What a pleasure to present the Doxy Number 3 Massager Wand! Oh yes ! Doxy is well-known to offer clitoral massager wand, as they say in the trendy young clit world. And they know what they do. Indeed, the Doxy Massager wand was very convincing and rivaled the Europe Magic Wand, also known in its field. Then I had the opportunity to review the Doxy Die Cast Edition, a classier and more powerful version than the Massager version.

Well, there was the Doxy Skittle, which was not bad at all, but not very good in my opinion. And today, I finally have the pleasure to present the Doxy Number 3 Massager wand, the latest version of the stimulating wand that is really powerful on your clit! Want to discover a clitoral stimulation monster? Here is the Doxy Number 3 Massager wand review!

Doxy Number 3 Massager wand packaging

doxy number 3 - picture 1

The Doxy Number 3 box

We start with the Doxy Number 3 box! It is a rather imposing box, rectangular with mainly gray and a little pink. Indeed, Doxy Number 3 is shown all in pink, while the rest of the box is gray. We also see the massager wand on the box in the picture, it makes it easy to imagine what the machine looks like.

doxy number 3 - picture 2

A wand that plugs into the AC Power

It must be said, the Number 3 box is not as beautiful as the Doxy Die Cast storage case. But honestly, the Doxy Number 3 box is more than enough to store it and protect it.

doxy number 3 - picture 4

We find the Doxy logo on the internal box

Once we open this box, we discover another white box, but this time with Doxy Number 3 written in silver. Once the lid is raised, we discover the Doxy lying in its mold to be stable during transport.

doxy number 3 - picture 6

The wand in its box

Otherwise, there is nothing else inside, no manual or a storage pouch. Overall, it’s a box you want to keep. What interests us most is what’s in it anyway.

Physical details

doxy number 3 - picture 8

Here’s Number 3 of Doxy, out of his box

What a beautiful massager wand! I find the famous design of the Doxy Die Cast Edition, a real gem in my opinion. Here, it’s the same thing, the same shape, with a still beautiful and elegant wand. In fact, Doxy Number 3 is a smaller, thinner, lighter version of the Doxy Die Cast. It is still designed and developed in England. We always find the word “Doxy” written roughly on the top of the wand. There are always three buttons and once again, a wire directly connected to the Doxy to connect to AC power. I really love its design!

Number 3 size

This is the good news about the Doxy Number 3, it is not as big and long as the market leaders! Yes, I’m talking about the Doxy Massager, the Europe Magic Wand or the Magic Wand Rechargeable. Just compare the Die Cast with the Number 3 to realize it. Indeed, the Die Cast is 31 cm in total length (12.25 inches), while the Number 3 is 28 cm in total length (11 inches).

doxy number 3 - picture 23

The Number 3 next to the Die Cast

Same thing for the stimulating head. The Die Cast is 6 cm wide at its maximum (a bit wider than 2.25 inches), while Number 3 has a 4.5 cm head diameter (1.75 inches). So we win in length, as for stimulating head diameter, since the neck is thinner than the Die Cast. Yes, the Number 3 is smaller than Die Cast or Massager version.

Other details about Doxy Number 3

doxy number 3 - picture 10

Zoom on the Number 3 stimulation head

What can we notice more? The first thing is of course its color! Silver and black color, it use the Die Cast design but in a smaller version. It is still so beautiful. The second thing is its weight. On one side 700 grams for Die Cast, on the other 320 grams for Number 3. Yes, more than twice the difference. It will prevent you from breaking your wrist. Last, we can notice that the wand neck is slightly flexible to manipulate it.

Doxy Number 3 Materials

doxy number 3 - picture 3

Silicone and aluminum

The Number 3 consists of several materials. The first is a mix of two materials. Indeed, it is an alloy of titanium and aluminum. The same as Die Cast version! So, I can tell you that the massager wand is super resistant. It can fall to the ground, it is not a problem. The good news is that it does not keep fingerprints. And that’s cool, because on the Die Cast, it had a tendency to keep your fingerprints by manipulating it.

doxy number 3 - picture 12

A head well done, to make you happy!

But the most interesting novelty is that the silicone head can finally be removed to clean or change it. Because yes, there are also attachments that can be placed on the stimulating head. A bit like Genio and Genius from Europe Magic Wand. I hope to be able soon to review some Doxy Number 3 attachment to see if it is nice or not. Obviously, as a reminder, silicone is a healthy material for the body and not porous. It is hypoallergenic, containing neither phthalates nor latex.

