I’m happy to introduce another quality lube, the Sliquid Satin! It’s no longer a secret, I’m a Sliquid lubricants fan! I can’t tell you that these are the best lubricants in the world, but not far. Indeed, Sliquid is a well-known brand in the lubricants market and erotic consumables. It must be said that I have never been disappointed by all the products that I have reviewed.

I loved the water-based Sliquid H2O, but also the Sliquid Sassy, ​​oriented for anal. There was also Sliquid Swirl apple or Sliquid Silk, a hybrid lubricant, half water-based and half silicone-based. Then, I reviewed the Sliquid Organics Sensation, with its hot / cold effect. But I could also reviewed two consumables, the Sliquid Shine toy cleaner and a bubble bath solution, the Sliquid Balance Soak. There is no doubt that the Sliquid Satin lubricant is also a quality lube ! Here is my review!

Sliquid Satin Intimate Moisturizer packaging

sliquid satin Intimate Moisturizer - 1

The bottle of Sliquid Satin lubricant

At Sliquid, packaging is important. Indeed, each time, especially on lubricants, we have a quality container. This is a bottle available in several sizes. Indeed, Sliquid Satin is available in 60 ml (2.02 Oz), 125 ml (4.22 Oz) and 255 ml (8.62 Oz) versions. For my part, it is the version in 125 ml (4.22 Oz) that I received.

So we find the same type of bottle, 100% recyclable, with here, a bluish color, the name of the product in front and information behind. Several logos to indicate that the product is vegan, healthy and made in the USA. And of course, we find the composition of the lubricant on the bottle.

sliquid satin Intimate Moisturizer - 6

The flip-top cap

Always the same principle, it is a bottler with a flip-top opening. It is a dual-state button, which opens or closes the area to get the lube. You must also take care to unscrew the cap to remove the paper protection on it, before screwing it back to make use of it.

Sliquid Satin Intimate Moisturizer aspect and texture

You know it, Sliquid, it’s quality! Gluten-free, vegan friendly products, with no animal testing. It is also products without glycerin, parabens, DEA and sulphates. Of course, they are hypoallergenic and non-toxic products. Everything, compatible with latex, rubber and plastic, plus of course silicone, glass or wood and even steel.

Sliquid Satin ingredients

sliquid satin Intimate Moisturizer - 2

Only vegan ingredients!

Let’s look in detail at the ingredients list for this lubricant. Sliquid has always offered lubricants absolutely perfect in terms of composition, it is unlikely to have a bad surprise. So we have purified water and plant cellulose (from cotton). Note the presence of carrageenan, a polysaccharide extracted from red algae. It is a thickener. There is also aloe, here it is discolored and therefore reconstituted. There is natural tocopherol, it is vitamin E. But also guar gum, natural Cyamopsis. And finally, potassium sorbate and citric acid. Once again, it’s perfect!

Lubricant texture

sliquid satin Intimate Moisturizer - the bottle

The inside of the lubricant bottle

At the texture level, the Sliquid Satin is not thick. It’s not as thick as a masturbation lubricant, like the Pussy Juicy Onatsuyu, but it’s thicker than usual. But it’s less thick than the Sliquid H20 lubricant texture.

Sliquid Satin Intimate Moisturizer use and efficiency

sliquid Intimate Moisturizer - 5

A soft and silky lubricant

Sliquid Satin is therefore a lubricant based on aloe Vera and Carrageenan and is the first lubricant designed specifically for everyday use and not just during a fuck session. Indeed, this version is geared towards women with vaginal dryness, regular or temporary, due to menopause, medical treatment or any other reason that may affect the lubrication of your vagina.

The Sliquid Satin formula is designed to prolong lubrication over time and improve comfort during penetration and this without putting a ton of lube. In addition, its unique blend emulates the natural lubrication of the human body, all with a pH control, it is 4.0 and 4.4. But what better way to get back to our use of Kitty and myself?

A healthy lubricant, again

sliquid satin Intimate Moisturizer - 7

Remember to remove the protection before using it!

As always with Sliquid, we were not disappointed with this lubricant. It’s also that using a perfect lubricant, there is nothing wrong with it! In use, no irritation is caused. It does not sting, does not stink and lasts a long time. In fact, it does not really smell something. Just a back smell of water.

We can see right away that this is a healthy product. In addition, it does not stick, it’s perfect. Even after use, you are not in a state where you want to take a shower to remove all remaining lubricant residue. Sometimes, with some lubricants, there is no choice to take a quick shower to eliminate a sticky or irritating sensation or just dirt.

The lubrication effect

Sliquid Satin is also a very good lubricant in its field, that is to say, to bring more vagina lubrication. The level of lubrication provided by this Satin version is very good. Moreover, mixing is very good between the natural lubrication of the vagina and that of the lubricant. PH control should help at this level.

No need to re-apply it during a penetration, it remains present from the beginning to the end, without having to put back some. I am not saying that the lubrication level remains the same from start to finish, but there is no continuous evaporation as on more conventional water-based lubricants.

A magical lube

sliquid satin Intimate Moisturizer - 3

It almost looks like natural lubrication

Yes, Sliquid Satin is a magic lubricant! It’s even better than Sliquid H2O in many areas! What is most remarkable is that once in place, we do not even feel like using lubricant. The mix is ​​really impeccable between the lubricant and the natural lubrication. And its longevity is excellent, because the natural lubrication reactivates the lubricant, which allows it to really last in time.

Over time, it does not change its structure. On the Sliquid H20, it can after a while, become slightly foaming, here the Sliquid Satin remains intact from beginning to end. You do not feel it, you have to really try it to understand it. Only small cons, in anal, it is not really suitable. With small sex toys, there is no problem, but if you want to use larger ones, another lubricant will be more suitable.

Sliquid Satin Intimate Moisturizer final thoughts

sliquid satin Intimate Moisturizer - 4

An excellent lubricant, perfect! A wonder !

There are no surprises, once again, Sliquid wins! At the same time, I do not see Sliquid shoots on itself on its favorite field, the intimate lubricants. It has been years since this American company offers really excellent lubricants in every way and here again, it asserts its position as a market leader. The only thing that can be blamed on Sliquid is the bottle that is not the ultimate one to use. It is a bit too hard when you press it, but it’s really to say something wrong about it.

Admittedly, it’s not my favorite Sliquid lubricant, because its peculiarity does not really affect me. But I know how to recognize a good lubricant of a bad lubricant, even more with Kitty’s feedback. If you are looking for a quality lubricant, really healthy for the body and to fight against vaginal dryness, then this Sliquid Satin is for you! You will not regret it!

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