A new Lelo sextoy on the market, here is the Lelo Sila! Decidedly, Lelo is very prolific at the moment! After the disappointing Soraya Wave, it’s the turn of a kind of hybrid stimulator that looks like two Lelo products merged into one, but especially on the visual level! Indeed, the Lelo Sila is a pocket stimulator, which delivers sonic waves! Yes, that should tell you something! It is Lelo’s contactless stimulator, like the Womanizer Classic for example at WOW TECH or the Satisfyer Pro 2 (without the vibrations) at Satisfyer.

The question we can ask ourselves is why does Lelo Sila exist? Lelo already offers two sonic wave stimulators, was a third model necessary? If so, why? And to answer all these questions, it was our duty to test it! But I can already tell you why the Sila exists, it is simply a version of the sonic wave stimulator, adapted to the most sensitive clitoris! Indeed, some people are unable to use the Sona stimulators from Lelo, judged too powerful, even if the Sona 2 is, in our opinion, gentler than the first model. In short, to put an end to your interrogations, here is the Lelo Sila review!

Lelo Sila packaging

Lelo has been offering the same type of packaging for several years and the Lelo Sila is no exception to the rule! We have a beautiful black and cardboard box which arrives protected by a fabric film. On the front part, there is a plastic window that allows you to see the product before opening the box.

Once the two small stickers have been removed, you can discover the inside with of course the Lelo Sila inside, in its mould. Then in a small lift-up compartment, you also have a USB charging cable and a satin storage pouch! You will find the famous warranty card, a small manual that requires you to download the full version on the Internet and we still have a sample of lubricant offered!

Lelo Sila physical details

Honestly, the first time I was told about Lelo Sila, I could only see one picture of it and I must say that I found it really ugly! My first impression was that it was a kind of mix between the Lelo Ora 3 and the Sona 2, but a kind of rough mix, not really graceful, a kind of snail with a big mouth. Admit that it is a little bit the case! I almost feel like putting it to my ear to hear the sound of the waves! Yes, it also looks like a shell! Anyway, it’s not my cup of tea, there’s something that bothers me in its design, but it’s a matter of taste!

As you can see, it’s a kind of oval, like the Lelo Ora, but with a wide mouth, a kind of hole with thick edges that delivers sonic waves. You can see that on each side of this oval, a golden part is present with the Lelo logo. It is typically a design of the Insigna range. Moreover, we also find the three usual buttons of this range, with the “+”, the “-” and the “()” button. If you have already used the Smart Wand 2 Large from Lelo, these are the same buttons! On the back of the Sila, you can also see that there is a place to recharge it.

Size of the stimulator

No doubt about it, the Sila is a compact, easily transportable stimulator that can be stashed just about anywhere! It is not very imposing, let’s say it is even the opposite, since it is 8 cm long (3.14 inches), 7.5 cm high (2.95 inches) and 3.5 cm (1.37 inch) thick.

Other details

To finish on this part, two things should be pointed out! The first is its weight! The Lelo Sila only weighs 105 grams! As much to say that it is very light and it is not a bad thing. And the second thing is that it exists in three different colors! You have a version “Aqua”, “Lilac” and “Pink”. It’s hard to hide from you the version we received, you’ve already seen it, it’s the Lilac version we received.

Lelo Sila materials

At Lelo, if there is one thing that remains constant, qualitative and usual, it is the quality of the materials. Once again, we find the winning couple, ABS plastic and silicone! You have ABS plastic that represents the golden part of the toy. Then, the rest of the Sila is made of soft, silky silicone, containing neither phthalates nor latex. And, even though I say it very often, it is a hypoallergenic material! Once again, I have nothing to complain about, Lelo always remains faithful to their commitment on this point.

Lelo Sila use

As you are well informed since you read 69Desirs, you already know how to use this object! It’s a kind of Lelo Sona 2, a stimulator that will deliver sonic waves on your clitoris and even a little bit around it! Indeed, you could see that the “mouth” is larger and wider than usual, whether it is on the We-Vibe Melt, the Womanizer Premium or the Satisfy Luxury High Fashion! Before seeing what it does in action, let’s have a look at its use in order to use it properly! And like any sextoy with internal battery, the first thing to do before you enjoy it is to recharge it!

How to charge the Sila de Lelo?

No, you should not pedal a bike with a dynamo, but use the charging cable provided for this purpose! In the box, you must have found a USB to DC charging cable. You’ll have to plug the DC part on the Sila and the other part on a USB port of a computer or an AC adapter to charge it faster.

When the Lelo Sila is being charged, a LED flashes to let you know that everything is fine. When the LED remains steady, the battery will be full! And finally, when you run out of battery, the LED will start flashing again to let you know it’s time to fill up! In terms of charging time, it will take up to two hours for an autonomy of up to two hours as well. It all depends on the intensity level you are going to use.

How to handle Sila?

If you already have a Lelo sextoy from the Insigna range, you won’t be lost! Indeed, you’ll find the same three buttons as on the Lelo Hugo, the Soraya Wave or the Soraya 2, but before you can use them and start playing with the buttons, you’ll have to disable the travel-lock mode! To do this, you must keep the “+” and “-” buttons pressed for three seconds. If you’ve done this correctly, the Sila’s light will come on. You will have to do the same to reactivate this mode when you travel with it! This will prevent it from being triggered by mistake when the time is not right.