Doxy Number 3 usage

doxy number 3 - picture 11

The wand buttons

Well, that’s not all, but it would be nice to explain a little, how to use the Doxy Number 3! Rest assured, there is nothing complicated. Here, it’s a return to the clitoral stimulation origin with a motor that sends powerful vibrations. Maybe you remembered the Fairy Mini, the Fairy Turbo and the Fairy Black Exceed wand! It was the era of ultra performing wand! The Doxy Number 3 use this stimulation method which is efficient. Follow me to learn more about it.

How to connect the Doxy Number 3?

doxy number 3 - picture 17

The power supply

That’s right, how do you charge this Doxy? Well, like all massager wand of this kind (except wireless versions, often disappointing, except exception), the Doxy Number 3 has to be plugged into AC power supply.

doxy number 3 - picture 18

We can adapt the AC power supply with a converter for travel

Yes, you will have a power cable that goes from the wand bottom to a 220 V power supply (for European version). Well, it’s not really practical, but you still have a 3 meter power cable at your disposal (70 inches). And if that’s not enough, you can still use an extension cord. For the U.K or U.S version, you’ll get an adapter that fits your voltage country.

How to use Doxy Number 3?

doxy number 3 - picture 15

The Number 3 in hand

To use your massager wand, you have three buttons, like on the Doxy Massager and Die Cast version. There is a “Power” button, a “+” button and a “-” button. These buttons are transparent with a light system below that make beautiful light effect. To turn on the wand, simply press the “Power” button to get to the first constant mode. Then, with the “+” button it goes to the above level, while the other button allows to return to the previous intensity level. Just place it on your clitoris and get an orgasm. Yes, it can also be used on the back, in the neck, to relax the muscles, but who uses it that way?

What are the Doxy Number 3 vibrating modes?

There are only two different modes on the Doxy Number 3. You have a constant mode and a pulse mode. However, the constant mode has several intensity levels ranging from 3000 RPM to 9000 RPM. Yes, it’s the war machine! The pulse mode is a little hidden mode that is obtained by holding the Power button for a few seconds.

doxy number 3 - picture 13

The neck is slightly flexible, but not too much

Here too, the pulsating mode can be varied with several intensity levels. Simply press the “+” or “-” button to vary the intensity. You can even keep the “+” or “-” button pressed to lower or raise the level without a hitch. This is clearly a good thing, compared to classic buttons that we have to press each time we want to increase intensity that can somewhat interrupt the moment.

Which lube to use with the Doxy Number 3 ?

To begin without tearing your clitoris, you can use a little water-based lubricant. Well, it slides well, but a little lubricant does not hurt you. For that, I advise you my little favorites. You have the excellent Sliquid H2O, Pjur Aqua, Yes Bio or Sliquid Organics Sensation. But you know, these are not the only lubricants on the market. Use the one you preferred.

How to clean the Doxy Number 3 ?

Be careful, do not put your wand underwater! Yes, it is connected to AC power, it would be a shame than I found an article in the daily news attesting that a death occurred by a Doxy Number 3 massager wand. It is absolutely not waterproof. But as previously stated, the silicone head is now detachable. For this, it must be unscrewed and not remove as on other massager wands! So just do as I told and rinse the removable head under warm water with a little soap. But you can also use a toy cleaner like YES Cleanse or Sliquid Shine. For the shaft, a non-abrasive cloth will be perfect.

Doxy Number 3 massager wand efficiency

doxy number 3 - picture 14

Two screws are present on the back

This is the moment to give to my dear and tender Kitty’s clitoris some vibrations to give us our feedback! I also try the Doxy Number 3 on my penis to being able to realize the differences between the Die Cast version and this one. Here is our orgasmic feedback!

Powerful, no doubt about it

Yes, the Doxy Number 3 massager wand is really powerful! However, I saw a lot massager wands and I used several. But there, as soon as I started it, especially on the hidden pulsating mode, it is very powerful. It’s really a small wand that has a lot under the hood or rather in its structure and engine. Announced 30% more powerful than Europe Magic Wand, it’s not a joke. We really see the difference. Of course, with an aluminum shaft handle rather than plastic, it holds better vibrations and therefore its power. So, we can have more power without the risk of making everything explode.

doxy number 3 - picture 19

The Doxy Number 3 next to Europe Magic Wand!

Moreover, despite its size, I find it just as powerful as the previous models, I mean by that, the Die Cast. Moreover, a little further down, I made a small comparison between the Doxy Number 3 and the Doxy Die Cast if you hesitate between them.

