The Fun Factory NÕS is the first cockring from the German firm! It is a great day! Indeed, since the existence of Fun Factory, the company has never decided to create a vibrating ring. It’s quite strange, when you know that the company offers some sextoys for penis, like the Cobra Libre II or the Manta, but no vibrating ring was available in their range of sextoys! So this is the first cockring integrating the Fun Factory sex toys!

This company, we know it well on the website, since we published a great number of products of their range! To name a few, you have the Sundaze, the Limba Flex M, the Be One, the Stronic Surf, the Volta, the Stronic G or the Miss Bi among many others! But this time, it is a cockring that we are going to review! By the way, lately, we have been able to review some of them, like the HIÖ, the Fifty Shades Freed cockring, the We-Vibe Verge and Pivot (in French)! So we will see together what the Fun Factory NÕS offers, so here is our review!

Fun Factory NÕS cockring packaging

First thing’s first, you should know that I received a special box for this Fun Factory NÕS! And this is not the box you will receive from your side! Indeed, it is a big promotional box, which contains here, the cockring, a marketing brochure about this ring, a lubricant from YesForLov, but also, a piece of silicone that can serve as a coaster! You on your side, you will have the usual packaging, that is to say, the box of Fun Factory, square and cardboard.

It is still a classic box from the German firm that for a while now, adds inside the sleeve, suggestions and questions that can be asked in the couple regarding its use. Once the sleeve is removed, we access the contents, with first, a user manual. Then, the Fun Factory NÕS cockring, before finding underneath it, a piece of cardboard to be removed to have access to the Fun Factory storage pouch size XS and its charging cable, new generation. Yes, it’s still the Click’n Charge charging cable, in the “ball” format.

Oh yes, to specify, the box is still gold, once the sleeve is removed. On the front part, you can see the cockring in picture, while on the back, you can find some information about its particularities. In short, what we must underline is that Fun Factory includes for some time now, a free storage bag and that’s cool!

Fun Factory NÕS cockring physical details

We are not going to lie, the Fun Factory NÕS cockring clearly looks like a vibrating ring to stimulate both partners. One could even think that it is rather banal! However, when we start to observe it in more details, we realize some elements. First of all, we can see that the ring itself is not round or oval. Why is it not round or oval? For two reasons! On the one hand, because a penis in general, it is not completely round or even less oval and on the other hand, to apply pressure points at the level of the veins of the penis shaft.

Second thing, we can see that the two clitoral branches are not usual, they also have a particular shape, with each branch having an angle to form a kind of clamp, which should allow to come and block the clitoris between the two rods. Well, we’ll see if it works like that when using it, but the concept is there. Otherwise, the rest is quite standard.

We can notice the presence of a control part, with a Fun Factory button on the top and not on the side. Moreover, on one of the two sides, we can see two magnetic points, which will allow to come and recharge the ring if needed. The overall shape of the cockring is concave when placed flat, in short, it all looks pretty good on paper, we’ll tell you a little more in the rest of this review.

Size of the vibrating ring

You know as well as I do, the dimensions in a sextoy can be important! And this is the case with this model! I calculated the dimensions myself, with the NÕS laid flat on a table. I obtained 8,3 cm (3.26″) of length for 3,6 cm (1.41″) of width in the center of the ring. Concerning the ring, its diameter is 3,2 cm (1.25″) (but not round).

And concerning the small branches for the clitoris, we are on branches of 2,5 cm (0.98″) long for 1,5 cm (0.59″) wide at the most and a space between the 2 branches of 1 cm (0.39″) at the highest and 0,5 cm (0.19″) at the lowest.

Other details

With only 35 grams, we can say that it is a vibrating ring, really light! For example, if I compare it to Lovense Diamo, the latter weighs 86 grams! It should therefore be as light as a feather or almost! In terms of colors, you have two! There is a version in black and another in “Deep Sea Blue”! It is the second version that we received, so much better, it changes the black that I often find for the cockrings!

