It’s thecomeback of the German company with the Fun Factory Sundaze! I have to say that I’m pretty happy, because I think Fun Factory was a little bit in the background for a while and it’s nice to see them back with a new pulsator! Recently, at Fun Factory, it’s the Be One that we reviewed, a very particular stimulator, not without defects, but we liked it overall. But also the Limba Flex M dildo, a dildo that bends! But the Fun Factory Sundaze is clearly a logical sequel to the Fun Factory range of pulsators!

Indeed, the first one we reviewed was the Stronic Drei, then the Stronic G (dedicated to the G spot), the Stronic Surf (for vaginal walls) and the Bi Stronic Fusion, a kind of mix between a pulsator and a rabbit! Each model had a specific purpose, but this time Fun Factory tries to offer a sextoy that gathers several types of stimulation in a single product! It’s a risky bet, because by proposing too many things, it’s possible that the whole is average. However, Fun Factory is a brand that has rarely disappointed me, so I’m quite confident about the Fun Factory Sundaze! But what is the Sundaze? It’s a sextoy that pulses, taps, vibrates and goes back and forth! Yes, just that! Here is our review of the Fun Factory Sundaze pulsator!

Packaging du Fun Factory Sundaze

Pour une fois, nous avons du changement concernant le manuel de Fun Factory ! Place à un nouveau design ! Mais avant ça, parlons de la boîte ! Déjà, celle-ci sera différente en fonction de la version du Sundaze que vous allez recevoir ! En effet, vous avez deux coloris et donc deux boîtes différentes ! Il s’agit toujours d’une boîte rectangulaire avec sur la face avant, le Fun Factory Sundaze en photo qui semble être retenue et maintenu par des fils dorés. Ce n’est qu’un effet design en réalité ! Sur les tranches, on découvre quelques informations, mais c’est surtout derrière la boîte qu’on nous informe des capacités de ce vibromasseur pas comme les autres.

Une fois le fourreau retiré, quand on découvre l’intérieur de la boîte, on se rend compte qu’à l’intérieur de la partie cartonnée, il y a une sorte de questionnaire avec des réponses du type “oui, non, peut-être” concernant des actions coquines afin de définir les limites de chaque partenaire. C’est ce qu’on avait aussi sur le Be One ! Puis, nous retrouvons le Sundaze et son câble de chargement nouvelle génération ! C’est le câble de chargement à boule, encore une fois comme sur le Be One ! Pour finir, nous avons un manuel 2.0 ! Oui, enfin, la révolution commence chez Fun Factory ! Dans ce manuel, en plus des informations habituelles, on peut trouver des idées de jeux de type “Flirt ou Défi”, ainsi qu’une pochette de rangement ! Là encore, sacrée révolution de la part de la firme Allemande ! L’intérieur de la boîte est également différent, avec un fond blanc avec des motifs noirs. Bref, c’est le grand changement ! Tout comme le manuel assez fourni !

Fun Factory Sundaze physical details

With the Sundaze, we are not too out of place! Indeed, we find ourselves in front of a kind of vibrator/pulsator which resembles in the main lines to other pulsators or vibrators of the range! However, we can realize that it really has some particularities! Already, we find the golden handle composed of three buttons. At the back, we have two contact points for charging the internal battery using the charging cable and the Click’n Charge system.

But it is especially the part above the handle that interests us! It’s a kind of shaft that reduces in length with a beveled head, with a kind of small flat but slightly domed hump. It looks like a head oriented for the stimulation of the G-spot, but not only ! Don’t worry, we’ll explain to you what this particular head will be used for!

Size of the pulsator

Now let’s talk about the size of this Sundaze! With a total length of 17.5 cm (6.88 inches), we have only 11.5 cm (4.52 inches) insertable! In terms of diameter, this one is on average 3.5 cm (1.37 inch), going up to 3.7 cm (1.45 inch) at its maximum. I have to say that it looks really small compared to the other pulsators from Fun Factory! You’ll see it on the comparison pictures, you can clearly see the difference! It’s really a compact pulsator!

The other details

As for other things to tell you about the Sundaze, it is available in two colors! The first is the “Fushia Pink” model and the second is the “Pistachio” model! I love the color names at Fun Factory, there’s something exotic about it! And another point, the Sundaze weighs 335 grams!

Fun Factory Sundaze materials

With Fun Factory, it’s always with some apprehension that I deal with this part! Do we finally have silicone that doesn’t catch dust at all? Do we have again a sextoy that sucks up all the dust, cat hair and others bad stuff on its way? Already, there is the ABS plastic part! This is the material that composes the handle of the Sundaze! This is what we usually find on the handles of Fun Factory products! For the rest, i.e. the shaft with its head, it’s silicone!

As a reminder, silicone and ABS plastic are two healthy materials for the body, which do not contain phthalates or latex! As for silicone, it is soft, very little granular and does not attract dust too much. Compared to Fun Factory Bootie silicone for example, it does not have the same grip.

