly compressing it. Very good orgasmic explosion! Small advantage, we can block the sperm release by pressing the texture at the orgasm moment. In front, behind or from the back, it’s functional! Effective in the majority of situations, it is again a very good masturbator of its kind. Once again, the lubricant does not irritate me! It changes me from the Fleshlube which tends to irritate my penis head.

Puni Ana DX Fuwatoro final thoughts

puni ana dx fuwatoro - 10

A product that deserves the shot!

In the end, this is again a very good product! It is made that you can freely fuck it and offers a good grip! As much to say that it makes you want to fuck it! Two holes, a good weight, a really soft texture, for my part, I really liked it! Once again, it gives me even more desire to review other masturbators of this kind! It’s a real pleasure! Fleshlight have their advantages, but Japanese masturbators like this too! I invite you for the next Japanese masturbator reviews! You can already read it, it’s the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2000!


  • The Fuwatoro texture
  • 2.4 Kg in hand
  • Good suction effect
  • Two tunnels available
  • The air hole present at the tunnel end
  • Very satisfying sensations


  • Detail of the clitoris
  • Cleaning the product
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