After the medium model, here is the Rosebuds Butt Plug Large! Yes, I couldn’t resist the temptation! Indeed, you could read lately, quite a lot of butt plug reviews ! It’s not a coincidence, since we have made a series of reviews with our partner espaceplaisir to help you buy an anal butt plug that suits you best through a guide!

And in this series of reviews, there was one model that we particularly liked, the Rosebuds Butt Plug Medium! It’s an excellent butt plug, of very good quality, but I was a little bit disappointed because it was a medium version, adapted to many people, but on my side, I like the more imposing butt plugs! I don’t know why, I like it and I find it’s more stimulating for my buttocks!

So I got a copy of the Rosebuds Butt Plug Large to test it and compare it with the medium size model! I don’t think I’m getting ahead of myself by telling you that it’s an excellent butt plug and that it will end up in my top of the best anal butt plug! But let’s not go too fast, you still have to test this great butt plug and I can tell you that it won’t be a burden! Here is the review of the Rosebuds Butt Plug Large !

Rosebuds Butt Plug Large packaging

I can’t say I’m surprised by the butt plug’s packaging, since it’s the same type as the medium model. Fortunately, otherwise it would be weird. So it’s a small packaging, easily transportable in the shape of a tube, which hides inside, the butt plug and a black velvet storage pouch! The whole thing is packed in a plastic pocket.

With this butt plug, you have a small information booklet. On the outside of the tube, you can see the Rosebuds logo, a kind of crown and several informations with a small sticker under the box. In short, I like the packaging, even if I know that in the long run, I’ll only keep the storage pouch to store this butt plug in my special butt plug box! Yes, I have a box with a big part of the butt plugs we have. It’s the butt plugs box!

Rosebuds Butt Plug Large physical details

Once again, it’s a little visual marvel! I really have something with Rosebuds butt plugs! Already, I prefer the color of this version! The Medium model was yellow, while here it’s blue and I love blue!

Once again we find ourselves facing a polished steel butt plug that gives it a very nice shine, with a well made brake and the mention Rosebuds written on it, on the stem. It’s still an ogive shaped butt plug, easy to insert and that I appreciate. All in all, it’s a very nice butt plug, qualitative, luxurious and that makes you want to! In addition, you can see the beautiful reflections of the crystal depending on the light, it’s really classy!

Butt plug size

You have already discovered the Medium version, you can imagine that the Large version will be a little more imposing. Here, the total length of the plug is 8.5 cm (3.34 inches) for an insertion length of 7.5 cm (2.95 inches) maximum, but I will say more 7.1 cm (2.79 inches). The diameter of the butt plug is 3.5 cm (1.37 inch), both the butt plug itself but also its brake!

Compared to the Medium version, this one is 7.5 cm long (2.95 inches) for 6.1 cm (2.40 inches) insertable with a diameter of 3 cm (1.18 inch). There are only few differences between the Medium and Large models.

Other details

As you can see on the Medium version, Rosebuds often offers several color choices for Swarovski jewelry! Because yes, it is a real Swarovski jewel with a diameter of 2.7 cm (1.06 inch)! As for the Medium version! Moreover, you also have the same colors, that is to say, blue (the version I asked for), pink, crystal, red, turquoise, black, silver and gold! On the other hand, big difference between the medium and large version, the weight! As a reminder, the medium model weighs 170 grams while the Large version weighs 310 grams! Almost twice as much!

Rosebuds Butt Plug Large materials

If I tell you that there are no changes between the medium and large version of the butt plug, do you understand why? Of course, whether it’s one or the other, the same materials are used! Already, know that this Rosebuds butt plug Large, like all other Rosebuds butt plugs, are made in France! That’s right! And more precisely, at the foot of the Alps in Haute-Savoie! Yes, it’s a cock-a-doodle-doo product!

To make this butt plug so soft and shiny, Rosebuds uses 303 stainless steel, a level very close to 304 stainless steel! The only difference is that 303 steel is more easily machinable and for a butt plug, it’s convenient! The steel is still as qualitative as ever, it’s really luxurious, with a polished finish and soft to the touch! In short, I already know that it will slide without any problem in my buttocks.

Of course, you don’t only have steel, there is also the Swarovski stone! Once again, this is a change from the fake jewelry that you can find on butt plugs that may or may not be inspired by Rosebuds. All in all, this butt plug really gives an impression of luxury and it’s not just an impression!

Rosebuds Butt Plug Large Use

Even though I know you don’t really need us to tell you how to use a butt plug, I like writing this part! It can bring you ideas, you never know! First of all, you have to like to put sextoys in your buttocks and especially a butt plug ! Otherwise, you will be disappointed!

And you should also know that a butt plug can be used by a woman as well as a man! It’s very nice to have a butt plug in the ass and I’m in a good position to say it! Come on, let’s take a look at the basic tips and tricks.

What can we do with this butt plug?