Fun Factory Sundaze use

Mine of nothing, to use the Fun Factory Sundaze, there are many things to know! First of all, it’s a sextoy that vibrates, taps, pulses and pushes, all in one toy! It is a pulsator that offers several functions to vary the pleasures and not to get used to its stimulation! Indeed, you can switch from one stimulation method to another so that you don’t get accustomed to this or that way of stimulating! You can therefore vary the pleasures in the same session of use! Attention, this sextoy is not intended to be used by people who have a pacemaker!

How to charge the Sundaze?

As always, we find the Click ‘n Charge system from Fun Factory! But just like the Be One, we have a different cable from the usual cables found for example in Fun Factory’s G5 range! It is a cable with a ball-shaped part! This new type of cable allows you to increase the load by 30% and therefore wait less time before using it. However, the Sundaze is greedy! It takes 5 hours to charge for an autonomy of 1 to 3 hours! I’m a little disappointed because the ratio between charging time and autonomy is not great. When the Sundaze is charging, an indicator light informs you that the magnetic induction link is working. And when the Sundaze runs out of battery, here 30% or less, the LED will inform you that it’s time to think about recharging it.

How to handle this pulsator?

Even though the Fun Factory Sundaze offers a lot, the controls to make it work are not complicated. The first thing to do is to disable the lock mode during transport. To activate or deactivate this mode, press the “+” and “Fun” button at the same time. When you’ve done this correctly, the Sundaze will blink and emit a little shake.

Then, if you press the “Fun” button for 0.5 seconds, the Sundaze will turn on. If you press the “+” button you will increase the intensity of the vibrations and discover the other modes present. You can also keep the “+” button pressed to change modes seamlessly. Obviously, if you press the “-” button you will lower the intensity of a mode or switch to the previous modes used. To turn it off, a single press on the “Fun” button will turn off the Sundaze.

If you ever press the “Fun” button by mistake, the Sundaze will turn off, but you have 15 seconds to press the “Fun” button again to turn it on in the last mode you used! Even better, you can save your favorite mode! Just stay on the mode you want to save, press the “Fun” button for two seconds. At this moment, you will hear two beeps to confirm the operation. And if you want to erase the recorded mode, just keep the “Fun” button pressed for a while until you hear 5 vibrations in a row.

What modes are available?

Beware, this is not usual! Indeed, as I mentioned earlier, the Fun Factory Sundaze offers several types of stimulation! Therefore, among the 11 models and 4 rhythms present, we have a mix of stimulations! From mode 1 to 3, these are the vibrating modes. From mode 4 to 6, these are the tapping modes. Then from 7 to 11, you have the pulsing modes. And finally, from mode 12 to 15, you have the dynamic modes, the 4 rhythmic modes.

To tell you a little more, the first three vibration modes range from an invigorating vibration to deep rumbles. All in all, more or less strong vibrations. As for the three tapping modes, this helps to awaken the nerve endings. On the pulsing side, modes 7 to 11, you have the first two modes that resemble beating sensations. Then three modes of light tapping. And finally, 4 modes! Two modes of dynamic pushes, a mode of excitement booster and a last one for edging! And as I think the Fun Factory schema is well done, here are the details of these modes!

Les modes du Sundaze

Which lubricant to use with?

You know as well as I do, if you don’t want to damage your toy, you’ll have to be careful what you do! Indeed, if you want to use lubricant with the Sundaze, you must choose a water-based lubricant! Indeed, if you take a silicone-based lubricant, there is a good chance that the silicone of the sextoy and the lubricant will mix and deteriorate the material. You can use the Sliquid Organics Natural for example that I like very much and that we received a short time ago. But you have a whole bunch of lubricants waiting for you!

How to clean it?

As usual, with a waterproof sex toy, cleaning will not be very complicated! Most of the time, when I don’t necessarily have the necessary time, I put the Sundaze under warm water with a little soap. Then, I sometimes spray the Sundaze with a little bit of toy cleaner and rinse it again under clear water. And then I dry the sextoy in the open air. It’s up to you to see what you prefer, but I must admit that for this product, it’s the easiest and quickest way to do it!

Fun Factory Sundaze efficiency

I love this moment! Indeed, this is the moment when we will put into action the sextoy we received to try it and make our opinion! Once again, it’s Kitty who’s going to fulfill the main part of this mission! She’s the one who has a vagina, she’s much better placed than me to tell you what she thinks about it! So I’m going to tell you what we think about it, with my remarks and of course those of Kitty! Is this new sex toy from Fun Factory a small revolution in its field? Or should we be satisfied with the old pulsators, very good, but specialized in only one type of stimulation? Here’s our review on Fun Factory Sundaze!

Global handling

No surprises, this is a typical handle from Fun Factory, with three buttons that we know well and very accessible! No problem to find the right button with a finger, the two buttons “+” and “-” are slightly smaller than the “Fun” button, so by passing the pulp of the finger, you can make the difference! In hand, its weight is fairly well balanced despite the presence of internal magnets that allow the Sundaze to pulse!