Then you have three buttons, the “+”, the “-” and the “()”. To turn on the Lelo Sila, you have to press the “+” button. Then, by pressing the “+” button again, you will increase the intensity of the mode currently in use. If you press the “-” button, you will decrease the intensity level. So far, it’s simple and logical. Then, to change the mode of the sonic waves, press the “()” button. And when you’re done using it, by holding down the “()” button for a few seconds, the Sila will turn off.

What modes are available?

If the Sona 2 has 12 sonic wave modes, the Sila by Lelo has only 8! It is a softer version that mainly has jerky modes, but also some constant modes. One feels that these modes are oriented for gentle stimulation, since this is the concept of the product above all.

Which lubricant to choose with Sila?

If the stimulation is slightly uncomfortable for your clitoris, you can always use a little bit of lubricant to have less friction! Be careful, you can’t use just any lubricant! Here, with a silicone stimulating mouth, the choice of a water-based lubricant will be essential to avoid damaging your beautiful toy! Once again, lubricants, you have tons of them! At the moment, we always use Sliquid Satin, Organics Natural or the vegan lubricant UnisX. It’s up to you to choose and, above all, if you already have a water-based lubricant, it will surely do the trick.

How do I clean the Sila?

First of all, Lelo Sila is 100% waterproof! That means two things! The first is that it is perfectly possible to use it in the shower or in your bath. If that’s your thing, don’t be shy! And the second thing is that you can easily clean it without fear of damaging it. For my part, for this type of sextoy, I use lukewarm water with a bit of mild soap, sometimes a sextoy cleaner, then I rinse it before letting it air dry. This is in my opinion the quickest way to do it while remaining effective.

Lelo Sila efficiency

That’s not all, but to test a sextoy is also to try it in concrete cases! As this is the part we prefer and that everyone prefers in general, we will tell you everything about this new stimulator from Lelo which uses sonic waves! And as usual, I still don’t have a clitoris (by the way, it would be great to have a clitoris, a vagina, a penis and an ass to try everything), it’s my dear and tender Kitty who will discover the pleasures of Sila! Finally, I hope so, because even if I find this new Lelo sextoy quite ugly, it’s not the most important part! Above all, it has to be efficient, it’s the first thing we ask to a sextoy!


Easy to handle, that’s what you need to remember. We find the shape of the Lelo Ora, but in a different way, with similar button placement. For Kitty, the buttons remain easily accessible, understandable, even without an explanation manual. In fact, I didn’t explain anything to Kitty before, whether to turn it on, turn it off, play with the modes or even unlock the lock during transport. In hand, it’s quite handy to hold and use. In short, here, it’s nice to manipulate to make yourself feel good.

The noise

On this point, we can say that the Lelo Sila is silent! Indeed, if I simply compare with the Liberty by Lily Allen that she often uses at the moment, the Sila is about half as noisy, even if the Liberty is quite silent. If you like Lelo’s sonic waves while having few decibels to support, the Sila is really good at it. Door closed, you can’t hear it, door open, you have to listen if you are in another room of the apartment for example.

The stimulation

Once again, just like the Liberty by Lily Allen or the Mojis ILY butt plug, I loaded the Lelo Sila out of sight and once loaded, I put it on Kitty’s bedside table so she could use it at any time and give me a feedback. So Kitty played with it and shared her impressions with me. Already, the Sila’s mouth is not bad at all, because you can cover a larger surface and more easily place the head on the clitoris. Then, the stimulation is more a kind of pressure, a light tapping on the clitoris, with a very small suction/vibration sensation.

Kitty played well with it, but couldn’t get an orgasm with it! For her, she needs more! Notably, at least the Liberty to the maximum level! On the other hand, she told me that an extra level of power would be enough to bring her to orgasm. But the Sila is designed for those who are really sensitive of the clitoris. It is therefore for Kitty a model that is pleasant to use, but not powerful enough for her! Yes, Kitty likes when it’s hard!

Kitty & Mogwai

Lelo Sila final thoughts

I understand the idea of bringing out a softer stimulator for those with an overly sensitive clitoris! Indeed, Lelo’s sonic wave system is quite different from Womanizer’s Pleasure Air technology or Satisfyer’s air pulsing system. And because of this, I think that there was a part of the users who ended up with a product too powerful, without being able to find a softer version. Certainly, there are softer non-contact stimulators, but they are not sonic waves like the Sona range. Therefore, I can only validate the existence of this softer version.

For Kitty, it’s a good clitoral stimulator, but not powerful enough for her. On the other hand, we find that its price is not necessarily justified. If you love Lelo and budget is not a problem and you have a sensitive clitoris, then yes, why not! If you like Lelo but don’t have the budget, why not take a Womanizer Starlet 2, a Liberty or a Pro Traveler and use it at level 1 only? Sure, you’ll have less amplitude, less variations, but it won’t be the same price! It’s a choice!


  • Lelo quality
  • Compact and handy
  • 8 sonic wave modes
  • Silence
  • Mouth wide enough to fit your clitoris
  • Milder than other stimulators


  • Lack of power for some users
  • However, a substantial budget is necessary
  • I’m not a fan of its weird shell aspect
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