Fun Factory NÕS cockring materials

Once again, we don’t change anything! At Fun Factory, silicone has been king for years and years! Of course, there have been improvements, because we feel that it catches a little less dust than in the past. In any case, here, we find mainly medical grade silicone, containing no phthalates or latex and moreover, it is hypoallergenic! The silicone is quite soft to the touch and we also have, a part in ABS plastic, for the area of the controls, where the Fun Factory logo is present. In short, nothing to say about this subject, it is an assumed and constant choice on their products.

Fun Factory NÕS cockring use

I think that since I’ve been offering you reviews on the website, you’ve had the opportunity to read some reviews on cockrings, vibrating or not. So, if you have, you already know what you have to do to make good use of them. But maybe this is your first review? In that case, let’s take a look at some of the basics in order to properly use this Fun Factory NÕS!

Usually and I even feel like saying, in all cases, a cockring allows you to get a stronger, longer erection and delay ejaculation. That’s the basis, even if on my side, I add the fact of having stronger orgasms too. But that’s not all! Indeed, as soon as there are vibrations in addition, we can solicit other erogenous zones. In short, let’s go around the question!

How to recharge it?

To begin with, you will need to charge the NÕS! For this, you have a magnetic USB charging cable, which you will have to clip on the cockring, at the two magnetic connectors and the other part, on a USB port or an adapter. Once charged, which should take you 60 minutes, you will have a 60 minutes autonomy too! There, we can say that it is very acceptable, even good, to have a 1:1 ratio between the time of charge and its autonomy.

How to put the cockring in place?

To put this Fun Factory NÕS in place, nothing too complicated! It is a cockring like the others in a way, no reason to proceed otherwise. The only thing that will change is how you will place the rods for the clitoris, mainly. But in reality, we realize that the placement should not be done as usual.

If usually, for the installation, we start to pass a testicle in the ring, then the second. And then, you bend your penis (at rest) to make it fit into the ring. Here, I must admit that compared to the size of the cockring, it is not what I recommend and it is besides by no means so that it must be put in place. The silicone of this part is quite thin and allows to extend it easily to pass your penis inside. But it must be placed on your shaft directly and not behind the testicles.

It is recommended not to wear a cock ring for too long. In general, 20 to 30 minutes is rather good. But it also depends on the model. Some are narrower, others are wider and thus allow to keep it a little longer.

How to use it?

Now that it’s in place, let’s look at the different ways to place it. As I mentioned, the most important thing will be whether the cockring placement should be done with the two pins up or down. And actually, it will depend on the position you choose for the occasion! Indeed, when the rods point upwards, several positions are interesting, like missionary or cowgirl for example, since the clitoris will be above the penis.

You can also use it without putting your penis inside, especially by inserting two fingers which will allow to maintain the ring to make your partner vibrate with the help of the two ears.

With the pins downwards

And if the rods are placed downwards, the positions of reverse cowgirl, doggy style or even to add anal stimulation, will be preferred. It is only a question to be asked, because in fact, in the action, one sees at once if the adopted position corresponds to the placement of the cockring. One can then come to stimulate the clitoris during a penetration, but also the lips of the vagina. Well, that is its basic use.

With a dildo

However, you can do even more with it! For example, you can place this cockring on a dildo, in order to use it for vaginal penetration, while having the two branches that will stimulate your clitoris or on the contrary, depending on the position, stimulate at the same time your vagina and your anus, without the clitoris part and always with a dildo equipped with the ring.

In blowjob

It is also possible to put it on a penis to practice blowjob. It’s fun and quite nice with the vibrations that can be echoed. Why not pass your fingers through the ring, to come and finger your partner while having the two rods that will take care of her clitoris. But to do all this, you will first have to disable the “Travel-Lock” mode. To perform this step, simply keep the “Fun” button pressed for 4 seconds, whether to disable this mode or reactivate it.