The handle is the right size, neither too short nor too long, and can be easily handled, held almost at fingertips, without being disturbing or too heavy to hold. It is also easy to insert! When I inserted it in Kitty’s pussy, without any lubricant, there was no need to search for it. I simply started to stimulate her clitoris with the tapping mode and then inserted it once she was a little more excited.

Similarly, Kitty has play with it later, alone and the insertion was simply very easy and smooth. You can even use it without your hands by holding it between your thighs to concentrate more easily on its effect and above all, use a clitoral stimulator on top of it!

In vaginal, clitoral and more use

As often with sextoys reviews, it is often me who is in charge! In short, according to the moments, I decide to catch a sextoy to try and I don’t even ask Kitty, I surprise her, I turn on the device and I start playing with it to make her enjoy! That’s what happened again! We tested all the Fun Factory Sundaze modes!

What do we learn from it? Well, it’s really not bad at all! Already, as soon as you turn it on, you can see that there is power. In spite of its appearances, there is some under the hood! Just by holding it in the hand, flat, you can see that it moves back and forth and according to the modes, directs its vibrations on a area then another.

At the clitoral stimulation level, the tapping modes are not bad at all and change from the usual vibrating stimulations. You get a kind of pressure on the clitoris at a more or less strong intensity. The vibration modes are also not bad at all, with quite qualitative and powerful vibrations as well. Then we get to the beat-type modes, softer, lighter, slower sex, if you want to put it that way. Then, we arrive on the modes of pulsation that we liked on the Stronic G or the Stronic Surf!

A sextoy to learn more about your body and preaching slow sex

What we have noticed with Kitty following the several tests we have conducted, is that it is a sextoy that offers several ways to stimulate your erogenous zones, but does not necessarily allow you to reach orgasm. Indeed, Kitty was over the moon when I used it in conjunction with a cunnilingus. But without the latter, clitoral stimulation is missing! For her, to obtain an orgasm, manual clitoral stimulation, in cunnilingus or with another stimulator is almost indispensable!

Indeed, the Fun Factory Sundaze is not a Fuck Machine or a stimulator that comes to make you cum in a few minutes. It’s a pulsator that offers a wide range of possibilities and that will be perfectly accompanied by an additional clitoral stimulator! As you can block it between your thighs, by adding a Womanizer Liberty for example or a Womanizer Premium, or even simply the Ignite stimulator or a Tango from We-Vibe, you will take off more easily!

Anything else?

Yes, we also found it a bit short in length! It is true that when compared to the Stronic Drei, G or Surf, we feel that this model is much more compact, less massive and especially less long. I admit that we would have liked a few centimeters more, two centimeters would have been perfect! Yes, in spite of its size, it is still damn strong! I find it just as powerful as other stimulators of this kind with good back and forth movements!

Besides, when you don’t know the pulsators brand, it’s quite surprising to see it going back and forth. The vibrations are well managed, I did not have tingles in the arm or hands, especially as we can feel it on sextoys which manage the vibrations less well! In short, it’s a versatile, multifunctional sextoy that works very well and very pleasant! Because mine of nothing, Kitty was well wet, between the cunni and the tapping and movements of the Sundaze, the combo is effective!

Nothing else to say?

In fact yes! Know that the Fun Factory Sundaze is powerful! But this is not the case for all modes! Levels 1 to 3 and even up to level 4 are not very powerful. It’s from the 5th mode that the Sundaze’s power is really put to use. Mode 6 is also in the same kind as mode 5. In modes 7 to 11, it is really the modes of a pulsator, soft and sinusoidal strokes, modes that were already available on other pulsators of the brand. Above that, it will depend on the users and your mood!

Kitty & Mogwai

Fun Factory Sundaze final thoughts

To conclude this review, here is our conclusion! Yes, the Fun Factory Sundaze is a good pulsator! What I like is that it doesn’t duplicate the Stronic Drei, the Stronic G or the Stronic Surf! It’s yet another pulsator, more oriented towards slow-sex, the discovery of your internal and external erogenous zones, even if the external erogenous zones are easier to find and less solicited by this product. Admittedly, to enjoy with, it is not as simple as with other sextoys! On the other hand, it is really a pulsator which is used in complement or should I say, with a complement!

Indeed, with clitoral stimulation at the same time, it’s something else! We find ourselves with a very interesting and above all very versatile double stimulation! The present modes are quite different in their approach and their function to have several possible combinations!

If you’ve never tried a pulsator before and want to try one, I must admit that this model is pretty good! The other pulsators are more oriented on a kind of stimulation! The Stronic Drei is bigger, more imposing for the vagina and it is one of the first models. The Stronic G is very good for the G spot, while the Stronic Surf is gaining interest in stimulating the vaginal walls and the vagina more generally. Here we have a little bit of everything! In short, a good surprise and it’s a sextoy that has a reason to be on the market!


  • A versatile pulsator
  • Hand-free use possible
  • Many quite new modes
  • A storage pouch, finally!
  • A good power and quality
  • Easy to handle
  • Discreet and quite silent


  • A little short in length
  • Orgasm comes much more easily with clitoral stimulation.
  • Silicone that always catches dust a little bit, but also the G spot (and that’s cool)
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