Vibrations quality

doxy number 3 - picture 21

The Number 3 next to the Doxy Massager

On the first levels, especially the first, the vibration quality is excellent. These are strong and deep, Kitty clearly appreciated. Orgasms chained themselves, faster than vibration modes that are more intense, because they become a little more superficial. Indeed, I find that the vibrations become a little too buzzy on the last levels, including the last. On the penis frenulum, it’s fast flight. We do not resist very long from vibrations and the power of it that leads to orgasm without restraint. It’s a blast!

Smaller and easier to use

doxy number 3 - picture 20

Lovense Domi and Doxy Number 3

It is also a significant detail. Indeed, with its long power cord, it can easily be used in the bed. But it’s mostly its size and weight that makes the difference. Here, the fact that it is lighter, really allows it to be handled better, but its size also makes it possible to be more precise. It feels less like moving a baseball bat to make things bigger and more like a wizard magic wand. It’s nice to have as much power in the hands without having problems to make it move. In addition, I did not feel strong vibrations in the hand, just a little, but nothing disturbing. Sometimes some massager wands give “ants in the hand”, here it is not the case.

Other things to say about it ?

doxy number 3 - picture 16

The Doxy logo is engraved in the wand shaft

For the noise level, even if it makes more noise than the Die Cast, frankly, it’s very acceptable. I thought it would be much stronger as its, but it’s very correct for a very powerful wand. The fact of having a continuous vibrating system, but also a pulsed mode makes it possible to vary the sensations. I still have a little trouble with the buttons, I do not find them super-practical to use with their soft plastic texture, but the fact that we can climb crescendo by letting the “+” button pressed,  is a very good thing. Stimulation is also accurate because the head is smaller. This really makes it easier to target the clitoris, and even a clitoris or penis area specifically.

doxy number 3 - picture 22

The Vive Shiatsu wand and the Doxy Number 3

I was able to use the Doxy Number 3 on Kitty at the same time that giving her a cunnilingus and so on without worry. With a bigger wand, it’s much more complicated because of its size, but here, the alternation of one to the other was easy and the pleasure shared for everyone. This is clearly a massager wand that I will use frequently on Kitty.

Comparison between Die Cast and Number 3

doxy number 3 - picture 24

Doxy wand threesome!

So what to say between the two versions I just mentioned? Is the Die Cast better than Doxy Number 3? Let’s look at this a little closer because there is a lot to say to determine if one or the other is better. Already, you should know that both wands deliver very good orgasms! On this point, there is really no difference. But here are the important things to note!

  • Doxy Number 3 is more accurate. His head is less wide in its stimulation
  • Number 3 is also smaller and therefore easier to use
  • As for the noise level, the Die Cast makes a more noisy sound, more dull, while the Number 3 is noisier, more acute on its engine.
  • The Doxy Number 3 is easier to clean with its removable head.
  • The Doxy Number 3 is compatible with many head attachments
  • In addition, Number 3 is less expensive than Die Cast version
  • On the other hand, Number 3 has only one color (a red version also exists as well as a black one and other limited one)
  • And finally, the vibrations are more superficial to very high intensity compared to the Die Cast

It can be seen that it is positively well placed compared to the other massager wands of the range and in particular, the Die Cast. It is just noisier, it offers less deep vibrations at the highest intensity and it has only one color. Otherwise, it only has advantages.

Doxy Number 3 final thoughts

doxy number 3 - picture 9

An excellent powerful clitoral stimulator model at Doxy!

In conclusion, the Number 3 is a real success. Certainly, there are some small criticisms to make of it, but it’s really not much. Its arrival on the market is therefore justified. It is very handy, powerful, lightweight, with a silicone head that can be removed and attachments that can be added, to vary the pleasures and stimulation types. Certainly, its vibrations at the highest level are a less deep than a Doxy Die Cast, but honestly, its strengths make it easy to forget this point.

doxy number 3 - picture 25

Group of massager wands! The Number 3 is doing very well!

It’s the kind of wand that, once bought, will never be put aside. It will give you many powerful and quality orgasms, I have no doubt about it. Here again, a nice demonstration of Doxy in the clitoral stimulators wand type market! Certainly a wand that could enter in the best clitoral stimulators reviewed ever!


  • An aluminum and silicone wand massager
  • Very good quality
  • Smaller than the majority
  • Very handy
  • Hyper effective!
  • Compatible with many accessories
  • A removable head!


  • The buttons are not top notch
  • The vibrations are little buzzy at high frequency
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