Then, once unlocked, pressing the “Fun” button for half a second will turn the NÕS on. If you press the button again, you will increase the intensity or you will finally have access to the Flirt mode. If you press the “Fun” button longer, the ring will turn off. You can also cycle until you reach the level that turns it off. From memory, I had never seen this.

What are the vibrating modes?

So for this part, it’s pretty minimal, but that doesn’t mean it’s not enough. Indeed, sometimes there are a lot of vibrating modes that are a bit gimmicky. Here, we only have 4 different levels of speed or intensity and a “Flirt” mode which is a pretty nice mode that we discovered from memory on the Be One, the vibrating finger from Fun Factory. It is a 5 minutes loop mode, with several variations that allows you to change your habits of continuous vibrations and also to create the surprise. To know that the two motors of this ring are located in the antennas that will be destined to the clitoris!

What lubricant to use with it?

As always, regarding lubricant, it is best to use water-based lubricant, as the Fun Factory NŌS is made up mainly of silicone. You can put some on both antennae to make it a little less sensitive for the clitoris, or on the ring, if that will help you put it on. In any case, you should choose a water-based lubricant, that’s the most important.

How do I clean this cockring?

Since it’s waterproof, it makes cleaning much easier. For my part, I use warm water and a little mild soap. Then I air dry the ring. To avoid water marks, I use a soft cloth first, but otherwise, I do this every time at least.

Fun Factory NÕS cockring efficiency

It took me a while to decide to review this cockring and this for several reasons. First of all, lately, I had to catch up a little bit with my sextoys reviews because of the long list we are currently reviewing! Then, I’m not a big fan of vibrating cock rings that are used by two people!

In general, I prefer a classic cockring, in stainless steel in particular, which remains according to me, the most practical to use whatever the circumstances. But now that I have been able to catch up a bit, we were able to review the Fun Factory NÕS as it should be! Here is our opinion!

It’s all about the size of your penis

Let’s start with the most critical part of the product! Let’s face it, the Fun Factory NÕS will require you to have a penis of the right size! Basically, if you have a member that is not between 4 and 4.5 cm (1.57″ to 1.77″)  in diameter, you can forget about this model, but not completely.

In fact, despite being made of silicone, it cannot be stretched as much as a more basic, non-motorized cockring, which will not help with its installation. But it’s mostly that by doing so, you’ll damage it. Yes, I could see that, because on my side, according to my erection, the diameter of my penis is at 4 cm (1.57″ when I am not in shape) to 4,5/5 cm (1.77″ to 1.96″ about) when I am more in shape.

So, for me, it passes, while feeling all the same a certain pressure at the level of the shaft. Of course, a cockring can’t be kept for hours (at least not this one) because with other models, like Mystim Earl, I don’t have this problem and I can wear it longer.

An execution that does not allow for any deviation

As I said, the fact of stretching this cockring to put it in place, presents a major flaw in my opinion. Well, major, it may not be as major as that. As you can see on the pictures, we have two magnetic points for charging. These two magnetized points come out slightly from the silicone of the cockring to fix the charging cable in a magnetic way. So far, no problem.

However, when we look more closely at these two magnetized points, we realize that a crack is created. This is logical, because the silicone is soft, so stretching the cockring to get it behind the testicles and then putting your penis on afterwards, pulls on the silicone and cracks it. So yes, the NÕS didn’t break completely, but you can feel that the more you use it, the bigger this crack will get.

This is something that doesn’t happen on a product that uses a silicone layer or on a product that doesn’t need to be stretched as much to get it in place.

And that’s when you realize that this cock ring fits directly on the shaft of the penis, at the lowest point, but without passing it behind the testicles! In this case, yes, the NÕS holds in place, is not uncomfortable and plays its role! But for this to happen, the diameter of your penis will have to be sufficient for it to hold without slipping off your shaft.