Certainly, this butt plug can be a great gift to offer! But if it’s for you, good news, you’re in the presence of a great object! Yes, a butt plug is really useful for many things! It’s not just to butt plug your anus, frankly, it would be a shame not to use it more than that.

By using a butt plug, you can already prepare yourself for sodomy! If you plan to get fucked, this butt plug can train you, to relax your muscles and get used to the presence of a foreign body. Moreover, as it is a stainless steel butt plug, it is possible to heat or cool it to get a tempered butt plug. When it is warm, I find that it allows the anus to open more.

Of course, wearing a butt plug is also very sexy and pretty! In any case, I find it exciting, to see a jewel embellishing Kitty’s buttocks, I say yes! But that’s not all ! If you use it during a vaginal penetration, you will have a double stimulation and your partner will be tighter during the penetration. But you can also stimulate the prostate with it! And that’s not all, but I’ll let you discover its benefits for yourself.

Which lubricant should I choose?

Steel is fantastic, I’m only going to bring it up at each review! Why is that? Simply because steel is compatible with all types of lubricants on the market! No need to use a water-based lubricant specifically, if you take one based on plants, oils or silicone, there will be no problem! You can even mix two lubricants in one to go even further in the possibilities.

I must admit that with a polished steel quality as good as the one of this butt plug, I don’t use any lubricant. I push it a little bit and it fits in my buttocks without embarrassment. If you need it, don’t neglect this point!

How do I clean it?

To finish, we still need to talk to you about its cleaning process! It’s a very nice butt plug, so don’t mistreat it. So be delicate with it! On my side, I’m quite careful, since I pass it with warm water, I add a drop of cleaner and I rub gently with a non-abrasive cloth like the one provided with the Le Wand Arch dildo that we reviewed a few days ago. If you have to use one, make sure it’s very soft!

Rosebuds Butt Plug Large efficiency

Now, we don’t do lace anymore! At the same time, I have never done too much like this! I loved the medium size model and I am already sure that I will appreciate even more this large model! With a large version, I didn’t even ask Kitty if she wanted to try it, it’s already too large for her, but maybe one day she will let herself be tempted! In the meantime, I’ll tell you everything about this butt plug! You already know quite a lot about it, since we’re going to find some common elements with the medium version, so let’s have a look at this large version!

In the land of Rosebuds, it’s always slippery

If the medium Rosebuds butt plug could slide down my buttocks to get into my butt as fast as a skier going down a steep slope, this Large model does the same! Yes, even if this one is bigger, it’s no problem for my butt and surely yours!

Once again, it’s the famous Rosebuds polished stainless steel that does it all! And it’s always a pleasure to find that gliding feeling between my buttocks. No need to prepare myself or use lubricant, I just crouch down and insert the butt plug inside me. In short, it slips, it’s pleasant, cold too, because steel is relatively cold before taking body temperature!

I wear my butt plug proudly and easily

No surprise again, when this RoseBuds butt plug Large is in my ass, it’s perfect! It’s also perfect when it’s not, but I prefer when it’s inserted in my anus! Same observation that the medium model, once in place, it is absolutely not embarrassing.

I can stand, sit, crouch, trot around with it, it is neither unpleasant nor too heavy despite its weight! I like when a buttplug is heavy enough, it creates a really different feeling than a silicone butt plug and at no time do I feel like I’m losing it or that it’s going to fall. This is the kind of butt plug you can wear for a long moment!

When seated, it gives the same impression as its smaller model, it is perfectly in place and gives the impression that it will fit entirely in the buttocks, while the brake plays its role very well. It’s really nice and a proof that it’s hyper comfortable. I even fell asleep with it to tell you more in details.

The butt plug stimulation

I’ve already really liked the medium model, so much so that I appreciate even more this large model! Already, the weight is much more important, you feel it more once inserted, despite a size that does not change much. I find the balance between size and weight really great! Just by wearing it, it is already pleasant, but as soon as you play with your sphincters, you can have fun making it touch your prostate!

When I tried it, I tested it with Kitty. I had inserted the butt plug in my buttocks and I took advantage of a moment to fuck her on the couch! It holds perfectly in place and adds an extra feeling that tends to make me cum harder afterwards! In short, once again, it’s a little marvel! I love this brand!


Rosebuds Butt Plug Large final thoughts

Again, I’m not going to hide it, I love this Rosebuds Butt Plug Large! It’s, just like its smaller model, an excellent butt plug, qualitative and well balanced in its weight! Here, the Large version is not much bigger than the medium version, but the weight increases much more between the two. Moreover, I had a version with a blue jewel, I am all the more satisfied. In short, it’s really a great brand that doesn’t steal the praise that can be given to it! An excellent butt plug once again!


  • A beautiful storage pocket
  • Quality stainless steel
  • Very easy to insert
  • Perfect for more experienced people
  • A Swarovski jewel
  • The weight, its shape, its stimulation
  • Very comfortable


  • After the medium and the large, you have to send me an XL now!
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