Powerful vibrations

On the other hand, if there is one area where the Fun Factory NÕS wins points, it is the quality and power of the vibrations it offers. Indeed, on this side, the realization is really good! Already, the motors are 2, one per ear, which allows to bring power, but especially, they are well placed and small! Often, on vibrating rings, the motors are cumbersome, sometimes badly placed and it is especially on the side of the penis that we really feel the vibrations. Here, this is not the case!

In fact, the first level alone is already relatively powerful. The second one applies even more power and the third and fourth ones are really powerful! It’s even a bit too much! I advise you to go to crescendo, because at a certain level, although we feel that the vibrations are rather deep than surface, it is possible to find yourself, over time, with a numb clitoris, which is not great for feeling pleasure.

It is thus necessary to start on a low level of intensity, then to go up little by little to finish on the fourth. But for me, it is especially the “Flirt” mode that I prefer, because it is a kind of long loop that does all the work for you, which leaves you the space to do what you want with your hands without having to adjust each time, the intensity.

Quiet, really

Another point, the Fun Factory NÕS is silent! It’s simple, on the first level of intensity, it displays 36 db and at the loudest, 43 db, which corresponds to the noise of a refrigerator. So it’s not the noise of the engines that will disturb you, nor will it wake up your neighbors.

The ergonomics of both ears

This is often a problem with this type of vibrating ring. Either the motor is badly placed, which makes that the clitoris in front is not or very little stimulated. Or, we have a part as here, which tries to stimulate the clitoris, but whose shape is not adapted or on the contrary, applies too much pressure and becomes annoying. To see, it is necessary to replace the cockring to be in phase with its partner and to touch its target.

Here, the two ears are really well shaped! Even if a gap of 0,5 to 1 cm (0.19 to 0.39″) is present, the two ears come on each side of the clitoris, to enclose it and deliver vibrations in a very beautiful way. Moreover with the various positions which one can make, the ears adapt well to the situation and the cockring does not move. It is the strong point of this model.

In the end, it is good this NÕS?

In spite of some defects (the crack and the button I haven’t talked about yet), it’s still a good product and even a very good product. Precisely, to speak to you about the button, this one is flat and in the center of the cockring and for my part, I do not find that it is very practical. Well, after, I use mainly the “Flirt” mode which allows me not to touch it, once this mode activated. So it’s a small detail.

But what is the most constraining, it is to have a penis exactly at the right size. And for that, you have to place it directly on the shaft of your penis and not behind your testicles. This is how the NÕS makes sense. Because when you know you have to use it like this, it really changes the game.

Kitty & Mogwai

Fun Factory NÕS - Cockring - 21

Fun Factory NÕS cockring final thoughts

To conclude, even if I think we have already covered a lot of ground, the NÕS from Fun Factory is a success in itself, but not without its flaws. It must be stressed that this is the first cockring from the German firm. In fact, the manufacturer should have proposed several sizes in order not to be stuck in this range of size necessary to use it without problem. Because it is well indicated that it is carried directly on the shaft of the penis! When you are too used to placing a cockring behind the testicles, you can miss this cockring.

Because in the end, the ears are top, the vibrations also, the ring does not move, but it is really necessary to have the penis with the good size. And for my part, stretching it to put it in place (when I tried to put it behind my testicles), tends to crack the silicone at the two magnetized contact points. But that, I should have read the manual first.

Anyway, if you have the right penis size, you’re good to go and keep in mind that it fits directly on the shaft! So, it’s a very good cockring!


  • Quite complete packaging
  • Storage pouch
  • Soft silicone
  • Magnetic charging
  • The ears are great
  • 2 silent and powerful motors
  • The motors are small and do not interfere
  • The vibrations are powerful
  • NÕS stays in place (directly on the shaft of the penis)


  • Beware of the size of your penis
  • Cracking of the silicone when stretching it to put it in place (which you should not do)
  • You must know that it must be placed directly on the shaft of the penis
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